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Gibraltar Open
Huge shock as O'Sullivan crashes out in first round in Gibraltar
25/03/2022 AT 12:51

Chris Wakelin beats Mark Selby

That's quite the upset, but it was thoroughly deserved; Wakelin totalled a brilliant 137 tonight, alongside holding his nerve in the incredibly tense second and sixth frames to claim a memorable victory. The headline from this will no doubt be the £150k bonus that will land in the account of a Mr J Trump, Bristol for holding a now unassailable lead at the top of the European Series rankings, but tonight is Wakelin's night. He's struggled for victories all season, but after three on the spin this week he's into the last 16 tomorrow to face then winner of Chen Zifan and Jimmy White. Alongside Selby's elimination, Kyren Wilson was knocked out tonight in an evening of upsets in Milton Keynes.

Selby 2-4 Wakelin

He's done it! The black goes, the yellow and brown do likewise to leave Selby needing snookers and up to and including the pink draws a line under it!

Selby 2-3 Wakelin (40-54)

Both Selby and Wakelin miss long reds into the bottom left. This is nervy, and with good reason. While there's a potential £150k at stake for Selby, Wakelin needs as many ranking points as possible just to try and stay on the tour. We've been on this last red for time now, as it feels like effectively frame ball. Selby turns down one pot on it, but then misses arguably a more difficult one when he misses it as a cut to the green pocket. It lands plum to the bottom left for Wakelin from mid-range...and it's there! Can he close this out and claim a stunning upset?

Selby 2-3 Wakelin (40-53)

Selby drills in a long red to the bottom right, a superb shot under pressure. He then takes the blue, a red near the bottom cushion and then the pink, off which he almost nudges the last red over the right middle but not quite. The jab is on to the green pocket, but Selby misses it and the red runs safe.

Selby 2-3 Wakelin (27-53)

On 44 Wakelin misses a tough red down the left rail with the rest; he was just three balls away from leaving Selby requiring a snooker there. He hasn't left it though, and there's 51 left out there.

Selby 2-3 Wakelin (27-39)

It's another look for Wakelin, as Selby misses a difficult cut on a red to the right middle and leaves one on into the opposite pocket. Wakelin soon hits the front; he's on 30 and counting, with two reds close to cushions but three out in the open.

Selby 2-3 Wakelin (27-9)

Now then. Selby misses an intended canon on a red below the pink, which leaves him a difficult cut on a red to bottom left with the rest to keep going. He misses it, by some way, and sticks it up for Wakelin. He'll need to move some reds into more inviting positions, but it's a chance to take charge of the frame at the very least. He goes for the pack early, but misses the blue when trying to pot it and come off two cushions into the pack. That's a let off for Selby.

Selby 2-3 Wakelin (14-0)

Wakelin comes so close to rolling in a long red deadweight, but it doesn't drop; Selby responds by tagging a red into the right middle. He won't go quietly, and he's into the pack early in this break with decent results.

Around the tables

Kyren Wilson 3-4 Matthew Selt
Alexander Ursenbacher 4-0 Mitchell Mann
Xiao Guodong 4-1 Jamie Wilson
Those are in the bank; Joe Perry and Ricky Walden have now started their delayed game, and Gentleman Joe is one frame to the good.

Selby 2-3 Wakelin

A quite magnificent total clearance of 137 has put Wakelin just one frame from victory.

Selby 2-2 Wakelin (0-72)

A pink to right middle for Wakelin, and we're done in this one. The cue ball has barely moved more than two feet at a time here, Wakelin's got it on rope.

Selby 2-2 Wakelin (0-50)

This is lovely stuff from Wakelin, splitting the pack invitingly and making hay off the pink and black. It's a half-ton for him in no time, and there's a pile on here.

Selby 2-2 Wakelin (0-24)

Wakelin's in first again in the fifth, and he's got a few to go at. It's three reds and three blacks so far.
In other news, what a week for Matthew Selt; he beat the returning Stephen Hendry a few days ago, and he's just this minute edged out Kyren Wilson in a deciding frame!

Selby 2-2 Wakelin

A brilliant, delicate cut on a red to left middle from a near impossible angle keeps Selby's break going; he eventually makes 91 to draw level.

Selby 1-2 Wakelin (62-2)

A blue to left middle puts Selby 60 ahead with only 59 left. There's more on the way too, and we'll be level presently.

Selby 1-2 Wakelin (16-2)

As they're pointing out in comms, if Wakelin wins here it will serve up 150 large for Judd Trump, as Selby will no longer be able to overtake Judd in the European Series standings that carries said six-figure prize for the winner. If they keep winning then Selby and Trump are scheduled to meet in the semi-finals, which will be quite the occasion should it happen. Right now though, Selby's most pressing concern is Wakelin, who has potted the first two reds of this fourth frame. He then misses the pink into the yellow pocket, and he's left Selby right in.

Selby 1-2 Wakelin

After a couple of attempts at a snooker Selby gives it up after leaving a red on to the middle.

Selby 1-1 Wakelin (0-67)

It's a thin cut on frame ball red but Wakelin slashes it into the bottom right, forgetting about position with only 59 left on and making near-sure of the frame. Selby returns to the table, but it's a big ask.

Selby 1-1 Wakelin (0-52)

It's a half-ton in no time; after being frozen out for the first frame and a half, Wakelin is right in his rhythm now. If he takes three more reds and two high value colours and Selby will need a snooker.

Selby 1-1 Wakelin (0-26)

A long safety exchange starts the third frame, before Wakelin clips a red into the bottom left and lands on the blue. He's in nice touch all of a sudden, building a break around the pink which is currently housed on the black spot.

Around the tables

Kyren Wilson 1-3 Matthew Selt
Alexander Ursenbacher 4-0 Mitchell Mann
Xiao Guodong 3-1 Jamie Wilson

Selby 1-1 Wakelin

An excellent snooker from Wakelin forces 12 in fouls out of Selby; he had to swerve from behind the black with the right middle in the way of a natural, one cushion escape. Selby connects at the third attempt, but only faintly and he's left it on to the green pocket. Wakelin dumps it in, but too thick and he doesn't come down far enough for the black. He takes it on anyway, a wafer thin cut, but he misses by a fraction and he's left a 15-footer for Selby to win the frame. It's not directly over the pocket though, and Selby plays it deadweight but overcuts it! Wakelin can't miss thereafter, and we're level!

Selby 1-0 Wakelin (54-41)

...oof, nightmare for Wakelin! He misses the pink into the bottom right, getting a double kiss that projects the white into the yellow pocket. The pink's gone safe, but he can only tie as things stand.

Selby 1-0 Wakelin (48-32)

A big chance for Wakelin as he deposits the red into the right middle, followed by the brown. He needs the lot for the frame, and the pink is off its spot and a bit awkward. It's a chance though, and he sets about it...

Selby 1-0 Wakelin (48-22)

Wakelin's in with a red down the rail and into the bottom right. It's not an easy break though it's made easier for him when an extraordinary fluke on the yellow, off two cushions and into the right middle, keeps him going. He makes 22 before playing safe off the last red.

Selby 1-0 Wakelin (48-0)

Selby snicks in a red eventually and lays an evil snooker behind the yellow. From that, Wakelin hits the pink on his escape; a miss, and with reds going on a jolly as a result it takes a while to reset the table. At his next attempt, Wakelin sails past the reds completely, giving away four more and leaving a red on to the green pocket. Selby drives it home, and he's on the black. He can't make any more than nine though, missing a black when cueing awkwardly over a red, and it's a let off for Wakelin.

Selby 1-0 Wakelin (28-0)

We're seriously bogged down here. All of the reds are on the right side of the table, with the black plugging up the bottom right; it's one figure of eight safety after another, and it's hard to see how this impasse will be broken any time soon.

Selby 1-0 Wakelin (28-0)

Wakelin hasn't settled yet, and misses a red to the right middle that hits the lower knuckle and sits up over the green pocket for Selby. That's a gift, but in reaching 28 Selby misjudges a canon on a red, forcing him into a thin cut on the black with the rest that hangs in the jaws of the bottom right.

Selby 1-0 Wakelin

An additional 16 makes it one-nil to the Jester.

Selby 0-0 Wakelin (66-0)

Selby clips in the next red, and then surely sorts the frame by making a plant into the bottom right soon after. Always useful to have an 8-ball World Pool Championship on your CV, eh? He's well past the winning line now in this one.

Selby 0-0 Wakelin (55-0)

A blue into the right middle sends the cue ball, which is loaded with right-hand side, around the angles in baulk and plum onto Selby's next red for the half-century. The break judders to a halt on 55 though when he misses an awkward red into the yellow pocket, and it's a reprieve for Wakelin.

Selby 0-0 Wakelin (25-0)

Selby's away first, cutting a red back into the green pocket to come down for the black. He's been in good nick so far this week, with four centuries in the eight frames he's won so far, and he's flying already here.

We go on

Next up on the TV table, it’s Mark Selby versus Chris Wakelin.


Fraser Patrick did indeed beat Oli Lines in their decider to move through to the third round. Of which, that is now underway. Scores on the doors on the other tables:
Kyren Wilson 1-1 Matthew Selt
Alexander Ursenbacher 1-0 Mitchell Mann
Xiao Guodong 1-0 Jamie Wilson

Jimmy White is through to the third round

It was a scrappy affair, hardly vintage from either player, but there was a waft of the Wind we know and love in that 74 from Jimmy at the end there. It's his best win of the season, but a nightmare of a result for Bingham; the prospect of having to enter the qualifiers for the Worlds in April is now looking likely.

Bingham 2-4 White

A break of 74 secures frame and match for White, who advances to the third round.

Bingham 2-3 White (11-65)

There goes frame ball! White takes an age over a red to the right middle, and then drills it in.

Bingham 2-3 White (11-56)

The Wind is making light work of this; the half-ton is secure, and he's only a few shots from victory. What a win this could be for him.

Bingham 2-3 White (11-24)

If Stuart wants to take this to a decider, he's going the right way about it; he drains a long red into the bottom left and pulls the white up before the baulk line to land on the brown. He's quickly into the pack too, but this could be a disaster; he's missed a short jab at a red into the bottom left and he's left frame and match on for Jimmy! It's three reds and blacks so far, this is such a chance.

Bingham 2-3 White

Everything goes, up to and including the pink, and White needs one more frame for victory.

Bingham 2-2 White (48-58)

Bingham's poor safety looks to have cost him now, as he leaves a red on to the yellow pocket and the frame at White's mercy. The last two reds and colours have gone, and if White dishes the baulk colours it will leave Bingham needing a snooker.

Bingham 2-2 White (48-52)

Bingham adds 16, but in a tense safety battle on the final two reds chucks four back to White when he makes a mess of a thin contact safety and misses his intended red. Soon after, he smacks into the blue when trying to play safe. This frame, and match, is as scrappy as any I've seen in a while; it looks like one of these two will have to fall over the line tonight.

Bingham 2-2 White (32-43)

Ball by ball Jimmy is workshopping this into a potential frame-winning break, but it hits the skids on 43 as he tries to go in and out of baulk off the blue and catches the brown. He tries to thrash in a long red to keep going, which misses but fortunately doesn't leave anything. Bingham's soon back in though as White catches the green first when trying to play a thin contact on a red, and it's a chance.

Bingham 2-2 White (28-7)

White misses a mid-range red to the bottom right, and he's left Stuart plum on one to the left middle. Bingham smoothly compiles 28, but just as he looks set to score heavily and take the frame out in one visit, he misses a virtually straight red into the right middle. My my, he's missed a few tonight. White drills a red into the bottom right, and he's on the pink.

Around the tables

In the other second round game still popping, Oli Lines and Fraser Patrick are into a decider.

Bingham 2-2 White

A 63 is enough for the frame, and we're all square again.

Bingham 1-2 White (61-5)

A tidy plant into the bottom left by Bingham is the gateway to winning the frame. The blue follows, as does the awkward frame ball red with the rest that leaves White needing two snookers.

Bingham 1-2 White (12-5)

White rolls in a nice long red at the get go of the fourth, but can't add to it. Bingham gets in next, but his ill fortune continues as he tries to force a red into the bottom right, but it rattles in the jaws and launches off the tables. It's a messy start to the frame, but White's left Bingham in with an easy starter to the bottom right now and there's plenty o' points on.

Bingham 1-2 White

Bingham escapes his self-made snooker, but leaves the pink on to the left middle. It's frame ball, and White calmly dispatches it to regain the lead.

Bingham 1-1 White (51-60)

White can't convert the green, by which point Bingham needs a snooker. Bingham sinks the green, and then finds the snooker he needs on the brown to get the frame back on! Even worse, when White missed the brown he left it on to the yellow pocket. Bingham looks set to step in and mop up, but he's snookered himself behind the black on the pink. Whatever next!

Bingham 1-1 White (34-55)

Bingham's getting back into this by increments. One escape from a snooker by White finally coughs a decent chance, and Bingham rolls a red along the rail and into the bottom right. He's got two reds left to sort out beneath the pink, but he's favourite to take the frame. As I say that, he nudges the final red into a difficult position on the bottom cushion, and he tries to roll it into the bottom right but leaves it hanging in the jaws! Jimmy should mop up enough and regain the lead here...

Bingham 1-1 White (1-55)

With a half-century imminent Jimmy's lost position on the black, and has to send the white up to baulk. It's a poor effort though, hitting the yellow full ball, and Bingham sweeps in a long red in response. He then lays a vicious snooker, from which White manufactures a perfect deadweight ecape. White's in charge, but there's still 75 out there.

Bingham 1-1 White (0-24)

White gets in first here, but in jabbing in a red with the rest he can't fashion an angle on the black, nixing his break in single figures. He's back in now though after Bingham misses a long red to the bottom right, and a brilliant blue into the green pocket with deep screw has set him up for a good few points.

Bingham 1-1 White

White leaves a red hanging over the green pocket, and that'll do us. Bingham empties the table, and we're all square.

Bingham 0-1 White (68-21)

Bingham rolls in the frame ball blue, making sure of it rather than trying to go off cushions and land on either of the last two reds. White needs one four point snooker to tie.

Bingham 0-1 White (47-21)

It takes two bites, but Bingham carves out an opening for himself. He's chugging along nicely on 40 and all of the remaining reds are in reasonably good positions.

Bingham 0-1 White (1-21)

Another chance goes awry for Bingham at the start of the second, as he misses a routine black off its spot after potting the opening red. He's left a load on here if White can get the black back on its spot quickly. For the moment, it's a series of pinks to right middle to keep this break going, and it eventually concludes when he misses a red into the bottom left.

Bingham 0-1 White

That'll do it; White empties the table to take the opener.

Bingham 0-0 White (43-43)

White becomes favourite for the frame as he sweeps in a long red and lands in the pink in baulk. He mops up the remaining reds, and in potting the green nudges the yellow out from the side cushion. Shot, Jimmy! He's now jabbed the yellow into the bottom right and needs up to and including the pink for the frame.

Bingham 0-0 White (43-30)

The cue ball needs a good old clean after that miscue, and Bingham's concentration seems a bit off as he quickly plays a long red to the bottom left and misses it. That's served up a decent chance for White, who has already potted the only awkward red left and is ticking along nicely on 28 here with three reds left. Just as he stuns one in though he gets an absolute monster of a kick, leaving the cue ball stranded and forcing him to play safe.

Bingham 0-0 White (43-1)

Bingham's zoning in on a half-ton, but miscues horribly when trying to deep screw the pink into the left middle and his break abruptly ends on 43. In better news for him, he's not left anything for Jimmy.

Bingham 0-0 White (11-1)

White clips in a red, but can't land on the pink; Bingham then gets on, and he's on the green. Say hello to the first scoring chance of the match, and it's a decent one; there are five handily placed reds in the open and the black is available to both corners.

Here we go

The players are at the baize; best of seven it is then for a place in the third round.

The Wind

You know him; prodigy, certified snooker genius and, now, the reigning World Seniors Champion. Jimmy White needs no introduction, but I’ve done one anyway.

Ball Run

It’s been a decent start to 2021 for Stuart. He reached the semi-finals of the Masters in defence of his title, made the quarters of the German Masters and just last week edged Judd Trump in a decider at the Players Championship in the opening round. Bingham’s is currently ranked 14th in the world so he’ll need to keep his form up to qualify automatically for The Crucible.

Good evening!

Welcome to live coverage of the Gibraltar Open. We’ve got the conclusion of the second round and the start of the third tonight; coming up we’ll have Jimmy White versus Stuart Bingham in the former for you shortly. Check out the scores from the earlier matches below, and there's news of an upset; Soheil Vahedi has just beaten Mark Williams in a deciding frame.

Today's schedule

Friday, March 5
  • Iulian Boiko 3-4 Mark Allen
  • Aaron Hill 2-4 Jamie Clarke
  • Shaun Murphy 4-1 Luca Brecel
  • Pang Junxu 4-2 Anthony McGill
  • Lei Peifan 4-3 Dylan Emery
  • David Gilbert 4-3 Jimmy Robertson
  • Lu Ning 4-0 Jamie O'Neill
  • Rod Lawler 3-4 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Liang Wenbo 3-4 Robert Milkins
  • Mark Williams 3-4 Soheil Vahedi
  • Oliver Lines v Fraser Patrick
  • Ben Woollaston 2-4 Ali Carter
  • Jimmy White v Stuart Bingham
  • Elliot Slessor v Martin Gould
  • Alan McManus v Zhao Jianbo
  • Xiao Guodong v Jamie Wilson
Round Three
  • Alexander Ursenbacher v Mitchell Mann
  • Joe Perry v Ricky Walden
  • Kyren Wilson v Matthew Selt
  • Chris Wakelin v Mark Selby

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