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Gibraltar Open
Huge shock as O'Sullivan crashes out in first round in Gibraltar
25/03/2022 AT 12:51
  • Simon Lichtenberg 2-1 Lu Ning
  • Oliver Lines 2-1 Riley Parsons
  • Dylan Emery 4-0 Ben Hancorn (finished)

Lei Peifan beats Neil Robertson 4-2!

That's a brilliant win for Lei, who has thoroughly deserved the win of his career. The world number 101 beats the world number 3, aged just 17, and meets Dylan Emery in round two!

Robertson 2-3 Peifan (38-81)

But there's one, the route to the green obstructed by the blue; Neil takes the brown as a free ball, because he's snookered, then lays various decent ones of his own that Lei escapes. It's taken a while, but Neil has got the pace of the table now - he's controlling the white beautifully now, so when Lei pots the green he decides to keep going.

Robertson 2-3 Peifan (38-79)

Lei can't get onto the yellow but 43 behind with 27 on the table, Neil comes back. We'll have some chasing, but I'd be amazed if this wasn't over.

Robertson 2-3 Peifan (36-79)

This is really good from Lei, and black to the final red is the key shot - the latter is on the side cushion. Lei takes a deep breath then plays it well ... this is match-ball ... AND HE STUNS IT IN! Robertson has been poor, but this is a very fine breakout performance from Lei. He's 17!

Robertson 2-3 Peifan (36-32)

Hello! Neil has to cut a tight one into the middle and he underdoes it, catching the near knuckle. He leaves a long one, up by the green pocket, and Lei drains it then sends down the black. If he can calm himself, he'll be into round two, because he couldn't have dreamt of a better opportunity than this. What a shock it'd be too.

Robertson 2-3 Peifan (7-23)

Lei opts to tickle the pack and does so too lightly, so he goes up the table. It's not a great shot, and he leaves one then covers it with another stray. That makes this next shot a difficult one for Neil, and a red ends up near the yellow pocket; but Lei's tight and misses it, so Neil sticks it in the bag. Lei will be feeling this slipping away now.

Robertson 2-3 Peifan (0-15)

We go again. Neil's long potting has deserted him tonight, and he leaves one for Lei right away; he sinks it, then does likewise with the black, but there's not loads on so he'll have to take a tight one into the middle then try and split the pack.

Around the tables

  • Simon Lichtenberg 1-1 Lu Ning
  • Oliver Lines 0-1 Riley Parsons
  • Dylan Emery 2-0 Ben Hancorn

Robertson 2-3 Peifan

Neil glides home blue and pink, and Lei will be wondering if he's missed his chance. He might've done.

Robertson 1-3 Peifan (54-52)

Have a look! Neil catches the brown on the middle knuckle, leaving it for Lei! He needs to the pink, but nearly misses the brown ... then misses the blue, into the green pocket. Neil half-attempts it, but mainly tries to put the length of the table between it and the white, then a double-kiss from Lei leaves it for him!

Robertson 1-3 Peifan (54-48)

There are two reds left now, and Neil knows that if he doesn't pot the next one that might be it for him; he does, but finishing on nowt, tucks in between black cushion and black. Lei's escape then leaves him in, but the brown that's on the bottom cushion will stop him from clearing up and likely decide the frame - and perhaps the match.

Robertson 1-3 Peifan (41-48)

Laugh! Playing safe, Lei gets a sensational kiss off the brown that takes the white behind the green; standing over it, he almost calls it on, clenching fist when it sticks; Neil misses with his first escape but nails the second.

Robertson 1-3 Peifan (37-44)

It's so beautiful watching someone young introduce themselves to the world and that's what Lei's doing here. But the last two reds are on cushions, one on the side and one on the top; he decides not to try and disturb one off the black, so plays safe.

Robertson 1-3 Peifan (37-30)

Oh dear, oh dear! After painstaking work to compile a decent run, Neil runs out of position so takes on a plant, the two reds relatively far from one another; he gets nowhere near, and leaves one into the middle for Lei! He'll have been hoping for just one chance and well, here it is old mate! He's looked solid under pressure all evening but this will be the biggest win of his career if he can pull it off and though he's young enough to think it his due, he'll never have felt this way before.

Robertson 1-3 Peifan (13-0)

Neil gets in first, and rather than pick off the loose ones, goes into the pack off the blue. But he hits the pink punkt in the face and ends up stuck to it with nothing on, so it's back up to baulk; it doesn't matter, because playing safe off a loose red, Lei double-kisses it and that is going to cost him.

Around the tables

  • Simon Lichtenberg 0-0 Lu Ning
  • Haydon Pinhey 1-4 Akani Songsermsawad (finished)
  • Dylan Emery 1-0 Ben Hancorn

Robertson 1-2 Peifan

And there it is! The Thunder From Down Under (TTFDU) needs three straight, or he's out.

Robertson 1-2 Peifan (0-65)

Neil goes for a longun and gets so close to it, but it stays out and then Lei loses the white off the black. Again, he plays safe, but Neil will have thought that was 1-3. And it's about to be! He takes on another longun, gets close again, misses again, and I'm certain Lei will make the frame safe.

Robertson 1-2 Peifan (0-51)

A terrific black leaves Lei with nothing but a red sent long to the green pocket; he despatches it with minimum fuss and maximum prejudice. He's playing really well now, but has to drain another difficult one ... and it's there, cut from middle to corner and right in the heart of the pocket! He then runs out of position so plays safe, but that's a handy lead; there are 76 points left.

Robertson 1-2 Peifan (0-26)

Neil isn't just one of the best long potters in the game, he's one of the best long potters ever. But the knack has deserted him tonight and he misses another; Lei then shows him how it's done rattling in a beauty. He's properly enjoying this in his grey syoot, and the table isn't bad for him; this is as good a chance for 3-1 as he can possibly have hoped for.

Around the tables

  • Simon Lichtenberg Lu Ning 0-0
  • Haydon Pinhey 1-3 Akani Songsermsawad
  • Dylan Emery 0-0 Ben Hancorn

Robertson 1-2 Peifan

A clearance of 80 sticks Lei back in front, and he enjoyed that one. The upset is on!

Robertson 1-1 Peifan (30-35)

With Neil sitting pensively, Lei overruns the right into the pink, and the redemptive red, up into the green pocket, is deemed too difficult and rightly so. So he plays a good enough safety so that Neil takes on a long one, jawses it ... and leaves it! Lei couldn't have wished for a better chance than this, and I'd be very surprised if he doesn't see this one throughh.

Robertson 1-1 Peifan (30-1)

Yeah, time's up. My computer crashes, returning in time for me to see Neil stroking balls into holes as though he's been doing it all his life, which he has. But have a look! Taking a red long to the green pocket, he clips the blue - that is not what we expect from him - and Lei has a simple starter to set himself away.

Around the tables

  • Simon Lichtenberg Lu Ning 0-0
  • Haydon Pinhey 1-2 Akani Songsermsawad
  • Dylan Emery 0-0 Ben Hancorn

Robertson 1-1 Peifan

Lei had a lot of chances there, and may well come to regret his failure to capitalise.

Robertson 0-1 Peifan (56-28)

Which he can't take. But Neil can't get started and leaves it too! He is playing very poorly here, and because Lei can't get position, he finds himself snuggled up to the green. Neil escapes, but a double kiss means he leaves one of the two reds that's left; Lei sinks it and can't capitalise, then leaves the final one. Down it goes, and surely this frame will soon be put out of its misery.

Robertson 0-1 Peifan (51-7)

But trying to get close to the corner pocket, he gets too close, rattling in its jaws, and that makes the next pot a dangerous one; he takes it on from low on it, misses, and doesn't get safe. Chance for Lei.

Robertson 0-1 Peifan (44-0)

Neil gets in but an unfortunate kiss when potting the black forces him to play safe, but he's soon back when Lei gets close to but misses a long red. Resolving this table won't be easy - the black is surrounded and he's just not playing well - but there are points to be had. He looks to have run out of position on 24, then glides a beautiful recovery effort into the middle, and this could well be 1-1.

Around the tables

  • Hamim Hussain 0-4 Jamie Wilson (finished)
  • Haydon Pinhey 0-2 Akani Songsermsawad
  • Billy Joe Castle 3-4 Ben Woollaston (finished)

Robertson 0-1 Peifan

Lei cracks the pink that's frame-ball - it wriggles home - and that red Neil took on has cost him the frame. What was he thinking?

Robertson 0-0 Peifan (1-24)

Neil looks a bit out of sorts here, and takes on a tricky red along the black rail even though he'll be on nothing if it goes down. It doesn't, stays in the jaws, and Lei can rustle something up here.

Robertson 0-0 Peifan (0-17)

Neil then misses a pretty presentable red and Lei fairly races to the table as if he can't believe his luck, then get to work eliminating balls. Not for long though - he ruins a good chance by hitting a red far too hard, playing back up to baulk off the yellow. I guess it's possible that Neil has permed his hair. Anyway, Lei sinks a good long one but again can't make anything of it. He's only going to get so many chances against a player of Neil's calibre.

Robertson 0-0 Peifan (0-1)

Neil's hair is at the awkward in-between stage, and I guess he's been straightening it all along because it seems to have a bit of wave and curl. Lei, meanwhile, is in a grey syoot, and the 17-year-old world 101 begins with a terrific pot, rolled slow and dead-weight. But he misses the black, so we're back on safety.

The players are with us

Join me again at 7pm GMT

For Neil Robertson v Lei Peifan.

Around the tables

  • Hamim Hussain 0-1 Jamie Wilson
  • Haydon Pinhey v Akani Songsermsawad
  • Billy Joe Castle 3-1 Ben Woollaston

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh beats Sean Maddocks 4-0!

He didn't play all that well but looked better towards the end and meets Rob Lawler next.

Results and latest scores

  • Stuart Bingham 4-0 Gerard Greene
  • Dominic Dale 0-4 Tian Pengfei
  • Barry Pinches 2-4 Anthony Hamilton
  • Liam Highfield 3-4 Fraser Patrick
  • Scott Donaldson 4-2 Peter Lines
  • Kacper Filipiak 0-4 Alan McManus
  • Jake Jones 4-3 Ryan Day
  • Rod Lawler4-3 Jordan Brown
  • Hamim Hussain Jamie Wilson
  • Lee Walker 1-0 Jamie O’Neil
  • Pang Junxu 1-3 Igor Figueredo
  • Anthony McGill 4-0 Louis Heathcote
  • John Astley 2-3 Ali Carter
  • Haydon Pinhey v Akani Songsermsawad
  • Thepchaiya Un-Nooh v Sean Maddocks
  • Billy Joe Castle 0-0 Ben Woollaston


The day after the night before. Stephen Hendry is back. And he hit a century in a 4-1 defeat to old friend Matthew Selt. Here is that century and the seven-time world champion was pleased with his showing.

'Vintage Hendry!' - Seven-time world champion produces glorious century in comeback match

"I was generally quite happy because if you cut out unforced errors, you can do well," said Hendry, who was handed a two-year tour card by WST chairman Barry Hearn in September to join fellow icons Jimmy White and Ken Doherty on the professional circuit.
"It was great. I really felt the nerves when I put my suit on in the hotel room. Getting ready and putting my suit on, I really felt quite nervous which is a good sign because without nerves you can't perform.
But it needs to be nerves of excitement and expectation rather than nerves of not knowing what is going to happen.
"I thought Matt played fantastic. I can't remember him missing a ball. It was a tough initiation back into it.
"My game isn't good enough yet to qualify for the World Championship," added Hendry, who claimed world victories in 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1999 before enjoying work as a TV pundit in recent years.
I think there is work to be done. I've got about a month of practice to get it better.
Elsewhere, Mark Selby beat Sam Craigie and Ken Doherty – also given a two-year wildcard like Hendry – overcame Matthew Stevens 4-3.
On Wednesday, 2015 world champion Stuart Bingham takes on Gerard Greene followed by the quickfire Thepchaiya Un-Nooh and then Neil Robertson, who face Sean Maddocks and Lei Peifan respectively.


  • Stuart Bingham v Gerard Greene
  • Dominic Dale v Tian Pengfei
  • Barry Pinches v Anthony Hamilton
  • Liam Highfield v Fraser Patrick
  • Scott Donaldson v Peter Lines
  • Kacper Filipiak v Alan McManus
  • Jake Jones v Ryan Day
  • Rod Lawler v Jordan Brown
  • Hamim Hussain v Jamie Wilson
  • Lee Walker v Jamie O’Neil
  • Pang Junxu v Igor Figueredo
  • Anthony McHill v Louis Heathcote
  • John Astley v Ali Carter
  • Haydon Pinhey v Akani Songsermsawad
  • Thepchaiya Un-Nooh v Sean Maddocks
  • Billy Joe Castle v Ben Woollaston
  • Graeme Dott v Ben Hancorn
  • Oliver Lines v Riley Parsons
  • Simon Lichtenberg v Lu Ning
  • Neil Robertson v Lei Peifan

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