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Has been quite a day of snooker from Hong Kong with Marco Fu defeating Mark Selby 5-2 and Higgins edging out Trump 5-4. More exciting play tomorrow from 6.15am BST with Neil Robertson meeting Mark Williams before world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan faces Ng On Yee at 12pm. We will be back with more updates from the Hong Kong Coliseum.
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Higgins 5-4 Trump

"The atmosphere tonight was incredible. One of the best atmospheres I've ever played in," says Higgins. "And to beat somebody as good as Judd. It is a big win for me because I've lost so many matches against Judd lately it was good to get one back.
"The turning point was when Judd missed the blue leading 4-3. I managed to win that frame.
"It will be a special occasion playing Marco in his home city and I'll look forward to that."

Higgins 5-4 Trump

Fabulous for Higgins to hold off the Trump charge. Was in a spot of trouble, but steels himself to win the final two frames. Fairly dominant from the world No. 5 in the end. Fu awaits in the best-of-11 frame semi-final on Saturday morning at the Hong Kong Masters.

Higgins 4-4 Trump (74-6)

Higgins is going to see out this match. His first victory over Trump in four years. He will face Marco Fu in semi-finals on Saturday. Trump needing three snookers.

Higgins 4-4 Trump (67-6)

But no winning thrust as red to middle stays out. That was unexpected. Higgins slots red to opposite centre pocket and is on black. Surely this is the moment for John Higgins.

Higgins 4-4 Trump (58-1)

Goes for the double on a red, but it eludes him and doesn't go safe. Well, is there going to be a counter attack? Trump returns to table and has a real chance to launch his own run for the line.

Higgins 4-4 Trump (58-0)

Higgins reaches 43 after holing a brilliant red to green pocket. Looking very good at moment, but not the best split on pack via the black. Still work to be done.

Higgins 4-4 Trump (20-0)

Nice shot on mid-range red by Higgins with rest and he is at the business end of table. Real chance to win frame and match right here. Decent looking table to work with.

Higgins 4-4 Trump (3-0)

A bit of If I Can Dream by Elvis rings out around the arena. Both men dreaming of the last four as Higgins sinks a cracking opening red.

Higgins 3-4 Trump (71-13)

A 70 break from John and we are all level at 4-4. Judd has seen enough. The Hong Kong coliseum crowd getting full value for money today.

Higgins 3-4 Trump (64-13)

Higgins back in stroke at exactly the right time. Looks like we are heading all the way to the ninth and final frame. Terrific stuff from both men. Higgins 6-3 ahead in final-frame deciders between the duo, but that will count for little I guess.

Higgins 3-4 Trump (22-13)

Are we heading for a decider in this battle? Would fancy Higgins to build up a strong lead with reds all there to be tucked away.

Higgins 3-4 Trump (9-13)

Higgins tries to get into pack of reds off the brown. Misses pack and ends up potting black. So unlucky, but Trump then jaws a blue to centre pocket seconds later. A rare reprieve for Higgins.

Higgins 3-4 Trump (0-5)

Another poor break-off shot by Higgins, but no colour to follow. Just the snooker behind brown from Trump.

Higgins 3-3 Trump (43-68)

Trump tidies up to the black and that will be a 4-3 lead. A third straight frame. All or nothing now for Higgins, who trails for the first time tonight. Or this afternoon if you are watching in UK.

Higgins 3-3 Trump (43-50)

Higgins attempts a cross double, but red doesn't drop and sticks over the pocket. Chance for Judd to take the frame. In goes the final red after springing object ball from pink. Looks like a 4-3 lead from 3-1 behind.

Higgins 3-3 Trump (43-36)

Down to final two reds of this seventh frame. Pink over top pocket with two reds left up. Anybody's frame at the moment.

Higgins 3-3 Trump (43-36)

A lead of seven points for John after Judd misses a red. A few slight errors creeping in as match hurtles towards its conclusion. Whoever wins this frame will move one up with a possible two to play. Another fabulous long red by Trump breaks the deadlock.

Higgins 3-3 Trump (43-35)

Only three points, but Higgins undercooks a safety shot seconds later to leave the Bristolian with hand on table. That might prove to be an ill-advised mistake by the 31-time ranking event winner.

Higgins 3-3 Trump (43-0)

Higgins jaws blue to a middle pocket trying to manufacture an angle. How costly will that miss prove to be?

Higgins 3-3 Trump (20-0)

Higgins out of position on a red next to black, but he picks out a delightful red to the green pocket. What a recovery pot that is down the length of the table. Got his angles perfect and on he goes.

Higgins 3-3 Trump (4-0)

Three centuries and two breaks over 50 so far in this match. Higgins drills home a lovely long red to regain access to the table after failing to score in previous two frames.

Higgins 3-2 Trump (0-96)

This frame has been grasped by Trump to restore parity at 3-3. All on the table now so to speak in quest to reach last four. Mistakes being heavily punished by both men.

Higgins 3-2 Trump (0-75)

No counter attack from Higgins as a safety error leaves Trump back among the balls. We are heading for 3-3 in race to five. Best-of-three frame match to settle this quarter-final.

Higgins 3-2 Trump (0-58)

This match is galloping along quite beautifully. One error by John and it looks like it is going to cost him the sixth frame until Trump fails to land on a red after potting the green. Unlucky. So a break of 58, but a bit more life in this one.

Higgins 3-2 Trump (0-15)

Error by Higgins with the break-off shot and Trump has been left an easy opener to a centre pocket. That could be quite a costly error in the current climate.

'Amazing!' – Higgins delights Hong Kong crowd with crazy fluke

Higgins 3-1 Trump (0-120)

120 clearance from the Juddernaut and this match is back to 3-2 in favour of Higgins, who watched his opponent enjoy a fluke on a red early on before clearing them all up. Such a high standard of snooker. This quarter-final could go either way.

Higgins 3-1 Trump (0-71)

Trump looking for red, colour and red to leave Higgins chasing a snooker, but he is unlikely to be back at the table in this frame. One-visit snooker the order of the day. Gladiators at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

Higgins 3-1 Trump (0-50)

Trump quickly up to 37. Early in the break, but would fancy him to get over the winning line at this visit judging by recent scoring form. That fluke might prove to be a frame winner.

Higgins 3-1 Trump (0-13)

Bit of early run of the ball for Trump as he flukes one red onto another. Then raises hand in apology. How much will he make from that slice of good fortune?

Higgins 3-1 Trump (0-0)

Judd breaks off in the fifth frame of a possible nine. Could suggest this one is key to his future health in the event.

Higgins 2-1 Trump (102-1)

John with a remarkable fluke on yellow. A 3-1 lead for the Scottish icon. He will enjoy his cuppa after that little cameo.

Higgins 2-1 Trump (85-1)

A pink doesn't drop to the middle pocket from Trump and that will be that. A 3-1 lead for Higgins at the mid-session interval. This match warming up very nicely indeed.

Higgins 2-1 Trump (68-0)

Higgins with a 68 run. Trump needs a snooker. The Scotsman on cusp of a 3-1 advantage. Five reds left on table so Trump will battle on here.

Higgins 2-1 Trump (47-0)

Higgins looks dialled in to the job at hand. Despatching these balls supremely well as a tricky pink dives down a centre bag. Vintage Higgins at the moment.

Higgins 2-1 Trump (11-0)

Winner of this match will meet Marco Fu in the semi-finals on Saturday. Some lovely safety play by both men at outset of this fourth frame before Trump throws in a blunder. Higgins handed first chance to score after landing on red via yellow. Hitting the ball supremely well at moment.

Higgins 1-1 Trump (102-0)

A rousing reception for Higgins as he hits 101. Chance to equal that Trump 136 break, but tricky black stays up on 102. Classy break from Higgins and this match has suddenly caught fire. One more frame before mid-session interval.

Higgins 1-1 Trump (65-0)

Every chance of a Higgins century on the cards in Hong Kong. This is exquisite break-building from the Scotsman.

Higgins 1-1 Trump (50-0)

Terrific pot on yellow as he screws back for mid-range red. Looking very sharp as a black disappears down the hole. On we go with John attempting to replicate Trump's one-visit kill in the second frame. Looks ideally placed for a 2-1 lead.

Higgins 1-1 Trump (7-0)

Higgins first to the punch in the second frame with a super long red and a pinpoint positional shot on blue. Chance to respond immediately to that Trump 136 break.

Higgins 1-0 Trump (0-136)

A total clearance of 136 from the world No. 2 and that is just what the doctor ordered. Brilliant and also sets the high break target. Game on.

Higgins 1-0 Trump (0-101)

Ton Up for Judd at the Hong Kong Coliseum. What will he declare on here?

Higgins 1-0 Trump (0-80)

A protracted opening frame is followed by Trump finding his very best scoring form in the second frame. Chance for Trump to set the high break target. £10,000 for the player who achieves that feat.

Higgins 1-0 Trump (0-55)

Trump yet to splatter open the reds. Takes what is there before producing a decent split via the blue. That was a fine controlled effort and he should be continuing this break. A difficult shot on black is made to look easy by Judd. Such a natural potter of snooker balls.

Higgins 1-0 Trump (0-6)

Blistering long red by Judd proves to be a real crowd-pleaser. Chance to get hand on table in his quest to compile a few points at this visit.

Higgins 0-0 Trump (79-33)

Higgins lays a brilliant snooker. Trump misses yellow off one cushion and white disappears down a pocket. Surely going to be 1-0 to Higgins. All there to mop up the frame. Higgins clears to the pink and leads Trump 1-0 in the race to five. A frame lasting almost 30 minutes falls to the four-time world champion.

Higgins 0-0 Trump (55-33)

All very tentative as we head for the colours. Higgins holding a lead of 22 points on the final six colours, but Trump will fancy his chances if he gets a chance to slot this yellow.

Higgins 0-0 Trump (48-29)

The Scotsman stumbles out of position and opts for a snooker behind the yellow ball. It proves to be a wise decision as the Wishaw man is left on the red via a double kiss.

Higgins 0-0 Trump (38-29)

Lovely plant on two reds by Trump to remain at the table. Not a straightforward run to the line and a missed blue to the green pocket ends his aspirations with four reds left on table. Both men yet to fully settle down to the conditions inside the Hong Kong Coliseum. Higgins searching for three of the four remaining reds.

Higgins 0-0 Trump (30-17)

No big break from the Juddernaut as he quickly finds some trouble in running out of position. Higgins will be relieved to return to the baize so soon.

Higgins 0-0 Trump (30-17)

So Trump's tough snooker pays off and Higgins' decision to open the reds has left him in a pickle here. Real chance for Judd to get his fabled cue arm working.

Higgins 0-0 Trump (30-1)

Trump forced to respond with a delightful long red of his own and plays a timely snooker. Both men committed to going for their shots out there.

Higgins 0-0 Trump (30-0)

12,000-capacity arena in Hong Kong and Higgins gives the fans something to cheer early on with a lovely long red, but out of position on 30. An attacking safety by Higgins to open up the pack of reds.

Selby unhappy with table

The four-time world champion lost 5-2 to local icon Marco Fu and was in no mood to defend the standard of the table in the vast arena.
“I basically had to try to change my game, which is obviously difficult when you’ve been playing certain shots the same way for 20 years,” said Selby. "Everything I played with a little bit of sidespin, the white ball just went completely all over the place.
"I didn’t really know how to play the shots.”

Welcome back to the live updates

It is Judd Trump against John Higgins in a titanic evening duel in Hong Kong (12pm BST). These two have contested two world finals with Higgins winning 18-15 in 2011 and Trump running out an 18-9 victor in 2019.
First to five frames will advance to the last four on Saturday at the Hong Kong Coliseum.
Could be an epic battle involving two of the sport's key heavyweight competitors.


We've got more snooker coming your way later this afternoon as Trump and Higgins lock horns in what promises to be a mouthwatering battle.
For now, take a read of our match report for Fu's fine victory.
See you then!


He’s done it! Fu finally quashes Selby’s hopes by slotting away the final red.
It sees him march into the semi finals where he will meet Judd Trump or John Higgins.

SELBY 2-4 FU (26-70)

It’s cat and mouse stuff! Selby conjures up a sensational snooker by tucking the cue ball behind the pink and leaving the red suffocated by the yellow near baulk. Fu escapes that and then works his way out of another from behind the yellow. It earns applause from the crowd and an acknowledgement from Selby.
Fu wants this done and dusted now and still has a commanding lead, but the four-time World champion refuses to let it go.

SELBY 2-4 FU (26-70)

Selby works his way to a break of 22 and then tucks the red behind the black before bringing the cue ball up to baulk. He’s going to need a big turnaround here, but if Fu makes a hash of his angles on the escape there could yet be a surprising twist… The Hong Kong star fouls on his first attempt but makes impact on the second.
On we go!

SELBY 2-4 FU (0-70)

Fu rolls a red to the yellow pocket and then gets a reasonably favourable ricochet into the pack of reds when he despatches the blue.
A delightful cut on a pink to the bottom left moves the finish line to within sight and remains ice-cool as he delights the home crowd by clocking up a break of 64.
Selby needs snookers from here…

SELBY 2-4 FU (0-6)

Fu opens with a majestic long red to the bottom left. It’s not a case of lift off though as his break ends abruptly at six.


What a magical break of 49 that is! Fu works his way into a winning position and then produces a sublime double on a red to the middle right. He follows it by teasing one into the bottom right from a tricky angle but can’t do the same with a similar attempt on the black to the opposite corner. It matters little though as he does enough to move within one frame of victory.

SELBY 2-3 FU (1-25)

Selby clips a red hovering over the pocket into the bottom left corner but then fails with an attempted cut on the pink to the opposite corner. The crowd respond by urging Fu to take full advantage. Can he seize the moment?

SELBY 2-3 FU (0-25)

There’s a gasp of dismay from the crowd as Fu can’t convince a red tight to the bottom cushion to drop into the bottom right pocket.


Selby blasts into the pack via a blue pot to the middle left and loosens a trio of reds. It’s the key to reducing the arrears as he marauds to a break of 112, just missing out on the clearance as the black refuses to go down.

SELBY 1-3 FU (0-11)

Selby’s luck is out once again when a long red attempt to the bottom left ends with the cue ball rolling into the middle right. Fu steps in but he fails to sink a black to the bottom right as he tries to prise a few reds out of a tight pack.


Fu looks in trouble as Selby leaves him stranded in a snooker behind the brown on the left cushion. The home favourite digs out a brilliant shot after an initial foul and somehow wrestles the initiative back his way to go in 3-1 up at the interval with a break of 39.

SELBY 1-2 FU (8-41)

Close! Fu thinks he’s on course to re-stablish the two-frame lead but he comes up short despite a fine break of 41.

SELBY 1-2 FU (8-0)

Frustration for Mark. He recovers some early issues with positioning with a fine pot but then finds himself struggling to arch his cueing over a red attempting to roll the black to the bottom left. He can’t quite slot it home and Fu gets a chance he probably wasn’t expecting.


Selby produces an expert snooker with the cue ball tucked behind the black. It earns a tap of the table from Fu who then takes four attempts to hit the remaining red. Selby takes full advantage and mops up the colours to the pink to get on the board.
How significant could that be? Fu looked on for a 3-0 lead there but Selby is right back in business now.

SELBY 0-2 FU (25-49)

Selby takes advantage of Fu’s miss with a simple red near the edge of the bottom right pocket but can only make slight inroads on his opponent’s lead with a short break of nine.

SELBY 0-2 FU (16-49)

Fu steps in and looks set for a 3-0 lead but somehow manages to lose position on a routine black to the bottom left. He squints and sizes it up but decides he can’t get past a nearby red and is forced to end a break on 45.

SELBY 0-2 FU (16-4)

A stonking red to the bottom left pocket suggests Selby could be in business but his luck is completely out when he screws back off a pot to the bottom right and sees the cue ball drop into the middle left.


A period of scrappy play ends with Fu punishing Selby for that big miss on the black. The Hong Kong star nicks the frame with a clearance of 65.

SELBY 0-1 FU (44-1)

Selby is quickly back to the table but inexplicably misses a black to the bottom right when he looked all set to finish the job at this visit.

SELBY 0-1 FU (31-1)

Selby spins the cue ball into the pack and hopes for a favourable spread. It doesn’t quite deliver what he wants but he does put away a red to the bottom right pocket with the rest. From there he works his way to a decent break of 31 but can’t quite do enough to deny Fu a chance to hit back.

SELBY 0-1 FU (0-1)

Fu opens again but can’t roll a blue to the bottom left and Selby belatedly gets a decent chance to get himself up and running.


Fu makes it third time lucky! He tucks in an excellent black but has no luck with the roll of cue ball. However, a super red with the rest to the bottom left pocket keeps him at the table and he finally seals the opening frame with a break of 52.

SELBY 0-0 FU (0-51)

Fu corks a red to the yellow pocket and works his way down to the right for a tight red to the bottom pocket. It helps him find some good position around the pack of reds and he duly adds to his lead without being able to complete a frame-winning break.

SELBY 0-0 FU (0-29)

Fu rolls in a red to the bottom left and quickly sets about building a tidy opening break. The home favourite begins to run out of position when he drifts towards baulk while preying upon the blue and he eventually has to opt for a safety.


Hello and welcome to our LIVE updates of the first match of the 2022 Hong Kong Masters. It’s a tournament that sees the top six-ranked players in the world join two home-grown players in an eight-person tussle for glory.
First up, it’s Mark Selby against Marco Fu.


The Hong Kong Masters will return for the first time in five years this month, with Ronnie O’Sullivan preparing to face local icon and three-time women's world champion Ng On Yee in his opening match.
The tournament, which hasn’t been staged since 2017, will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum venue over four days, beginning on Thursday, October 6, with eight players competing for the £100,000 first prize.
The non-ranking event is organised by Hong Kong Billiard Sports Control Council and is set to be the first major sports event staged by the Asian city since the pandemic in 2020.
Should O’Sullivan advance, he will meet Masters holder Neil Robertson – who he lost to in the 2017 final - or UK champion Zhao Xintong in the last four on Saturday, October 8.
Four-time world champion Mark Selby meets former Scottish Open winner Marco Fu in the tournament opener on Thursday, October 6.
The remaining quarter-final is contested between 2019 world finalists Judd Trump and John Higgins.

'I've been scientific' – O’Sullivan says other players ‘practise out of guilt’

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Stream all the action from the Hong Kong Masters live on discovery+ and
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