Judd Trump’s involvement in the US Open Pool Championship is over following a ding-dong battle with Jason Theron in Atlantic City.
After suffering a chastening defeat at the hands of Jason Shaw, Trump dropped into the losers’ side of the bracket.
He found in South African player Theron an immovable object, going down in a thriller 11-10.
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Trump did not look out of place, and pulled off a jump shot - something he felt he would be unable to do at the start of the tournament - and the experience will be invaluable should he continue to mix pool and snooker.
The 2019 world champion took the opening rack, showing his snooker prowess with a cute cannon on the three ball and a long pot on the nine.
Trump knocked in two balls off the break in the second rack but ran out of position, and Theron stepped in to level. It was a sign of things to come.
Trump secured racks three and four to open up a cushion, but it was the only time in the contest there was more than one rack between them.
The sixth rack saw Trump draw on his snooker skills, with a brilliant snooker setting up a clearance.
In the eighth, Trump pulled off a jump shot to pot the two ball, but it did not reap any rewards as Theron levelled the match.
The players shared the next nine frames, and in the 18th Theron had a huge slice of luck as he laid a fortuitous snooker - for which he apologised - and it allowed him to clear up to level at 9-9.
Trump led again at 10-9, moving him within a rack of victory, but he left the two ball in the jaws of the pocket in the 20th to allow Theron to level.
The roles were reversed in the final rack, as Theron laid a superb snooker. Trump found the escape, but could not get the two ball safe and the South African cleared up advance.
Trump will now shift focus to the Northern Ireland Open, with the world number two set to defend the title in Belfast starting on October 9.
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