Mark Selby has spoken about his personal battle with depression and encourages those who are having mental health difficulties to get support from healthcare professionals.
The world number four bowed out of the Masters after a 6-3 defeat to three-time semi-finalist Stephen Maguire in Milton Keynes on Tuesday.
The 37-year-old spoke to Eurosport afterwards about his own fight with depression. He said that while it was tough to keep the mind active during the UK's third lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, he urged people to “ask for help” if they need it.
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Selby opens up on battle with depression, urges people to 'ask for help'

"It is tough," he said. "When people are going through depression it's very tough and times like this don't make it any easier because you're locked in your house and you have so much time to think about stuff.
"When I was going through it - and even now I'm still on the medication to this day - I went to see the professional people and they were telling me to do things that you enjoy and you try to keep your mind active. But it's difficult when you go through times like this because the things you do enjoy you cannot go and do.
The only thing you can do is speak to the professional people. Speak to your family and cry for help and get them to help you as well.
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