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Don't call it a grudge match

But it sort of is. Ronnie O'Sullivan and Ali Carter have history, remember that barge from 2018?
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Relive O’Sullivan and Carter’s shoulder barge spat at 2018 World Snooker Championship

Ahead of the match Carter had said that O'Sullivan had apologised to him but The Rocket has now denied that, saying "I didn't apologise to Ali and I didn't apologise to Mark Allen either,
"I just said, 'let's move on'. Let's not hold any grudges, it is what is it.
"I still feel I was in the right on both occasions and so that apology they say that I said was definitely not an apology.
"It was more like, 'let's just move on'. It was what it was, I've got to see you and you've got to see me at tournaments. So we can say hello to each other. We're not boxers, we're not enemies.
"It's just a game of sticks and balls. I'm happy with my life, you are happy with your life. Let's just be friends."


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