There we go

Join me at 12.45pm GMT tomorrow for moving day; players who win their first match play a second later on. It should be decent.

Ronnie speaks

World Championship
'A special place in sport' – Why World Championship must stay at Crucible
10/09/2021 AT 18:28
He's impressed with Chang, who he says plays a bit like Judd Trump and has the ability to be the best of the young Chinese players. He scores quick, he says, and ultimately you need that if you're to be a serious, tournament-winning player. He's happy with his new tip and is still getting used to it, but played with it for 45 minutes this morning. He says his old one was spongy but this one's hard and the white was fizzing about. He's off to Champneys Spa tonight, seven mile run in the morning, "then back in the morning to disco!"

Around the tables

Wakelin 1-3 Pengfei
Williams M 3-2 Dale
Ning 2-1 Un-Nooh

O'Sullivan beats Chang 4-1!

He's really quite good, it turns out, but Chang has skills too. O'Sullivan plays Wakelin or Pegfei next.

O'Sullivan 3-1 Chang (55-11)

Ach! Chang leaves Ronnie the tightest of clips into the middle and he takes it off the set with his usual laconic zest. You'd expect him to win frame and match from here, because he doesn't need much.

O'Sullivan 3-1 Chang (54-11)

Ronnie's break ends on 54 - I didn't see how because my seven-year-old decided to get up, barge in and disturb me. She sends her apologies. So Chang gets to the table and starts rolling, but just as he's looking good he misses a red, then when he gets another go, swerves around the blue to hit one right over the top right, but at just the wrong angle to pot it; unlucky.

O'Sullivan 3-1 Chang (33-0)

Chang misses a red trying to feather it and get back to baulk, so Ronnie gets involved. He'll need to dig into the pack almost immediately because there aren't many loose reds, and the split goes ok but ok enough. This might be that.

Around the tables

Li 4-3 Selt (finished)
Wakelin 1-2 Pengfei
Williams M 3-1 Dale
Ning 2-0 Un-Nooh

O'Sullivan 3-1 Chang

A run of 84 gets Chang on the board, and he must be feeling like an absolute boss. He's just razzed a frame off Ronnie O'Sullivan. Beautiful.

O'Sullivan 3-0 Chang (0-64)

He's absolutely racing about the table now; I hope he's enjoying this, because this is life right here. And there it is, a red drained and that'll be the frame - a frame off the world champion and greatest player of all-time, aged 18!

O'Sullivan 3-0 Chang (0-44)

Hello! Chang gets in and he's rolling, stepping about the table rolling in red-blacks - and he pl;ay right-handed. Come on old sport!

Around the tables

Li 1-2 Selt
Wakelin 1-2 Pengfei
Williams M 3-0 Dale
Ning 2-0 Un-Nooh

O'Sullivan 3-0 Chang

We are not. The break ends on 78 when Ronnie jawses a red to the corner and he's one away. Chang looks shellshocked, but he'll be a better player for the experience.

O'Sullivan 2-0 Chang (78-0)

It's a great break is this, given the positions of the balls to begin with. Are we getting ton 1073?

O'Sullivan 2-0 Chang (26-0)

At the end of a protracted safety exchange, Chang misses a chance Ronnie leaves him then leaves an easy pot that he sinks. D'oh. The table is complex and convoluted, but if there's any man on earth able to resolve it, it's the one currently at it. Already, he's cleared route to all four corners for the pink, and this is a chance for 3-0.

Around the tables

Li 1-2 Selt
Page 4-3 Carty (finished)
Wakelin 0-2 Pengfei
Williams M 2-0 Dale
Ning 1-0 Un-Nooh

O'Sullivan 2-0 Chang

Ronnie clears up, but Chang is in the match now.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Chang (41-30)

Come on Chang! He clears to green but now the hard work starts: the remaining colours on the baulk line. It's a really tight cut, and he gets soooo close, only to leave it over the pocket for Ronnie.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Chang (41-12)

Chang plays a fine safety that has Ronnie close to a red and struggling to keep things safe; he gets a tap on the table for his bother. Imagine that, 18 years-old and Ronald Antonio O'Sullivan is giving you props. But a mistake lets Ronnie in only he can't do much, so Chang has a chance to do something - but the positions of the colours are problematic.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Chang (41-6)

But it isn't. he pots nothing more, then misses two long reds, benefiting from two felicitous kisses the second time that cut off Chang's route to anything pottable. So Chang, left with no other option, absolutely clouts home a long red, his first pot of the night, but he can only add five more points. So they play some safety, Ronnie putting balls on cushions, until a mistake from Chang lets him in and a red goes down, then it's in tight behind the pink which, along with all the other colours is on the baulk line. This frame could take some time yet.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Chang (40-0)

But he doesn't attempt to go into the pack, instead playing another superb safety shot. Enjoy, Chang old mate. He's only 18, and he's never played Ronnie before so this is huge night for him, and the last thing he needs is Ronnie getting a run of the balls, which happens when he misses a pot and the blue blocks his route to the only pottable red on the table. But Ronnie then plays a poor safety and here's a chance for him to knock in his first ball ... but he can't get it down! Ah man. It spins around and jumps away. That might be the frame.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Chang (18-0)

The ref tells Chang his shoelaces are untied, but he doesn't whack him under the chin when he looks down. Pathetic. Chang then plays a loose safety shot, inviting Ronnie to dig in and dig in he does. The table isn't great - there are a few loose reds, then two columns of them, which will be tricky to split. But in the meantime, Ronnie accumulates.


Li 1-2 Selt
Page 3-3 Carty
Wakelin 0-0 Pengfei
Williams M 0-0 Dale

O'Sullivan 1-0 Chang

A total clearance of 134, not bad.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Chang (100-0)

Century 1072 is in the books! What an unbelievable genius - I hope he plays for eternity.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Chang (59-0)

A couple of terrific safety shots earn Ronnie the opportunity to slot in an easy starter, and he quickly starts accumulating in characteristic style. He doesn't have the redemptive long-potting of Trump anymore - even at his peak, I'm not sure it was as good - but in the balls, and at plotting a route through a break, he's the greatest and by far, even now.

Here we go!


Ronnie tells Eurosport that he doesn't plan a route about the table, he just plays the next shot. I think that's because he's a genius, and he intuitively knows what needs to go and in what order. Ken pretty much says that, especially that he immediately looks to clear a route to both corners for the black, and Jimmy adds that he always removes the problem ball - which stops him doing what he wants - as soon as possible.

Ronnie's tip

He bit it off yesterday, so should be using a new one tonight. I daresay he'll cope.

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Ronnie O'Sullivan v Chang Bigyu


Li 1-2 Selt
Page 3-3 Carty
Walden 4-3 Ford (finished)
O'Connor 2-4 Allen (finished)

Been a while Let's get on with the evening sesh, eh?

Right, that's the afternoon session done

Join me again at 6.45pm GMT for some more Ronald Antonio O'Sullivan.

Goodness me!

Selby made his first 147 aged 11. That is not what I was doing at that age.

Selby beats Bond 4-2!

That brilliant red at the start of frame five did it for him - my system crashes, but he says he took it on knowing he'd leave Nigel in if he missed it thick or thin, but he knew he had a chance of getting on the black if it went down and the pot was no harder than the safety shot. Selbz plays Mark Joyce next.

Selby 3-2 Bond (81-6)

Credit to Selbz, he can play against any type of player and never loses his discipline, bottle or concentration. Nigel has made him work for this, but ultimately he's done all the hard work which enables his talent to win the day.

Selby 3-2 Bond (39-6)

Nigel eschews a plant, presumably because it's fraught with danger, only to play a poor safety that offers Mark a mid-ranking starter. Down it goes, and the way the table is spread, there's a strong chance that this is did.

Selby 3-2 Bond (34-6)

Mark leaves Nigel a cut into the side and he gently rolls it home, but looks to have run out of position when he flicks the yellow coming in and out of baulk. But he can salvage the situation with a long red, problem being, if he misses, it might be curtains. He decides to take it on ... and it's there! Great pot! But he's on nowt, doesn't get tight in behind the green and leaves a tempter ... which Mark misses, just.

Selby 3-2 Bond (34-0)

But no! Another fantastic opening red from Mark, who we learn is also pretty nifty with an arrow. Of course he is. But on 34, he takes on a plant that should allow to secure frame and match ... only to jaws it! He leaves nothing though, so off we go again with some safety.

Selby 3-2 Bond (0-0)

A long safety exchange. We could be here some time.

Around the tables

Li 0-1 Selt
Page 2-0 Carty
Walden 2-0 Ford
O'Connor 0-0 Allen

Selby 3-2 Bond

A run of exactly 100 puts Selbz one away. He deserved all of those points for having the bottle to take on and the skill to drain that fantastic opening red.

Selby 2-2 Bond (59-0)

"Quiet please," says the ref - all perfectly normal, till you remember there's no crowd. I can only assume there's noise coming from backstage, but it doesn't seem to bother Mark, who's still at it. The pattern of this match has been someone putting together a run without quite securing the frame - that's why we've been going so long - so he'll want to deal with this in one visit because if he doesn't, it'll be another ruckus.

Selby 2-2 Bond (28-0)

Selbz clatters a long red and misses by miles but gets lucky with the run of the balls, so we go back to playing safety. He then finds a long one and nails it brilliantly so, very carefully, he sets about compiling. He's looked a bit off the last couple of frames, so this break will be a good test.

Around the tables

Walker 0-4 Bingham (finished)
Li 0-0 Selt
Page 0-0 Carty
Walden 0-0 Ford
O'Connor 0-0 Allen

Selby 2-2 Bond

Best of three it is!

Selby 2-1 Bond (51-71)

Selby takes on a red and follows it with a pink, which means that even if he gets his snooker, he can only tie. In the meantime, he pots the remaining red with blacks, only to miss the final one ... which Nigel doubles into the middle!

Selby 2-1 Bond (0-70)

Nope, Nigel runs out of position and Selbz returns with 83 still left on the table. We may be here some time ... but not that much time. A mistake from Mark allows Nigel in, and he quickly takes another couple of red-colours, but misses a third and that invites Mark back to the table with one snooker required. We may be here some time.

Selby 2-1 Bond (0-45)

Nigel is not as good a player as Mark but he's every bit as competitive so is entirely unaffected by the oversight of the previous frame. He gets in first in frame four and methodically begins removing balls; if he takes big colours with the next three reds, he can secure the frame without having to crack the pack.

Around the tables

Jones Jamie 4-3 Stevens (finished)
Hugill 1-4 Milkins (finished)
Walker 0-3 Bingham
Liang 4-1 Brecel (finished)

Selby 2-1 Bond

Nigel worked his arse off to craft a chance, then tossed it with one poor pot. That's gotta sting.

Selby 1-1 Bond (67-52)

Nigel is in no hurry whatsoever, and have a look! He snookers Mark and Mark misses; Nigel sinks the red and disturbs the pink that's on the side cushion! What larceny we have here! But then he misses the green, overcutting to its own pocket! Nooooooo! "For all the table craft and knowledge, ultimately you've still gotta pot them," says Dave Hendon. Mark duly sinks the green, develops and pots the brown ... but he still needs the blue.

Selby 1-1 Bond (60-39)

Bond's in again, snaffling red, blue and red before tucking Selby in tight behind the black and snookered full ball on the final red. Selby manufactures an excellent three cushion escape in response, only to be stuck in behind the black again. This time, Selby misses - twice - and on the third attempt he clips the red and sends it over the green pocket, with Bond snookered behind the pink. What a touch for Selby!

Selby 1-1 Bond (60-24)

This could be interesting; in attempting to screw back off a red and leave the red on the bottom cushion, Selby dispatches the cue ball straight into the bottom right. Bond, hand on the table and white in the D, has an easy red in baulk from which to mount a comeback. In the earlier safety exchange Selby put two reds safe near the left rail, but Bond can get right back in this and sets about doing so. He adds 20 before missing a thin cut on a red to the bottom left. There's nothing left on for Selby though, so there's a bit left in this one yet.

Selby 1-1 Bond (60-0)

Selbz will be delivering an internal telling off here. He only needs the black and another red to leave Bond needing a snooker, but overruns position badly on the former and has to play safe up to the yellow instead.

Selby 1-1 Bond (45-0)

This should be the key shot of the frame as Selby takes his break to 45 by drilling a red into the bottom right, developing the bunch and landing on pink to right middle thereafter.

Selby 1-1 Bond (21-0)

Both players miss a mid-to-long range red at the start of the third, before Selby drops a red into the bottom left to get the first scoring chance of the frame. A few blues and some mileage for the cue ball later and he's now down near the black and racking up points from that and the nearby reds.

Selby 1-1 Bond

Bond didn't sort it in the last visit, but he does now. Selby leaves him a red to the right middle, which he snicks in followed by the green. That makes the next red frame ball, and Bond blams it into the bottom right. He can't add the blue but Selby, after surveying the table to see where the required two snookers might come from, decides to can this frame and concentrate on the next. We're all square.

Selby 1-0 Bond (0-61)

Methodical stuff from Bond, as a red to left middle takes his break to 40. He then dunks the blue into the opposite pocket, sending the white into the pack of five reds under the pink, but it sticks on one of said reds and he's on nothing. All he can do here is nudge to a red so close that it takes a few tentative air shots before he connects, and Selby has an easy route to play safe off a red in baulk. A useful haul for Bond then, but there's still 75 on.

Selby 1-0 Bond (0-35)

Very deliberately, Nigel fashions a break to give him control of the frame. But there are six reds clustered and he'll need some of them, especially as he's taking low-value colours.

Selby 1-0 Bond (0-5)

The white is amongst the reds and they're tapping at it, which is to say we're in re-rack territory. But they push through and Mark takes on a long red towards the green pocket as a shot to nowt; he misses. And next, something you don't see often: Mark goes in-off playing safe, and Nigel is in amongst them.

Around the tables

Brown 2-4 Zhou (finished)
Holt 4-2 Heathcote (finished)
Jones Jamie 3-2 Stevens
Hugill 1-2 Milkins
Walker 0-2 Bingham
Liang 1-0 Brecel

Selby 1-0 Bond

A break of 70, following the earlier 63, gives Selbz the first frame. This'll be hard work for Nigel.

Selby 0-0 Bond (65-0)

But on 64 he runs out of position and has to go back up to baulk - he gets as great a length as you'd expect - but there are no reds safe and 75 points on the table. Nigel, though, leaves one to the middle and that will be end of frame.

Selby 0-0 Bond (50-0)

"He always plays the right shot," Uncle Joe said of Mark at the start of this match, and though he also noted that "What Nigel doesn't know about snooker isn't worth knowing," there's a talent differential here and that's what we see now as Mark effortlessly racks up the points.

Selby 0-0 Bond (10-0)

Mark plans a red into one over the pocket but misses the black which remains in the jaws. Nigel then has a half-chance at a starter, misses it, and that might cost him. Selbz sends a lovely long red into the green pocket, comes back down for that black, and he's away.

Here we go again!

Judd speaks

He says he was slow to start even though he won the first two frames, and his long-potting was off. It took King playing well to get him fired up, realising that he'd be out unless he did "something good", which he did. In the studio, they've been discussing the most difficult sporting achievement, and Judd says it's much harder than a hole in one - obviously he has one - and also a nine-darter, because there's so much than go wrong, in more time.

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Mark Selby v Nigel Bond

Around the tables

Brown 2-3 Zhou
Holt 3-1 Heathcote
Jones Jamie 3-1 Stevens
Hugill 1-1 Milkins

Trump beats King 4-2!

He's just ridiculously good, even when he's not all that good - he always had the talent, now he's got the game, the aura and the mentality. There few sportsmen in the world as good at finding a way to win. He plays Luca Brecel or Liang Wembo next.

Trump 3-2 King (67-0)

The ease with which Judd has progressed from 2-2 to nearly 4-2 is mortifying and affirming in equal measure. He's just so confident - he's never flustered because he knows that against almost anyone, he's a huge favourite to win every single frame, and even 60 percent of him is enough to get the job done.

Trump 3-2 King (26-0)

Judd is quickly in with a good long red followed by a blue, and the pack is in reasonable splittage. But there are three reds between black and one corner - strike that, two - so there's plenty of work to be done. I daresay he's capable of doing it.

Around the tables

Brown 2-3 Zhou
Jianbo 4-1 Xintong (finished)
Ding 4-2 Hicks (finished)
Holt 2-1 Heathcote
Jones Jamie 2-1 Stevens
Hugill 0-1 Milkins

Trump 3-2 King

Judd hasn't played especially well so far and Mark is doing alright, but here we are.

Trump 2-2 King (70-27)

You can't be wasting three chances in a frame and expect to win it - against lot of players, but especially against this player.

Trump 2-2 King (17-27)

Er yeah, he can only add six more points before Judd's wobbling in a long red and getting down to business. he looks to have knocked the black too far beyond the middle to cut it, but he hasn't, and this is a good chance.

Trump 2-2 King (0-21)

Mark pots a good opening red but overruns the white slightly so can't build upon it, nor when he sinks the next one. But he earns a third go and this time he's got a real opportunity to do something.

Around the tables

Brown 2-2 Zhou
Jianbo 3-1 Xintong
Ding 3-2Hicks
Holt 2-0 Heathcote
Jones Jamie 2-1 Stevens
Hugill 0-0 Milkins

Trump 2-2 King

Great stuff. This looked like being a breeze but now it's anything but.

Trump 2-1 King (9-65)

Judd misses a red and this should allow Mark to level the match. We got ourselves a ball-game!

Trump 2-1 King (9-50)

Mark makes the curious choice to open the pack when he could do with sticking stuff safe, but when Judd gets the next red he's on nowt and tries to roll up behind the green, only to miss it. Rather than take the free ball, Mark invites him to have another go and he escapes his own snooker.

Trump 2-1 King (4-46)

Come on Mark! He sinks a really good long opener and suddenly a match that looked over is absolutely alive. Aaarggh! He gets to 44 and nudges a red, bringing awkwardly! Last time, this cost him the frame, and this time Judd invites him to have another go and he does the same thing again!

Around the tables

Brown 2-1 Zhou
Jianbo 3-1 Xintong
Ding 2-1 Hicks
Holt 1-0 Heathcote
Jones Jamie 1-1 Stevens

Trump 2-1 King

Well done Mark King.

Trump 2-0 King (48-61)

Er, no. He misses a simple red on the far jaw. But no matter; he pots a far harder one into the green pocket that opens out the frame, and all he has to do now is clear the colours down to blue.

Trump 2-0 King (48-6)

Mark gets in ... and out. Judd then takes advantage of the red he missed, and begins compiling another definitive contribution. The more I watch him, the more I respect how well Kyren WIlson did to beat him at the Cruce - there aren't many who can play well enough for long enough to do that, and Kyren is one of very few who backs himself against Judd. He actually lost to him last week, but made a game of it even though Judd was playing really well. Anyhow, Judd cues across a straightforward red; can Mark capitalise.

Around the tables

Brown 2-1 Zhou
Jianbo 2-1 Xintong
Ding 2-0 Hicks
Holt 0-0 Heathcote
Jones Jamie 0-1 Stevens

Trump 2-0 King

Indeed. Mark leaves the yellow, Judd sees it away, and there we go; that's where honesty gets you.

Trump 1-0 King (66-36)

Mark comes back to the table needing a snooker and lays one behind the blue as they pursue the yellow, but Judd escapes easily enough. The balls aren't that helpfully set, so I don't think it'll be long before we're racking up frame three.

Trump 1-0 King (55-13)

Bit of classic Judd: he overruns a positional shot, so simply guides the blue into the green pocket. I've never seen anyone anywhere near as good as he is at rescuing breaks like that. He's an absolute joke.

Trump 1-0 King (30-13)

Mark tries for a long red but catches it much too thick, but on his next visit he takes on a plant that Judd refused - it's a tricky one because the balls aren't close together - and down it goes. Ach! On 13, he stretches across the table and touches the blue so calls a foul on himself; Judd taps his thanks on the side of the table, before beginning due punishment, sinking an opener with the rest. This does not look good for Mark.

Around the tables

Wollaston 2-4 Joyce (finished)
Brown 1-1 Zhou
Jianbo 2-0 Xintong
Ding 1-0 Hicks
Jones Jamie 0-0 Stevens

Trump 1-0 King

It's ridiculous how good Trump is now. He's beatable, as we saw on Sunday, but look at what it took out of Robertson to do it. His bottom and average levels are just silly.

Trump 0-0 King (75-0)

Judd is quite good at snooker, but as I type that he misses a pink to the middle and leaves Mark plenty. He can only manage seven though, missing a long red and leaving one up in baulk for Judd to get away again. This'll be the frame.

Trump 0-0 King (12-0)

Trump clatters in a start from short range and cracks the pack at the same time. But the red races up the table and leaves him little further to do, so he uses the green to clear a red away from the middle pocket. King - whose opponent didn't win a single point in their match - responds by going in-off, then Judd surprisingly misses a red. Another comes along right away though, and off he goes.

Away we go!

Judd tells Eurosport

That making a 147 is the most special feeling in snooker. He makes them quite often in practice, but in tournaments he's always trying to go for them because he feels he's playing well enough and says they're the only thing that make him nervous at the table.


Poor old Jack Lisowski has food poisoning, so has pulled out of the competition.

One of my favourite sporting moments of 2019

This morning's action

Haotian 4-2 McManus
Hawkins 4-2 Clarke JR
Jones Jak 0-4 Highfield
Sargeant 2-4 Craigie
Sharav 4-2 Peifan
Wilson K 4-1 Hallworth
Wollaston 2-3 Joyce
Yang 1-4 Surety
Brown 1-1 Zhou
Jianbo 0-0 Xintong

Hello there!

We've got a lot of genius for you today, so let's get going. First up, Judd Trump takes on the dangerous Mark King.

O'Sullivan on refusing to concede

Despite needing six snookers to avoid losing the opening frame of his Scottish Open first-round match against Allan Taylor, Ronnie O'Sullivan refused to concede, angering many fans on social media.
The Rocket, speaking after his 4-2 win, defended his actions, explaining did not concede as he wanted the practice.
"That was my practice," O'Sullivan said. "I just use the matches as practice now. I had done about two hours [practice before the tournament] and I would rather play in all the tournaments and use them as practice. I haven’t got a practice facility.
I just don’t want to spend all my time playing snooker. I would rather just play the tournaments and not bother with the practice. I just use this as practice and hopefully have a couple of good weeks in the year.
"I just need table time. I have got an hour and 50 minutes in tonight, and that means I have just got to get another six hours and that is a good week for me. I wanted Allan to carry in playing in the third frame I was gutted when he conceded.

'I was just a bit hungry!' - Ronnie O'Sullivan on bizarre moment he bit tip

Today's action

Morning (from 10am)
  • Ben Woollaston [32] v Mark Joyce [59]
  • Lü Haotian [42] v Alan McManus [44]
  • Gao Yang [99] v Zak Surety [113]
  • Kyren Wilson [5] v Steven Hallworth [111]
  • Jak Jones [84] v Liam Highfield [60]
  • Barry Hawkins [21] v Jamie Clarke [93]
  • Brandon Sargeant [98] v Sam Craigie [55]
  • Eden Sharav [70] v Lei Peifan [100]
Lunch (from 12pm)
  • Jordan Brown [97] v Zhou Yuelong [25]
  • Zhao Jianbo [101] v Zhao Xintong [29]
  • Michael Holt [28] v Louis Heathcote [68]
  • Jamie Jones [102] v Matthew Stevens [33]
  • Judd Trump [3] v Mark King [45]
  • Ding Junhui [10] v Andy Hicks [86]
  • Mark Selby [1] v Nigel Bond [66]
  • Jack Lisowski [16] v Akani Songsermsawad [53]
  • Liang Wenbo [30] v Luca Brecel [34]
  • Ashley Hugill [123] v Robert Milkins [51]
  • Lee Walker [122] v Stuart Bingham [11]
Afternoon (from 4:30pm)
  • Ricky Walden [46] v Tom Ford [24]
  • Joe O'Connor [49] v Mark Allen [8]
  • Jackson Page [69] v Ashley Carty [103]
  • Li Hang [37] v Matthew Selt [27]
Evening (from 7pm)
  • Mark J Williams [14] v Dominic Dale [67]
  • Robbie Williams [87] v Allister Carter [18]
  • Lu Ning [40] v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh [15]
  • Chris Wakelin [61] v Tian Pengfei [50]
  • Chang Bingyu [76] v Ronnie O'Sullivan [2]
  • Noppon Saengkham [39] v John Higgins [6]
  • Shaun Murphy [7] v Peter Devlin [107]
  • Jamie O'Neill [83] v Hossein Vafaei [36]
  • Michael White (a) v Martin O'Donnell [38]

What is the format?

All matches are the best of seven frames until the quarter final, when they become best of nine. The semi-finals are best of 11 and the final is best of 17.


The Scottish Open is live on and the Eurosport app.
Each day and the Eurosport app will stream ad-free bonus feeds.
We will also have rolling coverage online on the website and our social channels.
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