Ronnie O’Sullivan has described his win over Robbie Williams in the Scottish Open as a “miracle performance,” but has called on snooker officials to level the playing field and give the lesser-ranked players a chance to get time on the TV table.
Williams was brushed aside 4-1, despite O’Sullivan being unhappy with a tip that he will remove before his quarter-final match with Ding Junhui, who rallied from 3-1 behind to beat Jamie O'Neill, on Friday.
O’Sullivan was happy with his game, which was much improved from his win over Tian Pengfai earlier in the day.
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"I thought I did really well considering the tip,” O’Sullivan told Eurosport. “I was struggling to get any touch and feel.
Unless I was bang behind the ball, it was touch and go. I thought I provided a miracle performance. I was happy, I feel like I was playing well.
Commenting on his tip, O'Sullivan said: "It is like a bullet, it is so hard and I have no touch and feel.
I have to change it, otherwise I have no chance. I got away with it tonight.
O’Sullivan feels Williams was at a massive disadvantage from going to the main table without any time on it.

O’Sullivan talks 'miracle performance' and calls for rule change

“I feel sorry for Robbie, as I think they should change it,” he said. “He has played all his matches on the outside tables, he’s grafted for four days and come on now. If he comes up against someone who has been playing their matches on there and he hasn’t he has no chance.
It is really unfair that they have grafted that hard and against someone like me they are 100/1 against me or Judd [Trump] or Neil [Robertson].
"They should at least be given an hour, two hours. I felt sorry for him as I could see he was cueing well. Some of the shots he was hitting, it’s just because of the table.
"It’s like playing golf at your local course and then going out and being stuck on Augusta and you are hitting it in the lake. It is impossible. They need to change the rule. They work hard for three or four days and are then stuck on that, they have no chance.
“There was time between my match and tonight. He should be given that chance. He could have gone on after my match. If you’d asked him he would have taken that table time.
“If they are coming from an outside table to that one - you can’t adapt that quickly, it is impossible.”


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