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That concludes our coverage from a wonderfully entertaining Snooker Shoot Out in Milton Keynes. We hope you've enjoyed it, and we'll be bringing more live snooker coverage your way in the near future.
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Shoot Out
Day ends spell in the wilderness with win over Selby in Shoot Out final
07/02/2021 AT 23:13

Ryan talks

'Made up!' is Ryan's precise and accurate two word summary. He says he's been in and out of love with the game in recent years, but is hoping this might be a springboard to rekindle the flame with snooker again. Day is such a quality player, who easily has the ability to be on the cusp of the top 16 if not in it. A couple of weeks ago at the German Masters he lost a decider in a best of nine to Barry Hawkins after leading 4-0. From that low he's found this high, and let's hope this boosts him back up to where someone with his talent should be.

Ryan Day is the 2021 Snooker Shoot Out champion

Mark Selby had won his previous 11 ranking event finals before tonight. Ryan has abruptly stopped that run, with a brilliant 67 to take the Shoot Out title. This is Day's third ranking event victory, and his first since 2018. You can argue all you like about whether this should be a ranking event, but you can't argue with how Day won it. Selby has been tying his opponents up in knots all week, getting in front and then applying the pressure with his safety, yet Day cleared up superbly from 24-0 down. He'll be in the Champion of Champions next season, and he's walking out of here with the trophy and a sweet fifty grand for 70 minutes graft. Nice one Ryan, enjoy the spoils!

Ryan Day beats Mark Selby 67-24

This last minute is a victory lap for Day. A break of 67 forces the concession from Selby with around 30 seconds remaining, and it's all over.

Selby 24-55 Day

This is calm, nerveless stuff from Day. He's taking his time, and the white ball is under his spell. That's the half-century, with 1:27 left.

Selby 24-28 Day

We're over the halfway stage and the ten second shot clock kicks in. With the white near the bottom cushion Day drills a red into the right middle, and he's got a big chance here. Blue and black are available and there are so many reds to go for. Day has wiped out Selby's lead with three minutes to go; can he stay at the table for long enough to secure the title?

Selby 24-0 Day

A poor safety from Day leaves Selby a red along the rail and into the bottom right, and it's there. Another eight goes up, and Day is soon tight to the top cushion. Selby is in charge here, calling and making all the shots in the first four minutes.

Selby 16-0 Day

Selby breaks, and of course Day can't see a red from behind the yellow. Day rests nicely on the pack though, and with his next shot just fails to convert a long red into the bottom left. He's left it on for Selby too, who wastes no time in stitching a break together. It curtails on 16 though when Selby sticks to the pack off the black.

The final

So after four days it all comes down to this: one ten minute frame for fifty large and the Snooker Shoot Out title. Here come Ryan Day and Mark Selby to work it out.

Mark Selby beats Craig Steadman 43-15

Steadman had his chances, but Selby saw him off; Craig concedes with 15 seconds left, and Selby advances to the final to face Ryan Day.

Selby 42-15 Steadman

With under two minutes to go, Steadman thin cuts a red to the left middle. This is such a chance, but he can't follow it with the yellow and he's left Selby in. Reds and blacks follow; there's less than a minute to go, and we're done here.

Selby 26-14 Steadman

Steadman leaves Selby a red to the left middle, but it misses and Steadman has a chance to counter. He gets to 14 with a black that develops more reds, but he misses one to left middle and it's end of break. We've got three and a half minutes left.

Selby 26-0 Steadman

The break ends on 26 as Selby misses the pack off the yellow. He plays safe back to baulk, and will defend this lead with all he has for the next six minutes.

Selby 23-0 Steadman

Steadman gets drawn into Selby's game, and after a two minute safety exchange Steadman tries to come off two cushions to land softly on a red, but careers into the black. Seven points and ball in hand to Selby, who has added two reds and two blacks already.

So who will he be facing?

Mark Selby or Craig Steadman, and we'll be working that out shortly.

Ryan Day beats Mark Williams 31-18

Day strokes in the red, forcing the concession from Williams. Ryan is in the final!

Williams 18-30 Day

Day hits the front, and an additional 19 leaves Williams up against it with 45 seconds left. Williams misses a double to right middle, and he's left Day in; that'll be all.

Williams 18-12 Day

Day can't convert a thin black to the bottom right, and we're locked in a safety battle with four minutes left. There are a lot of reds left, but none of them are inviting right now. Whoever gets in next has a huge chance, and it's Williams with a superb red stroked into the yellow pocket. In attempting a snooker behind the green htough he doesn't cover a red to the bottom left...and it's there! Chance for Day!

Williams 17-2 Day

Day tags a shot to nothing into the bottom left to take the lead. It's Williams that gets the first chance proper though, and his break hits 12 with a superb shot with the spider elevated above the pack, after crucial seconds were lost swapping it for the spider he was initially handed. Williams' break ends on 17 though, and he's left Day plum on a red to start with.

Let's have it

Here we go then, it's the all-Welsh clash first, Williams versus Day.

The last four

Two multiple world champions in Mark Selby and Mark Williams, the classy Ryan Day and Craig Steadman flying the flag for the amateurs. Let's see how it divides up. Rachel Casey and Alan McManus conduct the draw, and it lands like this:
Mark Williams vs. Ryan Day
Mark Selby vs. Craig Steadman

Mark Williams beats Martin O'Donnell 86-13

The break hits 65 and Williams is over the line. He's absolutely legging it around the table trying to make a ton, even re-spotting the green himself much to the amusement of everyone, but it ends on 86. A thumping victory for Mark, who presses on to the last four.

Williams 52-13 O'Donnell

A blue to right middle takes Williams to 44, and a red and black follow for the half ton. We've got two minutes left, and it's hard to see a way back to the table for O'Donnell, let alone into the match.

Williams 16-13 O'Donnell

With five minute to go Williams risks the lot with a cut back into the bottom right, full in the knowledge that he'd be leaving the world on for O'Donnell, and he drills it in. He goes in front with a blue to right middle, it's 16 and counting with four minutes to go.

Williams 0-13 O'Donnell

O'Donnell gets a red down as a shot to nothing, and then ball in hand as Williams dumps the white into the bottom right from a safety. He can only make eight from it though after carelessly losing position, which might prove to be a big let off for Williams when we're done here.

The last of the quarters

Martin O'Donnell and Mark Williams are on their way.

Craig Steadman beats Louis Heathcote 47-37

There isn't time. Heathcote gets within 10 points but misses a red down the rail with 10 seconds to go, and it's gone. That's a great win for Steadman after falling behind early on. He's in the semi-finals!

Heathcote 32-47 Steadman

Steadman's break ends on 37, and Heathcote absolutely creams a long red into the green pocket! He can't follow it with the brown though, and Steadman comes back to add six. Heathcote then clubs in a long red with under a minute left. Is there time yet?

Heathcote 30-35 Steadman

Steadman takes the lead with a super cut on the black to the bottom right. There's two and a half minutes to go, and plenty left to go at here. Will Heathcote get another chance with enough time on the board?

Heathcote 30-4 Steadman

A big moment here, as Heathcote goes in-off in the green pocket from a safety. It's four points away, and more importantly it's ball in hand for Steadman. The black is in the jaws of the bottom left too; what a chance.

Heathcote 30-0 Steadman

Steadman breaks, and Heathcote immediately clubs in a long red followed by the black to take the lead. He soon gets another chance too, as Steadman undercuts a red to the bottom right and leaves it there. Heathcote has looked ice cold these last four days, and is so here. The break ends on 22 when he lands touching on a red, and he plays back to baulk.

Next up

It's the Rookie of the Year, Louis Heathcote, versus the last amateur left in the competition, Craig Steadman. What an opportunity for them both.

Mark Selby beats Robert Milkins 27-21

Selby tags in a lovely shot to nothing on a red to the bottom left, and he's on the green. With astute use of the full shot clock, he adds green and another red and time runs down to zero. Milkins went toe-to-toe with Selby tactically there, and was just undone in the final 60 seconds. There are several approaches you can take to Shoot Out snooker; Selby's is compelling and, more importantly, it's working. He advances to the last four.

Selby 22-21 Milkins

A blue puts Selby a point ahead, and he plays saafe behind the green with 55 seconds left. Will Milkins get another chance?

Selby 12-21 Milkins

Selby sticks one up over the left middle again; with the reds spread invitingly, this is a massive chance for Milkins. He can only add red-pink-red though, and Selby is in with two minutes left.

Selby 11-13 Milkins

Milkins gets a chance as Selby misses a red to the bottom left, and he's on a red to left middle. In it goes, and Milkins then launches into the pack off the blue. He makes 13 before he loses position on the reds, and it's back to baulk. We've got three and a half minutes left, and it couldn't be much tighter.

Selby 6-0 Milkins

Re-rack anyone? We've had over three minutes of incredibly cautious safety so far, and Selby is lucky to get away with a double kiss on a red back to baulk. Eventually Selby gets the first red down, a mid-ranger into the bottom left, and he's on the brown. This is a chance.

Tactical masterclass ahoy?

The Milkman. The Jester. This could be an absorbing ten minutes.

Ryan Day beats David Gilbert 49-6

Five more points by way of admin go down from Day, and he's into the last four.

Gilbert 6-44 Day

Another eight from Day put him on the brink of the semi-finals. Gilbert nails a sensational long cut on a red to give himself a sniff, but he can't add a colour to it. With barely over a minute left, this one is done.

Gilbert 5-36 Day

Day makes 35 before playing safe to baulk. We've got four minutes left here, with seven reds left on the table and four of them open for whoever gets in next.

Gilbert 5-21 Day

Gilbert misses a simple red to right middle, and is visibly annoyed with himself. He's left Day in, and if he can compose himself here this is a decent chance. His break is at 20 and counting.

Gilbert 5-1 Day

A really poor safet shot from Day leaves Gilbert a red to the right middle, and in it goes. He makes five, but then misses a black to the bottom right and he's served up a great chance for Day here. Ryan can only pot a solitary red though, it'sa nervy start to this one.

The business end

Let's get to it then, Ryan Day and David Gilbert are ready to go.

Here's your line-up

Rachel Casey and Alan McManus oversee the draw, and it falls thus:
Ryan Day vs. David Gilbert
Robert Milkins vs. Mark Selby
Louis Heathcote vs. Craig Steadman
Martin O'Donnell vs. Mark Williams

The last eight

We'll have the draw for the quarters shortly. While we wait, enjoy Ryan Day's dramatic winning break earlier tonight.

David Gilbert beats Mark Allen 85-1

An extra 23 for Gilbert secures an emphatic victory over one of the tournament favourites.

Allen 1-62 Gilbert

Oh my, Gilbert's missed frame ball red! Allen has a wry smile as this is an absolute mountain to climb with less than four minutes left, and he misses a double to leave Gilbert plum on a red. He could wave it off there, but Allen lets Gilbert have his moment.

Allen 1-34 Gilbert

Gilbert settles for 33 and not disturbing the pack to much, leaving Allen in baulk with six minutes to go. Allen plays an attacking safety, and he's left Gilbert a thin one to the bottom right. It's in, and Gilbert lands perfectly on the pink thereafter. What a chance he's got now.

Allen 1-22 Gilbert

Allen tags in the first red of this match between two of the top 16 in the world, but leaves the black in the jaws of the bottom left thereafter. It's early, obviously, but this is a good chance for Gilbert. The break is 22 and counting so far.

Shredsville, MK

My oh my, we've seen some last ball drama today. Next up in the final match of the round, it's Mark Allen versus David Gilbert.

Ryan Day beats Zhou Yuelong 40-37

He's done it! Aided by one red where he had to cue over another, followed by a short jab at a pink to right middle which was perilously close to a push shot, Day eventually lands on the pank with six seconds to go. He rolls it into the bottom left, and he's nicked the match with the very last shot!

Zhou 37-12 Day

Well now; with 1:14 left Zhou misses a blue to the yellow pocket. This is on!

Zhou 30-12 Day

After red-pink Day misses his next red badly, and he's left Zhou in. It's tight this, as there's not much left on anymore, and Zhou can only stitch 10 more points to his score before playing safe. He gets the next chance though as Day leaves him a red to left middle, and with two and a half minutes to go Zhou is in charge here.

Zhou 13-5 Day

It's not the box of fireworks we expected so far, and after three minutes of wary safety Day finally clumps in a long red but can't find position on a colour. Zhou gets the first proper chance of the frame, stroking a long red into the bottom left, and he's on the pink. He's got a few reds to go at here, but on 13 he plays up to baulk, hits the yellow full ball and send it into its own pocket. Yikes. Ball in hand to Day.

Rub your hands gleefully...

...because we could have a gem here. It's Ryan Day against last year's Shoot Out runner-up, Zhou Yuelong.

Louis Heathcote beats Gerard Greene 65-2

Greene lashes in a brilliant long cut on a red, but the cue ball smacks into the pink and launches it straight into the green pocket. He knows it's not happening here, and concedes. Heathcote moves through to the quarter-finals.

Heathcote 59-2 Greene

Heathcote makes 45 as we pass the halfway point, and plays safe back to baulk. Greene thumps in a red but then has to rush the black - was the shot clock out of sync there? - and it doesn't go in. Heathcote adds another seven, and we've got just over three minutes to go.

Heathcote 30-1 Greene

After 90 seconds of safety, Heathcote makes a hash of an escape to get back to baulk and he's dumped the white into the pack. Greene only adds a red though before clipping a red while using the spider to play the black! That's a nightmare, as it's seven away, ball in hand for Heathcote and an open table to feast at here. Off he goes.

'What a finish!' - Williams runs round table to snatch victory with buzzer beater

Can you go another?

It's Sunday night, of course you can. Gerard Greene against Louis Heathcote incoming.

Robert Milkins beats Lyu Haotian 76-16

The Milkman is not for missing; he clears up to the yellow for a 51 that runs the clock down to zero. That's a superb break, and Milkins has a look of serious intent about him tonight.

Lyu 16-56 Milkins

Milkins gets a red down as a shot to nothing, before Lyu leaves him a gift of a chance with a shade over three minutes to go. Milkins, who has been calm as you like all week, is picking off points and running down the clock here. He's piled on 31 and counting here, and Lyu won't have time to respond even if Milkins misses.

Lyu 16-24 Milkins

It's 24 from Milkins, who hits the front with six minutes to go. That ticks down to five with a minute of safety, and we're now on the 10 second shot clock. This is a tense one.

Lyu 16-0 Milkins

The players stride out to the soundtrack of Galvanise by the Chemical Brothers, and it's Lyu that's straight into it after The Milkman leaves him on a red to the bottom right. Lyu makes a quick 16 before missing a red to the yellow pocket, and Milkins has a chance.

Potential belter alert

It's Robert Milkins versus Lyu Haotian next.

Craig Steadman beats Noppon Saengkham 72-8

Steadman gets another red in, misses the brown, and Saengkham has seen enough. That brilliant half-ton from Craig has sorted his passage to the quarters.

Saengkham 8-71 Steadman

It's end of break on 56 for Steadman, and Saengkham comes to the table 71 behind with 75 on, and less than four minutes to work with. He takes red-black but misses the next red; it's an impossible job now, surely.

Saengkham 0-70 Steadman

Brilliant from Steadman, who takes his break to 55. There are still four minutes left, but he is utterly dominant here.

Saengkham 0-32 Steadman

A disasterous start for Saengkham, who misses his attempt to land deadweight on the pack off two cushions and hits the black. With ball in hand, Steadman only adds eight. Noppon immediately chucks him another chance though, leaving a red on to the right middle. Steadman has to make this count, because there's a load on.

Next up

Brace yourselves for Noppon Saengkham versus Craig Steadman.

Martin O'Donnell beats Ian Martin 26-12

It's O'Donnell that floats in the next red, but there's no colour to go with it. Martin then gets in after O'Donnell leaves a thin red to the bottom right, but he can only add the brown to it. Martin gets it again, potting red and blue, but with time winding down he misses a red to the bottom left and waves it off with 25 seconds left. O'Donnell advances to the quarter-finals!

O'Donnell 25-1 Martin

O'Donnell measures out a break of 25, before missing a long red to the green pocket with safety in mind. There are three minutes left, so there's plenty of time for Martin here.

O'Donnell 0-1 Martin

Martin, who's been one of the stars of the last few days, drains the first red into the bottom right but nothing more. It's cagey so far, with three minutes gone.

We go on

Martin O'Donnell and Ian Martin are up next.

Mark Selby beats Declan Lavery 55-9

Lavery gets a red down, but leaves only a difficult long blue to stay in it and he's missed it. At his next visit he clips the black first, and concedes. Selby is through to the quarter-finals.

Selby 48-8 Lavery

A twist? Selby misses a straight red to the bottom right, ending his break on 19. Lavery has under four minutes to get this back, but his safety is poor and he leaves Selby a thin cut to the bottom right. That goes, followed by another safety. It's a 40 point lead for Mark with just over two minutes left.

Selby 41-8 Lavery

Only 29 for Selby, who runs out of position and has to play in behind the green. A reprieve for Lavery, but not for long. He's left Selby in again, and there's still a load on.

Selby 0-8 Lavery

Lavery plucks a brilliant red to the bottom right out, all the way across the width of the table, and he follows that by booming in the black and splitting the pack. That's a great shot, but he fails to convert the following mid-range red and he's left it all on for Selby.

That'll turn heads

The 2019 champion and one of the favourites for this event has gone; that's a big win for Williams. Up next, it's Mark Selby versus Declan Lavery.

Mark Williams beats Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 34-11

Williams adds another red-green to extend his lead with under a minute to go. He's controlled the clock here, and he rolls in another red in the last 10 seconds to cement his victory and move through to the quarter-finals.

Williams 30-11 Un-Nooh

Only five for Un-Nooh, who has to keep going up to baulk with the pink and black tied up and he misses the green. Williams adds another nine, and with the remaining four reds tied up he plays safe. We've got just under three minutes to go.

Williams 21-6 Un-Nooh

It's a red-brown combo to start for Uh-Nooh, before he misses a red down the left rail. He looks in the mood to go for everything. Un-Nooh gets the next red down to but the only colour he can hit - and awkwardly so - is the black, and he's left a red on. Williams is chugging along nicely on a break of 21, until he misses a shocker of a green to leave Un-Nooh in.

Let's get about it

Our MC Phil Seymour announces the players into the arena. Here we go then, it's round four all the way through to the final, starting here.

What an opener

Getting things going tonight are Thepchaiya Un-Nooh, the 2019 Shoot Out champion for who this format coudln't have been better designed, and MArk Williams, the three-time world champion who won his third round match against Xiao Guodong by a point with a spectacular last gasp pot.

Welcome to the Grand Finale

Own ye a hat? Well put it on and hold tight. We’re about to blast through the final four rounds of the Snooker Shoot Out, with our winner due to be crowned between 10.30 and 11.00 tonight. We’ve had lots of mirth and chuckles so far, but it’s game faces on now. The player that can hold it together the best over four ten-minute frames in the next few hours will be walking away with a chunk of ranking points, automatic entry into next seasons’ Champion of Champions, the Snooker Shoot Out trophy and a cool fifty large.

Thanks for your company this afternoon

That concludes the third round. Join us again at 6.45pm as we rattle through the fourth round, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final of the Snooker Shoot Out.
The draw for the last 16 has been made and is as follows:
  • Mark Williams v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • Mark Selby v Declan Lavery
  • Martin O'Donnell v Ian Martin
  • Noppon Saengkham v Craig Steadman
  • Robert Milkins v Lyu Haotian
  • Gerard Greene v Louis Heathcote
  • Zhou Yuelong v Ryan Day
  • Mark Allen v David Gilbert

Mark Allen beats David Grace 37-23

Grace leaves a red in the jaws of the bottom right this time, and with a minute left it looks all over. Allen adds red-blue-red-blue to run the clock right down to zero, and he's won a close one to progress to the next round.

Allen 25-23 Grace

Grace misses a long red to the bottom left so badly that he sticks it up over the green pocket. Allen gets a point ahead, but he's missed a plant and left Grace a cut to the green pocket. It's close, but Grace leaves it in the jaws. Allen plugs it, but misses the brown; tense stuff here!

Allen 19-23 Grace

Grace takes the lead, but overruns on the black and has to play safe to baulk. This is wide open with just over three minutes to go.

Allen 19-0 Grace

After almost three full minutes of safety, Allen thin cuts a long red into the bottom left and gets a fortuitous bump off the knuckle of the right middle to land on the green. He's got a great chance here, but he miscues violently on 19 to miss a red and Grace is right in the balls. Now then, David...

To see us out

It's Mark Allen, holder of the highest break in Shoot Out history, against David Grace.

Mark Selby beats Liam Highfield 58-17

A 35 from Selby runs the clock right down to zero, and he's through to the evening session.

Selby 45-17 Highfield

A nice long red into the bottom left gets Highfield back in, and he's plum on the black. He misses this too though, and another great chance disappears. That pink and black could be on Highfield's mind for a wee hwile. Selby, meanwhile, gets the mop out on what's left.

Selby 23-16 Highfield

Highfield fortuitously lands on pink to right middle, but misses it high on the knuckle. He's left Selby right in here, and the Jester nicks in front with 15 and a safety back to baulk. We've got under four minutes to go.

Selby 8-15 Highfield

What a shot from Selby, hosing a long red into the bottom left to land on the black right after Highfield's break. He can only add said black though for a slender eight point lead early on. It's a cautious start, with Selby's safety really tresting Highfield in the opening minutes. Highfield's up to the challenge though, and from his own safety forces a mistake from Selby; he's in with a red to right middle, and there's a few on here.

Jester time

The three-time world champion Mark Selby is up next against Liam Highfield.

Craig Steadman beats Allan Taylor 46-15

Taylor thin cuts in a red to bottom left with 80 seconds left, and he's got a sniff of a chance. He only makes five though before leaving Steadman in, and it's curtains; Craig adds 11 and Taylor concedes.

Taylor 10-35 Steadman

'There's no point in getting good luck if you don't take advantage of it,' says Fouldsy in co-comms. Steadman makes 23 from his slice but runs out of position on the brown, and it's end of break. He's back in now though, adding 12 before putting the white safe in baulk with two minutes left.

Taylor 10-11 Steadman

Taylor clatters in a gun barrel straight red into the bottom left to open the scoring here. He makes nine before playing safe, and thumps another red into the same pocket to move into double figures. Steadman then gets a touch, fluking a red when playing a safety, and he's nudged in front here with five minutes to go.

What now?

Allan Taylor versus Craig Steadman, that's what's now.

David Gilbert beats Wenbo Liang 107-7

Maximum punishment here for Liang, as Gilbert empties the table for a 71 to win emphatically. Liang was a bit of a victim of the format there, rushing to shift the rest in an out of position under pressure from the clock and catching the pink as he did so.

Gilbert 44-7 Liang

Gilbert is coasting on 30, but he's missed a blue to the right middle. Luckily, he's not left anything. We've got just under four minutes left, and a chance falls to Liang who plugs a red into the yellow pocket, but he catches the pink with the rest and gives away six! Wahta disaster for him, Gilbert is a heavy favourite now as he takes advantage with ball in hand.

Gilbert 11-7 Liang

Liang's way first in this one with a red into the yellow pocket, and adds blue-red before playing safe. It's Gilbert that gets the next opportunity, punching in a long red to come up for the blue. He's got a bit to go at here, this is a decent chance.

Next cabs off the rank

Wenbo Liang and David Gilbert will be on the table shortly.

Zhou Yuelong beats Martin Gould 66-12

A 45 in total from Zhou has left Gould with a lot to do with just three reds and three and a half minutes left. He won't be doing it either; Zhou gets the next red down, and adds 12 to end the argument. Gould concedes, and Zhou will be back for the finale this evening.

Zhou 40-12 Gould

Zhou piles on 31, with a brilliant round the angles on the blue keeping his break going as we go over the halfway mark. This is an excellent, composed break after his miss earlier in the frame.

Zhou 9-12 Gould

Gould's first attempt at a red goes horribly wrong, as he misses it and leaves Zhou plum on an easy starter. Just as a heavy visit looks incoming though, Zhou misses a simple black off its spot to give Gould a reprieve. Gould gets in front with 12, but then misses a thin red to the bottom right. Another chance for Zhou now.


We've got two players who know this format well for you next. It's last year's runner up Zhou Yuelong versus the 2013 Shoot Out winner Martin Gould.

Martin O'Donnell beats Alexander Ursenbacher 28-11

Ursenbacher concedes after a final thrash to escape a snooker, and O'Donnell marches on.

O'Donnell 28-11 Ursenbacher

A red-green for O'Donnell puts him back in front, and Ursenbacher then leaves him a short red to the bottom right with 90 seconds to go. He's in charge now, adding 15 to take a commanding lead with less than 30 seconds left.

O'Donnell 9-11 Ursenbacher

This could be a turning point. O'Donell gets a red down, but misses a green to the yellow pocket and he's handed the initiative to Ursenbacher here. It's half a chance, but Ursenbacher can only make 10 to creep ahead in the frame before playing safe. It's another tight one, and we've got three and a half minutes to go.

O'Donnell 8-1 Ursenbacher

It's eight for O'Donnell at the start of this one, with a solitary red in reply from Ursenbacher. It's a cagey one, this, with three minutes gone.

Waiting in the wings

Martin O'Donnell and Alexander Ursenbacher will hit the stage shortly.

Declan Lavery beats Elliot Slessor 48-26

A few more balls go down in the final minute, but it's all admin; Lavery advances to the evening session.

Slessor 20-47 Lavery

Slessor initially responds with 15, but has to scramble for the rest and play a red safe as the warning beeps kick in. We've got just under three minutes left as Lavery drains another long red to the yellow pocket. Slessor then gets a red down and Lavery gifts him a four point foul plus ball in hand when he fails to escape from the subsequent snooker. It's a chance, but he misses the red; that should be that.

Slessor 0-46 Lavery

Oof, maybe a big miss here; Lavery misses a blue to the left middle for the half ton, and he's split the remaining mini-bunch of reds and chucked Slessor a great chance here.

Slessor 0-23 Lavery

Lavery clubs in the opening red of the frame into the bottom right, and settles in to his break. There's a great diaspora of reds to play for here, and he's up to 23 and counting already. This could be a conclusive visit.

Phew! Whatever next?

Declan Lavery against Elliot Slessor, that's what.

Mark Williams beats Xiao Guodong 29-28

Oh my word, Williams nicks it! It looks like there's nothing on as Xiao plays a containing safety with bare seconds left. One red pops out over the yellow pocket and Williams, from mid-range, hits the cue ball just before time expires and drains the red to win the match! Brilliant!

Williams 28-28 Xiao

Here's that chance! Xiao drops in a long red and follows it with a delicate brown into the right middle. He's right in the balls now and the pink is his key colour in compiling this break. He makes 28 before having the play safe off the yellow. We're all square, with 90 seconds left!

Williams 28-0 Xiao

Xiao catches the high knuckle of the left middle from a safety, and leaves Williams a mid-range red to the bottom left. He can only make four this time, as we go over the halfway mark, and Xiao's still in this if he can just develop a chance for himself.

Williams 24-0 Xiao

It's Williams that gets away first, stroking in a long red to come back up for the green. He cobbles 24 together but can't get on his next red, so plays safe back to baulk.


This one looks a cracker; it's the two-time runner up in this event Xiao Guodong versus the three-time world champion Mark Williams.

Ryan Day beats Ben Hancorn 75-0

Despite losing position slightly, Day recovers with a thin red to right middle and he's soon over the winning line in the frame. Day ultimately makes 71, and Hancorn waves it off. One brilliant safety, and a frame-winnign break in one hit; that's how you take the jeopardy out of this format.

Day 59-0 Hancorn

This is superb from Day, as he compiles a half-century with just over five minutes remaining. There's still a load on here.

Day 36-0 Hancorn

A brilliant safety from Day, tight in behind the Brown, forces a miss from Hancorn; it's four away and ball in hand. There's a great spread on here for Ryan, who has taken four reds and blacks already.

What a belter that was!

And we may have another incoming, as Ryan Day takes on Ben Hancorn.

Ian Martin beats Sunny Akani 18-15

What a touch for Martin! He slow rolls a red to the bottom right, and it clips off another red to divert on line and into the pocket! He adds a quick 13 before missing a red, and Akani needs to pot two balls in eight seconds. He misses the red, and it's over; Martin is through, and he's thrilled!

Akani 15-5 Martin

Akani gets back in with a red along the bottom rail and into the bottom left. He adds seven before missing a brown into the yellow pocket; can Martin nick it with just over a minute left?

Akani 8-5 Martin

Both Akani and Martin drain a long red without adding a colour. It's tight, and we've got less than three minutes left.

Akani 7-4 Martin

Martin drains a superb long red into the bottom left, going around the back of the black to land on the green. He can only add that to his score though, and an attacking safety from Akani has sent reds everywhere. It's Akani that reaps the benefit first, getting in to add seven before playing safe. It's an intriguing start, and we've got two thirds of the frame to go.

Next up

This should be a tasty one - it's Ian Martin versus Sunny Akani.

Gerard Greene beats Joe Perry 43-16

Perry gets to 14, but misses a red to the bottom left and leaves it on for Greene. Both players add solitary reds thereafter but it's Greene who ends the match at the table, adding nine as the clock runs down to secure his passage to the finale tonight.

Perry 2-33 Greene

It's a fluke for Greene now, an outrageous one around three cushions and into the left middle. He plays a poor safety from it though, and Perry booms a long red into the bottom right. With just over two minutes to go, this is his big chance...

Perry 1-32 Greene

Greene takes his break to 32 with the blue, but only plays tentatively into the bunch off it and he's on nothing. He plays safe back to baulk instead, and we've got just over four minutes to go in this one.

Perry 1-1 Greene

A fluke from Perry gives him an early lead, but Greene gets the first chance as he powers a red into the bottom right to come back up for the yellow.

More, they cry

Here come Joe Perry and Gerard Greene.

Thepchaiya Un-Nooh beats Hamim Hussain 96-0

Wow. A superb 91 from Un-Nooh wins this one; he's going to take a bit of stopping, I'd say.

Un-Nooh 61-0 Hussain

Un-Nooh's break goes to 56, and with only three minutes left this one is done. He is so impressive in this format, it couldn't have been designed any better for him.

Un-Nooh 29-0 Hussain

A few good safety shots from Un-Nooh force another chance as the shot clock changes to ten seconds. It's three reds and blacks so far, and there are a lot of open reds still out there.

Un-Nooh 5-0 Hussain

Un-Nooh gets an early lead with red-brown, but can't convert a difficult thin cut on a red to the bottom left. Neither player has really settled yet.

Follow that

What a thrilling finish. Next up we've got the 2019 Shoot Out champion Thepchaiya Un-Nooh against Hamim Hussain.

Lyu Haotian beats Haydon Pinhey 37-33

He's done it! Lyu mops up a rapid fire 22, stroking the pink into the bottom left with six seconds left to nick it on the very last ball! A brilliant, nerveless clearance.

Lyu 15-33 Pinhey

Pinhey makes 23, and with a minute left he gambles on Lyu not making six pots by playing safe. It's a poor safety though, as he hits the blue and leaves Lyu on a red. He's got a chance...

Lyu 15-11 Pinhey

Lyu can't make the most of his chance either, losing position on 14 and playing safe. He's back in now though as he equalises the flukes with an outrageous one of his own. There are three minutes to go, and Pinhey gets another chance after dropping a cross-table red into the bottom right.

Lyu 0-10 Pinhey

With three minutes gone, Pinhey flukes a red into the yellow pocket after a containing safety. He then gets in for real a few shots later with a deadweight red into the left middle. There are reds and colours all over after all that early safety play; what a chance this is, but he's missed a simple red to the bottom left and he's gifted the initiative to Lyu now.

Keep 'em coming

Haydon Pinhey and Lyu Haotian are on their way.

Louis Heathcote beats Michael White 82-9

Michael White doesn't see the table again, as Heathcote's break of 53 secures another very impressive win and puts him through to the next round.

Heathcote 65-9 White

The break goes to 36 with the pink, and this one is over.

Heathcote 30-9 White

Heathcote's break ends on 29 when he can't get on a baulk colour. That forces White into an attacking safety that splits the pack, and there's a huge chance on for whoever gets the next red down. It's White, but he overruns the black and he's on nothing. HEathcote then gets back in with a long red with just over three minutes to go, and this looks ominous for White.

Heathcote 22-8 White

White glides in a long red into the bottom right to land on the black. That goes too, but he then misses a red to the left middle and he's left a load on for Heathcote. He's a smooth, quick scorer is Heathcote, and he's on 22 and ocunting here.

The first of the champs

It's the 2015 Shoot Out champion Michael White up next; he'll face Louis Heathcote.

Nopppon Saengkham beats Ken Doherty 37-27

Saengkham pots enough balls to run the clock down and leave Ken no time to recover. He's through to the evening session.

Saengkham 31-26 Doherty

A disaster for Doherty! After potting his next red he goes in-off in the yellow pocket, giving ball in hand to Noppon. Oh, Ken! Sanegkham takes reds and blacks to get his nose in front with a minute left.

Saengkham 11-26 Doherty

We're on to the 10 second shot clock, and Doherty's back at the table courtesy of a nice shot to nothing to the bottom left. He adds 15 and looks in total control, until he misses a cut on a red to the bottom left and Saengkham is in. A plant on two reds clears the path for others and frees up the pink, but he misses said ball to the left middle.

Saengkham 1-11 Doherty

With nearly three minutes gone Noppon booms in the opening red into the bottom left, but takes his eye off a simple green and misses it. Ken takes charge, cadging 11 to establish an early lead.

Next up

A fascinating one here, as Noppon Saengkham takes on Ken Doherty.

Robert Milkins beats Matthew Stevens 74-10

It's a half ton for Milkins, aided by Stevens collecting his chalk and handing it to him after he drops it. The Milkman takes his break to 66 and with only two reds and well over two minutes left, Stevens concedes.

Stevens 10-39 Milkins

Milkins is rolling here, on a break of 31 and ocunting with under five minutes to go. This is looking bleak for Stevens already.

Stevens 10-8 Milkins

Stevens misses a long, deadweight red, and leaves it on to the bottom right. The Milkman gets on shift, and pots red-black to move into the lead before playing safe back to baulk. After a brief exchange, Stevens picks out a plant into the bottom right and he's got a good chance to rack up some points here. His break ends on 10 though when he twitches on a straight red to the bottom left and it rattles in and out of the jaws.

We're off!

Our MC Phil Seymour baizes the players, let's get about it.

First up

Straight out of the gate today are Matthew Stevens, who beat the defending champion Michael Holt yesterday, and Robert Milkins.

The schedule

Here’s how we’re rolling this afternoon:

Good afternoon!

We’ve got quite a bit to get through today in Milton Keynes. It’s Super Sunday in the Snooker Shoot Out, an alliterative pile-up that covers round 3, round 4, the quarters, semi’s and final of this time-pressured, ten-minute frame bonanza. All the remaining 32 players will be in action this afternoon, with the goal of being in the final shake-up come the evening.



Mark Selby and Mark Allen made it through to the third round of the Shoot Out, but, earlier on Saturday, John Higgins was knocked out of the quick-fire tournament by Thepchaiya Un-Nooh.

How to watch the event online and on TV

The 2021 Snooker Shoot Out is live and exclusive on Eurosport, and the Eurosport app.
You can watch every moment live.

What’s on it?

There’s a fifty grand prize on offer for the winner, who will be required to do a maximum of seventy minutes work to land the title. As someone who’s done several jobs paid by the hour, I’m here to tell you that’s a good whack. It's a ranking event too, so results here translate into points.

If you’re not familiar with the Shootout…

This isn’t one hour of attrition that goes down to a re-spotted black at the Crucible. We’ll be shifting quickly here, and there’s a handy guide to the format below for you:


  • Each frame is 10 minutes
  • Shot clock stops players wasting time
  • First five minutes = 15 seconds per shot
  • Second five minutes = 10 seconds per shot
  • Five-point penalty (or value of ball of pink or black if attempted) for failing to play shot within allocated time
  • Players must hit cushion with any ball or pot a ball with every shot
  • All fouls give opponent ball in hand
  • Players lag for break-off like in pool with the white played from the baulk line off the top cushion.
  • Nearest to the baulk cushion wins the lag
  • Blue ball shoot-out settles tied matches with players aiming to pot blue off its spot from within the D
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