Mark Williams may have a career as a referee when he hangs up his cue, as he took on that role alongside his playing duties in his Shoot Out win over Martin O’Donnell.
The three-time world champion had already wrapped up victory and a place in the semi-finals, but he had an eye on a century.
There have only been 22 tons in the history of the event, which is no surprise given the rapid-fire nature of the format.
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‘That was class!’ – Williams century attempt has referee in hysterics

Williams was in with a shot, but time was against him - which saw him crank up the pace.
He began to dash around the table, and with the clock inside the final 20 seconds, he took it upon himself to get the green out of the pocket and put it back on its spot in order to increase his chances of getting the century.
He failed to make the following yellow, as his break concluded on 86, and he revealed to Eurosport that his fitness levels are not what they used to be.
“I was knackered,” the 45-year-old Welshman said. “I looked at the clock and thought I could make a century, but I wish I hadn't now as I'm knackered.”
Sadly for Williams, his run was ended in the last four by compatriot Ryan Day as the frantic competition - and his jogging - finally took its toll.

'What a finish!' - Williams runs round table to snatch victory with buzzer beater

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