Rebecca Kenna was beaten in controversial circumstances in the first round at the Snooker Shoot Out.
The women’s world number four was trailing in her match with Simon Lichtenberg, but was at the table and in with a scoring chance.
The shot clock had dropped from 15 to 10 seconds and in assessing her options, time was ticking down.
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Rebecca Kenna crashes out in controversial circumstances

Kenna seemed unfazed that the clock was counting down and was still lining up her shot when it ticked down to zero.
A foul was called, but Kenna stood up in shock saying she did not hear the beeps that were audible for those watching on television.
The officials consulted and eventually called a foul, leaving Lichtenberg with ball in hand and he was able to accrue enough points to secure a 36-15 victory against a shocked opponent.
“I didn’t even know there was a malfunction,” Kenna told Eurosport. “I just thought we were playing fast enough.
“The 10-second shot clock did not come on. I was looking at my shot and not the clock, and I did not see the lights and there were no beeps.

'I didn’t even know' - Kenna bemused after shot clock controversy

“It was at the referee’s discretion. He asked if it was a foul and they said it was a foul. If someone had said ‘five, four, three’ and I’d been given a clue I would have taken the shot quicker.”
Defending champion Michael Holt was a comfortable winner of the opening match of the tournament.
Jamie Jones potted the opening ball of the event at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes, but that was as good as it got for the Welshman as Holt knocked in a break of 87 to advance.
Matthew Stevens knocked in blue, pink and black in the final 20 seconds to beat Fergal Quinn 55-53.
David Grace benefited from an outrageous fluked red which wiggled in the jaws of two pockets before dropping into a third to rack up enough points to beat Hayden Staniland 34-10.

‘Outrageous fluke’ – Grace shot rejected by two pockets before finding third

Ken Doherty showed all his considerable table craft to beat Jamie Curtis-Barrett 60-15.
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