Kyren Wilson expressed delight with the pot that has already been tipped to win shot of the championship at the Masters.
Stepping to the table to attempt his first pot of the match with Gary Wilson, the world number five knocked in a brilliant long red that had Eurosport’s Neal Foulds in awe.
"It could win shot of the championship with the first ball he potted,” Foulds said. "It went in so clean. He really hit it well.”
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Speaking following his impressive 6-2 win, Wilson said everything aligned to allow him to take on the pot with a degree of confidence.

'Oh what a brilliant shot!' - Kyren Wilson pots stunning long red

"That shot is like when I am down at the local club and you crunch down on it, you are giving it big to all the lads,” Wilson told Eurosport.
“The pockets are sliding a bit so I fancied it. I knew I'd get a good white and I knew the green was sitting there, but it went in clean as a whistle so it looked great.”
While his long potting is one of the strengths of his game, Wilson is one of the finest exponents of the rest.
He was 15 for 15 in his win on Sunday, and he is aware of the talent he has with it.
"I went through a little spell of potting the black and having to use the rest and it started making me laugh on about the fourth occasion,” Wilson said. "It is an asset to my game.
“I have been playing since I was six years old so I grew up using the rest.”

'Like giving it big to all the lads' - Wilson on shot of the tournament contender

Jack Lisowski and world number one Judd Trump were forced to withdraw from the Masters after returning positive coronavirus tests.
They were slated to be in Wilson’s quarter of the draw, meaning it has opened up to an extent for last year’s World Championship runner-up, but he does not view it as an advantage.
“I don’t see it as myself being favourite in that section,” he said. “It is the old cliché that everybody warrants being in the final.
“Every player is class in their own right so if you don’t turn up, you will get dismantled.
“Gary Wilson is capable of doing it to me. He reached the semi-finals of the worlds not long ago so he has shown how tough he can be.”
Wilson credited his recent battles with John Higgins in the Championship League for sharpening him up for the Masters.
“I have been playing John Higgins for the last four days in the Championship League,” he said. “Every time I have played him I have wanted to really grind and match him.
“He is the best match player of all time, so he has really sharpened me up. I felt that showed today.”
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