Neil Robertson has defended his schedule after powering into the final of the Tour Championship.
The Australian won the UK Championship in December, but then disappeared from view as he elected to miss a series of events in order to spend time with his family.
He suffered first-round defeats at the Masters and Gibraltar Open, which raised questions about his form and dedication to the game.
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However, he has bounced back in style at the Tour Championship and produced a performance out of the top drawer to crush Mark Selby 10-3 to reach the final.
Robertson knew his win at the UK Championship handed him the breathing space in terms of ranking points and prize money to pick and choose his schedule, and is happy with the state of his game.
“I did know what I was doing when I chose not to play in a few events,” the 39-year-old said. “People were starting to write me off, but I know if I am putting the work in and feel good mentally and preparation is going well before the event and during the event, then I know I have got a great chance.”
Expanding on his thought process, Robertson said: “I said after winning the UK, I wasn't going to play in many events.

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"With the situation the world is in, it is really tough for the guys with families to dedicate everything you have to snooker. A lot is going on and I find it is right to find the balance with family time, more so this year than any other year.
Usually you can be ruthless and not see your family for five out of six weeks and I don't have a problem with that when I am in that relentless mode, but with everything that has gone on it allowed me to soften a little and I had to pick and choose my moments.
"And I knew when I was going to be ready to play properly, and that was the Players Championship and Tour Championship.”
Robertson made three centuries in his win over Selby, and was delighted with all aspects of his game.
“Overall that was a good performance,” he said. “I found the right balance between attack and defence, which you have to do against Mark.
“Sometimes against Mark I’ve been drawn into being too defensive and got out of rhythm.
“My safety was fantastic, my long game was excellent - probably as good as it has been. I created a lot of opportunities.”
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