If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That was the philosophy adopted by Judd Trump who took 11 attempts to escape from a snooker.
Matthew Selt laid an excellent snooker in the first frame of the evening session of the Turkish Masters final.
It turned out to be even more excellent than he imagined, as he racked up a host of points as Trump failed to find a way out of trouble.
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He kept playing the three-cushion escape, every time to no avail.
At the 10th attempt, he changed plan and went for a two-cushion escape. Again, he failed to make contact but left the cue ball in arguably a tougher spot from which to escape.
Selt asked Trump to play from the new position, and he managed to feather a red to escape and get himself out of trouble - after giving away 52 points in fouls.
But the drama was not over. Trump then proceeded to miss two of the easiest shots in snooker, failing to tap the cue ball hard enough as he twice missed a red from the smallest of ranges. It saw him concede eight more penalty points, bringing the total to a whopping 60.
Incredibly, although the fouls gave Selt a dominant position, he did not get the job done and Trump won the frame - with a mammoth score of 113-76.

'Failed to hit it again!' - Trump misses two of the easiest shots in snooker

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