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Trump 10-4 Selt (114-0)

Turkish Masters
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Three centuries in the match from Judd Trump. 120, 147 and a 114 to finish in Antalya. He wins 10-4. It is his first ranking title of the season and a 23rd career ranking trophy. A deserved winner.
He earns £100,000 with Selt collecting £45,000. Trump stays third in the world rankings with Selt up to 22nd. His first ranking title since the Gibraltar Open a year ago.
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Trump 9-4 Selt (46-0)

Can he finish off with a ton? Every chance you would imagine.

Trump 9-4 Selt (29-0)

Chance for Trump to get this final won here and now. Long red drops in and he is in among the balls in frame he needs.

Trump 8-4 Selt (90-7)

Another frame falling to Trump, and another heavy break of 82. Red stays out with rest along top cushion. No century, but no major worries. Just one more frame for the title.

Trump 8-4 Selt (36-7)

Selt misses a blue trying to open up the reds. Not great from Selt in the circumstances. Right choice of shot, but the execution of it could cost him another frame.

Trump 8-4 Selt (0-0)

Trump 8-3 Selt (40-63)

Not sure what is going on. Selt pots brown. Starts celebrating, but then misses cut on blue. Well, Trump can still tie the frame with final three balls, but Selt slots blue before raising arms. Again. To the sky. He is back to 8-4 behind.

Trump 8-3 Selt (40-54)

A lead of 14 points for Selt, who misses brown with the rest. Trump with cut on brown that just fails to drop. All a bit twitchy. Whoever pots brown probably wins frame.

Trump 8-3 Selt (40-54)

Trump just failing to free the brown from potting green, but frame is back in the balance. Four colours left up.

Trump 8-3 Selt (21-54)

Selt calls a foul on himself. Just nudged the white before seeing a pink disappear playing safe as he returns to the table. Nothing going right it seems for Selt.

Trump 8-3 Selt (3-39)

No pressure on Trump as Selt comes up short again with red eluding him. A break of 32 is not going to win the day at this level, but Trump starts missing a few balls. Can Selt win his first frame of the night?

Trump 8-3 Selt (2-25)

Trump misses a blue off the spot to present Selt with chance. A rare chance. Vital that he unearths a big break. 61 remains his highest of the final in the opening frame.

Trump 8-3 Selt (0-0)

One more frame before the mid-session interval...

‘No one will forget!’ – Trump makes historic 147 in Turkey

Trump 7-3 Selt (98-0)

'Just' the 73 that time. Selt lost in a blizzard of breaks. Not much anybody can do about this. Trump two frames away from victory. He leads 8-3.

Trump 7-3 Selt (85-0)

Frames disappearing as quickly as the balls. Feels almost like a lap of honour at the moment. An exhibition before he lifts that huge trophy.

Trump's Turkish delight: a historic 147 break in Antalya

At the inaugural Turkish Masters, here is the first 147 in the country. Take a bow, Judd Trump.

Trump 7-3 Selt (32-0)

That was the sixth maximum of Trump's 17-year career and the 173rd in professional competition since Steve Davis made the first on TV in 1982. Selt right under the cosh here with Trump back in business among the balls. Selt must be fearing the worst. Looks good for 8-3.

Trump 7-3 Selt (25-0)

Selt really needs to score if he is going to make a match of this. Trump missing a black off the spot this time, but under no pressure when the other bloke is taking 34 seconds a shot and doing little in return.

Trump 6-3 Selt (147-0)

Never in doubt. A quite magical shot on final red to free it from cushion. Perfectly on the black. And the colours were rolled in with ease. At the first Turkish Masters, a first 147 maximum break. The crowd on their feet. What a way to introduce snooker to Antalya. And in the final of all places. He leads 7-3.

Trump 6-3 Selt (125-0)

In goes red to the centre pocket. What a shot. Should be the 147 here. All the colours for the maximum.

Trump 6-3 Selt (97-0)

What a chance this is if he can get that one red in the open..Trump just going up a gear..or several gears..

Trump 6-3 Selt (72-0)

Trump halfway to a maximum here after Selt can't run safe. Frame is safe, but one red is on a side cushion. Turkish crowd would love this. Can he do it?

Trump 6-3 Selt (0-0)

Trump 5-3 Selt (113-76)

88 break from Trump. Selt picked up 60 points in fouls, but that means little or nothing. Trump stretches his advantage to three frames in the race to 10.

Trump 5-3 Selt (83-76)

Trump with a fine opening red. And he progresses serenely to 50 with all balls in open. Points not an issue. Keeping reds safe was crucial which he did. Chance for a 6-3 lead.

Trump 5-3 Selt (25-76)

Selt manages to leave Trump in a tough snooker and he misses ten times. 52 points conceded which is incredible. Gets there the 11th time. But then twice misses rolling up to a red to hand over another eight points. Needs to make contact third time otherwise will lose frame. Which he does. Still plenty of reds left on table for Trump to win the frame.

Judd Trump's 'monster fluke'

This is the shot that gave Trump a 5-3 lead from this afternoon's session.

Trump 5-3 Selt (17-16)

Only 17 from Trump. Which will be good news for Selt, who probably feared worst after that safety error. Chance here for the Romford man to roll in a decent break after Trump pushes a red over a pocket. Only 16 from Selt cue in response with a tricky cut on red failing to drop.

Trump 5-3 Selt (12-0)

Off we go then for this ninth frame of the final. Full house in for this concluding session. Trump looking for five frames, Selt seven. Safety error early on by Selt presents Trump with first opportunity to score.

Trump 5-3 Selt (0-0)

Selt opened with a run of 61, but Trump responded strongly with breaks of 61, 120, 56 and 56 enough to help him carve out a 5-3 lead before the evening session. Enjoyed a ridiculous fluke on red in the eighth frame, but difficult to argue he isn't worth the lead.
They return at 5pm GMT to play to a finish with the first man to 10 frames claiming the title. We will be back for the concluding session with more LIVE updates from Antalya.

Trump 4-3 Selt (70-40)

Run of 56 from Trump. Opts against potting blue. Pushes it safe. One red left on side cushion. And Trump flukes it seconds later to middle pocket after butchering safety shot. Is going to win him this frame from 40-0 behind. A 5-3 lead after the first session for Trump.

Trump 4-3 Selt (55-40)

Breaks move to 55 with two reds remaining...

Trump 4-3 Selt (16-40)

Blunder by Selt. Tries to run safe off the reds, but ends up careering straight into them. Will he get another shot in this frame?

Trump 4-3 Selt (0-40)

Break of 40 from Selt. Can't split the pack of reds, break ends and they are down to rolling white in and out of pack. Selt doesn't want to get bogged down for too long. Doesn't want a re-rack.

Trump 4-3 Selt (0-24)

Have to admire the stickability of Selt during this match. Not scoring heavily, but is playing solid game management snooker. Trump's long game remains unconvincing by his standards and Selt has a chance to put some points on board. Confidently rolls a red up to the yellow pocket and into the bag.

Trump 4-2 Selt (11-81)

This has been a real slog for Selt, but he gets the job done to trail 4-3. What you would call attritional snooker, but that will hardly bother Selt if he can restore parity at 4-4 before the second session this evening.

Trump 4-2 Selt (11-53)

A handy lead for Selt with three reds left on table. Only needing one more of them and a colour to reduce the deficit to one frame.

Trump 4-2 Selt (11-39)

Trump with a long red, but doesn't get snooker behind green. Selt strokes in superb mid-range red and this is a chance to really push on in the penultimate frame of the session.

Trump 4-2 Selt (10-29)

Well, just when you think Trump was going to race away from Selt, he misses a straight blue. Selt playing at 34 seconds a shot in this final. Staggers to 17 points before Trump throws in a shocking safety shot. Vital that Selt compiles a few points to establish a lead, but body language isn't great as he again runs out of position.

Trump 3-2 Selt (82-0)

Selt has seen enough in his chair, two more frames of this first session. Vital for Selt to take one of them.

Trump 3-2 Selt (57-0)

Trump with a break of 56 to apply more pressure to his opponent. Selt attempts to open the reds up for a counter strike, but another Juddernaut red to centre pocket drops in like it is easy. Was difficult, but surely path to a 4-2 lead.

Trump 3-2 Selt (7-0)

Mid-range red drops from Trump early in the sixth frame. Looks to be timing the white ball a lot better. First chance then to the 2019 world champion.

Trump 2-2 Selt (77-21)

Trump suddenly coming to life in this final. He leads 3-2. Warning signs are there for Selt after making only 21 in the previous frame. Needs to up the scoring you suspect.

Trump 2-2 Selt (52-21)

Selt with chance to launch recovery, but runs out of position. Trump with stunning red to middle. Looks like a 3-2 advantage in this final.

Trump 2-2 Selt (52-0)

Smooth run to 44, but Trump can't decide if a black passes pink. Opts against pushing the boat and runs safe behind pink.

Trump 2-2 Selt (9-0)

Selt is snookered and hits the reds at third attempt, but leaves one to a middle pocket. Trump could cash in after a pinpoint pot on red. What can he contribute here?

Trump 2-2 Selt (9-0)

Great break-off from Trump to get the action off and rolling in the fifth frame.

Trump 1-2 Selt (120-0)

Break of 120 from Trump. Some exhibition stuff at the end of the fourth frame as he slams in blue and electric pink to the delight of the audience. This final is level at 2-2. 15-minute break for a cuppa.

Trump 1-2 Selt (83-0)

Much more like the Trump we usually see. Could be a third century of the week coming up as he kills the frame off at one visit from the Selt miss on red.

Trump 1-2 Selt (43-0)

Selt commits himself to a tough red into the green pocket. Bridging over pink, was not easy. Trump discovers a red just below pink spot seconds later to gain access to the table.

Trump 1-1 Selt (1-66)

Nothing remarkable from Selt, but doesn't need to be. Playing this final at his pace and on his terms. Trump left needing two snookers, but has seen enough. A 2-1 lead for the underdog.

Trump 1-1 Selt (1-35)

Safety blunder by Trump, who has not settled out there it must said. Leaves red to a middle pocket. Selt back at the table and back in business in this frame.

Trump 1-1 Selt (1-27)

Selt plodding nicely around the table only to miss a straight red. Bad miss. Can't afford too many of those errors today, but not punished by Trump.

Trump 1-1 Selt (0-20)

Trump comes off a side cushion with white hitting reds, but leaves a red for Selt to bundle into a top pocket. First chance falls to the 2019 Indian Open champion (which technically he still is because that event hasn't been held since that victory).

Trump 1-1 Selt (0-0)

On we go for this third frame. They have a break after four frames with another four after the mid-session. Trump's long game still not raising the roof as yet.

Trump 0-1 Selt (76-1)

A 61 break from the World No 3 Trump. 61 from Selt in the first frame and we are all square at 1-1.

Trump 0-1 Selt (54-1)

So Selt sees a white bury itself down a hole and Trump has a chance to push ahead here. Just trying to work out the best way to take these balls, but black is back on its spot. Could nearly level match without needing any of the tricky four reds down side rail.

Trump 0-1 Selt (10-1)

Selt thumps a blue at the middle pocket after holing a delightful red down the table to yellow pocket. Blue doesn't drop and Selt looks utterly dejected, but Trump then manages to find a gap in reds potting the green. Just the safety to follow.

Trump 0-1 Selt (0-0)

Selt back out of his seat to break in the second frame. A total of eight frames to be played in this first session.

Trump 0-0 Selt (51-67)

Safety blunder by Trump. Overhits the pink and Selt slots it impeccably to centre pocket. What a relief that will be. He leads 1-0.

Trump 0-0 Selt (51-61)

Well, all very nervy. Trump misses pink to centre pocket, but pink runs safe. Only pink and black left up. Trump needs two balls.

Trump 0-0 Selt (39-61)

Huge error from Selt that may cost him the frame. Nothing safe on the table after he collides with the pink in trying to run safe off a red. Just the colours needed here for the steal with nothing safe.

Trump 0-0 Selt (26-61)

So no winning thrust yet. Two reds left up with Trump responding with 22. Selt faced with tricky safety shot. Misses thin the first time, but gets it spot on the second time. Fine safety shot from Selt.

Trump 0-0 Selt (7-61)

Unexpected error. Red stays out as he tried to hold the white. 75 left on table. Big chance for the Trump counter.

Trump 0-0 Selt (0-56)

This is very nice from Selt as he rolls a pink down the table to green pocket. Should be a one-visit kill by Selt to claim this opening frame.

Trump 0-0 Selt (0-48)

Selt looking very relaxed among the balls as the break glides along to 41. Looking calm, composed and patient after a taut start to the frame.

Trump 0-0 Selt (0-14)

Selt with a fine long red and a little nudge on the pink to go with it. First chance of the session falls to the Romford professional.

Trump 0-0 Selt (0-0)

A full house in for this match. Bit of a cagey start to the opening frame with both men jostling for position in the safety duel.

Trump 0-0 Selt (0-0)

Welcome back to finals day at the inaugural Turkish Masters. An all-English final between Judd Trump and Matthew Selt. First man to 10 frames claims the trophy and £100,000 first prize.

Trump fights past Murphy to set up showdown against Selt

Judd Trump reeled off five frames on the spin to beat Shaun Murphy 6-2 in the semi-final of the Turkish Masters in Antalya.
The 2019 world champion will face Matthew Selt in the best-of-19 showpiece on Sunday beginning at 11:30am GMT.

'A frame within a shot' – How Selt sealed greatest win without potting ball

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. In the curious case of Selt during the Turkish Masters semi-finals in Antalya on Saturday, it is better to be both.
Selt – the 2019 Indian Open champion – led former Masters and UK holder Ding Junhui 3-0 in Saturday's semi-final then trailed 4-3, but battled ferociously to complete arguably the most satisfactory win of his 20-year professional career in a final-frame decider.
Selt's key to victory was not a heavy break, an audacious long pot or a telling safety. It was just a good old fashioned fluke.
With the tension mounting in the deciding frame before a bewitched audience and Selt clinging to a narrow 33-10 lead, the Romford man jabbed at a black in trying to generate power to open up the pack of reds.
The black missed the pocket, came off three cushions and nudged open the pack of reds, but the white astonishingly came to rest behind the blue ball to leave Ding snookered.
"A frame within a shot," quipped Philip Studd alongside 1986 world champion Joe Johnson in the commentary box.

‘Oh my goodness me!’ - Selt the beneficiary of huge slice of luck against Ding

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