Kyren Wilson would make a 147 – the third of his career – in frame six of his first-round match against Ashley Hugill at the UK Championship, an encounter he would win 6-4. However, a quip by Mark Allen stuck in his mind as he got down to pot the final black.

The maximum was the 17th at the UK Championship, but the world number four said in a post-match interview that a joke made by Allen stuck in his mind as he sized up the final black.

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“I was having a bit of a laugh with Mark Allen in the interval,” began Wilson.

He was saying about the number of kicks I have had and he asked what chalk I was using. I told him [new Taom chalk] and he said: ‘Well it serves you right – I hope you go back out and you have a 140 and you get a kick on the final black’.

“Obviously all in jest. But when I got down for that final black I thought: ‘Please no kick, I’ll never live it down’. So I was pleased to make it in the end.”

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The different types of chalk have become an increasing point of contention with Mark Selby and Ronnie O’Sullivan debating in detail the merits of Taom and Masters chalk at the recent Northern Ireland Open.

‘I hope you get a kick on final black’ – Wilson reveals Allen quip before maximum

“The blue one is the Taom one, which apparently you don’t get as many kicks or bouncing, unless both players are using the same, then it defeats the object,” said Selby.

And O’Sullivan adding that the different types of chalk had caused quite the division in the tour.

“The people that use Taom think it’s pointless because they totally hate this green stuff, it’s like a war going on," O’Sullivan added.

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