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That concludes our evening coverage

Thanks for your company tonight, join us again from 1.45pm tomorrow for more first round action in the UK Championship.
British Open
'I was so upset I couldn’t eat anything' – O'Sullivan conqueror reveals sad reason for weight loss

Around the tables (best of 11)

Barry Hawkins 6-1 Riley Parsons
John Higgins 6-1 Fergal O’Brien
Daniel Wells 2-2 Gerard Greene
Ben Woollaston 2-3 Andy Hicks

John Higgins is through to the second round

He didn't look happy with all facets of his game tonight, yet still won 6-1; that's why he's John Higgins. The world number six advances to the second round, where he'll face the winner of Daniel Wells and Gerard Greene. It was a tough night for O'Brien, who had chances to get in amongst the balls but couldn't score heavily enough when there.

Higgins 6-1 O'Brien

A 42 does the job, Higgins has won frame and match.

Higgins 5-1 O'Brien (73-0)

He might not be in it for much longer! O'Brien leaves Higgins a mid-range red to the bottom left and it soon disappears, with the white landing perfectly on the black. Higgins soon bags the points required to make the frame safe, and this one's done.

Higgins 5-1 O'Brien (51-0)

We're not done yet! On 45 Higgins pots a red to go up for the blue, but in trying to force his way through another one the white sticks to it and he's on nothing. Higgins plays safe, and O'Brien is just about still in this.

Higgins 5-1 O'Brien (36-0)

A long red into the bottom right by Higgins sees the cue ball clunk into another red and land perfectly on the black. He's got five loose reds to work with here, so there's potential for a match-winning dish up here. The break is already at 30, and O'Brien will be fearing the worst.

Higgins 5-1 O'Brien (6-0)

Higgins gets in first in the sixth frame, dumping a red into the left middle to land on the blue. He misses his next red to the right middle though, but doesn't leave anything for O'Brien.

Around the tables

Barry Hawkins 5-1 Riley Parsons
John Higgins 5-1 Fergal O’Brien
Daniel Wells 2-1 Gerard Greene
Ben Woollaston 1-3 Andy Hicks

Higgins 5-1 O'Brien

It's a fifth half-century of the night for Higgins, who's found his touch in these last two frames. The black takes him to 70, and O'Brien now needs snookers. Higgins isn't on the next red though and plays safe, so O'Brien comes back to the table. A clean miss on a thin safety worsens O'Brien's chances, and when Higgins drops in the next red O'Brien concedes in his chair. It's a four frame lead for Higgins, who needs one more for victory.

Higgins 4-1 O'Brien (39-0)

Higgins picks out another long plant to get himself up and running in the fifth. He's quickly up to 39; for a man a bit miffed about some aspects of his game, he's making this look light work.

Higgins 4-1 O'Brien

It's a twelfth century of the season for Higgins, and the 123 extends his lead to three frames.

Higgins 3-1 O'Brien (70-0)

Clear the path he does! Higgins is over his early frame wobbles now as he expertly builds a break around the pink and black. This is lovely stuff from The Wizard. The pink brings up another half-century, and a few pots later he's past the winning post in this frame.

Higgins 3-1 O'Brien (24-0)

Higgins gets another chance as O'Brien misses a long red to the bottom left and leaves Higgins with a tap-in over the left middle. There's a load on here, if he can just free the path for the black to the bottom right then the frame as at his mercy in this visit.

Higgins 3-1 O'Brien (8-0)

We're back, although Higgins his misplaced his long game at the start of frame five. He misses two long reds by a huge margin, but a poor safety by O'Brien leaves him a short range red to the left middle which he strokes in. He's struggling to find his touch though, and loses control of the white while trying to come back down the table and doesn't land on any of the open reds.

Around the tables

Barry Hawkins 4-0 Riley Parsons
John Higgins 3-1 Fergal O’Brien
Daniel Wells 1-1 Gerard Greene
Ben Woollaston 1-1 Andy Hicks

Higgins 3-1 O'Brien

A reprieve for O'Brien! Higgins misses the second last red to the bottom left and leaves it hanging there for O'Brien. Will this be a swing in fortune? O'Brien quickly adds 15, and with only the colours remaining Higgins now needs snookers. When he goes in-off soon after, he concedes. It's 3-1 at the interval, we shall return in 15.

Higgins 3-0 O'Brien (27-46)

Higgins flukes a red and goes on to add six before landing dead straight on the blue. He can't possibly split the reds from here and opts to play safe instead. That soon pays off, as a spectacular plant from Higgins drills a red into the bottom left and leaves him on the pink. He's in now, and can steal this frame for a commanding lead at the interval.

Higgins 3-0 O'Brien (0-46)

O'Brien gets back in after Higgins misses a long red right across the length of the table to the bottom right. He adds 30 but fails to split the remaining cluster of reds near the pink spot when going around the table off the blue.His only shot on his a safety, and he quickly needs to make more of those opportunities to stay competitive in this match.

Higgins 3-0 O'Brien (0-16)

To make a match of this O'Brien surely has to take this frame, and he's in first after Higgins leaves him a straight red to the left middle. He gets to 16 but can't force position on the black when trying to flick it away from another red, and is forced to play safe.

Around the tables

Barry Hawkins 3-0 Riley Parsons
John Higgins 3-0 Fergal O’Brien
Daniel Wells 0-1 Gerard Greene
Ben Woollaston 1-1 Andy Hicks

Higgins 3-0 O'Brien

O'Brien adds 22 but with no snookers forthcoming, and after leaving the final red over the green pocket, he concedes the frame.

Higgins 2-0 O'Brien (70-1)

A brilliant recovery pot on a red after an attempt to glance into the pack goes awry should see Higgins take this third frame. The pink and another red leave O'Brien needing a snooker. Higgins makes 35, and O'Brien will come back to the table but now requires three snookers to win.

Higgins 2-0 O'Brien (35-1)

It's only 31 for Higgins, who wallops a red to the left middle and watches it jump out of the pocket. That was close. O'Brien can't punish his mistake though, as he tries to roll a red along the rail and into the bottom right but leaves it in the jaws. That could cost O'Brien this third frame.

Higgins 2-0 O'Brien (14-1)

O'Brien pots the first red of the third frame, but can't find position on the black and plays safe. Higgins then puts O'Brien in a fiendish snooker; not only does he fail to connect with a red, but he leaves Higgins a cut on one to the bottom right. That goes in, and he's quickly up to 14. If he can get the black on its spot again soon, this is a good chance. Higgins is in lovely touch this evening.

Higgins 2-0 O'Brien

Higgins clears the table for a break of 56 to secure the second frame.

Higgins 1-0 O'Brien (66-11)

O'Brien can add just ten before missing a red down the left hand side by such a margin that it clips another over the pocket. Higgins quickly mops up the few balls he needs to secure the frame, and will shortly be two ahead.

Higgins 1-0 O'Brien (52-2)

It's a half-century for Higgins as he pots the blue. He'd finished on the wrong side of it though, and in trying to force the cue ball around the angles he smacks into the green and leaves it on the right hand cushion. An attempt at a plant to keep the break going doesn't go close, and O'Brien responds being plugging a long red into the green pocket. Can he establish himself in the match here?

Higgins 1-0 O'Brien (32-1)

O'Brien opens the second frame with a deadweight long red into the bottom left, but leaves himself a difficult cut on the black to the bottom right. He overcuts it, and leaves Higgins plum on a red near the black spot. He could pay heavily for that, as Higgins is quickly up to 32 and counting.

Around the tables

Our three remaining matches from the afternoon session have concluded:
Sam Craigie 4-6 Chang Bingyu
Scott Donaldson 3-6 Simon Lichtenberg
Martin O’Donnell 5-6 Jamie Clarke

Higgins 1-0 O'Brien

Higgins does indeed take the first frame with a break of 72, inclusive of a lovely exhibition shot where he potted the blue and rattled the white in the jaws of the bottom right to land on the pink.

Higgins 0-0 O'Brien (50-8)

O'Brien can only add eight before missing a long blue into the yellow pocket. He needs two bites, but Higgins gets back in the balls again, and quickly up to 24. He's struggling with position a little so far, but looks set to take the first frame here.

Higgins 0-0 O'Brien (25-0)

Higgins gets away first here, potting a long red, the black and then a delicate red when bridging over another with the spider. He gets to 25 but then misses a black off its spot, and O'Brien is in.

Higgins 0-0 O'Brien

Here we go then, it's best of 11 for a place in the second round.

Fearless Fergal

O’Brien is only three years older than Higgins but hasn’t been able to maintain his highest level or close to over the long haul. Once upon a time he was in the top ten in the world, now he’s down in the lower echelons of the tour at number 120. He’s a former winner of the British Open though, and you don’t stay this long in the game without having something about you.

The Wizard

What can you say about John Higgins? Well, loads; he’s one of the greatest players we’ve ever seen and a three-time winner of the UK Championship. Even now, at 45, Higgins is number six in the world and as ferocious a competitor as ever. That said, the last of his 30 ranking event victories was at the Welsh Open in 2018, a surprising drought for someone of this class.

Still playing

Your afternoon session is still rumbling on; here are the latest scores from the Marshall Arena before we focus on our game tonight:
Sam Craigie 4-5 Chang Bingyu
Scott Donaldson 3-5 Simon Lichtenberg
Martin O’Donnell 5-5 Jamie Clarke
(Best of 11)

Good evening

Welcome back to live coverage of the first round of the UK Championship. We’ll press on now into the evening session, where our feature match of the fare below will be John Higgins versus Fergal O’Brien.
Barry Hawkins versus Riley Parsons
John Higgins vs. Fergal O’Brien
Daniel Wells vs. Gerard Greene
Ben Woollaston vs Andy Hicks


Around the tables

Sam Craigie 4-4 Chang Bingyu
Scott Donaldson 3-4 Simon Lichtenberg
Graeme Dott 6-1 Zhao Jianbo
Martin O’Donnell 4-4 Jamie Clarke
Mark Selby 6-4 Michael White

Mark Selby is through to the second round

The world number four was never behind in the match, but he'll leave the arena knowing he was in one. White gave it everything. Someone with that ability should really have a tour card, and if he keeps playing like this it shouldn't be long before that situation is resolved. As for Selby he's survived a tough first round draw, and getting match sharp early in a triple crown event is no bad thing. Thanks for your company this afternoon, we'll be back at 6.45pm for John Higgins versus Fergal O'Brien.

Selby 6-4 White

With a break of 75 Selby secures the frame and the match.

Selby 5-4 White (61-8)

Selby jabs frame ball red into the bottom left, and we should be done here.

Selby 5-4 White (39-8)

This could be curtains. White can only make eight before running too far on a red to the left middle, and he misses it high on the knuckle. He's left Selby everything.

Selby 5-4 White (39-1)

Selby takes his break to 39 with the blue. All of the reds are open but they're not spread far apart, so it will require a delicate touch to sort frame and match in one hit...and he won't be doing that now, because he's rattled a red in the jaws of the bottom right and out. White's in here, but he's under some pressure as any miss could be his last.

Selby 5-4 White (12-1)

Is this a match-winning shot from Selby? A long red into the bottom right picks a path around the back of the black, hits another red and lands Selby straight on the blue. That was part design, part accident; either way, he's got a good chance here.

Around the tables

Sam Craigie 3-4 Chang Bingyu
Scott Donaldson 3-3 Simon Lichtenberg
Graeme Dott 6-1 Zhao Jianbo FINISHED
Martin O’Donnell 4-4 Jamie Clarke
Mark Selby 5-4 Michael White

Selby 5-4 White

Selby continues, but a red followed by the green means he now needs two snookers. It matters not; White rattles in the last red followed by the pink, and he's now just one frame behind.

Selby 5-3 White (19-64)

White brings up the half-century, and he's taken these nicely. The second to last red would be frame ball, but he plays a terrible positional shot off the black and can't land on one of the two awkward reds to give himself that chance. His break ends at 57, and he really should have won the frame at that visit. White soon draws a foul from Selby however after landing him in a snooker, and there's now 45 in it with 43 on the table.

Selby 5-3 White (19-23)

Selby gets a chance to win the match, getting in first in the ninth frame, but makes a hash of a positional shot on a red and has no option but to play safe. Now White gets a go after Selby leaves him an easy red to the right middle. He's up to 20 already, though it's going to be hard to win this in one visit with two reds in awkward positions near the left hand rail.

Selby 5-3 White

For the first time today Selby moves two frames ahead. After putting a red down the left hand rail, he traps White in a vicious snooker right behind the green. From that, White gives up 17 points in four attempts and after his last one leaves Selby on a red to the bottom right. Selby drills it in and White, who already needed snookers, is done in this frame. Selby is now one frame away from the second round.

Selby 4-3 White (50-21)

Errors upon errors here from both players, but Selby gets in after a poor safety by White by gliding a red into the bottom left to land on the black. He composes himself and is quickly up to 38 and counting; two more reds would secure the frame, but he overcuts a red to the right middle and it's end of break. White can only add eight in response though before losing position and being forced to play safe. There are still three reds left on the table.

Selby 4-3 White (7-12)

White misses a long red into the bottom left after Selby's break, and leaves one on to the bottom right from mid-range for Selby. That's soon pocketed, but a few shots later Selby sends a red into the bottom left when stunning into the pack after potting the blue, and he's left White an easy starter. From that, White can only make seven before losing position on the reds, and has to play safe. Scrappy stuff so far in the eighth frame.

Selby 4-3 White

Selby ends the argument in this frame by gliding a long red into the bottom right. The yellow follows, and that's the frame in the bank. Selby takes the lead for the fourth time today, and leaves the arena to sort out his bothersome eye.

Selby 3-3 White (61-22)

This is hard work for Selby; something's bothering his right eye, I'm not sure what, but he's squinting and rubbing it between shots. It's a distraction he could really do without at this point. The black is frame ball, which disappears, and with one red remaining White returns to the table requiring a snooker to tie.

Selby 3-3 White (33-22)

A poor positional shot for White leaves him with a long pink to the green pocket to keep his break going. He commits, but the pink jaws out and he's left Selby right in here.

Selby 3-3 White (33-2)

The first chance in the seventh falls to White, but he can only pot one solitary red as he fails to get position on the black. His safety isn't good either, and he's let Selby in here. There's a lot available to work with, and he's quickly up to 33 before a miscue on the white causes a red to right middle to miss by a long way. What a touch for White. He plays an aggressive opening shot with the rest, cutting a red into the bottom right and opening the pack in the same movement; a lovely shot that's opened up a great chance here.

Around the tables

Sam Craigie 3-3 Chang Bingyu
Scott Donaldson 2-2 Simon Lichtenberg
Graeme Dott 4-1 Zhao Jianbo
Martin O’Donnell 2-3 Jamie Clarke
Mark Selby 3-3 Michael White

Selby 3-3 White

White has been superb in this safety exchange, and wins it when Selby misses a wafer thin cut on the blue and leaves it over the bottom left. From there, White wins the frame; blue and pink are soon dispatched, and we're all square again.

Selby 3-2 White (54-68)

A mistake from White here, as he catches the black when trying to return to baulk and leaves the yellow on to the bottom right. It's not too costly; Selby tidies up the yellow and green with the rest, but plays safe off the brown rather than risk a long jab at it to the bottom left. A brilliant snooker behind the blue that forces an error from Selby, who hits the brown but leaves it straight to the bottom left. White pots it, but has to play safe off the blue. He still needs that ball to win the frame, while Selby needs all three.

Selby 3-2 White (49-64)

Selby draws a foul from White, who will now need up to and including the brown to leave Selby needing snookers. This is wonderfully tense, both players know the importance of these six balls.

Selby 3-2 White (45-64)

White makes 48, but leaves himself a long pot on the yellow to its own pocket and nearly lifts it off the table when trying to clatter it in. Nevertheless, he hasn't left it, and only needs yellow and green to take the frame. Given the swing either way, these colours now represent a key juncture in this match.

Selby 3-2 White (45-32)

Selby extracts eight from White from a snooker behind pink and yellow, which White escapes from at the third attempt. After more safety play it's White who forces the next error, as Selby leaves him in the centre of the table with a red on to the left middle. All remaining reds are in the open here, and this is a good chance.

Selby 3-2 White (36-16)

A chance for White, as Selby overcuts a red to the bottom left and leaves it in the jaws. White tries to be aggressive, going into the pack off the black, but he sticks to the bunch and doesn't leave himself any reds to go at. That's end of break on 16.

Selby 3-2 White (23-0)

Frame six begins and it's Selby who gets in first, drilling a red into the bottom left after White pulls a safety up short of the baulk line. There's a nice spread of reds on here, with the black available into both corners, so this is a good chance for Selby to take control of this match.

Selby 3-2 White

White blinks first in the safety exchange, leaving the yellow over there bottom right for Selby to gobble up. It's White who takes the green, brown and blue though, meaning he only needs one snooker on the pink to tie. On his second attempt, White drops the cue ball in behind the black with the pink over ten feet away. That's a stunning effort, but Selby's escape is equally well judged. He then gets a chance to roll a pink into the green pocket to win the frame...and it's there, Selby is back in front.

Selby 2-2 White (60-31)

White pots what looks like a brilliant long red to the bottom right, but it's actually a disaster; he was trying to play safe, and he's left the white a long way from the black he needs to take after it. White drops the blue into the green pocket instead, and now needs a snooker. He takes care of the remaining red and pots a black with it, before looking for a snooker on the yellow.

Selby 2-2 White (60-17)

A brown with the third last red by Selby means White can only tie with what's left. He's back at the table though, as Selby fails to cross-double a red into the left middle.

Selby 2-2 White (47-17)

Only 21 for Selby, who has to play safe after losing position on the reds. He leaves White a difficult shot to the right middle, which requires swerving around the brown, and White can't glance it in. That's left Selby in, and surely he'll clinch the frame with this opportunity.

Selby 2-2 White (10-17)

We're back after the interval, and Selby gets away first in the fifth frame with a long red to the bottom right. He misses a blue to the right middle on 10 though, and he's left White with an easy starter. Now then, Michael; this is a decent chance to cobble together a break and go into the lead for the first time today. Unfortunately for White, he misses a blue to right middle too and his break ends on 17. That's left Selby right in to boot.

Around the tables

Sam Craigie 2-1 Chang Bingyu
Scott Donaldson 1-0 Simon Lichtenberg
Graeme Dott 2-1 Zhao Jianbo
Martin O’Donnell 1-1 Jamie Clarke
Mark Selby 2-2 Michael White

Selby 2-2 White

Selby leaves White a shot at a long yellow to the bottom left, which doesn't go in. Instead it sits up nicely for Selby to plug into the yellow pocket, but that misses as well and now the frame is White's for the taking. Both players are making hard work of this, and White recovers well from making a hash of his positional shot from green to brown to clip the latter ball in using the rest. Blue, pink and black follow, and it's all square at the interval. We'll be back in 15 minutes.

Selby 2-1 White (62-46)

It so nearly goes wrong for White on the last red! He runs out of position slightly and has to play it as a thin cut, which only just wriggles in, and a lucky, unintended kiss on the black just about leaves him a pot on it. That goes in, but White then fails to convert a long yellow. Luckily, he doesn't leave it, and we'll have a safety battle on the colours for the right to win this frame.

Selby 2-1 White (62-23)

Selby takes a risk in opening out three of the remaining five reds that are clustered below the pink. Immediately, it looks like he might pay for it; White sweeps in a red to the bottom right from long range and lands plum on the blue. This is a great chance to nick this frame and go in level at the interval. All the reds are in open play and the colours are on their spots.

Selby 2-1 White (62-9)

White pots the next red, but leaves himself an awkward cut on the black using the spider. The black goes in, but White catches the pink with the spider when trying to remove it and gives seven away. Selby should seal the frame here but can only add eight before running too close to a red to get a potting angle on it, and has to play safe. There's still 67 on, so White still has a chance here.

Selby 2-1 White (47-8)

He's certainly getting the run in this frame; Selby is fighting for position in this break, and a couple of fortuitous kisses after pots that don't go in clean just about keep him going. Eventually, it catches up with him. On 47 he cuts a red towards the bottom left, but leaves it hanging in the jaws. White plugs it, but can't topspin through the black enough to open up the pack of seven reds below the pink. He plays safe instead, but he's still in this frame.

Selby 2-1 White (20-0)

What a fluke for Selby! He misses a red to the bottom left, which jaws out and flies straight into the heart of the bottom right. Not only that, the white ricochets off a couple of reds and lands straight on the pink to the left middle. That's incredible luck, and he sets about capitalising on it.

'Lucky man' - Selby makes huge fluke as red flies across table into pocket

Around the tables

Sam Craigie 0-0 Chang Bingyu
Scott Donaldson 0-0 Simon Lichtenberg
Graeme Dott 1-0 Zhao Jianbo
Martin O’Donnell 1-0 Jamie Clarke
Mark Selby 2-1 Michael White

Selby 2-1 White

A magnificent total clearance of 140 gives Selby the lead again.

'Class all the way' - Selby makes 140 total clearance

Selby 1-1 White (53-0)

The fourteenth red takes Selby to a ton in this frame. He can claim the highest break of the tournament so far here if he can mop up the rest.

Selby 1-1 White (53-0)

A black brings up Selby's half-century, followed by a long red into the green pocket to keep his break going. This is excellent from Selby, who looks nailed on to regain his lead here.

Selby 1-1 White (38-0)

Selby plays the shot of the match so far, stroking in a deadweight red to the bottom right before going off the bottom cushion and cannoning another red to land perfectly on the black. The table is set very invitingly here and he quickly sets about putting a break together.

Selby 1-1 White

An 81 wins the frame for White, who draws level. We could be in for an interesting afternoon here. As mentioned, White has slipped off the tour and failed to get back on via Q School, but as the highest ranking reserve he does currently have entry to all of the ranking events as Marco Fu, currently in Hong Kong, is unable to take up his place. As Joe Johnson notes in commentary, the talent is in there, it's just a case of bringing it out.

Selby 1-0 White (20-51)

A black to the left middle takes White to his half-century, and relocates the black to its own spot. White soon goes past the winning post, and we'll be all square shortly.

Selby 1-0 White (20-20)

Selby misses an off-straight red to the bottom right, and leaves a chance for White to the left middle. White tucks that in, and he's soon level on points in the frame. There's a whole cluster of reds around the black spot, with the black currently housed on the pink spot, and this is a good opportunity to hit straight back.

Selby 1-0 White (8-0)

White shorts a safety back to baulk, which leaves Selby a mid-range red into the bottom left. That goes in, but Selby can't land conveniently on a colour and plays safe. He's soon back in though, as a thin cut on a red to bottom right frees the pink from the pack on its way back up the table. Lots o' points on now for Selby.

Selby 1-0 White

A break of 72 from Selby leaves White requiring three snookers. He’s in one himself though, from which he can’t escape, and that’s the first frame to Selby.

Selby 0-0 White (50-12)

It's a half-century for Selby as he cuts a black into the bottom left and nudges a red into position to the right middle. An impressive start from the world number five.

Selby 0-0 White (1-12)

White gets the first chance, but misjudges a cannon on a red above the black and can't make any more than eight before playing safe. Selby gives away four by missing a thin clip on a safety, but soon glides a ride into the bottom right to create his first scoring chance.

Here we go then

The boys are baized, it's time. Best of 11, let's do this.

Your game today

Mark Selby has won the UK Championship twice in his career, in 2012 and 2016, and has already won the European Masters in Milton Keynes this season. He'll be a strong favourite here, but this is a tricky opener; Michael White might have fallen off the tour but he was a real prodigy - he made a century in competitive play at nine years old - and has been in the world top 16 in a career that has seen him win two ranking events so far.

Tournament news

Anthony Hamilton and Ryan Day have had to withdraw from the tournament today after testing positive for Covid-19. Their scheduled opponents, Xu Si and Jak Jones, have been given a walkover to the second round.

Good afternoon!

Same venue, different tournament. Welcome back to the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes for live coverage of the afternoon session of the first round of the UK Championship. It’s been barely 16 hours since Judd Trump defeated Ronnie O’Sullivan in the final of the Northern Ireland Open, in which time the venue has been rejigged to showcase the first Triple Crown event of the 2020/21 season.
It’s best of 11 in the first round of the UK Championship, and here’s a look at the players hitting the tables from 2pm. Our feature match this afternoon will be Mark Selby versus Michael White.
Sam Craigie vs Chang Bingyu
Scott Donaldson vs Simon Lichtenberg
Graeme Dott vs Zhao Jianbo
Martin O’Donnell vs Jamie Clarke
Mark Selby vs Michael White

'Trump's phenomenal potting unlike anything we've seen before' - White

Last night, Judd Trump made it a hat-trick of Northern Ireland Open titles with his victory over Ronnie O'Sullivan.
While O'Sullivan is the world champion, Trump is arguably the man to beat and is narrow favourite ahead of his great rival.
"He is a phenomenal player," White said of Trump on Eurosport's coverage yesterday..
The more he wins the more he wants to win and the more he wants to practise. Sometimes when you're playing Judd Trump and he's potting balls, there is nowhere you can put him safely.
"Judd Trump's potting is absolutely phenomenal. Next to none. Unlike anything we have seen before.
"There were times when we all thought Ronnie had put the balls safe, but two shots later he's banging balls in with everything open."

What is the format?

All matches are the best of 11 frames until the final which is contested over the best of 19 frames on Sunday, 6 December.
The UK Championship – part of snooker's Triple Crown series – was due to be held at the York Barbican, but due to the global health pandemic, all remaining World Snooker Tour events in 2020 – including the Northern Ireland Open, UK Championship, Scottish Open and World Grand Prix – will continue to be staged behind closed doors at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.

2020 UK Championship Monday schedule

Monday, 23 November
Morning (9.30am)
  • Ian Burns v David Grace
  • Anthony Hamilton v Xu Si
  • Yan Bingtao v Sean Maddocks
  • Li Hang v Fraser Patrick
  • Mark Williams v Ben Hancorn
  • Tom Ford v Pang Junxu
Afternoon (1.30pm)
  • Sam Craigie v Chang Bingyu
  • Scott Donaldson v Simon Lichtenberg
  • Mark Selby v Michael White
  • Graeme Dott v Zhao Jianbo
  • Martin O'Donnell v Jamie Clarke
Evening (7.30pm)
  • Ryan Day v Jak Jones
  • Daniel Wells v Gerard Greene
  • John Higgins v Fergal O'Brien
  • Barry Hawkins v Riley Parsons
  • Ben Woollaston v Andy Hicks


The UK Championship is live on eurosport.co.uk and the Eurosport app.
Each day eurosport.co.uk and the Eurosport app will stream uninterrupted bonus feeds.
We will also have rolling coverage online on the Eurosport.co.uk website and our social channels.
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