UK Championship


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That completes our day

German Masters
Murphy shrugs off sloppy start to see off Maflin and book his place in last-16
Join us again tomorrow, at 2.15pm UK time, for more fun and games.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson 2-2 Farakh Ajaib
  • Mark Davis 3-3 Ashley Hugill
  • Li Hang 5-1 Mitchell Mann
  • Tom Ford 6-1 Andrew Pagett (finished)
  • Stephen Maguire 5-2 Sanderson Lam
  • Chris Wakelin 4-2 Jamie Clarke
  • Shaun Murphy 1-5 Si Jiahui

John Higgins beats Michael Georgiou 6-1!

And of course he gets his century, his second of the match - a nice little 134 - and he meets Akani or Hallworth in round two. It'll take something decent to beat him, too.

Higgins 5-1 Georgiou (71-6)

John is such gorgeous touch at the moment. He's not won anything, but he did make three finals, and you don't do that unless you're bang at it. He's given up a chance a frame, but he's been remorseless in punishing Michael for not taking them. Can he finish with a ton?

Higgins 5-1 Georgiou (32-6)

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Michael sees off the first red, follow it with a brown, then another red, then misses the pink to the middle. So John comes to the table with everything available, and this is going to be the match.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson 2-2 Farakh Ajaib
  • Mark Davis 3-3 Ashley Hugill
  • Li Hang 5-0 Mitchell Mann
  • Tom Ford 6-1 Andrew Pagett (finished)
  • Stephen Maguire 4-2 Sanderson Lam
  • Chris Wakelin 3-2 Jamie Clarke
  • Shaun Murphy 1-4 Si Jiahui

Higgins 5-1 Georgiou

Yet again, Michael missed his chance, and John needs just one more for round two.

Higgins 4-1 Georgiou (55-15)

Shut up! Out of naewhere, John misses a black off its spot - was he too relaxed? - and Michael comes to the table with everything available. But immediately, he overscrews ... then does well to get back into decent position, only to miss the black, flaring elbow in frustration. He's done for.

Higgins 4-1 Georgiou (46-1)

It's worth noting that the pink is up in baulk, but as things stand, there are no reds on cushions ... but then John screws up for the blue, making sure he wins the frame. He's a pro, and he comes back down, kisses the cluster, and he's looking absolutely nails here - all the reds go.

Higgins 4-1 Georgiou (25-1)

John nabs a starter, sends down the black, and he's into the pack. This isn't just a chance to win the frame, it's a chance for a maxi - though we learn that the highest break in this competition isn't 147 but 148 because Jamie Burnett began his run with a free ball.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson 2-2 Farakh Ajaib
  • Mark Davis 2-3 Ashley Hugill
  • Li Hang 5-0 Mitchell Mann
  • Tom Ford 5-1 Andrew Pagett
  • Stephen Maguire 3-2 Sanderson Lam
  • Chris Wakelin 3-2 Jamie Clarke
  • Shaun Murphy 1-4 Si Jiahui

Higgins 4-1 Georgiou

Again, Michael had a chance to do some damage, and again he missed it then was damaged himself - to the tune of 112. This will very soon be over.

Higgins 3-1 Georgiou (71-5)

John isn't just one of the greatest tactical minds we've ever seen, he's one of the greatest breakbuilders we've ever seen, and in what seems like seconds, another frame is in the books.

Higgins 3-1 Georgiou (23-5)

Er, he can and he can't. After a foul from John sets him away, he gets the first red only to miss a regulation brown. That invites John to the table, and he quickly makes hay, as Phil Studd reminds us that he's not been past the last eight of this competition until the last time he won it, in 2010.

We're back

Can Michael find a way back into this?

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson 1-1 Farakh Ajaib
  • Mark Davis 1-3 Ashley Hugill
  • Li Hang 3-0 Mitchell Mann
  • Tom Ford 4-0 Andrew Pagett
  • Stephen Maguire 2-2 Sanderson Lam
  • Chris Wakelin 2-2 Jamie Clarke
  • Shaun Murphy 1-3 Si Jiahui

Higgins 3-1 Georgiou

Michael had a chance in that frame, as he's had in all of them, but he's not really looked like taking them and he's struggling at the mid-sesh.

Higgins 2-1 Georgiou (57-1)

But just as he looks set to make it safe he's huffing at himself after missing a red to the yellow pocket, and when he misses another, he leaves Michael a chance, diagonal to left corner; he misses it, and that will absolutely be the frame.

Higgins 2-1 Georgiou (37-1)

Michael misses a red along black cush so John sends one long to green pocket, and very soon he's in and around the black spot, accumulating. Incidentally, he's lost a lot of weight recently - he looks in really good shape - and he is in this frame.

Higgins 2-1 Georgiou (15-1)

John gets in first but as soon as he's looking settled, he misses a cut-back pink to middle; it looks like it'll drop in, but it holds its line and kisses the far knuckle. The white, meanwhile, carries on into the bunch but somehow develops nothing for Michael, so we're back playing safety.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson 1-0 Farakh Ajaib
  • Mark Davis 1-2 Ashley Hugill
  • Li Hang 3-0 Mitchell Mann
  • Tom Ford 4-0 Andrew Pagett
  • Stephen Maguire 2-1 Sanderson Lam
  • Chris Wakelin 2-1 Jamie Clarke
  • Shaun Murphy 0-3 Si Jiahui

Higgins 2-1 Georgiou

Down the go, and that is, you imagine, a key frame. John's hard enough to beat in any circumstances, never mind with an advantage.

Higgins 1-1 Georgiou (50-32)

Michael leaves the green on the top cushion- more by accident than design - with John's route to it blocked by the pink. He misses it twice, off the side cushion, but when he hits third go, he sends it towards its own pocked with the blue between the white and it. Michael hits first time but offers the cross-double ... and John drians it! He's so good at those, the best around, and he needs brown and blue to be sure...

Higgins 1-1 Georgiou (47-32)

John sinks the final red, drains the blue, then plays a fine safety that sticks the white between the aforementioned brown and the baulk cushion. That looks like a decisive contribution, and shonuff Michael hits the yellow but leaves the pot. John bags it with the rest but doesn't bring the cue-ball far enough back down the table, so has to play safe off the green.

Higgins 1-1 Georgiou (39-32)

He can't, missing a simple black ... but then John offers him another go! Problem is, the last red is stuck onto the side cushion, he fails to disturb it off the penultimate one, then again off the pink, so has to play safe. With the brown on the bottom cushion, this is brewing into an arse-nipper.

Higgins 1-1 Georgiou (39-18)

But he soon runs out of position forced to disturb the red by the black - and he plays a really good safety, leaving the white in the jaws. John responds but offers a tempter to the green pocket ... and Michael strokes it dowb! That's a very good pot indeed; can he make it count?

Higgins 1-1 Georgiou (39-7)

Yeah, or not. John tries to stick the pink into the yellow pocket and barely jawses it, handing Michael an extremely presentable opportunity. The black is tied up close to left corner, but there are plenty of points out there for him.

Higgins 1-1 Georgiou (39-0)

Oooh yeah! John caresses home another delicious starter, follows it with a black, then uses the rest to despatch another decent one. It's a really good break this - he finds the best pot yet when bridging awkwardly over the cluster to send one into the middle, and this is looking increasingly like a framewinning opporutnity.

Higgins 1-1 Georgiou (11-0)

John clips home a lovely starter from middle to left corner, sends a blue down after it, then keeps the break going with an expert's plant. Butwhen he works his way down to the business end, he gets a kick when potting the black, and leaves Michael a starter to left corner ... which he misses, but a felicitous kiss forces John to play safe.

Around the tables

  • Scott Donaldson 1-0 Farakh Ajaib
  • Mark Davis 0-1 Ashley Hugill
  • Li Hang 1-0 Mitchell Mann
  • Tom Ford 2-0 Andrew Pagett
  • Stephen Maguire 1-1 Sanderson Lam
  • Chris Wakelin 0-1 Jamie Clarke
  • Shaun Murphy 0-1 Si Jiahui

Higgins 1-1 Georgiou

Well done Michael Georgiou! A run of 84, and he's on the board.

Higgins 1-0 Georgiou (8-63)

Another error from John hands Michael a chance to see the frame away, and he doesn't look totally at his ease but he's doing enough.

Higgins 1-0 Georgiou (8-30)

Aaaarrrgggh! Michael overcuts a red to right corner, leaving it there. But the blue covers it, meaning John has to swerve around it ... which he does, but he misses the ball! I didn't see that coming, and it's a colossal reprieve for Michael.

Higgins 1-0 Georgiou (8-30)

WHAT?! John gets in and looks nicely ensconced, only to miss a simple red to right corner. So Michael gets to work and this is as good a chance as he's getting.

Higgins 1-0 Georgiou

My system crashes so I'm not sure quite what the break was, but it was more than enough to seal the frame. The Wizard is purring, or doing whatever it is that wizards do.

Higgins 0-0 Georgiou (52-0)

Higgins is rolling here, eliminating balls like he's been doing it all his life, which he has. this is going to be 1-0, and tells Georgiou what he already knew: if you don't take your chances, he will.

Higgins 0-0 Georgiou (12-0)

Georgiou might ring a bell with some of you - he got whacked by O'Sullivan at the English Open. Higgins, on the other hand, has been in fine form, and begins with a tremendous red to left corner, but can't make anything of it, and his next red yields a brown and nothing more. But when Georgiou misses one of his own, he leaves loads - his sole saving grace is that the black is tied up, but the pink is not.

The boyz are baizeing!

But we'll be focusing on

Higgins v Georgiou

What we have for you

  • 19:30 - Scott Donaldson v Farakh Ajaib
  • 19:30 - Mark Davis v Ashley Hugill
  • 19:30 - Li Hang v Mitchell Mann
  • 19:30 - Tom Ford v Andrew Pagett
  • 19:30 - Stephen Maguire v Sanderson Lam
  • 19:30 - Chris Wakelin v Jamie Clarke
  • 19:30 - Shaun Murphy v Si Jiahui
  • 19:30 - John Higgins v Michael Georgiou

Evening all!

And welcome to the evening sesh!


That's all from us for now but catch up with us for the evening's session with John Higgins and Shaun Murphy in action.


Kyren Wilson advances to the second round of the Uk Championship with a pretty routine win over a plucky but outclassed opponent in Soheil Vahedi. Wilson was miles off his best early doors but got better and better before seeing the final frame out with a break of 86.
That's all from us for now but catch up with us for the evening's session with john Higgins and Shaun Murphy in action.

WILSON 5-2 VAHEDI (50-2)

From looking like missing everything two hours ago, he looks like missing nothing now. Trump sinks a brilliant recovery red to the right middle when things were looking gloomy and then splits the reds beautifully.

WILSON 5-2 VAHEDI (13-2)

After a brilliant opening red, Vahedi makes a complete mess of the green. Only hopes and prayers will save him now because Wilson is cruising. He looked a little jaded at the start of the match - perhaps a symptom of getting bashed by Judd Trump 6-0 a couple of weeks back. But this is much better.


Devastating stuff from the world number five who clears with a decisive run of 34. It's a long way back now for Vahedi.

WILSON 4-2 VAHEDI (47-51)

Wilson looks like stealing this frame from Vahedi until he misses a red to top right. That lets the Iranian back in but the remaining two reds are so tricky...The underdog has no option but to try and cut it in but ends up leaving it over the pocket and Wilson is back at the table. He sinks the red, the black, and then a doozy of a final red finds the bottom right pocket.

WILSON 4-2 VAHEDI (0-46)

Vahedi continues on and creeps a red in the bottom right that looked for the whole like hanging over the pocket. He's struggling a little with his cue control but so far so good...ah, spoke too soon. He's too high on the black but takes a handy lead in a must-win frame.


Vahedi floats in a lovely long red to kick things off in the seventh frame of the afternoon.


Wilson grabs century number 299 of his career. In fact, he manages 110. If he carries on like that we'll be done before 5.30.

WILSON 3-2 VAHEDI (59-0)

This is the ebst we've seen from Wilson as he grabs his third half century of the match. A fabulous red to get going and then a long one to recover as seen him on his way. Splendid snooker.

WILSON 3-2 VAHEDI (32-0)

Wilson races into the lead. He looks a little embarrassed that this is such a close match because someone of his ranking and talent should be cleaning up in no time here. A thumping long red gets him in the bunch. Great stuff.


Wilson gets neither of them and Vahedi wins a big, big frame that keeps him in with a chance. Wilson is having plenty of trouble with those middle pockets at the moment.

WILSON 3-1 VAHEDI (32-72)

Vahedi pushes the red away from the cushion and cuts it inside right middle. He needs the pink, and takes it. That's frame ball, but Wilsoin is back at the table needing two snookers.

WILSON 3-1 VAHEDI (32-51)

And Vahedi is back in contention now after Wilson slips yet again on a red to the left middle. There's three reds left and they're all a bit tied up. He needs one and a pink to take the frame, or at least force a snooker.

WILSON 3-1 VAHEDI (25-21)

Vahedi does fail to split the pack and, simply put, he doesn't look good enough at this level. Wilson is back at the table and looks confident now and opens up the frame nicely which is what has separated him from his opponent so far. It's worth reiterating that Vahedi is playing this tournament as an amateur, and Wilson is world number five. So fair play, that's pretty good going.


More of the same from Wilson as he misses a 6/10 difficult red. So, not that difficult. Vahedi responds with a cut to bottom right, but he's not good on the colours. Pink it is...and he sinks it after some stretching. Does he have the quality to make inroads in this frame. The reds are in a bunch and whether he can split them or not will be the decider.


Let's do this.


  • Andrew Higginson 2-0 Mark Joyce
  • Anthony McGill 2-0 Iulian Boiko
  • David Grace 3-0 Peter Devlin
  • Zhou Yuelong 3-0 Chen Zifan
  • Kyren Wilson v Soheil Vahedi
  • Jak Jones 1-1 Oliver Lines
  • Lu Ning 2-2 Wu Yize
  • Dominic Dale 1-1 Ashley Carty


Wilson takes the lead. Once again, he has the frame wrapped up but Vahedi keeps things going. He fails to play the safety and then Wilson gets some extra potting practice in and takes a 3-1 lead into the mid-session interval.

WILSON 2-1 VAHEDI (23-22)

Goodness me, Vahedi plays a real stinker of a shot on a red. That could be terminal in this frame. Wilson, however, is not immune to stinkers himself. Somebody get some air fresherner in here.

WILSON 2-1 VAHEDI (8-22)

Vahedi would do so well to go into the mid-session interval at 2-2 and he makes a good start in the fourth with a break of 22. But he fails to split the pack and there's no safeties on either. He tries one, pots the white, and Wilson sinks a red. All in all, a pretty bad 60 seconds for the Iranian.


Wilson takes the lead with a break of 71. More snooker like that please.

WILSON 1-1 VAHEDI (74-0)

That's more like it. Wilson makes no mistake this time and grabs frame ball on the black. He's not at his best, but Vahedi won't challenge if he's missing reds like that.

WILSON 1-1 VAHEDI (21-0)

Wow, it's not high quality snooker. Vahedi isn't even close with a routine red. Both players have now been in positions where the very best would clean up with their eyes closed. But they are making a mess of this so far.
Wilson is now among the reds with a great chance but I wouldn't count on anything they way he's played so far.

WILSON 1-1 VAHEDI (13-0)

Wilson misses a very easy red and looks low on confidence. He's lucky that his opponent is not at the same level because Vahedi misses an even easier one a moment later. FLUKE ALERT! Wilson misses yet another red but this time he gets the rub of the green as it bounce off the alws of the top right and sinks into the top left. Now, can he get a break going? He's got a great split on the reds.
Ah but that's another frustrating miss. He'd done all the hard work then missed an easy red to middle right. So poor.


Wilson left Vahedi with the long red and he's been punished.Vahedi levels the match with a break of 58, his highest professional break of the year.

WILSON 1-0 VAHEDI (9-59)

Vahedi sinks a long red and cannons back on to the blue too. He has a great chance to take the frame here.

WILSON 1-0 VAHEDI (9-29)

Vahedi goes for a less risky red rather than the one that would open up the black and he misses that anyway. Wilson returns to the table with a couple of reds, a yellow and a blue, but he spoils a nice break with a bad red. There's nothing on for Vahedi but Wilson is not playing like a world number five right now. He looks short of focus.

WILSON 1-0 VAHEDI (0-29)

Vahedi comes out on top of the early exchanges in frame number two, and he's looking good for a few more at this visit with the pack split. Unfortunately the black and the pink are tied up so he's struggling to score big points here.


Hold on. Vahedi gets the first snooker here...three needed now. Ah, but he messes the following effort up completely as the white hits the jaws of the middle right and Wilson gets that yellow. Wilson completely flukes the green and then clears up. The seed has the lead.

WILSON 0-0 VAHEDI (61-21)

The frame is gone, Wilson is ahead and Vahedi is in a snooker. But the Iranian carries on, either just for the practice or for the fun of it. He's making Wilson battle for the yellow. He needs four snookers. Come on chap some of us have plans this evening.

WILSON 0-0 VAHEDI (53-21)

Wilson needs the double on the red to win the frame and he misses it. He has a good lead and he's not left the red on either, but this is fertile ground for a snooker. Wilson makes things awfully difficult for Vahedi in the following safety exchange and it's only a matter of time before he gets a look on the final red...

WILSON 0-0 VAHEDI (30-21)

Cagier than a zoo after closing time. Vahedi gets one before opting for the safety again...very consvrvative stuff from the Iranian. Unfortunately for him, Wilson is really good and he rolls a glorious red in the right middle. Now, mistakes aside, he might have this frame tied up.

WILSON 0-0 VAHEDI (17-20)

Vahedi strings together a run of 20 but it ends there as he gets no luck off the pink. He pulls off a nice safety though with the white and red locked near the jaws of the bottom right pocket...that has Wilson scratching his head at the table. The pair exchange safeties before Wilson misses a red leaving things open again for Vahedi.

WILSON 0-0 VAHEDI (17-1)

Wilson sinks a long red and we're into the frame, two blacks and a red follow and then he splits the pack beautifully with the cannon. Unfortunately he spoils it by missing a routine black off the spot, and Vahedi has an early chance here


We're underway! Vahedi kicks us off with a defensive break...


Remember, this is Triple Crown stuff. It´s the first to six frames that takes the win in the first round.


There's no doubt that Kyren Wilson has established himself as one of the best in the game over the last few years, winning the Championship League and becoming a regular in the final days of tournaments. But two quarter-final efforts in the 2020 and 2018 are his best showings at the UK Championship, and he knows he needs to start performing at Triple Crown events if he wants to really cement his status at the top of snooker and secure more Table One appearances.
Five minutes until the action starts.


The underdog this afternoon no doubt. Soheil Vahedi is the underdog today no doubt, and is looking to reach the second round of the UK Championship for the first time in five attempts. His best showing on the pro tour was a fourth round outing at the 2019/2020 Welsh Open, but he is still mainly known for his performances on the amateur circuit, winning the World Amateur Snooker Championships against Andrew Pagett in 2016. Incidentally, Pagett is also in action today.


For those of your that follow the nuanced drama of the snooker circuit, you'll remember that just a few weeks ago Kyren Wilson was complaining about not getting enough action on the main table at tournaments.
Well, his wish has been granted today as today he opens up the UK Championship on centre stage, table one. He's certainly the biggest name on this afternoon, but may not have bee so lucky were he playing this evening with the likes of John Higgins and Shaun Murphy at the baize...


Good afternoon Snooker fans and welcome to our live coverage of Kyren Wilson vs Soheil Vahedi as the UK Championship kicks off.
We will provide you with all the details from Table One, with updates from around the seven other matches at York Barbican.


The UK Championship starts in earnest on Tuesday, with Kyren Wilson, Shaun Murphy and John Higgins all in action. Wilson is the biggest name of the afternoon session as he takes on Soheil Vahedi from 14:30. The evening session sees Shaun Murphy take to the baize against Si Jiahui, and John Higgin face off against Michael Georgiou - both these matches start at 19:30.
The four-time world champion Higgins is back in action just two days after he was comprehensively beaten by Judd Trump 10-4 in the Champion of Champions final. The world number two made runs of 63, 62, 61, 74, 51, 68 and 59 to collect a first tournament win of the season. After failing to get over the line in the finals of the Northern Ireland and English Opens, the 46-year-old Higgins had questioned his own ability to compete at the highest level anymore, and the 46-year-old waned as the match wore on. So can he bounce back in York?
Despite the agony of losing his third final - after losses in the English and Northern Ireland Opens - in a row on Sunday evening, John Higgins was magnanimous in defeat to Judd Trump.
“I thought Judd was awesome,” said Higgins. “If I’m being hyper-critical, when I went 3-1 in front I had a couple of chances that you’ve got to really capitalise on against someone as good as Judd, and I went walkabout for about three or four frames.
Then Judd just grew and grew in strength, he just blitzed me tonight. Far too good.

Tournament context

In beating Trump in the 2020 final, Robertson became only the sixth player to win the UK Championship on three or more occasions, joining Ronnie O’Sullivan (seven titles), Steve Davis (six), Stephen Hendry (five), John Higgins (three) and Ding Junhui (three).
O'Sullivan last won the event back in 2018 when he overcame Mark Allen 10-6 to claim a record-breaking seventh UK Championship title and a 19th Triple Crown.
This year marks the 45th edition of the prestigious event, which began back in 1977.
The UK Championship, the second biggest ranking event after the World Championship, is part of snooker’s famed Triple Crown, along with the Masters.

‘You have to earn it!’ - Judd Trump responds to Kyren Wilson ‘naked’ jibe

Schedule and results

First round

November 23
  • 14:30 - Andrew Higginson v Mark Joyce
  • 14:30 - Anthony McGill v Iulian Boiko
  • 14:30 - David Grace v Peter Devlin
  • 14:30 - Zhou Yuelong v Chen Zifan
  • 14:30 - Kyren Wilson v Soheil Vahedi
  • 14:30 - Jak Jones v Oliver Lines
  • 14:30 - Lu Ning v Wu Yize
  • 14:30 - Dominic Dale v Ashley Carty
  • 19:30 - Scott Donaldson v Farakh Ajaib
  • 19:30 - Mark Davis v Ashley Hugill
  • 19:30 - Li Hang v Mitchell Mann
  • 19:30 - Tom Ford v Andrew Pagett
  • 19:30 - Stephen Maguire v Sanderson Lam
  • 19:30 - Chris Wakelin v Jamie Clarke
  • 19:30 - Shaun Murphy v Si Jiahui
  • 19:30 - John Higgins v Michael Georgiou
November 24
  • 09:30 - Ricky Walden v Craig Steadman
  • 09:30 - Gary Wilson v Ian Burns
  • 09:30 - Liam Highfield v Jamie Wilson
  • 09:30 - Noppon Saengkham v Aaron Hill
  • 09:30 - Stuart Carrington v Zhao Jianbo
  • 09:30 - Nigel Bond v Robbie Williams
  • 09:30 - David Gilbert v Alfie Burden
  • 09:30 - Xiao Guodong v Zhang Jiankang
  • 14:30 - Anthony Hamilton v Allan Taylor
  • 14:30 - Mark Williams v Lei Peifan
  • 14:30 - Matthew Selt v Chang Bingyu
  • 14:30 - Barry Hawkins v Reanne Evans
  • 14:30 - Jamie Jones v Cao Yupeng
  • 14:30 - Alexander Ursenbacher v Ben Hancorn
  • 14:30 - Ding Junhui v Zhang Anda
  • 14:30 - Mark Selby v Ross Muir
  • 19:30 - Matthew Stevens v Hammad Miah
  • 19:30 - Mark King v Jackson Page
  • 19:30 - Kurt Maflin v Gerard Greene
  • 19:30 - Ronnie O'Sullivan v Michael White
  • 19:30 - Sunny Akani v Steven Hallworth
  • 19:30 - Thepchaiya Un-Nooh v Stephen Hendry
  • 19:30 - Elliot Slessor v Fan Zhengyi
  • 19:30 - Jack Lisowski v Sean Maddocks
November 25
  • 09:30 - Tian Pengfei v Simon Lichtenberg
  • 09:30 - Ben Woollaston v Rory McLeod
  • 09:30 - Joe Perry v Fraser Patrick
  • 09:30 - Lyu Haotian v Gao Yang
  • 09:30 - Martin Gould v Barry Pinches
  • 09:30 - Joe O'Connor v Fergal O'Brien
  • 09:30 - Liang Wenbo v Andy Hicks
  • 09:30 - Zhao Xintong v Yuan SiJun
  • 14:30 - Neil Robertson v John J Astley
  • 14:30 - Jordan Brown v Duane Jones
  • 14:30 - Luca Brecel v Xu Si
  • 14:30 - Yan Bingtao v Ng On Yee
  • 14:30 - Ali Carter v Jimmy White
  • 14:30 - Jimmy Robertson v Bai Langning
  • 14:30 - Graeme Dott v Jamie O'Neill
  • 14:30 - Martin O'Donnell v Lukas Kleckers
  • 19:30 - Stuart Bingham v Dean Young
  • 19:30 - Judd Trump v David Lilley
  • 19:30 - Mark Allen v Michael Judge
  • 19:30 - Michael Holt v Zak Surety
  • 19:30 - Sam Craigie v Ken Doherty
  • 19:30 - Ryan Day v Peter Lines
  • 19:30 - Robert Milkins v Louis Heathcote
  • 19:30 - Hossein Vafaei v Pang Junxu
Round two fixtures to come...

'He's fallen over the line!' - Incredible drama as Higgins beats O'Sullivan in decider

- - -
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