Ronnie O'Sullivan - Robbie Williams



That's us for the evening

Thanks for your company tonight, we'll be back with more from the UK Championship at 12.45pm tomorrow.
Scottish Open
Heavy-scoring Scottish Open sets new benchmark as one of most prolific tournaments of all time

Around the tables

John Astley 4-3 Mark Joyce
Barry Hawkins 6-1 Gao Yang
Mark King 6-2 Gerard Greene
Joe O’Connor 3-5 Mark Allen
Noppon Saengkham 6-3 Ali Carter
Alexander Ursenbacher 3-6 David Gilbert
Gary Wilson 4-5 Liam Highfield

John Higgins is through to the last 32

What a streaky match that was. John won five, Sunny won three and with it threatening to go to the wire, an assured break from Higgins took the frame and match out. Akani will look back ruefully at the missed frame ball pink in the second frame, where he lost his grip on the match and allowed Higgins to pull away into a lead that proved unassailable. Higgins will now face either Zhao Xintong or Thepchaiya Un-Nooh in the next round.

Higgins 6-3 Akani

A total of 86 banks frame and match for the Wizard.

Higgins 5-3 Akani (73-0)

The half-century arrives and Higgins is inching closer. The tenth red of this break goes in, long to the green pocket, and the break is 67 with 67 remaining. The blue soon follows, as does a doubled red, and this is over.

Higgins 5-3 Akani (34-0)

It takes a few shots to get nicely on the black but Higgins has done it now. There are four awkward reds out there, adjacent to cushions, but if Higgins can keep taking high value colours he won't need them.

Higgins 5-3 Akani (8-0)

Off we go in the ninth; Akani needs three frames, Higgins one. The tension has definitely cranked up out there, and the players are taking their time in this safety exchange that opens the frame. Eventually Akani has a lash at a long red to the bottom right, but he's missed it and left Higgins a cut on a red into the bottom left. It goes and Higgins - just - is on the black. That goes too, and he's in.

Higgins 5-3 Akani

A 24 in total makes it three in a row for Akani.

Higgins 5-2 Akani (21-57)

A poor safety from Higgins serves up a chance for Akani. Two reds and two pinks go, and he's dropped in behind frame ball red down the left rail. It's a nice one for a left-hander and he drops it in; we're going 5-3 folks!

Higgins 5-2 Akani (21-42)

Akani pots a red to get to 38, but accidentally clips another on his travels and leaves only a thin cut on the black with the rest. It's a big shot, and it doesn't go close; Higgins then utilises the rest to get a red down, and starts to counter. It goes wrong early though as he misses a thin green, which in turn causes him to miss the cluster of three reds he was aiming for, and we're soon into a safety exchange.

Higgins 5-2 Akani (12-25)

Higgins cracks a long red into the bottom right, but chases it straight down the hole to give away four. With hand on table Akani drops a red into the bottom left, and he's on the blue. It's a decent chance, and Akani sets about it; 21 and counting so far.

Higgins 5-2 Akani (12-0)

Someone of Higgins's experience will hardly be panicking here, but if Akani can snag another frame here then this gets interesting. He almost gets a red in at the start of the eighth, deflected off the black while playing safe, but it rattles in the jaws of the bottom left and stays there. Higgins bags it and splits the reds off the blue, but he's landed on nish and it's end of break.

Around the tables

John Astley 3-2 Mark Joyce
Barry Hawkins 6-1 Gao Yang
Mark King 5-2 Gerard Greene
Joe O’Connor 3-3 Mark Allen
Noppon Saengkham 4-3 Ali Carter
Alexander Ursenbacher 3-4 David Gilbert
Gary Wilson 3-4 Liam Highfield

Higgins 5-2 Akani

Akani gets a reprieve as Higgins misses a red when hampered by leaning over another and bridging the pack. That leaves Akani a tap in, and a quick 21 pulls back another frame for him.

Higgins 5-1 Akani (0-55)

Another trip into the pack by Akani is favourable and has made this a frame-winning chance. A black takes him to 55, but then he misses a slightly off-straight red by a shocking margin and it's end of break. Did he get a kick there? Either way, it's gifted a great chance to Higgins to get right back in this one.

Higgins 5-1 Akani (0-19)

Is there a comeback in the air? Akani hoses in a superb long red at the start of the seventh, followed by a yellow to send the white in and out of baulk and back down for his next red. A nice split on the reds soon after when potting the black has opened up this frame for him.

Higgins 5-1 Akani

Higgins takes two reds and blacks, but in attempting to lay a snooker leaves a red over the bottom left and immediately concedes.

Higgins 5-0 Akani (4-68)

Akani pots frame ball blue, and a red to follow, but goes in-off as he does so! It still means two snookers to win for Higgins with 59 left on the table, and he's interested enough to come to the table.

Higgins 5-0 Akani (0-56)

This break goes to 44, more than double Akani's previous best tonight. He's got three reds left in the wide open and he should peg one frame back here.

Higgins 5-0 Akani (0-25)

Since missing frame ball pink to go 1-1, Akani hasn't potted a ball. He's got a chance now though, as Higgins misses a red to the bottom right and leaves a mid-range red to the bottom left. Akani drives it in, but can only make 12 before losing position and playing safe. He's back in now though after Higgins leaves a red over the left middle. Off the blue he opens the pack, freeing the previously tied up pink and black, and this is a chance.

Higgins 5-0 Akani

After landing gun barrel straight on the black, Higgins gets across the table superbly with a deep screw with side when potting said black to land on the other side of the pack and on his next red. That goes, the black follows to make sure of the frame and Akani folds his hand when Higgins misses thereafter.

Higgins 4-0 Akani (50-0)

After Higgins's safety Akani throws everything at a long red to the bottom left, and he's missed it. In response, Higgins tags a red into the left middle and he's on the yellow. The points start piling up again, and a deft, short cut on a red to left middle takes him to fifty in the frame.

Higgins 4-0 Akani (31-0)

We're back, and Higgins is in straight away with a long red into the bottom left to land on the black. He's quickly up to 23 in this break; the pack will need a tickle shortly to keep going, but if that works out he could take out another frame in one hit here. Higgins does indeed go into the pack off the black, but it's only a glancing blow and he's on nothing.

Around the tables

John Astley 2-2 Mark Joyce
Barry Hawkins 4-1 Gao Yang
Mark King 4-1 Gerard Greene
Joe O’Connor 2-2 Mark Allen
Noppon Saengkham 3-2 Ali Carter
Alexander Ursenbacher 1-3 David Gilbert
Gary Wilson 1-3 Liam Highfield

Higgins 4-0 Akani

The first ton of the evening arrives, which Higgins turns into a magnificent 131 without even bothering to attempt the final black.
That brings us to the interval, we'll be back with you in 15 minutes.

Higgins 3-0 Akani (72-0)

That's the frame as the break reaches 72. This is perfect matchplay snooker from Higgins; Akani hasn't had a chance to work missing frame ball pink in the second out of his system yet, as Higgins has dominated the table since.

Higgins 3-0 Akani (56-0)

A more emphatic split of the reds, this time after potting the blue, has left this frame at the mercy of Higgins. The break quickly reaches a half-century and Akani can do nothing but hope Higgins somehow misses from here.

Higgins 3-0 Akani (20-0)

A poor safety from Akani leaves a red on to the right middle. Higgins gently rolls it in, and he's away again. An early trip into the bunch off the black frees a few more reds, and he's threatening to run away with this match.

Around the tables

John Astley 1-1 Mark Joyce
Barry Hawkins 3-1 Gao Yang
Mark King 2-1 Gerard Greene
Joe O’Connor 1-2 Mark Allen
Noppon Saengkham 2-1 Ali Carter
Alexander Ursenbacher 1-2 David Gilbert
Gary Wilson 1-2 Liam Highfield

Higgins 3-0 Akani

An 87 for Higgins puts him three in front.

Higgins 2-0 Akani (68-0)

Playing nothing like the player who struggled through a frame less than 10 minutes ago, Higgins makes the frame safe and has a good chance to crack on and make a ton here. He's just switched this on like the flicking of a light switch.

Higgins 2-0 Akani (43-0)

A lovely long red into the bottom right by Higgins, followed by the pink with the rest into the same pocket, has teed up a chance at the start of frame three. This frame quickly becomes the polar opposite of the previous one; Higgins is moving smoothly around the table, cobbling together a heavy break that might soon win this very quickly.

Higgins 2-0 Akani

This is a choker for Akani; Higgins steps in to pot pink and black, and he's nicked this epic frame.

Higgins 1-0 Akani (40-48)

A poor safety from Higgins leaves the green on to its own pocket, and in it goes. Akani needs up to and including the pink for the frame; he rattles the blue in with the rest, leaving a mid-range pink for the frame. He lines it up...and it jaws out of the bottom left and sits up over the left middle! Crikey.

Higgins 1-0 Akani (40-36)

Movement! Akani misses a long red, sticking it up over the bottom right for Higgins. That disappears, only for Higgins to then cough the blue out of the left middle to gift a chance to Akani. Red, pink and yellow go, but the green is on the lower right rail and Akani can't get on it. He plays safe, and on we go!

Higgins 1-0 Akani (39-27)

This is a grind for both players. Higgins misses a red to bottom right, which Akani converts but then can't follow up with the pink. We've been going for 31 minutes in this frame, and resolution looks some way off yet.

Higgins 1-0 Akani (39-26)

Higgins can only add six as this bitty frame rumbles on. It's a grind, but Higgins gains control by plugging a long red and then laying a snooker behind the pink in baulk. Akani escapes, and after more safety gets a red down of his own followed by the blue but no more. There are three reds left on the table.

Higgins 1-0 Akani (32-20)

Akani gets in next, racking up 20 and looking good for the frame until he sticks to the black and doesn't seem to be on his next red. He cheekily asks for the ball to be cleaned, a request that is turned down much to Akani's amusement. It's a tight pot and he plays it anyway, hosing in the red but the black moved in the process and it's seven away to Higgins.

Higgins 1-0 Akani (25-0)

A safety exchange opens frame two, which Higgins eventually breaks by clipping in a long red to the bottom right and landing on the blue. A superb recovery cut on a blue to the left middle keeps him going just as it looks like he'd lost position, but on 25 he misses a pink to right middle by a long way and it's end of break.

Higgins 1-0 Akani

A quick 25 from Higgins puts the first frame to bed.

Higgins 0-0 Akani (66-21)

Well now! Needing just frame ball red, Higgins has it straight to the right middle but rolls it out off both knuckles and Akani is still in this with 43 left out there. It's gone the way of the pear now though; Akani goes in-off when potting one of the remaining two reds.

Higgins 0-0 Akani (54-21)

Akani cracks first, missing a deadweight, thin contact on a red that leaves the same ball on to the left middle. The reds are set to go and this is a big chance for Higgins; 32 and counting have been piled on so far.

Higgins 0-0 Akani (18-21)

Akani makes 21, but misses a thin black to the bottom right after running out of position. Safety ensues, from which Higgins eventually tags in a long red and tucks Akani in behind the yellow. we're into a protracted safety battle now, with seven reds still left on the table.

Higgins 0-0 Akani (17-0)

It's a cagey start, until Higgins picks out a plant into the right middle which lands him perfectly on the black. It's a good chance, with lots of reds in the open, but he misses a simple green to its own pocket to bring his break juddering to a halt on 17. Instead, it's now a great chance for Akani.

Here we go

Akani steps in first, followed by Higgins. Best of 11 then for a place in the third round.

The lowdown

History won't be an overbearing factor in this one; these two have never faced each other before. Akani is currently ranked 58th in the world, and will be a huge underdog tonight. Although he hasn't kicked on and won one, Higgins has reached three ranking event this season and is bang in form.

Earlier today

Here are the results from the afternoon session, and another big name has gone; 2021 Masters champion Yan Bingtao has been eliminated by Ben Woollaston.
Dominic Dale 6-4 Si Jiahui
Michael Holt 5-6 Andy Hicks
Martin O’Donnell 4-6 Jack Lisowski
Joe Perry 2-6 Matthew Selt
Kyren Wilson 6-0 Jak Jones
Yan Bingtao 3-6 Ben Woollaston
Wu Yize 6-4 Hammad Miah
Ronnie O’Sullivan 6-2 Robbie Williams

Good evening!

Welcome back to live coverage of the 2021 UK Championship from the Barbican Centre in York.
We’ve got a busy evening tonight, with eight second round matches in action. Our focus will be on John Higgins, the winner of this event in 1998, 2000 and 2010, against Sunny Akani. Boys will be baized in 15 minutes.


That's us for the afternoon

Thanks for your company, we'll be back from 6.45pm with John Higgins versus Sunny Akani.


Dominic Dale 4-2 Si Jiahui
Michael Holt 3-2 Andy Hicks
Martin O’Donnell 1-3 Jack Lisowski
Joe Perry 1-4 Matthew Selt
Kyren Wilson 5-0 Jak Jones
Yan Bingtao 1-3 Ben Woollaston
Wu Yize 5-3 Hammad Miah

Ronnie O'Sullivan is through to the last 32

Robbie Williams could conceivably have won the first three frames today, but from 2-1 behind O'Sullivan went through the gears and rattled off five frames in a row to secure victory. He'll have to play better than this to win the tournament, but five half-centuries today have done the necessary and he'll face either Gerard Greene or Mark King in the next round.

O'Sullivan 6-2 Williams

A half-century of 55 does the necessary.

O'Sullivan 5-2 Williams (56-10)

O'Sullivan is in his element now, buzzing around the pink and black spots and racking up points quickly. His break goes to 47 with frame ball red, and he'll soon be in the last 32.

O'Sullivan 5-2 Williams (15-10)

Williams gets a long red down but can't land on the black, but is in soon after as O'Sullivan misses a long red of his own to leave the cue ball in the middle of the table. Can Williams prolong the argument? Not now, as his break falters on nine as he can't land on the black again. Williams then plays a couple of loose safety shots, with the air of someone who knows they're beaten. He gets away with the first one but not the second, and O'Sullivan is in.

O'Sullivan 5-2 Williams (9-0)

A heavy break-off from O'Sullivan leaves Williams a long red to the bottom right, but he can't convert it and sticks the red up over the bottom right. O'Sullivan can only pot red-yellow before missing a plant, but gets back in after Williams misses a long red to the yellow pocket, but this time manages no more than red-blue. A jerky start to this eighth frame.


Dominic Dale 3-2 Si Jiahui
Michael Holt 3-1 Andy Hicks
Martin O’Donnell 1-3 Jack Lisowski
Joe Perry 1-3 Matthew Selt
Kyren Wilson 4-0 Jak Jones
Yan Bingtao 1-3 Ben Woollaston
Wu Yize 5-2 Hammad Miah

O'Sullivan 5-2 Williams

A break of 66 wins O'Sullivan his fourth frame on the spin; he's just one away from the next round.

O'Sullivan 4-2 Williams (52-7)

It's another half-century for O'Sullivan, who is threatening to run away with this match. He's in total control now in this break and is only a few pots away from securing the frame.

O'Sullivan 4-2 Williams (25-7)

Williams fires back in frame seven, booming in a long red to the bottom right. He can only add a blue and another red however, before losing position on the pink. Safety ensues, from which Williams leaves a red over the bottom right which O'Sullivan belts in to leave a long blue to the yellow pocket. That goes too, and it's a chance. In co-comms, Fouldsy notes how many shots are providing kicks and bobbling reds and colours along the table into pockets. It's not easy out there, but O'Sullivan is gradually getting this one under control.

O'Sullivan 4-2 Williams

O'Sullivan cuts in frame ball red, and we're done here. A total of 45 establishes a two frame gap for the first time today.

O'Sullivan 3-2 Williams (48-1)

A superb safety from Williams, trapping O'Sullivan tight behind green in baulk, gives him a chance as O'Sullivan's attempted glancing escape off two cushions catches his target red thick. Williams plugs a red but then gets a brutal kick when potting the pink, throwing the pot offline and nixing his break at a solitary point. Even worse, it's served up a chance to win the frame for O'Sullivan who is not hanging about.

O'Sullivan 3-2 Williams (23-0)

Now we get a look at the quality of O'Sullivan's safety game, as he gets the better of Williams and forces an error that leaves a red on to the right middle. O'Sullivan is quickly taking advantage, and the barrage of safety shots at the start of the frame have left a load of points on here. He gradually loses control of the white after getting a vile kick when potting the blue, and is visibly annoyed to leave the table having only made 23.

O'Sullivan 3-2 Williams

It's a 74 for O'Sullivan as he regains the lead in the match.

O'Sullivan 2-2 Williams (75-9)

This is light work. A black takes O'Sullivan to 66, and Williams needs snookers. Another red thereafter ensures Williams won't be playing on for them.

O'Sullivan 2-2 Williams (37-9)

O'Sullivan takes charge in the frame, draining a mid-range red into the bottom right to land on the pink. These are set nicely, and O'Sullivan is quickly making hay; this could go in one visit.

O'Sullivan 2-2 Williams (8-9)

We're back, and O'Sullivan picks up eight from fouls after trapping Williams behind the yellow, but then misses a straight red on the stretch to gift a chance to Williams. Only nine comes from it though, and we're soon locked in the first safety exchange of the match.

O'Sullivan 2-2 Williams

O'Sullivan makes 91, robbed of a century only by a stubborn red that refuses to drop into the bottom right. We're all square at the interval after a thoroughly entertaining four frames. See you in 15 minutes.

O'Sullivan 1-2 Williams (54-0)

In these situations O'Sullivan makes this brutally difficult sport look insultingly easy. In no time he's accumulated a half-century, jabbing the white around the black spot and occasionally up for the blue. It's computer game stuff from the Rocket.

O'Sullivan 1-2 Williams (15-0)

A loose safety from Williams at the start of the fourth leaves O'Sullivan a look at a red to the right middle. He drops it in nicely, deftly screwing back for the black, and within a few shots he's boomed the pack open off the blue. That's a stunning shot, and they've landed like a practice table.


Dominic Dale 1-2 Si Jiahui
Michael Holt 1-1 Andy Hicks
Martin O’Donnell 0-1 Jack Lisowski
Joe Perry 0-2 Matthew Selt
Kyren Wilson 2-0 Jak Jones
Yan Bingtao 0-1 Ben Woollaston
Wu Yize 3-1 Hammad Miah

O'Sullivan 1-2 Williams

Williams jabs in a difficult red with the rest into the bottom right, before following it up with frame ball pink. Another red follows, and this one's done; he's played really well so far this afternoon and deserves his lead. A total of 68 puts the third frame to bed.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Williams (2-51)

A quick 40 from Williams gives him a huge lead in the frame, but it's getting tougher. There are six reds left, five of which are near cushions, so it needs some work to get it over the line at this visit.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Williams (2-11)

O'Sullivan's night quite at it yet this afternoon. He clips a red into the left middle to leave a cut on a black that will open up the pack. It rattles and doesn't drop, and a few shots later Williams flukes a red into the bottom right and he's on the brown. The break clangs to a halt on 11 though as he misses a cut on a red to bottom right, and it's a chance for O'Sullivan. Again, though, it goes wrong after the first red; O'Sullivan rattles a black in the jaws of the bottom right and it stays out.

O'Sullivan 1-1 Williams

It's a ton for Williams as he drills in a black to land on the final red. He goes on to make 114, and we're all square.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Williams (0-60)

A tough red with the spider and cue extension leaves Williams a long blue to the green pocket to keep going. It could win him the frame, and he drills it in imperiously; a later black takes his break to 56, and another good pot on a red to left middle has made the frame look a certainty.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Williams (0-30)

It's another four pointer for Williams as O'Sullivan misses a thin contact safety, and he then gets the first chance of frame two by sweeping a red into the bottom right and landing on the yellow. It's another good scoring chance, can he make this one stick? It's 30 and counting so far.

O'Sullivan 1-0 Williams

O'Sullivan gets the mop out, and a breezy 58 bags the first frame.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Williams (24-46)

Williams takes his break to 38, but faces a tough red along the bottom rail to keep going. He has to try and force it to get on the black, and it rattles and stays out. This is trouble; all remaining reds are wide in the open, with the colours on their spots.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Williams (24-23)

It's a chance for Williams as O'Sullivan goes in-off into the bottom left. Williams clips a red into the left middle, and he's away. A nice shot on the blue, canoning into the pink and a cluster of reds, has quickly turned this into a good scoring chance.

O'Sullivan 0-0 Williams (24-4)

Williams breaks, and O'Sullivan explodes from the blocks by nailing a gun barrel straight red to the bottom left to land on the black. He can only make 24 though before running the white into the bunch and failing to land on a colour. He misses his one cushion attempt to land on the green, and it's a free ball to Williams.

Here they come

Our MC Rob Walker introduces the players, and it's a delight to see Williams stride out to Feelin' by The La's. It's first to six then for a place in the third round. We'll also keep you updated on the seven other matches taking place this afternoon.

Let him entertain you etc

There's your obligatory Robbie Williams of Take That and the singing reference whenever Robbie Williams the snooker player is on the baize. He's got a big ask today, because whenever these two have met before the entertaining has been done exclusively by O'Sullivan; Williams has lost all three of their meetings, by an aggregate of 12-1 in frames.

Ronnie the eighth?

No player has won this tournament as many times as Ronnie, and he's after his eighth UK crown here in York. He's had his tournament-winning capacity questioned - by Judd Trump no less - after losing five ranking event finals last season. It's been a long time since O'Sullivan won the 2020 World Championship, his last tournament victory; can he get back to winning ways in the next eight days?

Good afternoon!

Welcome to live coverage of the second round of the UK Championship from the Barbican Centre in York.
It was quite the first round on Tuesday thru Thursday, with some brilliant matches and two genuine shocks; defending champion Neil Robertson and 2008 winner Shaun Murphy were both eliminated, the latter to the soundtrack of his own harrumphing about amateurs being allowed to participate in this event.
On we plough however, and 64 players are left in the hat. This afternoon we’ve got a treat, as the record seven-time winner of this event, Ronald Antonio O’Sullivan, takes on Robbie Williams. It's bitter out there today in the UK so it’s time to stay in, get yourself a mug of something warm and let us guide you through the afternoon.
Frame-by-frame commentary will start from 12:45.

Five players to watch over the weekend on Eurosport

Ronnie O'Sullivan v Robbie Williams (1pm on Saturday)

Let me entertain you? The seven-times UK champion began his win over Michael White in the first round like a house on fire with two centuries giving him the platform for a 6-3 triumph over the double ranking event winner White, who performed strongly in defeat.
O'Sullivan loves York and will face world number 68 Williams in the knowledge that he has already been involved in a proper scrap to reach the second round with White levelling at 3-3 from 3-1 behind.
Expect him to settle into the tournament from this point onwards against an opponent he has only lost one frame against in three previous victories.

Mark Allen v Joe O'Connor (7pm on Saturday)

Allen missed his Champion of Champions defence due to personal issues, but returned with a solid enough 6-2 success against Michael Judge in the first round.
Allen recently lifted the Northern Ireland Open with a 9-8 win over John Higgins and has a record of performing strongly at the UK Championship. He reached the final a decade ago, succumbing 10-8 to Judd Trump, and lost 10-6 to Ronnie O'Sullivan three years ago.
O'Connor reached the semi-finals of the Welsh Open in 2019 and has the ability to trouble any player on the professional circuit.

Judd Trump v Chris Wakelin (1pm on Sunday)

Trump made light work of world seniors champion David Lilley in a 6-1 victory in the first round that witnessed two century breaks from the world number two.
Last year's finalist faces a potentially tricky encounter against world number 62 Wakelin, who has the potting prowess to produce some breathtaking play as he showed in his 4-0 victory over Stephen Hendry in the English Open second round that included breaks of 141, 135 and 85.

'Ridiculous, audacious and absolutely brilliant' - Trump's sensational colour break to beat Lilley

Zhao Xintong v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh (1pm on Sunday)

This one has the potential to really catch fire.
Chinese kid Xintong, the 2018 China Championship semi-finalist, is potentially a future superstar, but could have his hands full against speed merchant Un-Nooh, who is fresh from hitting five century breaks of 136, 129, 107, 106 and 100 plus 59 and 52 in 72 minutes of his 6-1 drubbing of Hendry in the first round.
It was a match Hendry described as a "clinic" in break-building, but can Un-Nooh build on that stunning form in York?

Hossein Vafaei v Mark Selby (7pm on Sunday)

Selby will be seeking to add the UK title to his world crown lifted in May, but could have his hands full against Iran's leading player Hossein Vafaei.
Vafaei is a dangerous customer as he showed with a 5-0 whitewash of Ronnie O'Sullivan in only 54 minutes in the first round of the German Masters last month.
Selby defeated Vafaei 6-2 in the last 32 a year ago, but he will not underestimate an opponent who defeated him 4-3 at the Welsh Open in 2019.


Second round

November 27
  • 13:00 - Kyren Wilson v Jak Jones
  • 13:00 - Wu Yize v Hammad Miah
  • 13:00 - Yan Bingtao v Ben Woollaston
  • 13:00 - Robbie Williams v Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • 13:00 - Joe Perry v Matthew Selt
  • 13:00 - Michael Holt v Andy Hicks
  • 13:00 - Dominic Dale v Si Jiahui
  • 13:00 - Martin O'Donnell v Jack Lisowski
  • 19:00 - John Astley v Mark Joyce
  • 19:00 - Gary Wilson v Liam Highfield
  • 19:00 - Noppon Saengkham v Ali Carter
  • 19:00 - Mark King v Gerard Greene
  • 19:00 - Barry Hawkins v Gao Yang
  • 19:00 - Alexander Ursenbacher v David Gilbert
  • 19:00 - Joe O'Connor v Mark Allen
  • 19:00 - John Higgins v Akani Songsermsawad
November 28
  • 13:00 - Li Hang v Ricky Walden
  • 13:00 - Tian Pengfei v Stephen Maguire
  • 13:00 - Judd Trump v Chris Wakelin
  • 13:00 - Martin Gould v Cao Yupeng
  • 13:00 - Zhao Xintong v Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
  • 13:00 - Ding Jinhui v Sam Craigie
  • 13:00 - Peter Lines v Fan Zhengyi
  • 13:00 - Robert Milkins v Xiao Guodong
  • 19:00 - Farakh Ajaib v Jordan Brown
  • 19:00 - Anthony McGill v David Grace
  • 19:00 - Zhou Yuelong v Ashley Hugill
  • 19:00 - Anthony Hamilton v Mark Williams
  • 19:00 - Luca Brecel v Tom Ford
  • 19:00 - Stuart Carrington v Stuart Bingham
  • 19:00 - Jimmy Robertson v Graeme Dott
  • 19:00 - Hossein Vafael v Mark Selby
- - -
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