21:00 Murphy's speech, and Star Trek

UK Championship
'Nobody does it like O'Sullivan', two 147s and a quit threat: The best of round one

Here is Murphy accepting his trophy.

'I'd love to say sorry but I'm not!' - Murphy reacts to quickfire title

And the Welsh Open winner is powered by Picard:

Murphy on pre-final prep: 'Star Trek until 3am!'

Which brings our coverage of the Welsh Open to a close.

20:05 - The highlights

Watch the final moments of Murphy's victory here.

'Amazing' - Watch Murphy close out Welsh Open drubbing

And here's Kyren Wilson's wry speech after a humbling defeat.

'Sorry I've not given you your money's worth' - Defeated Wilson

19:40 - Report: Majestic Murphy crushes Wilson

Here's our full report on one of the most one-sided Welsh Open finals ever.

19:35 - Murphy wins with ease

Murphy takes the winning frame at a canter. 9-1 for the new champion as he takes the Ray Reardon trophy in his ninth career title. It was an exceptional performance, and in truth it was hard to tell if Wilson was poor or not - Murphy was unstoppable.

19:25 - Hailstones almost stop play

Hailstones (!) nearly stop play in Welsh Open final

19:18 - Murphy one frame away from title

Murphy starts where he left off, with another century break of 102. He needs just more frame and that will be it for the night.

19:00 - Both players are out

The second session starts, and after a quick handshake Murphy takes to the table.

18:25 - Second session imminent

In a little over half an hour we'll have the concluding session to the final.


Just over an hour until the second session gets underway. Until then, here's something on tonight's probable winner, Shaun Murphy.

What If...? | Shaun Murphy

17:05 - Murphy's long pot

'What a shot!' - Murphy nails long pot off another red

17:00 - Watch Ronnie's Masterclass

Ronnie's Masterclass: How to use the rest for success

16:10 - Murphy on the cusp.

It's 7-1 in Murphy's favour going into the end of the session with a century break. The second will begin at 7pm GMT tonight, and it could be over in a matter of minutes with the first to nine the winner.

15:55 - Wilson finally wins a frame

There is now one frame left in the session, and Wilson could go into it just four behind after winning the game's seventh frame.

15:31 - Murphy six up

Shaun Murphy is now six frames up after a break of 76, with no response from Kyren Wilson, leaves him on the cusp of victory.

15:12 - Wilson goes five down

Wilson looked to have his first frame settled when he left Murphy needing snookers in the fifth frame, only to see his opponent force errors and come back to take the fifth frame on the spin.

14:47 - We're back

We are back from the interval. Let's see what Wilson has got in him.

14:08 - Murphy extends lead

After a tense and hard-fought frame it is Murphy who takes it and he now goes 3-0 up.

Wilson needs to get going here.

13:38 - Murphy doubles his lead

Murphy is in the mood now and he doubles his lead.

Fabulous break of 84.

13:20 - First blood to Murphy

Shaun Murphy kicks off the final with a brilliant century break to set his stall out and take a 1-0 lead.

He was feeling confident when he spoke to Eurosport before the match.

12:45 - We are live!

If you want to watch live coverage of the final you can as we are live on Eurosport and the Eurosport Player.

12:30 - Plant Perfection

Have you ever wondered how to play the perfect plant?

Allow Jimmy Evans and Reanne Evans to show you.

12:15 - The Big Take

Here's today Big Take with some insightful analysis on the exit of Ronnie O'Sullivan.

12:05 - Highlights

Did you miss any of the action yesterday?

Then make sure you catch up with the semi-final highlights.

12:00 - Welcome

Good morning and welcome to Eurosport's live coverage of the Welsh Open final. Don't forget we are live on air from 12:45 GMT.

'What a shot!' - Murphy nails long pot off another red

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