Judd Trump once again proved he is snooker’s greatest puppeteer with an outrageous shot during his Welsh Open victory over Si Jiahui.
Usually the Juddernaut saves his party pieces for when the frames are already in the bag. Not this time.
Leading 3-2 and 54-46 in the sixth frame, with plenty left on the table, the 2019 world champion lined up the black at the bottom of the table, knowing the next ball – the yellow – was tied up on the opposite cushion.
Welsh Open
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Undeterred, Trump not only fizzed home the black, but somehow guided the cue ball around the pink, up the table and into the yellow.
“Oh look at that for a shot,” cried Joe Johnson on Eurosport commentary.
To his and Johnson’s dismay, the yellow painfully drifted from the top cushion to the side cushion. It was a cruel piece of luck.
“If he can’t pot it he’s so unfortunate. What a shot that was, bending round the pink. Wonderful shot.”

'Horrible! Did I use to play like that?' - Trump on gung-ho Si at Welsh Open

With the yellow out of action despite his heroics, Trump played a smart safety that left amateur Si in all sorts of bother.
“A moment of sublime inspiration from Judd Trump,” added Phillip Studd on Eurosport commentary. “Magnificent attempt to get onto the yellow, dislodging it, but playing a very tough snooker nonetheless.”
After missing with his first attempt, Si managed to pull off a remarkable escape act by coming off three cushions to clip the yellow.
But it was Trump who deserved the frame after his creative genius – and he soon secured it, grabbing the match in the process 4-2.
Trump will face Jimmy Robertson in the fourth round on Thursday.
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