Eurosport analyst Alan McManus has heaped praise on Ronnie O’Sullivan after the world champion maintained his perfect record at the Welsh Open, beating Martin Gould 4-0.
The Rocket has now played 12 frames in three matches - against Robbie Williams, Jimmy White and Gould – winning all 12, and was again in effervescent form against The Pinner Potter and finished the match with 97% pot success.
And McManus, talking with Jimmy White and Andy Goldstein in the Eurosport studio, spoke in gilded terms about O’Sullivan.
Welsh Open
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“He makes you feel like you’re not part of the match,” began McManus.
He makes you feel inferior.
"So much so that when you get your chance – and Martin Gould had chances in the first three frames – you are unable to take them and is that due to who is sitting in the chair? It kind of looked that way.
“[Pre-match] I gave Martin a chance but O’Sullivan takes the match away from you so quickly. He makes you feel inferior.”

‘Brilliant stuff!’ – O’Sullivan seals Gould whitewash with ton

Next up for O’Sullivan later on Thursday is Zhou Yuelong, who beat David Gilbert in the third round.
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