Ronnie O’Sullivan’s 4-0 success over close friend Jimmy White was a match – considering the wealth of natural talent on display – short on vintage snooker.
There were flickers of excellence, mind. And two such moments came in the first frame of the best-of-seven encounter when White laid two - as Neal Foulds described them on commentary – “evil” snookers.

'He could have been there a long while'

Welsh Open
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It took three attempts and a change of tact – from a two-cushion to a one-cushion left-hand, check-side escape – for O’Sullivan to overcome the first. Foulds added that O’Sullivan would have been relieved to escape his plight after just three attempts, saying: “he could have been there a long while”.
However, the Rocket found himself locked up again, a minute later, in a snooker of similar difficulty. Yet, this time, it took just the two attempts, in what was termed a “great” escape by Foulds.

'A brilliant attempt'

The complexity of the first snooker was discussed post-match in the studio by Reanne Evans and Andy Goldstein.
"He [O'Sullivan] changed his mind, which is quite unusual for Ronnie," began Goldstein. "He is someone who is absolutely incredible at getting out of snookers, so for him to change his mind is something."
It was a point Evans agreed with, adding;
Initially it looked really tricky. And there were a couple of ways of doing it with the white so close to the cushion. His final attempt was brilliant.
O’Sullivan ended up winning 4-0, but it wasn’t a match without chances – or fortune - for White, who was the beneficiary of a stroke of luck so sizable in frame two that both men got a fit of giggles, see below:

O’Sullivan and White crack up laughing after jaw-dropping Whirlwind fluke

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