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Mark Selby beats Barry Pinches 4-1!

British Open
'I will enjoy the challenge' – Williams set to test skills on pool table
15/09/2022 AT 10:34
He meets Jamie O'Neill next and played pretty well tonight when he wasn't getting embroiled in scrappy ones, making two tons.

Selby 3-1 Pinches (51-33)

Some chasing of the brown; just when it looks like Bazza's left it, it turns out that it's punkt on the knuckle so Mark has to play safe. Then more or less the same thing happens again but on the side cushion this time, and this time Mark goes for the pot. He doesn't get quite enough on it, leaving it in the jaws, so Barry sees it away and tries a snooker that doesn't work. Mark, though, can't take the long straight blue ... but it's left for him again, long into the green pocket.

Selby 3-1 Pinches (52-29)

Barry plays a terrible shot that leaves Mark the red and brings the blue into play. I'm really not sure what he was doing there and I'm not sure he is either. He apologises because the starter is hard, but he should be apologising to himself because I think this is it. Mark cues beautifully to send the yellow down the side rail and into its own pocket, despatches the green, then sticks the white behind the pink, on the baulk line, with the brown on the bottom cushion. Barry needs a snooker against someone who lays and escapes them as well as anyone who's ever played the game. Enjoy!

Selby 3-1 Pinches (39-29)

Mark removes a red and follows it with a yellow, but that's all he can muster and then Barry can only contribute a red; there's one left. This frame has been going 32 minutes now.

Selby 3-1 Pinches (36-28)

There are three reds left; we're chasing them. But then the week before last, these two played a tactical frame in a the shoot-out, so really who's surprised by this?

Selby 3-1 Pinches (36-21)

Oh Barry! He does a load of hard work, then runs out of position and leaves one for Mark .. no he doesn't! Mark can't see the red and this is now very scrappy and, as such messy.

Selby 3-1 Pinches (36-9)

Mark is working this out well, but because he's not been able to take high-value colours, Barry is still in the frame. As I write that, though, Mark works his way over to the pink ... only to flick the black potting his next red and that's end of break.


I hope everyone's ok.

Selby 3-1 Pinches (11-9)

Mark jawses a long red and can't take the white back to baulk, leaving Barry a simple starter to middle. Pink and black are both out of commission, so there's a lot of work to do here and Barry isn't quite there with the pace of the match table; it's no surprise to see him quickly run out of position, an issue he soon compounds by rattling a long red into the jaws. This hands Mark some nice easy points, but there are loads of difficult reds about the side and black cushion, so a framewinner looks unlikely.

Around the tables

  • Jak Jones 1-3 Fan Zhengyi
  • Michael Holt 0-4 David Grace (finished)
  • Yuan Sijun 1-4 Jamie Jones (finished)
  • Zhao Xintong 2-1 Luca Brecel

Selby 3-1 Pinches

A clearance of 109 - yes, he copes with the pink this time - takes Mark one away.

Selby 2-1 Pinches (78-6)

Much better from Mark, who needed this break. After missing the maxi he lost focus in frame three, but four is now his; the only question is whether he can make his second ton of the evening.

Selby 2-1 Pinches (25-6)

A poor shot from Barrington leaves Selbz a cut and he rams it into the top left and a second one follows it down. He's on the pink and the black will soon be available to both corners, making this a chance.

Selby 2-1 Pinches (9-6)

A poor safety shot from Bazza allows Mark to begin building a break, but he misses a cut into the middle - another cut into the middle - and leaves one. I really didn't see that coming, but he's lost a bit of concentration. Barry, though, can't capitalise, trying to dig into the pack and nestling inside it instead.

Around the tables

  • Jak Jones 0-3 Fan Zhengyi
  • Michael Holt 0-3 David Grace
  • Yuan Sijun 1-3 Jamie Jones
  • Zhao Xintong 1-0 Luca Brecel

Selby 2-1 Pinches

I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but after a near-40 minute frame, Barry is in the match!

Selby 2-0 Pinches (53-37)

Yeah, Pinches inevitably ends up in a snooker and foul-miss-free balls. Mark thinks about taking the difficult brown, then puts Barry back, and this time he hits, leaving a difficult cut. So Mark lays another nasty snooker and this time Barry leaves it; if it goes down, Barry will need everything that's left for a respot ... but Mark misses it and leaves it over the pocket! Down it goes, and this will surely be 2-1

Selby 2-0 Pinches (49-34)

Barry makes light work of the difficult red but brings the white too far up the table and snookers himself on the yellow ... no he doesn't! He sends it down, but doesn't have position on the green, a ball that will likely decide the frame - and, if we're being real, the match, If Bazza sorts it he's in it, if Mark does it's over.

Selby 2-0 Pinches (49-24)

But the last four reds are awkward, two close together, a third helping block the various routes to pockets and the other on the top cushion. And have a look! Barry lays a snooker and Mark's escape is horrible, hitting his chosen ball full in the face and leaving an easy starter. If Bazza can't clear up here he'll know he's powerless, but that final red, then getting up to the yellow, which is south of its spot, will be tricky.

Selby 2-0 Pinches (41-8)

Barry misses a red and clips the pack on his way back to baulk. This leaves Mark a starter and he sinks it, but digs into the red too hard so snuggles in behind the green. Barry plays a good escape though and gets to work on a break, but quickly runs out of position and Mark is quickly at the table, ruining his night.

Selby 2-0 Pinches (12-5)

Er yeah. Mark gets in next and does finish on something, but he's soon up in baulk because the table is untidily laid. Consequently, it's soon end of break, but unlike Bazza, he's able to play a telling safety and you don't think it'll long before he's back removing balls.

Selby 2-0 Pinches (0-5)

Bazza gets a starter then plays a decent green, but an infelicitous kiss on the pink when coming down towards the pack means end of break. He gets in next as well ... only to finish on nothing again.

Around the tables

  • Jak Jones 0-2 Fan Zhengyi
  • Michael Holt 0-2 David Grace
  • Yuan Sijun 0-2 Jamie Jones
  • Zhao Xintong 0-0 Luca Brecel

Selby 2-0 Pinches

OH MY ABSOLUTE DAYS! Selby glides the pink towards the middle; he'll have played this shot hundreds of thousands of times ... but he undercuts it and hits the near jaw! He sees the funny side, but what a sickener. But what a player!

Selby 1-0 Pinches (128-0)

He plays a gorgeous black that takes him to the penultimate red, disturbing the ultimate one that was near the middle pocket. This is phenomenally competent behaviour, and down goes the black; the colours are all on their spots. Come on Selbo!

Selby 1-0 Pinches (104-0)

There aren't really any difficult balls among the four reds left nor among the colours. I cannot see him missing any of these!

Selby 1-0 Pinches (64-0)

Mark sinks a difficult red into the middle but like it's nothing, which it most assuredly is not. He then wobbles the next one down the side cushion, and will splat the pack off this next black. It works well too! It's on! Come on Mark

Selby 1-0 Pinches (32-0)

After a couple of Pinches fouls Mark has a long red that he spends a while contemplating. But if he hits it it'll go down because the potting angle is about all he can see, and shonuff that's what happens. This is a proper chance, and please note that there are a lot more red-blacks available than the five he's already handled.

Around the tables

  • Jak Jones 0-1 Fan Zhengyi
  • Michael Holt 0-1 David Grace
  • Yuan Sijun 0-1 Jamie Jones
  • Zhao Xintong 0-0 Luca Brecel

Selby 1-0 Pinches

A run of 72 is enough for the frame. Barry had a good chance there, but ultimately he wasn't good enough to take it.

Selby 0-0 Pinches (39-19)

John Higgins has just booked his place in round two; of course he has. Meanwhile, Selby hits the pink full in the face to split the pack beautifully. The black and pink could be better placed, but this frame is close to over nevertheless.

Selby 0-0 Pinches (17-19)

Mark has some love for this competition, it being the first ranking tournament he won - in 2008 - and he could do with winning it again if he's to catch Judd Trump at the top of the home nations table. But Barry gets in first, gliding a red from close to it a long way into the yellow pocket ... only for the white to end up tight on the side cushion, meaning end of break, Mark, though, behaves extremely oddly (for him), foul-missing twice when trying to roll into the pack, the second time flicking the pink and leaving Bazza the table. Bazza, though, soon gets himself into trouble, getting the wrong side of the blue and allowing Mark to play a taxing safety. It forces him to leave Mark a long red which is duly drained, and this is a chance.

The boyz are baized

Jimmy reckons

Bazza will need to play the match of his life to win tonight. Good luck old mate.


Is 86 in the world now, but he's been around a long old time and knows his way around a 12 by 6.

Also tonight

  • Jak Jones v Fan Zhengyi (19:00)
  • Michael Holt v David Grace (19:00)
  • Yuan Sijun v Jamie Jones (19:00)
  • Zhao Xintong v Luca Brecel (19:00)
  • Stephen Maguire v Dominic Dale (19:00)
  • Si Jiahui v Brandon Sargeant (20:00)
  • Peter Lines v Hossein Vafaei (20:00)
  • Mark Allen v Fraser Patrick (20:00)

Evening all!

Bit of Mark Selbz v Bazza Pinches? Oh go on.

Trump into second round

Not a vintage Trump performance by any stretch, but he makes it into the second round with a 4-2 win over Zhao Jianbo and it's now a year since he lost a best-of-seven match. Wow.

O'Neill edges Maddocks

Elsewhere, Jamie O'Neil has beaten Sean Maddocks in a 4-3 thriller!

Trump (3) 61-9 (2) Zhao

Oh dear. Zhao is off the table after missing a routine black and Trump will surely clear up from here...

Trump (3) 32-1 (2) Zhao

Trump risks a red and it doesn't pay off, and now Zhao is back on the table and already has a red to show for it.

Trump (3) 32-0 (2) Zhao

Trump can only manage a break of 32 but has the advantage in the safety game. Zhao knows that one wrong move and this match is all but over. So far though he's avoided giving Trump a red to look at.

Trump (3) 14-0 (2) Zhao

That's more like it. Trump sinks the first red of the frame with a majestic long-pot on a tight angle. Marvellous.

Trump (3) 8-0 (2) Zhao

An early battle of safeties ensues but Trump comes out on top as Zhao twice fouls as he tries to edge a red to head back up the table.

Trump (3) 90-0 (2) Zhao

I spoke too soon. Trump fluffs a pink for a break of 90 but it's a rapid one inside six-and-a-half minutes. And what's more, he takes the lead for the first time.

Trump (2) 83-0 (2) Zhao

Trump hasn't played well today but he's already sealed this frame and could be on his way to a tournament-high break so far.

McGill beats Heathcote

Elsewhere, Anthony McGill has beaten Louis Heathcote 4-0 to progress into the second round.

Trump (2) 21-0 (2) Zhao

Trump knocks in a red off Zhao's break and gets himself into the mix off a blue. He looks good from hear on in with plenty of reds to choose from.

Trump (2) 126-8 (2) Zhao

A break of 67 sees Trump draw level. That wasn't the breeze it could have been - he needed a few chances to seal it - but Trump is starting to look a little more like the world's best snooker player.

Mark Joyce has Covid-19 symptoms

Update on that Joyce withdrawal. It turns out that, while he has not tested positive for Covid-19, Joyce has developed symptoms and has decided to withdraw on that basis.

Trump (1) 59-8 (2) Zhao

Trump fouls again but is back on the table with an impressive long red as Zhao can't get the white safe. He might clean up from here...

Trump (1) 44-4 (2) Zhao

Zhao fouls twice as he tries to get the ball safe in response to Trump's safety before finally getting safe. Trump then responds in kind with a near identical foul. Time to try again.

Trump (1) 36-0 (2) Zhao

Before you can blink, Trump strings together a run of 36. His positioning is a little off but he plays a decent safety before Zhao returns to the table.

Trump (1) 47-70 (2) Zhao

The underdog takes the lead...

Trump (1) 47-40 (1) Zhao

It's not high quality snooker. Zhao strings together a run of 16 but then misses an easy red. Trump then responds with an easy miss of his own and Zhao is back on the table only to fluff a snooker. Luckily, Trump can't take advantage of that either and Zhao is back on the table after potting a long red. He's the favourite for the frame now.

Jimmy White into round two

Veteran Jimmy White has been given a walkover as Mark Joyce withdraws. Unknown as of yet why Joyce had to pull out of the tournament but White moves into the second round.

Trump (1) 47-12 (1) Zhao

Trump fluffs a snooker after putting far too much behind the white. He looks to have gotten away with it but Zhao sinks a long red and is back in the frame.

Trump (1) 41-11 (1) Zhao

It’s a struggle for Trump as he gets another chance but once again breaks down. It’s not vintage and he’d be in trouble if his opponent could string some pots together.

Trump (1) 27-11 (1) Zhao

Trump knocks in a red to the left middle and the balls are set nicely, but once again he breaks down.

Trump (1) 17-11 (1) Zhao

How’s your luck? Zhao might be best advised not to buy a lottery ticket as he goes into the pack off the blue but sends a red into the bottom-left corner.

Trump (1) 12-7(1) Zhao

Zhao does not pay a heavy price as Trump misses a green, which he attempted to knock in right handed rather than use the rest. Can Zhao cash in?

Trump (1) 12-4(1) Zhao

An error from Zhao who rolls up to the pack but leaves a pot into the right middle. There is absolutely no future in handing openings to the world number one.

Trump (1) 4-4 (1) Zhao

With three reds in baulk, we look set for a lengthy safety battle. If this continues we could be heading for a re-rack.

Trump (0) 117-1 (1) Zhao

Trump splits the pack nicely and moves through the gears to knock in an excellent century (117), his 61st of the season, to level the match.

Trump (0) 36-1 (1) Zhao

Trump is at the table and a building a nice break. This will certainly settle any nerves.

Trump (0) 8-1 (1) Zhao

Trump catches the blue off the break but Zhao does not take advantage and Trump is at the table and in with a scoring chance.
“Catching the blue is infuriating,” said Eurosport’s Neal Foulds. “It does not set you off on a good footing in a frame.”

Trump 1-96 Zhao

At the third time of asking, Zhao gets a good split on the remaining reds and the 17-year-old hoovers up to take the opening frame.

Trump 1-55 Zhao

Zhao has no luck in splitting the pack and he leaves a red over the middle for Trump who has a chance to counter but misses a black. The favourite has not settled yet.

Trump 0-33 Zhao

Another error from Trump, he hit a red on the way back to baulk off a safety, and Zhao has a second chance.

Trump 0-32 Zhao

While Trump has had an amazing season, he has looked vulnerable early in tournaments but No-one has been able to punish his errors. Zhao knocks in a break of 32, but is he the man to topple the world number one?

Trump v Zhao

Trump misses an early red and Zhao has an early chance to put some points on the board.

Murphy 4-1 Surety

“It was a good workout as Zak played alright,” Allan McManus said on Eurosport of Murphy. “It august well.”
Jimmy White added: “The Way he’s striking the ball, he’s put a lot of work in. He has fond memories of the Welsh Open. He will be here to try and defend. The way he is hitting the ball he has every chance.”
Next up, Judd Trump...

Defending champion Murphy knocks in ton as title defence begins at Welsh Open

Murphy (3) 119-0 (1) Surety

Murphy makes an excellent split of the pack and it sets him up for a break of 119, his second ton of the match, to seal his place in round two. Up next we have the world number one, Judd Trump.
“When he’s playing well, few can play better,” Johnson said of Murphy who looks in a mood to defend his title.

Murphy (3) 8-0 (1) Surety

Surety so close with a red, but it stays out and here’s a chance for Murphy to close out the match.

Murphy (2) 69-17 (1) Surety

Surety required two snookers but left a red on for Murphy who knocked it in to clinch the frame and a 3-1 lead.
On Table 2, Matthew Stevens has booked his place in round two with a 4-0 win over James Cahill.

Murphy (2) 50-4 (1) Surety

Another brilliant red from Murphy that Johnson says “it does not get any better than this in terms of cueing.” He was hampered over the yellow pocket with hand bridge hand but knocked it into the middle of the bottom-right pocket and It has set up a frame-winning chance.

Murphy (2) 46-4 (1) Surety

We’ve now got the first sustained period of safety. Murphy will be the happier as there are plenty of reds safe. Surety cannot afford any mistakes.

Murphy (2) 46-0 (1) Surety

Murphy runs out of position off the blue but is 46 to the good and in a strong position with three reds in awkward positions.
Update on Table 2, Matthew Stevens has taken the third frame and is now one from victory against James Cahill.

Murphy (2) 33-77 (0) Surety

Murphy leaves the green on and Surety knocks it in to get his first frame on the board.

Murphy (2) 31-65 (0) Surety

“This frame should be over, but missing that blue was careless and it could come back to bite him,” Johnson said.
Murphy fails to get on the black from the final red and now requires two snookers. It's a big ask now.

Murphy (2) 18-65 (0) Surety

Murphy needs a snooker but the frame is not safe after Surety missed a blue into the middle. With one snooker required to tie, Murphy will play on.

Murphy (2) 12-0 (1) Surety

A stunning long red into the bottom-right pocket from Murphy and an attacking shot off the brown into the pack has given him a chance in the fourth.
"He's one of the best in the business at those sort of long pots," Studd said.

Murphy (2) 1-60 (0) Surety

Murphy knocks in a red and plays a fiendish snooker behind the yellow. Surety has to be careful now as there are reds available.

Murphy (2) 0-60 (0) Surety

Surety misses a red into the middle and the break ends on 60. Can Murphy counter?

Murphy (2) 0-9 (0) Surety

Surety gets a little fortunate as he leaves a red over the pocket but snookers Murphy on it. The defending champion attempts a plant but it fails to drop and it’s a chance for the world number 112.

Murphy (1) 107-16 (0) Surety

Murphy with a break of 107 and he’s two frames to the good.
“This has been clinical stuff from the defending champion,” Studd said. “He looks to be cueing very well.”

Murphy (1) 57-16 (0) Surety

Murphy with a confident split of the pack off the blue and he has a big chance to get the second frame on the board.
"Zak had a chance again but ran out of position and a poor safety could cost him again," Johnson said.
"He could have a 100% pot success and be two frames down," Studd added.
On Table 2, Matthew Stevens has taken the first frame against James Cahill.

Murphy (1) 7-16 (0) Surety

Surety with an excellent opening red, but he runs out of position and his safety is not good. Murphy pounces with a good red and he’s in the balls again.

Murphy 63-62 Surety

Murphy mops up the reds and the colours to snatch the opening frame.
“It was a poor safety that Zak played,” Joe Johnson said. “Full marks to Murphy, they had to be potted.”
"This is what the best players in the world do, they pounce,” Phil Studd added.

Murphy 8-62 Surety

What an error. Surety catches the jaw of the right middle with his safety and has left the table open for Murphy. A big chance to steal.

Murphy 0-62 Surety

Surety attempts to split the remaining reds, but misses his target. He runs for cover with one more red required. 62 ahead with 67 on.

Murphy 0-34 Surety

Surety splits the pack and gets on a red, so it’s a big chance now.

Surety first in

Surety knocks in an excellent red into the middle and he is among the balls. A chance for an early confidence boost for the underdog.

Underway on Table 1

Joe Johnson and Philip Studd are on commentary duty for those watching on TV as Surety break off in this best-of-seven contest.

Betting update

Judd Trump heads the market at 11/4, with Ronnie O’Sullivan at 7/2 and Neil Robertson third best at 6/1. Ding Junhui is 22/1 and Alan McManus has suggested he could offer value if he brings his A game.

Murphy ready for action

Shaun Murphy is first up for our coverage against Zak Surety and he is ready to defend his title.
“When you are coming back to an event as defending champion there is a little bit more on it,” Murphy told Eurosport. “It is great to be at the Welsh Open, in Wales. The only thing that is missing is the crowds.”

Tribute to Doug Mountjoy

“He was a great player, a great guy and will be sorely missed,” Jimmy White pays tribute to Doug Mountjoy, who died on Sunday at the age of 78.

A scene-setting walkabout

Eurosport’s Andy Goldstein is embracing being in Wales, as he opens our coverage with a walk around the grounds of Celtic Manor. Given how cold he looks, he might prefer to be in his bunker in Milton Keynes.

Morning results

It was an early start for some, with the action getting underway at 10am. Ding Junhui knocked in one century, 102, in his 4-1 win over Lyu Haotian, while a 121 was the highlight of Pang Junxu’s 4-0 win over Allan Taylor.

Croeso i Gymru

Welcome to Wales for the rest of us. And yes, the Welsh Open is taking place in Wales. We’ve left snooker’s home from home in Milton Keynes, with the Celtic Manor Resort throwing its doors open. It’s a busy schedule, with defending champion Shaun Murphy kicking off our coverage - with world number one Judd Trump in action later on Monday afternoon.

Scene Setter

The Home Nations returns with the Welsh Open - the culmination of the series - with Shaun Murphy looking to defend the title he won 12 months ago at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff.
World number one Judd Trump will be the hot favourite to take the prize, as he heads to the event in excellent form having won the English Open, Northern Ireland Open, World Grand Prix and the German Masters already this season.
The hope is that all the players are fully focused and have their Sat Navs pointing in the right direction, as the event is actually taking place in Wales - at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport - as opposed to snooker’s home-from-home during the coronavirus pandemic, the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.
The event kicks off on February 15, with 128 players bidding for a share of the £405,000 prize fund. A cheque for £70,000 will be picked up by the winner on February 21.

What is the format?

Players have had to get used to different formats in recent weeks, with the Championship League and Shoot Out to occupy their thoughts, but we are back to a straight draw - with the top 16 seeds occupying different portions of the bracket.
It's best of seven frames all the way to the quarter finals, where it moves to best of nine. The semi-finals are the best of 11, with the final the best of 17.

How to watch the event

The 2021 Welsh Open is live on Eurosport.
You can watch every moment on eurosport.co.uk and the Eurosport app. You can download the Eurosport app for iOS and Android now.


Monday February 15
  • Lee Walker 1-4 Mark Davis (10:00)
  • Andy Hicks 3-4 David Lilley (10:00)
  • Simon Lichtenberg 4-2 Riley Parsons (10:00)
  • Li Hang 0-4 Martin O'Donnell (10:00)
  • Allan Taylor 0-4 Pang Junxu (10:00)
  • Ding Junhui 4-1 Lyu Haotian (10:00)
  • Joe Perry 4-3 Chang Bingyu (10:00)
  • Elliot Slessor 4-2 Ben Fortey (a) (10:00)
  • Mattthew Selt 4-0 Lukas Kleckers (12:00)
  • Liang Wenbo 1-4 Joe O'Connor (12:00)
  • Shaun Murphy 4-1 Zak Surety (13:00)
  • James Cahill 0-4 Matthew Stevens (13:00)
  • Sean Maddocks v Jamie O'Neill (13:00)
  • Eden Sharav v Andrew Higginson (13:00)
  • Anthony McGill v Louis Heathcote (14:00)
  • Brian Ochoiski (a) v Paul S Davison (14:00)
  • Gary Wilson v Ashley Hugill (14:00)
  • Xiao Guodong v Iulian Boiko (14:00)
  • Judd Trump v Zhao Jianbo (14:00)
  • Barry Hawkins v Chris Wakelin (16:30)
  • Jordan Brown v Luo Honghao (16:30)
  • Alexander Ursenbacher v Noppon Saengkham (16:30)
  • John Higgins v Steven Hallworth (16:30)
  • Mark Selby v Barry Pinches (19:00)
  • Jak Jones v Fan Zhengyi (19:00)
  • Michael Holt v David Grace (19:00)
  • Yuan Sijun v Jamie Jones (19:00)
  • Zhao Xintong v Luca Brecel (19:00)
  • Stephen Maguire v Dominic Dale (19:00)
  • Si Jiahui v Brandon Sargeant (20:00)
  • Peter Lines v Hossein Vafaei (20:00)
  • Mark Allen v Fraser Patrick (20:00)
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