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That concludes our live coverage for this evening. Join us again tomorrow for more live action from the Welsh Open, as the tournament rattles through rounds three and four.
Take care out there until then, night night.
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Around the tables

Judd Trump 4-2 Si Jiahui (finished)
Joe Perry 4-1 Dylan Emery (finished)
Mark Allen 3-2 Nigel Bond
Jamie Wilson 0-4 David Gilbert (finished)
Jimmy Robertson 0-4 Martin Gould (finished)
Anthony Hamilton 0-1 Zhou Yuelong
Alan McManus vs. Kyren Wilson (TBC)
John Higgins vs. Ben Woollaston (TBC)
Scott Donaldson vs. Gerard Greene (TBC)

Judd Trump is through to the third round

It was closer than it looked tonight for Trump, as he offered Si enough chances to take the match to a decider. Such is his current standing, Trump can bring his B game and his aura will get him the rest of the way. This DiMaggio-esque streak in best of sevens really is becoming quite intimidating for the rest of the tour. As for Si, he should learn a lot from this; chiefly, when you come at the King, don't miss.

Trump 4-2 Si

Si drops in behind the final red, taking it to the bottom left with the rest, but he rattles it out of the pocket and sticks it up over the bottom right. It wasn't an easy shot, but it had to go. Trump clears up, and wins his 28th best of seven in a row.

Trump 3-2 Si (54-38)

It's looking ominous for Si as Trump brings up his half-century with a black that leaves him on a red along the rail to the bottom right. It's tight...and Trump's missed it! It's in the jaws for Si, can he nick this and take it to a decider? The only other red on the table is in an awkward position, but it's a chance.

Trump 3-2 Si (19-38)

Trump wins the safety exchange as Si leaves a red on over the bottom left. This is a chance to win the match, the black is tied up but the blue and pink are on with plenty of reds in good position.

Trump 3-2 Si (0-38)

Nerveless so far from Si, but he loses position slightly after a misjudged glance off the pack and his break curtails at 38. It's a useful lead though, and he's right in Trump's grill in this match.

Trump 3-2 Si (0-16)

Trump misses a long red to the bottom left at the start of the sixth, leaving Si a difficult red across the table with the white near the left rail. Si drops it in superbly to land on the black though, and with four other reds to play for he's got a chance early on here.

Around the tables

Judd Trump 3-2 Si Jiahui
Joe Perry 4-1 Dylan Emery (finished)
Mark Allen 2-2 Nigel Bond
Jamie Wilson 0-3 David Gilbert
Jimmy Robertson 0-4 Martin Gould (finished)
Anthony Hamilton 0-0 Zhou Yuelong
Alan McManus vs. Kyren Wilson (TBC)
John Higgins vs. Ben Woollaston (TBC)
Scott Donaldson vs. Gerard Greene (TBC)

Trump 3-2 Si

It's a 75 for Si, who reduces Trump's lead to just one frame.

Trump 3-1 Si (2-66)

Si's break goes to 66 with the black, and with only 59 left on Trump now needs two snookers. This has been an impressive response, and with Trump not fully firing tonight there's some pressure on this next frame for both players.

Trump 3-1 Si (2-35)

This is a big chance for Si, who has blue, pink and black available and reds in the open. His break is up to 35 so far, and there's enough that's easy to sort this in one hit.

Trump 3-1 Si (2-0)

Trump misses a thumping long effort on a red to bottom left, launching the object ball into the air on its way out of the jaws. That leave Si a difficult red along the rail to the bottom right, and he's missed it. Clearly in the mood to sort this in one go, Trump thumps in the stray ball and flukes another as the white wallops into the pack, so his break is two and counting. He can't plug the green into the left middle to follow though, and Si is in.

Trump 3-1 Si

Si calls it off after Trump puts the yellow, and the world number one is just one frame away from the third round.

Trump 2-1 Si (68-32)

A delicate red to right middle from close range puts Trump 36 ahead with just the colours remaining. Trump misses the pink so Si will play on, but he needs three snookers as things stand.

Trump 2-1 Si (44-32)

Trump picks out a nice red to bottom right despite being hampered by the brown, but can only add the blue to it. He's soon back in though as Si leaves him a red over the bottom right, and with a deep screw on that and a booming pink to yellow pocket he's right in position to win the frame at this visit.

Trump 2-1 Si (22-32)

Trump gets in with a red to the bottom right, and a nice kiss on the blue leaves him straight on it to the right middle. In getting to 22 though his attempt to split the remaining pack of reds doesn't come off, and he's forced to play safe. That's a reprieve for Si.

Trump 2-1 Si (0-32)

In getting to 31 Si booms the black into the bottom left, but can't get enough action on the white to swerve it into the pack and misses it completely. He's got the early advantage in the fourth, but he might rue not making more of that chance.

Trump 2-1 Si (0-8)

Si scores a fluke on a red into the green pocket when playing safe, but then misses a yellow into the same pocket. He soon gets another chance though as Trump misses an off-straight red into the bottom left from mid-range. It's been full of errors so far, and surely Si has to punish that one from Trump to stay in this.

Around the tables

Judd Trump 2-1 Si Jiahui
Joe Perry 2-1 Dylan Emery
Mark Allen 1-1 Nigel Bond
Jamie Wilson 0-1 David Gilbert
Jimmy Robertson 0-3 Martin Gould
Alan McManus vs. Kyren Wilson (to follow)
John Higgins vs. Ben Woollaston (to follow)
Scott Donaldson vs. Gerard Greene (to follow)

Trump 2-1 Si

An 82 from Trump secures the third frame.

Trump 1-1 Si (69-4)

A longer than necessary pink from Trump drops into the bottom right, followed by frame ball red into the bottom left. It's been a slow start from him tonight, but he's in gear now.

Trump 1-1 Si (41-4)

Si picks up four after a deadweight containing safety from Trump pulls up short, but then leaves his opponent in after catching a safety too thick. This is a big chance, as Si's safety really opened the reds up. It's 41 and counting for Trump.

Trump 1-1 Si

Trump arrives in the match, tagging in a long yellow and then clearing up to the blue to leave Si needing a snooker. He can't find one, and Trump clips in the pink to draw level.

Trump 0-1 Si (42-42)

Oof, what a miss from Judd! He fails to convert the black off its spot when bringing the final, awkward red into play. He leaves it on for Si, who plugs it in the left middle but runs out of position and has to play safe. We're all square in the frame, with just the colours left out there.

Trump 0-1 Si (29-41)

On nine Si misses a black, another easy looking pot. That's two open looks he's had at a 2-0 lead, will he get a third? It's not looking immediately likely as Trump steps in and starts racking points, but there is a red on the left hand rail that could keep Si in the argument in this frame.

Trump 0-1 Si (1-32)

Now then, Si. Trump misses a red to the bottom right, having gone all out to land on blue to left middle, and he's left a real chance on here. Si's not mucking around; he gets to 32 in no time and splits the pack off the black, turning a promising chance into a frame-winning one. It goes horribly wrong on his next shot though as he overcuts a simple red to the bottom right and leaves Judd in. That's usually the cue for merciless punishment from Trump, but he misses the blue after his opening red, and Si is in again.

Trump 0-1 Si

Another foul from Si sends four points Trump's way. He's got the chance to win the frame now though, as Trump overcuts a red to the bottom right badly and leaves the frame at Si's mercy. He picks off the two reds with colours, and needs yellow plus green to leave Trump needing snookers...and he's got them! The green on the stretch was an excellent shot, and Si mops up to the pink to take the first frame.

Trump 0-0 Si (44-57)

Trump picks off two of the remaining reds in a quick break of 15. Disaster then strikes for Si; he misses a thin contact on one of the other reds and leaves a free ball for Trump. Luckily, he doesn't pay too heavily; Trump can't shift the last two reds off the bottom cushion and plays safe thereafter. Si misses the thin edge again, before going in-off; to add to the larks, Trump misses a thin contact to hand back four of the points. We've had 25 minutes so far, and this one is in the balance.

Trump 0-0 Si (11-53)

Si gets to 31 before a terrible positional shot leaves his snookered on the black. No matter; a stunning long brown into the yellow pocket keeps him going! In total he makes a tidy 51 before having to play safe; Trump has four reds left with which to try and manufacture a way back in this frame.

Trump 0-0 Si (11-11)

After a prolonged exchange of safetys and shots to nothing, Trump breaks the deadlock with a mid-range red to the bottom right. He can only add the yellow though before missing his next red, and he's left Si a simple plant to get going here. The table is a bit of a mess after all of that safety, but there's points to be had.

Trump 0-0 Si (8-2)

What a start for Si! He absolutely hoses a long red into the bottom right, clipping off the pack to land on the yellow as he does so. He then misses said yellow, and leaves Trump in. Judd can't take advantage though, making only eight before missing a long red to the green pocket. Si clangs that red in with a bit of swerve before trying and failing to lay a snooker behind the yellow.

Here we go

The boys are baized, and we're off.

In other news...

The king is back; where's his crown at? Last night, the great Stephen Hendry announced that he will return to the baize for the Gibraltar Open in March. Wonderful news.

Can Judd win another one?

So far in the 2020/21 season Judd Trump has won the English and Northern Ireland Opens. Can he snag another of the Home Nations series and win here at Celtic Manor? It's a tall order for the 18-year old Si Jiahui to stop him tonight; he did win his first match in a ranking event this season with a 4-2 triumph over Brandon Sergeant in the last round though, so he has a bit of form in the tank.

Good evening!

Welcome to live coverage of the evening session of day three of the Welsh Open. Here’s a quick overview of who plays who in these second round matches, with our featured match being world number one Judd Trump against Si Jiahui.
From 7pm:
Judd Trump vs. Si Jiahui
Joe Perry vs. Dylan Emery
Mark Allen vs. Nigel Bond
Jamie Wilson vs. David Gilbert
Jimmy Robertson vs. Martin Gould (TBC)
Alan McManus vs. Kyren Wilson (TBC)
John Higgins vs. Ben Woollaston (TBC)
Scott Donaldson vs. Gerard Greene (TBC)


Selby 4-1 O’Neill

It wasn’t pretty but Selby grinds his way to the fifth frame to claim victory over O’Neill.
We’ll now head off for a cuppa and will be back firing on all cylinders for Judd Trump against Si Jiahui. Join us from 7pm.

Williams 4-1 Highfield

Highfield pays a heavy price for failing to get safe out of a routine snooker, as Williams rolls in the colours to book his place in round three.

Selby 3-1 O’Neill

O’Neill breaks down on 46 and Selby steps in with a break of 25 to steal the fourth - which he secured on the black after both missed chances.

Welsh Open schedule: Wednesday

  • Martin O'Donnell 4-0 Ken Doherty
  • Pang Junxu 4-2 Ding Junhui
  • Matthew Stevens 1-4 Stephen Maguire
  • Joe O'Connor 4-1 Andrew Higginson
  • Gary Wilson 1-4 Xiao Guodong
  • Alexander Ursenbacher 4-3 Robert Milkins
  • Jak Jones 4-2 David Grace (10:00)
  • Jamie Jones 3-4 Mark King
  • Anthony McGill 4-0 David Lilley (12:00)
  • Barry Hawkins 4-0 Simon Lichtenberg (12:00)
  • Shaun Murphy 4-1 Stuart Carrington (13:00)
  • Oliver Lines 0-4 Matthew Selt (13:00)
  • Ricky Walden 4-3 Graeme Dott (13:00)
  • Jimmy White 0-4 Ronnie O'Sullivan (13:00)
  • Mark Selby 4-1 Jamie O'Neill (14:00)
  • Jordan Brown 4-3 Sam Craigie (14:00)
  • Zhao Xintong 3-4 Hossein Vafaei (14:00)
  • Mark Williams 4-1 Liam Highfield (14:00)
  • Ali Carter 4-1 Aaron Hill (14:00)
  • Ryan Day v Mark Davis (16:30)
  • Yan Bingtao v Brian Ochoiski (16:30)
  • Sunny Akani v Jack Lisowski (16:30)
  • Elliot Slessor v Tom Ford (16:30)
  • Judd Trump v Si Jiahui (19:00)
  • Joe Perry v Dylan Emery (19:00)
  • Mark Allen v Nigel Bond (19:00)
  • Jamie Wilson v David Gilbert (19:00)
  • Jimmy Robertson v Martin Gould (19:00)
  • Alan McManus v Kyren Wilson or Chen Zifan (20:00)
  • John Higgins v Ben Woollaston (20:00)
  • Scott Donaldson v Gerard Greene (20:00)
  • Anthony Hamilton v Zhou Yuelong (20:00)

What is the format?

Players have had to get used to different formats in recent weeks, with the Championship League and Shoot Out to occupy their thoughts, but we are back to a straight draw - with the top 16 seeds occupying different portions of the bracket.
It's best of seven frames all the way to the quarter finals, where it moves to best of nine. The semi-finals are the best of 11, with the final the best of 17.

How to watch the event

The 2021 Welsh Open is live on Eurosport.
You can watch every moment on and the Eurosport app. You can download the Eurosport app for iOS and Android now.
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