Wilson and McGill were locked at 16-16 going into their decider at The Crucible and what followed was a stunning piece of sporting drama.
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'I need to be patient' - McGill on defeat to Bingham at Crucible
28/04/2021 AT 19:30
The total frame score of 186 was one of the highest in history following a succession of fouls from both players, as well as some truly shocking misses.
As Wilson put it in the Eurosport studio afterwards: "Mental match, mental decider…I just couldn’t believe what was happening… it was one of the best semi-finals you will ever see."

'You cannot believe it!' - Kyren Wilson misses easiest of reds in deciding frame

McGill’s score of 83 was the highest ever recorded by the losing player in any Crucible frame. Jimmy White put it succinctly in the Eurosport studio: "It's done me swede in!"
And the reaction across social media told its own story. Eurosport expert Neal Foulds reacted as follows:
And current pros couldn’t believe what they were watching…
It was almost impossible to describe what was happening and when - but we picked a particular portion which summed up the chaos, and nerves, on display.
Just watch this:

'The most incredible frame... ridiculous' - Watch remarkable exchanges between Wilson and McGill

The key moment came, once again, in incredible fashion as Wilson fluked a green when attempting a safety round the table, only to see it roll into the pocket.
He responded by holding his head in his hands, as though he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Wilson overcome with emotion after fluking green to finally settle epic final frame against McGill

“He actually had to go to his seat to gather himself, that’s the honour of the sport,” said Colin Murray on Eurosport’s coverage. “That sportsmanship there I think speaks more than all the other drama of the frame.
“Shakespearean, the whole frame.”
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'Just can't wait' - Emotional Bingham on reaching semi-finals
28/04/2021 AT 19:28
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