Ronnie O'Sullian was genuinely pleased for Jordan Brown after his shock defeat in the Welsh Open final, according to the Northern Irishman.
The world champion has not won a title since his triumph at the Crucible last summer but was the heavy favourite at Celtic Manor in February, but lost 9-8 in a thrilling final.
The Rocket gave a concession speech full of humility, which was widely praised after the loss, and Brown has opened up on the events after the trophy ceremony.
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'Get in there!' - The moment Brown shocked O'Sullivan to win Welsh Open title

"He just sat down and started chatting away, not just about snooker but life in general. He seemed genuinely pleased for me," he told
"I got that vibe from him when we were playing too, and what he said after the match, about how well I played.
"I couldn’t quite believe it was about me but you know you must be doing something right when it’s the greatest player the game has seen saying it.
"I know some people find Ronnie spiky and he can rub people up the wrong way with some of the things he says.
"But he has been really good to me. Even at the last event, I met him outside the hotel and we had another good chat, so I think we have built up a friendship at this stage."
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