Stephen Hendry has admitted Jimmy White has “taken me apart” in practice, but expects that to count for nothing when the pair meet in World Championship qualifying.
Henry came out of nine years in retirement earlier this year and said his aim for the remainder of the season was to qualify for the World Championship.
To do that he will have to topple his great rival after the pair were pulled out together in qualifying and will face off on Monday, April 5.
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They have been practising together, and Hendry revealed it has been one-sided.
"He has been taking me apart,” Hendry told
. “Jimmy has stayed on the tour when I've retired for nine years, so he still has that competitive spark.

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"I’ve taken the odd set, but more often than not he has taken me apart.
His game has been better than mine, but I think the slate will be wiped clean when we play in World qualifying because it is a whole different scenario.
There is a huge amount on the match for White, as defeat would likely result in him dropping off the tour - while Hendry has an invitational card for next season.
Hendry is aware of the situation, but his focus will be on his own game.
"It is a difficult thing to think about,” Hendry said. "At the end of the day, both of us have got to go and try and win.
"There is going to be more pressure on Jimmy because of that situation. It is going to be a big thing for Jimmy. If I did do it, it would be a bittersweet moment.”
Hendry defeated White in four World Championship finals, and he feels them meeting in qualifying is a “dream draw.”
"I am really looking forward to it,” Hendry said. “It is kind of a dream draw because we just know each other so well; have so much history.
"It is probably the last time we play in a proper World Championship, so it is something to look forward to."

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Asked if he had any regrets over denying White a world title, Hendry said: "Why would I? It is nothing to do with me. It is sport, an individual sport.
"He was my hero when I first started playing, I wanted him to win, but once I was a professional snooker player it is not down to me.
I love Jimmy, you could not meet a nicer guy, but at the end of the day we are there to win.
"There were times I walked out to finals against him to boos. If you ask Jimmy, he would probably swap that popularity for world titles."
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