Stephen Hendry was in a state of disbelief when he was told that he had drawn Jimmy White in the first round of qualifying for the World Championship.
The pair will face each other in a first-round qualifying match on Monday, April 5 at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. The match will be live on the Eurosport App.
When told of the match-up, Hendry paused and then shook his head, before saying:
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No – stop it! I can’t believe that, you’re winding me up. That is unbelievable.
“Seriously? Seriously? That is unbelievable,” he added.
“All those finals we played. And now we're are starting off at rock bottom, playing each other in the very first round. Incredible.

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“We have been practising together, but that will end now!”
After some time to consider the draw, the seven-time world champion took to social media to add further thoughts, simply saying:
The saga will continue on April 6 at 7.30pm and can be followed on the Eurosport App.

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