Jimmy White has told Eurosport's The Break podcast he is fighting for his future on the Tour ahead of his World Championship qualifier against Stephen Hendry on Monday, but enters the clash full of confidence.
Six-time runner-up White will face seven-time world champion Hendry in a blockbuster draw in World Championship qualifying.
The pair met in four World Championship finals, now they will face each other just for the chance to play at the Crucible proper this year.
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Ahead of their huge match on Monday, White admits his immediate ambition is to be on the Tour and is not out looking to avenge his World Championship final defeats to Hendry.
"I'm trying to fight for my Tour card," he said on episode one of season three of The Break podcast.
"I found a bit of form in Gibraltar and then the next tournament after.
"I've been playing well for quite some time, but unless you're doing it on the match table it's absolutely irrelevant. I've got a lot of confidence.
If I was to beat him ten times in a row I still wouldn't get revenge on all of the world finals. I'm just pleased Eurosport are showing it live so all the snooker fans can get to see it.

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White says part of his newfound confidence from a 4-3 win over rookie Joe O'Connor at the Gibraltar Open last month and is adamant his snooker comeback is "far from over".
"Going into Gibraltar I realised my situation was coming to a head," he said. "I spoke with people around me and I said to myself: 'If I don't start producing, I don't even have a chance to stay on'.
"Luckily enough against Joe O'Connor I found a bit of form and I managed to win that match. Since that actual day my game has been a lot stronger. I've put myself in a good position where I can stay on without asking for a wildcard.
"If worse comes to the worst I will go to Q School. I still love playing, I still play to a good standard, but as I've said before on this podcast, doing it in practice doesn't mean anything. You have to produce it on the match table and I'm starting to do that in bits and pieces.
"Hopefully If I can take the form from the practice table into any one of these tournaments I can win one because I am playing that well. I am focusing on that.
The wildcard situation if I win that will take care of itself. If I don't get my wildcard I go to Q School. It's far from over for me.
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