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That's all from us, we'll be back from 12.45pm tomorrow for the final day of the second round of the 2021 World Snooker Championship.
Take care out there until then, stay well.
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Judd Trump surges into the lead

The world number one was mesmerising this morning, but had a mixed session tonight. Yet while Judd was a little out of sorts at times, David Gilbert had the kind of nightmare session you want to banish from your mind instantly. He lost six of the last seven frames, a spell which leaves him trailing the world's best player by a daunting margin. The players will return for the final session of their match at 1pm tomorrow.
News from our other table: Stuart Bingham has established a 10-6 lead over Jamie Jones, in another match that will resolve itself tomorrow afternoon.

Trump 11-5 Gilbert

It's a 67 from Trump to finish, and he has a six frame lead.

Trump 10-5 Gilbert (70-0)

Frame ball red goes, with the black for insurance. Trump can relax now, and he'll have a surely unassailable lead overnight.

Trump 10-5 Gilbert (54-0)

Gilbert's inability to punish Trump tonight has cost him heavily. He misses a simple straight red across the table and into the right middle, and surely Trump will put it away from here. A red is dispatched into the green pocket, followed by the pink. He'll want to get out of here as quickly as possible too, and he's noticeably refocused himself.

Trump 10-5 Gilbert (27-0)

To even offer himself a glimmer tomorrow afternoon Gilbert surely has to nick this one; 11-5 is curtains against the world number one. He's had a horrible session tonight, and it's not getting any easier. He misses a long red by a wide margin to the bottom right, and leaves Trump straight on a red to right middle. There's a nice scattering of reds and all the colours are available. In goes the red, followed by the blue, and he's away On 27 though he inexplicably misses a black off its spot; Gilbert has struggled badly tonight, but Trump has been misfiring too.

Trump 10-5 Gilbert

Gilbert gets in, cutting in a superb red into the left middle, but he lands low on the black. It's a tough pot, and he doesn't cut it enough; it stays in the jaws and he's left Trump plum on a red in baulk. This is big time trouble for Gilbert. Trump quickly adds 40, and although he can't convert a long red thereafter Gilbert doesn't fancy the two snookers to tie and concedes from his chair. Just like that, Trump moves five ahead.

Trump 9-5 Gilbert (27-0)

Trump's looking to pull away here. He wallops a long red into the bottom left, and he's on the pink. After clearing up what's free he plays the delayed deep screw into the pack off the black, and he's on nish. That's unlucky, and he plays a containing safety.

Trump 9-5 Gilbert

A total of 69 for Trump extends the gap to four frames again.

Trump 8-5 Gilbert (74-0)

Trump's over the line with a simple red to left middle, and the pink to follow puts it beyond doubt. He's not been free-flowing in this break, he's just matter-of-factly getting it done.

Trump 8-5 Gilbert (45-0)

After a few safety shots that open the pack right up, Gilbert goes fully for a red to the bottom right and it's way off. He's left Trump on a red into the left middle, and this looks ominous. Trump needs a good black into the bottom right to get in perfect position, which he middles into the heart of the pocket. It's practice table stuff from here, surely, but we've seen a few jaw-dropping misses today. That's the Crucible for you.

Trump 8-5 Gilbert (21-0)

Here's a huge chance; Trump commits fully to a long red to the bottom left. It misses by a good way, and the white ends up plum on a simple red for Gilbert. There is a load on here, but on 21 Trump misses a shocker of a red to the bottom left! Even more astoundingly, he's not left anything for Gilbert.

Trump 8-5 Gilbert

That's more like it! In potting the green, Gilbert brings out the blue which had been close to the upper right rail. There are no awkward shots anymore, and he dishes up to the pink to get a frame on the board.

Trump 8-4 Gilbert (40-41)

A chance for Gilbert as Trump leaves one of the reds on to the left middle. Gilbert strokes it in, and then pots the green and develops the remaining red in the same shot. Given how this frame has gone, he needed that. The final red goes, followed by the green; the colours up to and including the blue should do it.

Trump 8-4 Gilbert (40-33)

Gilbert can only add 11 before losing position again, and playing safe back to baulk. It's a scrappy one, but there are five open reds out there if either player can get in and stay there. Gilbert goes in-off again from a safety, and from the D Trump drains a long red followed by the brown to come back down the table. Just as he looks set to mop up, he rattles a red hard out of the bottom right, but doesn't leave anything. We've got another tight one here, with two reds left on the table.

Trump 8-4 Gilbert (15-22)

Gilbert adds 17, but overshoots position on the black after potting a red in baulk and it's end of break. Fortune is really piling it on him here, as he drains the next red of the frame into the bottom right, only to watch the white flick off the pink and go in-off. To add to the comedy of errors in this frame, Trump then dumps the white into the bottom right after potting the green. Gilbert's in, and can surely stitch some points together now.

Trump 8-4 Gilbert (10-1)

We're back, and we'll see if Gilbert can get in and nix Trump's momentum here. He launches the first red of frame 13 into the bottom left, but he can't force position on the black. Even worse, he goes in-off when playing back to baulk off it, and that's seven away. Another chance disappears when Gilbert can't convert a long-ish red that's near the bottom right, and he's left it for Trump. A break, though, for Gilbert; Trump only ads red-yellow before leaving a red hanging in the jaws of the bottom left.
Elsewhere, Stuart Bingham got 81 points through a maxi before losing position on the black, and now leads Jamie Jones 8-5.

Trump 8-4 Gilbert

A run of 112 takes Trump into the interval, and he is absolutely buzzing.

Trump 7-4 Gilbert (99-0)

Are we getting an 87th ton of the season? It looks so, and what a half of the draw the bottom is. If Judd wins here he probably plays Murphy next, while Robertson meets Wilson. I can't wait.

Trump 7-4 Gilbert (66-0)

Judd plays a gorgeous shot to dig into the pack via blue then cushion, follows it with a lovely red ... but when the black goes down it has to be replaced on the pink spot so there's work to be done here yet. The pink disappears into the middle and we cut to Dave, who looks extremely resigned - he needs the interval. Back on the table, Judd accumulates with blues, and this is nearly did.

Trump 7-4 Gilbert (15-0)

We being the frame with safety exchange and a frazzled Dave plays a hit and hope that works out fairly well, offering Judd a testing long one ... whoops. He bangs it down and gets to work, quickly manoeuvring onto the black and this is looking ominous.

Trump 7-4 Gilbert

For the first time in the match, one player has a three-frame lead, and it being the best in the world, one of the best ever, is a big problem for Dave. Meanwhile, Jamie Jones has just pulled one back to trail Stuart Bingham 7-5 at the interval.

Trump 6-4 Gilbert (80-16)

Chance for Gilbert? Er not so much, a bad run of the balls apparently (my SkyGo crashed). Anyway Judd is back at the table and it's a long way back for Dave from here.

Trump 6-4 Gilbert (57-1)

Trump rings in a half-century, and with four reds left in the open it looks routine from here. On 57 though he hooks out a simple red that was intended for the right middle, and from nowhere it's a chance for Gilbert. There are a couple of reds that are tight on cushions, but he can get right back in to this here.

Trump 6-4 Gilbert (17-1)

That was some frame, and Gilbert will have to put it out of his mind quickly as we've still got six to go tonight. Trump misses a difficult long red into the bottom left, gambling everything on position, and he's gifted Gilbert a simple red to right middle. It goes, but his positional shot is poor and he has to settle for tucking Trump in behind the green. Some cagey safety follows - you get the sense both players are still getting over the last frame - until Trump cuts a red back into the bottom left, and quickly crafts a handy looking chance for himself.
On our other table, Stuart Bingham has taken a 7-4 lead over Jamie Jones.

Trump 6-4 Gilbert

Trump flukes a snooker, which Gilbert misses on the way up the table, catches on the way down and sticks up over the right middle. Trump drops it in, but overruns position on the pink; he tries a stun run-through to the left middle, and it spits out! Oh my. Gilbert then has the same pot to the same pocket. He only needs the pink and rolls it...and it catches the high knuckle, leaving Trump a cut into the right middle! This is nerve-shredding stuff. Trump composes himself, and rolls the pink in to come back down the table to land straight on the black. That goes, and it's over; what an epic!

Trump 5-4 Gilbert (56-66)

Crikey, this is tense. From the free ball that ensues, Trump lays another excellent snooker and Gilbert gives away eight points in misses. Not only that, he's left the red on to the right middle. That goes, followed by the brown. The only problem ball for Trump is the green, which has gone near the top cushion, but he drops on it nicely and strokes it in. He makes a bit of a hash of getting on the blue after a thin snick on the brown though, and rather than risk a tight cut he plays the blue safe. Gilbert needs the blue, Trump needs the lot; this is big.

Trump 5-4 Gilbert (34-66)

Trump misses again from his escape, and this time leaves the red on. Gilbert puts it in with the rest, followed by the blue, and damn near goes off himself. Trump now needs a snooker, and almost immediately gets one to draw a four point foul! Whatever next, this is an extraordinary frame. There is one red and 35 points left on the table.

Trump 5-4 Gilbert (30-56)

Now then David. He gets back in with a red into the yellow pocket, and he's on the black. There are five reds left out there, spread far and wide, but it's a chance. He cobbles together 30, and then brings a difficult red off the upper right rail and into the centre of the table. Rather than take it on though - it's fraught with risk - he plays an excellent snooker in behind the black. Trump goes in-off trying to escape; that would surely be the frame, but Gilbert admits to referee Paul Collier that he said 'put it back' before the white dropped in the pocket. Collier says he didn't hear it, but Gilbert is adamant even though it means giving up a simple chance to win the frame. That is tremendous, commendable sportsmanship!

Trump 5-4 Gilbert (30-22)

Trump isn't into this session yet. He plugs a red into the right middle, but misses a routine brown to the yellow pocket. It's a great chance for Gilbert to punish him, but he can't drop a red into the left middle and that's a let off for Trump. There's a fair few on here, and after a lot of up table safety earlier in the frame the cue ball will be covering some ground. Trump has wiped out Gilbert's small advantage, but a poor positional shot after potting the yellow leaves only a long red to the bottom right, and he's missed it.

Trump 5-4 Gilbert (4-22)

It's four for Trump as Gilbert misses a thin connection on a safety at the start of frame ten, but it's Gilbert that gets in first. He hoses a red into the bottom left, and makes 22 before an attempt to open the pack doesn't quite come off and he has to play back to baulk. It's a good safety, tight to the top cushion; Gilbert has started well here.

Trump 5-4 Gilbert

Gilbert gets to 45 by doubling one of the four remaining, tied up reds into the right middle. He then tucks Trump in tight behind the yellow, snookered on everything and needing a snooker himself. Trump calls it off from his chair, and Gilbert pegs a frame back.

Trump 5-3 Gilbert (1-26)

It's a bitty start. Gilbert strokes in a red, but drifts too far past the black to get an angle on it. He then pulls of a three ball plant, a belter of a shot, and with the yellow to left middle thereafter he's got a half chance. Pink and black are in smelly positions, near cushions and with reds in close attendance, so he'll do well to make a sizeable contribution. Another outrageous fluke however after missing a mid-range red brings other balls in to play, so he's still got a fair amount that he can mop up easily.

Trump 5-3 Gilbert (1-9)

Trump lashes in a long red to the bottom right but with no colour to follow. Gilbert replies in kind, fluking one into the same pocket and then tucking Trump in behind the yellow. In trying to escape, Trump gives up eight points in misses, but not position on a red, before eventually connecting.

I find insight, fundamental movement

In they come, and if world rankings were based on walk-on music then it'd be David Gilbert lording it over the field. They're based on something less abstract like ability on the baize though, and world number one Judd Trump is the last out into the Crucible. Eight frames tonight then, let's get to it.

A quick recap

Gilbert flew out of the blocks against Trump earlier today, but after missing a black as he looked good to put together a break to make it 4-1, Trump fired back with four frame-winning breaks on the spin to take the session 5-3. It was rapid, a mere two hours and change, with both players in an attacking mood.

Good evening!

Forget Line of Duty, the Sunday night drama you need in your life is in Sheffield. Welcome to the evening session of day nine of the 2021 World Snooker Championship, as the second round continues to rumble towards its conclusion. Tonight we'll be focusing on Judd Trump against David Gilbert, while also being all across the tech to keep you updated with what's happening between Stuart Bingham and Jamie Jones on the other table.


Mark Selby leads Mark Allen 9-6

That was absorbing. Allen nicked the truncated session 4-3, but Selby still leads in the match by three frames. We could be in for quite a tussle to sort this out tomorrow evening.
Thanks for your company this afternoon, we'll be back at 6.45 for more of Judd Trump versus David Gilbert.

Selby 9-6 Allen

A 66 in total for Selby wins the frame, and that's us for the afternoon.

Selby 8-6 Allen (75-12)

A green to bottom left takes Selby to 42 in this break; red-black will leave Allen needing a snooker. Selby drops both in, and another red to follow to make sure and bring up his half-century.

Selby 8-6 Allen (40-12)

Selby gets the first proper scoring chance of the frame, as Allen leaves him a mid-range red to the bottom right. In it goes, but in trying to clear space around the black spot he's lost the white and his break ends on nine. More tense safety follows as confirmation comes through that this will indeed be the final session of the afternoon. Finally, a chance emerges; Allen sends a red over the bottom right, and Selby picks it off. He's up to 16 and counting, with a lot of loose reds to go at.

Selby 8-6 Allen (15-12)

Allen is haemorrhaging points at the start of frame 15, giving away four from a push shot near the pack and then six for hitting the pink, followed by four for pulling up short, of an attempt to rest the white on the pack. Selby soon gives eight back, twice missing a thin contact on a safety. This is a tense one, both players know it's big as it's highly likely to be the last one. After receiving a warning that he'll lose this frame if he misses for a third time in a row, Selby absolutely drains the red he can see full ball, launching it into the bottom left. He can't pot the green thereafter though, and it goes around the table, hits the pack and sends a red into the bottom left. Japes!

Selby 8-6 Allen

Allen's done it. Pink-red-pink-red all go, and it's a break of 75 to take the frame.
On our other table Shaun Murphy and Yan Bingtao split the session, and Murphy leads 10-6 ahead of the conclusion tomorrow.

Selby 8-5 Allen (27-61)

Allen completes his half-century, and then stuns in the blue. He's overrun position on his next red, but recovers it by slicing in a red while using the rest. He later takes the third to last red into the bottom left with the rest too; if he can pick off the final red and the pink that will leave Selby needing a snooker.

Selby 8-5 Allen (27-28)

It's six more to Selby as Allen glances the pink first when trying to play a thin safety off the pack. Allen gets the next chance though, as Selby misses a red to the bottom left with the rest and serves it up over the bottom right. That disappears, as does Selby's lead as Allen negotiates a red below the pack and into the bottom left, stunning more reds into better positions as he does so. This might be a pivotal visit, if he can chisel Selby's lead to just two frames here.

Selby 8-5 Allen (21-0)

Allen serves up a chance for Selby in the 14th frame, leaving a mid-range red into the bottom left. Selby drives it in, and he's on the pink. A few shots later he judges a red into the bottom left perfectly, stunning off it to flick another red away from the black. Just as he's looking good for a sizeable visit, he miscues a straight red to the bottom right and it flies offline. Luckily enough, he doesn't leave anything.

Selby 8-5 Allen

A total of 78 wins the frame for Allen.
On the other table, Shaun Murphy leads Yan Bingtao 9-5.

Selby 8-4 Allen (0-60)

A pink to left middle takes Allen to a half-ton, and his lead to 60 points. Two more reds with colours should do this, and he's sticking in there.

Selby 8-4 Allen (0-29)

After another long safety exchange Allen drains a long red into the bottom left, and he's on the black. He stays around that spot and stitches a promising early break together. There are a lot of reds around the black that are in the open, so there could be a heavy visit on the cards.

Selby 8-4 Allen (0-5)

We're underway again. As Dominic Dale points out in co-comms, the length of that mini-session before the interval might mean we don't get through all eight this afternoon. The players have about an hour of table time here before they'll have to end in order to change the spectators over for the evening session. Allen gets the first points of the 13th frame, donated by Selby after he fails to make a thin connection on a red when playing safe. He also gets the first red down, but can't add the yellow to it.

Selby 8-4 Allen

It's taken 45 minutes, but Selby nicks the final frame before the interval as he dishes up to the pink.
We'll have a 45 minute break and be right back with you.

Selby 7-4 Allen (56-46)

After an 11 minute stalemate on the yellow, Allen has a go at a thin cut to the bottom left and misses it. He's stuck it up near the right middle, and Selby drives it in to come off the bottom cushion and then land nicely on the green. If he pots that and the brown, Allen needs snookers.

Selby 7-4 Allen (56-46)

Allen's lead is toast, as Selby moves to 46 with a black to bottom left which sees the white nudge the final red away from the right rail. It's a difficult cut, across the table and into the bottom right with the rest, but he slices it into the middle of the pocket. Selby's overrun the baulk colours though and has to play safe off the yellow; a tense exchange on the colours coming up.

Selby 7-4 Allen (10-46)

Selby bags a fluke on a red when playing a safety, and from the snooker that follows Allen gives away four more. It's a mess, this one; Selby clips the brown first when playing a safety to hand the four points back, and this mistake could be costly as he's left Allen on a red to the bottom left. It's a delicate break as the reds are scattered but some in awkward clusters, but Allen's chipped together a nice break so far and it's developing into a good chance. On 37 though he decelerates when trying to guide a black into the bottom right and it doesn't reach. Selby can counter, and he drops in a brilliant, narrow red in to the left middle. That's some shot, and he's got the stray black to go at now.

Selby 7-4 Allen (4-5)

Allen gets a solitary red down at the start of the 12th frame, and then gets ball in hand after Selby goes in-off from a safety. Allen gives the points straight back by going in-off in the same yellow pocket; scrappy stuff at the start of what both players know is a big frame.
There's been fine larks on the other table, where Murphy now leads Yan 8-4.

Selby 7-4 Allen

It's done; Allen tags the pink into the yellow pocket to seal the frame.

Selby 7-3 Allen (54-72)

What moxie from Allen; a 72 leaves Selby needing a snooker as Allen misses the pink. Selby will play on, so we may have some jitters yet, but Allen's in charge.

Selby 7-3 Allen (54-55)

This is good stuff from Allen, because he's under some pressure here. A half century of his own levels the scores, and he drops in behind the final red on the right rail. Allen takes it superbly with the rest, and screws up for the green.

Selby 7-3 Allen (54-0)

It's another half-century for Selby, who is in some groove at the minute. It's broken down though, after he misses a thin red to the bottom right, and he's left it on. This could be a big visit by Allen, in the context of the match.

Selby 7-3 Allen (23-0)

This could be a costly error from Allen, as he catches a safety too thick, canons into a red and leaves Selby an easy starter to the left middle. He's off again, and survives violently wobbling a black in the jaws of the bottom left before it drops. Control is soon restored, and it's another inviting table for a heavy visit.

Selby 7-3 Allen

It's a superb total clearance from Selby, 135 in all, and it restores his four frame lead.

Selby 6-3 Allen (74-0)

Another black puts Selby 74 ahead with 67 remaining. He's cued these very smoothly indeed.

Selby 6-3 Allen (51-0)

The black secures a half-century for Allen, and lands him perfectly on a red to left middle. It looks inconceivable that he won't win the frame at this visit.

Selby 6-3 Allen (28-0)

Both players miss speculative efforts at the start of the next frame, and then Selby drains a long red into the bottom left to land on the black. He briefly has to go back to baulk and pick off the green, but is in good position now and up to 20 and counting in this break. A brilliant split on the reds off the black then opens the frame right up for him; you couldn't scatter these more invitingly by hand.

Selby 6-3 Allen

Selby goes in-off, and Allen pots a simple pink to finally win this 40 minute frame.

Selby 6-2 Allen (53-72)

Selby pots green, brown and blue, leaving himself needing one snooker on the pink to tie. He's having such a go at a situation that seemed doomed when he came to the table.

Selby 6-2 Allen (41-72)

It's a 67 for Allen as he fails to get on the green. Selby comes back to the table, but needs three snookers. He gets one quickly, and four points, so we'll be here a wee while yet.

Selby 6-2 Allen (37-65)

A blue takes Allen to a half-century, and there are two wide open reds left on the table. He picks them both off, his break advancing to 60, and Selby now needs snookers.

Selby 6-2 Allen (37-30)

Selby's break ends on 37 as he goes into the pack off the black and lands on nothing. Allen then finds a plant into the bottom left, ending a run in match time of over an hour without a pot, and then tucks Selby in behind the green. It's a vicious snooker, from which Allen gains four from a miss and then an easy starter after Selby escapes at the second attempt but leaves a red on. Slowly but surely, Allen chips away at Selby's lead.

Selby 6-2 Allen (22-0)

The first chance falls to Selby, as Allen leaves him a gun barrel straight red from mid-range into the bottom right, and in it goes. He loses position slightly early on, but an excellent recovery pot on a red into the green pocket steadies the ship and he's nicely on the black.

Let's get it popping

Our MC Rob Walker has baized the boys, and we're off. Eight frames this afternoon then, with a mid-session interval after four.

The state of play

Selby has the edge in this with a 6-2 lead; so far at the Crucible this year he's won 16 frames and dropped just three. It's a big afternoon for Allen, as even if he splits this session Selby will be a massive favourite to see it through tomorrow. Allen really needs to come out ahead in these eight frames, and will be heartened by his recent form against Selby; he's beaten him in both the 2019 Champion of Champions and the 2020 Tour Championship in their last two meetings

Good afternoon!

Welcome to live coverage of the afternoon session of day nine in the 2021 World Snooker Championship. It’s Sunday lunch with all the trimmings in about 15 minutes time, when Mark Selby and Mark Allen enter the Crucible for the second session of their second round match. On our other table, we'll keep you up to speed with developments between Shaun Murphy and Yan Bingtao.


Judd Trump leads David Gilbert 5-3

That was two very different mini-sessions indeed. After a number of simple errors from Trump, Gilbert launched into a 3-1 lead; when they returned after the break, a 4-1 lead looked a certainty until Gilbert missed a routine black off its spot. From there, Trump was simply awesome; breaks of 66, 114, 65 and 105 swept the mini-session for him in barely an hour, and he has the two frame advantage ahead of resumption at 7pm this evening.
Thanks for your company this morning, we're back from 2.15pm for a Sunday lunch of Mark Selby versus Mark Allen.

Trump 5-3 Gilbert

Light work. A 105 banks the frame and the lead for Trump going into the second session tonight.

Trump 4-3 Gilbert (71-0)

A black puts Trump on 71 with 67 left on the table. He has utterly flattened this mini-session after the interval.

Trump 4-3 Gilbert (48-0)

Trump gets a kick in taking the black to get to 47, which necessitates a thumped red into the bottom right and sending the white through the pack. It works out perfectly; Trump is on the black and the frame is at his mercy with reds all over now.
On our other table, Bingham has levelled at 3-3.

Trump 4-3 Gilbert (25-0)

The gear he can find, my word. Trump effortlessly floats in a long red to the bottom right, finds a critical path through the bottom half of the table and then pulls the white up perfectly on the brown. Chapeau. It's computer game stuff, and he's up to 25 and counting already.

Trump 4-3 Gilbert

It's machine-like yet wonderfully rhythmic; the pink goes and Trump is on 64 with 59 left out there. We're done in this one. Trump pots another red but misses the black straight after it, and Gilbert folds.
On our other table, Jamie Jones now leads Stuart Bingham 3-2.

Trump 3-3 Gilbert (45-1)

You know what he does; Trump is flying again here, glancing in a black to get to 45 and canon gently but decisively into a cluster of reds below the pink to develop them. Gilbert will need a big effort in the final frame of this session to get out of this level.

Trump 3-3 Gilbert (13-1)

A chance for Gilbert, and this feels important given the earlier swing in momentum in this session. He cuts a red into the bottom left from short range, but then unconvincingly clunks a mid-range blue at the yellow pocket afterwards and it jaws out. Trump has a simple red to the same pocket to get going in the seventh. Some worrying signs here for Gilbert, who looked nailed on to go 4-1 up not long ago.

Trump 3-3 Gilbert

It's century number 85 for the season for Trump, the 803rd of his brilliant career. A 114 takes the frame and it's all square.

Trump 2-3 Gilbert (71-0)

A red to the bottom right takes Trump to 66, the blue puts the frame beyond doubt; we'll be level shortly.

Trump 2-3 Gilbert (51-0)

It's a half-century in no time for Trump, and the momentum in this match has shifted completely since Gilbert missed that black off its spot. Trump is looking ominous now.

Trump 2-3 Gilbert (22-0)

An excellent safety from Trump, parking Gilbert in right behind the yellow, forces an error; Gilbert rests the white on the pack, but leaves a red on to the left middle. Trump drains it, and he's away; another good shot, potting the black and going into the pack off the bottom cushion, has developed a big scoring chance.

Trump 2-3 Gilbert

The final two reds are dispatched, followed by the yellow, and Gilbert needs a snooker. He won't be coming back, as Trump sinks a brilliant green down the rail and into the bottom left. That's a glorious shot, and the brown follows to peg a frame back for Trump.

Trump 1-3 Gilbert (56-42)

Trump is turning the screw here, trapping Gilbert in another snooker behind the brown and drawing another eight free points in fouls. Trump then hands four straight back with a push shot, and after a long safety exchange on the final two reds, Gilbert takes on a mid-ranger to the yellow pocket, misses, and sends the white into the left middle. With ball in hand, the frame is on a plate for Trump.

Trump 1-3 Gilbert (44-38)

A superb shot from Trump, potting the pink and nudging a safe red over the yellow pocket, keeps his break ticking. He then pots another blue to try and shift the penultimate red, but it would be a difficult shot to the green pocket and he plays safe instead, snookering Gilbert behind the yellow and drawing four from a resulting foul. Some legs left in this one.

Trump 1-3 Gilbert (19-38)

Now then, could this be a swing? On 37 Gilbert misses a black off its spot, and he's opened the pack in the same shot. These are the situations in which Trump is so dangerous, and he sets about wiping out Gilbert's advantage. He's halved it already, with more incoming.

Trump 1-3 Gilbert (0-24)

The players are back out, lets get it popping. Gilbert flukes a red into the bottom right when playing a safety, and later gets in for real by clubbing in another superb long red into the bottom right, stunning around the back of the black to land nicely on it. He's cueing so well today, and a lovely recovery red into the right middle gets him on the blue a few shots later.
Meanwhile in out other match, it was two apiece between Stuart Bingham and Jamie Jones at the interval.

Trump 1-3 Gilbert

The Angry Farmer has been too cool for school so far. He misses the black on 94 to nix the century, but he's two up and playing superbly here.
That's the mid-session interval, we'll be back with you in 15.

Trump 1-2 Gilbert (0-69)

Another black puts Gilbert 69 ahead with 67 left on the table. He's not fazed at all here, and is really putting it on Trump's toes.

Trump 1-2 Gilbert (0-50)

Gilbert gets to 49 by driving the black into the bottom left, coming off the bottom cushion and developing reds from the remaining pack. He drops one into the right middle, and that's his half-century. Given the spread, he's looking good for a lead at the interval.

Trump 1-2 Gilbert (0-18)

Gilbert has his tail up here, and rockets a long red into the bottom left at the start of the fourth. He's on the yellow, and he's away again. Within a couple of shots he's freed up the black so it goes into both corner pockets.

Trump 1-2 Gilbert

Another 21 from Gilbert puts him in front.

Trump 1-1 Gilbert (6-71)

Trump accidentally dumps the pink in the bottom right when playing a safety, but doesn't leave anything easy. A few shots later he misses a mid-ranger into the bottom right, and it's a chance for Gilbert to seal the frame. Gilbert bags a red into the same pocket, and then flukes position on the pink after catching the high knuckle of the left middle. He quickly takes advantage of his fortune and bags the necessary.

Trump 1-1 Gilbert (6-51)

Gilbert gets to 43 by stunning in the black, but his split on the pack from it is not ideal. It only leaves him a long red to the green pocket, and he's missed it. Trump can counter, and he starts by snicking in a thin cut on a red to the right middle. Surprisingly though, he then misses a black off its spot into the bottom right; Gilbert's back in and has a chance to put this one away, but can only add eight as he misses the remaining pack after trying to catch them when potting the black, leaving him in baulk and stranded.
On our other table, Stuart Bingham leads Jamie Jones 2-0.

Trump 1-1 Gilbert (5-20)

Trump glides in a beautiful long red at the start of the third, before tucking Gilbert in behind the yellow, a snooker which yields four points. He then misses a long trash at a red to the bottom right though, and sticks one up over the same pocket for Gilbert. This is a chance that could develop quickly; Gilbert's up to 20 already, and if he can clear the black spot he's in business.

Trump 1-1 Gilbert

Trump leaves Gilbert a glimpse of a long red into the bottom right, and it is duly thundered in. The yellow follows, plus another red and then the pink, before Gilbert misses a red to the bottom right. Trump's seen enough in this one, and turns it in.

Trump 1-0 Gilbert (0-63)

Quickly and efficiently, Gilbert banks a half-ton of his own, but in potting the black to move to 55 he's lost the white, misjudging a canon on a red and landing on nothing. There's still 75 on the table, so there's work to do yet as h plays safe back to baulk.

Trump 1-0 Gilbert (0-19)

Art the start of the second Gilbert bags eight after Trump goes in-off, and then misses a thin contact on a safety. He then tags in a nice long red into the bottom left, and he's just about on the green. He's quickly into his break, and a good split of the pack off the blue has left him on a red to the right middle. This, so far, is a good response.

Trump 1-0 Gilbert

A surprising miss from Trump, with a red catching the high knuckle of the right middle, but his 68 is more than enough to bank the frame.

Trump 0-0 Gilbert (55-1)

Trump is really motoring now, the table opening up before him. The pink takes him to a half-century, and all six reds are out in the open.

Trump 0-0 Gilbert (17-1)

This table is a mess so far, with all reds in the bottom left quarter of the table and blocking each other after several unsuccessful attempts at pots by each player. Trump then misses a difficult plant with the extended spider, which leaves a red in the jaws of the bottom left. Gilbert mops it up but then misses the black, Trump can only reply with red-yellow before running out of position. Trump's in now though with a thumping long red in to the bottom right, and he's on the blue.Finally, this is a chance.

Let's get at it

Trump and Gilbert are baized, the latter to the immortal Insomnia by Faithless. Never mind the first eight minutes, we should just play the full Monster Mix of that. We haven't time though, so on we go with the match...

He can't get no sleep

Trump is the toughest assignment in the game, but David Gilbert will be up for this. In his Homeric run to the semi-finals in 2019, Gilbert defeated Joe Perry, Mark Williams and Kyren Wilson before losing in a decider to the great John Higgins. He also has five career victories over Trump, and the kind of easygoing nature that means he won't be phased by who is front of him.


In the Triple Crown events it's been a frustrating year for Judd. He lost the UK Championship in a decider on the final pink to Neil Robertson, and had to withdraw from the Masters a few weeks later when he returned a positive Covid-19 test. Since winning the world title in 2019 he hasn't won another major, although over the same span he was won 11 (e-l-e-v-e-n) ranking event titles. It's the TC's on which greatness is judged in this sport, so he'll be jonesing to cement his dominance of the sport with victory in Sheffield this year.

Good morning!

Welcome to live coverage of day nine of the 2021 World Snooker Championship. We’re ploughing through the second round matches now, with Mark Williams, Anthony McGill, Kyren Wilson and Neil Robertson already through to the last eight.
Stuart Bingham and Jamie Jones get their second round match going this morning, and we’ll keep you informed on how that’s progressing. Our featured match this morning will be world number one Judd Trump against David Gilbert, in around 15 minutes’ time.



Good morning and welcome to our live text updates from Sunday's action at the World Snooker Championship.
Ronnie O'Sullivan may be out of the World Snooker Championship already, but today we have world number one Judd Trump and fellow former world champions Mark Selby and Shaun Murphy all in action.
This is the exciting schedule we have coming up today.
  • Stuart Bingham v Jamie Jones
  • David Gilbert v Judd Trump
  • Mark Allen v Mark Selby
  • Shaun Murphy v Yan Bingtao
  • Stuart Bingham v Jamie Jones
  • David Gilbert v Judd Trump

Recap: Murphy dominates the opening session

That was a rough shift for Yan Bingtao, as Shaun Murphy established a commanding lead during which he also put one hand on the highest break prize with a total clearance of 144. He was well worth his 6-2 lead, but tomorrow is another day, and so is Monday; it's a three session match spread over three days, and there's plenty of snooker left in this one. For now, it's advantage Shaun.

'China my priority' - O'Sullivan reveals schedule plans

O'Sullivan has revealed the priorities on his schedule after suffering a second-round loss to McGill at the World Snooker Championship.
Speaking to Eurosport after the shock defeat, the Rocket was candid about his priorities in regards to his playing schedule, with China at the very top of his list.
"It just depends on the schedule," O'Sullivan responded, when asked how many tournaments fans could expect to see him appear in for the remainder of the season.
I would like to play more in China because obviously my longevity and what I do outside of snooker lies in China. So they get priority; they get the nod.

'China get priority' - O'Sullivan on schedule after shock defeat

"I have some very good relationships with some people out there. But with the situation how it is, who knows when I will be going back there.
"So yes, I'm trying to get what is right for me - for now and the future - for the next 10-15 years. But China is the place to be for me, really, and the sooner I can get out there the better.
"If they get you travelling around the world four times in three weeks then obviously I'll have to do that in China and then miss a few [tournaments] here [in the UK].
"If the schedule was put together sensibly I could play there and play here, but my life comes first and I'll look at the schedule.
"I'll give every promoter the option to work with me and I'll pick and choose which tournaments work for me and what I do off the table as well.
"It's all details and sorting things out with people to work out where I will be going in the next year."

How to watch the World Championship

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‘I’m the best when I play my best’ – Trump on overtaking O'Sullivan as world No. 1
'He's the greatest player to ever play our game' - Selby hails 'incredible' O'Sullivan