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We'll be back with you tomorrow morning from 9.45am for the start of the quarter-finals. It'll be Robertson vs. Wilson on one table and McGill vs. Bingham on the other. We've only got eight players left, it's getting lively now.
Thanks for your company, night night.
World Championship
Williams blows away ‘fourth son’ Page to reach last eight with session to spare
22/04/2022 AT 12:20

Those quarters in full

Get a load of these:
Anthony McGill vs. Stuart Bingham
Mark Williams vs. Mark Selby
Neil Robertson vs. Kyren Wilson
Shaun Murphy vs. Judd Trump

Mark Selby is through to the quarter-finals

He hit a different gear there. It could have been testing night if Mark Allen had got off to a quick start, but Mark Selby simply didn't allow it. He's taken out a very dangerous opponent here, and emphatically so in this concluding session. Selby chalked at least a half-century in 12 of his 13 frames, and will take some stopping if he continues in this vein. Mark Williams will get a crack at him in the quarters over the next two days; what a match that promises to be.

Selby 13-7 Allen

Selby doubles one of the reds, and it's over; he empties the table for a break of 40 to take frame and match.

Selby 12-7 Allen (68-23)

This is excellent from Selby. He tidies up 38 from what's available, and in potting the black he nudges one of three reds near the bottom cushion into position, and he needs that and a high value colour to leave Allen needing a snooker. Selby takes the brown, and then plays a deadweight drop on the final two reds; he's 45 up with 43 remaining.

Selby 12-7 Allen (26-23)

Selby picks up four as Allen misses another thin contact on a red, and then thin cuts a red into the bottom right but can't land on a baulk colour. He jams in another red soon after, fizzed in down the right rail and with the white screwed back up the table, before tucking Allen right in behind the yellow. Allen gets out at the second attempt, resting on reds near the bottom cushion, but there's a tunnel between two of them to drop a red into the right middle, and Selby does just that. He's on the black, but it's an awkward table.

Selby 12-7 Allen (15-23)

Allen jabs a red into the yellow pocket with the rest, and he's got a chance to prolong the argument here. He stitches 18 together, but he's rolled a red out off the knuckles of the right middle and left it on for Selby. That should be costly, but an awful positional shot off the blue from Selby leaves him too close to the pink and blocked from the potting angle of two open reds. That's a let off for Allen.

Selby 12-7 Allen (9-5)

We're back, and Allen gives away nine in fouls after missing a thin contact safety on a red and hitting green and then blue instead. He's warned by referee Paul Collier that frame and match will go if he misses another one, because he can see a full ball red in the pack. Allen opts for the bash, which works in his favour as although he leaves a chance at a red to the bottom right Selby can't convert it. Allen snicks a long red into that pocket, but can only add the brown before losing position.

Selby 12-7 Allen

It's another frame to Selby with a superb total clearance of 132. He needs one more frame to advance to the last eight; tonight he's playing like a man who can win the whole thing come Monday.
That's us for 15 minutes as we head to the interval. On our other table Shaun Murphy has beaten Yan Bingtao 13-7, and will face Judd Trump in the quarter-finals.

Selby 11-7 Allen (69-0)

There goes frame ball red to take Selby's break to 69. My word, he's been impressive tonight.

Selby 11-7 Allen (54-0)

One good split on the reds after potting the black opens up everything for Selby, who is playing with a serene but studied calm here. The half-century is sorted, his 12th of the match, and the frame doesn't look like it'll be far behind.

Selby 11-7 Allen (30-0)

If this is to stay an argument after the interval then Allen surely has to nick this one. He has a bash at a long red to the bottom right, but it spits out, although Selby can't cut in the loose red thereafter. Allen leaves him another look at a long, thin red into the bottom right soon after, and this time it goes. Selby's not hanging about here, thirty up already, and another half-ton looks imminent.

Selby 11-7 Allen

This is bad for Allen; he snicks in a red from the D, but then misses a routine brown to the green pocket and he's left the frame on for Selby. It doesn't take long; an additional 17 sorts it and Selby extends his lead to four frames.

Selby 10-7 Allen (59-4)

Another positional shot goes awry for Selby, as he drills in a red with the rest but fails to come back up the table for the blue. There's 75 left on the table, and after an exchange of safety shots Selby goes in-off in the yellow pocket. Ball in hand for Allen then, and a sniff of a chance.
On our other table, Shaun Murphy leads Yan Bingtao 12-7 and needs one more from for victory.

Selby 10-7 Allen (52-0)

Selby gets another half-ton, but after powering into the reds off the bottom cushion after potting the black he sticks to them, and he's on nothing. A containing safety follows, after which Allen leaves a chance at a long red to the bottom left. It's a tough pot, across the table, but Selby absolutely creams it in and comes back up the table to land on the pink! What a shot, at a crucial moment.

Selby 10-7 Allen (29-0)

A poor safety from Allen, catching the green with a red he was trying to play up and down the table, leaves said red over the green pocket for Selby. Although he lost the last frame, Selby looks sharp tonight. He's straight into his break here, with 29 up already; he still has three loose reds for and a tight pack to break open after that. Chance.

Selby 10-7 Allen

We'll be going beyond the interval, as a round 50 from Allen banks the frame.

Selby 10-6 Allen (55-23)

Allen clears up the remaining reds with colours to move into the lead. He'll need up to the blue now to win the frame at this visit.

Selby 10-6 Allen (55-23)

Selby adds 44, but a glance off four reds below the pink when potting the blue has left only a dangerous thin cut on a red to the bottom right. Selby turns it down, and plays safe. Allen's ill-fortune continues, as he nudges a red into the black and sends the latter into the bottom right. He'll feel better now though, as he's just bulleted in a long red to the same pocket to land on the black.

Selby 10-6 Allen (4-22)

Can Allen get going now? He cuts a red into the left middle at the start of the 17th frame, and he's on the pink. He cobbles 22 together, but lands the white behind the baulk line when needing a colour and with a gimme red sat in the jaws of the bottom right. It's a tough decision, and Allen mulls it for over a minute, before rolling up behind the green. From there, Selby rolls the white gently onto the pack off one cushion, with no clear line to the red in the jaws. Allen, in bother, tries to play off the left rail and clip the red in, but like his swerve shot in the previous frame it's off target and four away. He's also served up a serious scoring chance for Selby.

Selby 10-6 Allen

It's another half-century for Selby, who has made one in all ten frames that he's won so far. A break of 54 takes the frame.

Selby 9-6 Allen (76-14)

It's methodical stuff from Selby, who clears up the four reds in the south of the table with blacks, and Allen now needs a snooker. Selby's perfectly on a red to the yellow pocket though, and this one looks done.

Selby 9-6 Allen (44-14)

A poor safety from Allen leaves the white near the black spot and a red on to left middle for Selby. That drops, and it's part of a 32 for Selby that comes to a clunking end when he misses a cutback on a red into the bottom right. It's in the jaws, but covered by the black; Allen tries to swerve around and clip it in, but digs into the white too much and he's missed it. That's four away, and he's left it on for Selby.

Selby 9-6 Allen (8-14)

Both players miss long reds in the first frame of the night. Allen's leaves a mid-range red to the bottom left for Selby, and in it goes. He then brings reds into play after potting the black, but misses a tight but gettable cut on a red to the left middle. An early chance for Allen here, a big visit could really set the tone for his evening. He ends up stuck to the pink and not on a red he had planned for however, and it's end of break on 14.


Rob Walker has announced the players into the arena, and here we go. We could be out of here in four frames, we might go to the wire and have ten; let's get about it.

The three day battle

A lot can happen in 72 hours. To pluck one random example out of the sky, a cabal of billionaires can announce plans that will irrecoverably ruin the world’s most popular sport, only to then be publicly shamed into hastily backing out. Will there be a dramatic twist yet in this three-dayer between Selby and Allen? On Saturday, Selby dominated; yesterday Allen fought back, but the session was truncated to just seven frames. It’s only 9-6 to the Jester, and there’s still plenty of heat left in this one. My advice? Brew up and brace yourself for an absorbing session of snooker.

Good evening!

Welcome to live coverage of the evening session of day ten of the 2021 World Snooker Championship. Tonight we’ll be finishing off the second round, ahead of the quarter-finals starting tomorrow morning.
Shaun Murphy and Yan Bingtao will play to a finish on one table, while our featured match is the denouement of Mark Selby versus Mark Allen.


And we'll resume at 7

This evening could be an absolute bazzer, because Selby 9-6 Allen has the potential to be very, very special. Do not be late.

Judd Trump beats Dave Gilbert 13-8

He meets Shaun Murphy or Yan Bingtao next; they resume with Murphy 10-6 up.

Trump 12-8 Gilbert (63-31)

Dave puts good distance between white and green but does the green cut? YES IT DOES! That's a great shot from Judd, and surely seals the match.

Trump 12-8 Gilbert (56-31)

An excellent safety from Dave, the pink blocking Judd's route to the yellow, forces Judd to foul, but he hits second go and flukes a snooker, the green in between white and yellow. Dave duly foul-misses, then leaves it when he hits second go ... but just as it looks like game over, a kick takes the green into the knuckle! Judd leads by 25 with 25 left.

Trump 12-8 Gilbert (50-27)

Ohhhhh Dave. This absolute game. Cueing across slightly, he misses a yellow off its spot which is doubly vexing given how brilliantly he's fought to give himself a chance of stealing the frame. He doesn't leave it, but he does leave Judd able to take control of the safety ... but he can't.

Trump 12-8 Gilbert (50-21)

Judd's cue-ball is off today, and he can only find two outrageous rescue pots before missing a yellow to middle. It looks like Dave might have an angle to develop pink and black too, but he gets a double-kiss that splits them but does little else, then misses them again - by inches. It's a problem too, because he's not on a colour and he's going to need the points ... so he rams home the brown, moves the black - that's a shot - but can't finish on it. Instead, he takes on a long pink, floating it down towards the green pocket .. AND IT'S THERE! Great pot! What a clearance this would be! (But he'll still need the black, which is still close to the side cushion.)

Trump 12-8 Gilbert (35-0)

But not for long. Judd gets away again, but with pink and black tied up together on the side cushion, he has to find something special to yank the white up the table for the blue ... and he does too, a zipping screw-back describing the kind of action that only he can get. Shortly afterwards, the pack is scattered, meaning there are routes to and from blue, and this feels extremely over.

Trump 12-8 Gilbert (14-0)

Dave misses a simple red but leaves nothing, then has a hack at a trickier one - it's a decent effort - but it misses and leaves it. The reds aren't especially well spread, and a poor shot from Judd means he's the wrong side of the blue so has to go in and out of baulk; he lands on nothing so plays safe. That's a significant escape for Dave.

Trump 12-8 Gilbert

The screen is down, though this doesn't alter the fact that there can't have been many worse sessions for which to have bought a ticket - unless Dave can give us something. And another fine break-off gives him a decent start, but with Judd rolling up, we re-rack very quickly.

We go again...

Trump 12-8 Gilbert

Trump looks out of sorts this afternoon, so he'll need to come back after the mid-session to try and finish things. Dave, meanwhile, will be happyish with a 3-1 afternoon effort; five on the spin is a monumental ask, but this is the Crucible so you never know. See you in about 15.

Trump 12-7 Gilbert (12-50)

This is nice from Dave but that's the thing isn't it: he's a beautiful player, but the pressure's off now, and he's also just overscrewed for the blue so will have to go in and out of baulk to get down for the next red. No he won't, he takes the pink to the yellow pocket instead and jawses it, then a really poor shot leaves Judd a choice of either remaining red ...only for him to miss the one he picks, rolled straight against the middle knuckle! All Dave needs to do is see it away, and that'll be snookers required.

Trump 12-7 Gilbert (12-35)

A tremendous safety from Judd leaves Dave up in baulk with the yellow blocking his route to the balls. He might take on a long pot but opts against it, finding a pretty decent response, and he gets his reward when Judd makes a mistake, a red clipping the middle jaws; it looks like it might not cut, but when Dave has at it, it slides home nicely. This is a very good chance for him to force us into the next mini-sesh.

Trump 12-7 Gilbert (12-25)

Dave knows that one false shot and he's done for, which is as good a reason as any for a mistake which gives Judd a chance. Very quickly, he's forced to take on a double - it goes down, obviously - but runs out of position shortly afterwards so plays safe.

Stuart Bingham beats Jamie Jones 13-6

He meets Anthony McGill next and played beautifully this afternoon, scoring heavily to win three on the spin in double-quick time.

Trump 12-7 Gilbert (0-25)

Oh Dave! He takes on a long red, does everything but pot it, and when it ricochets out of the jaws, it moves the two reds that were tying up the black. But Judd misses his starter and suddenly it's Dave at the table ... until he floats the white up the table off the blue and goes too far. He gets his left knee opened out and on the table, manages to see the red away, then despatches the blue and a really difficult red, cut to left corner. But off the yellow, he gets no luck returning to the business end and cracking the pack, so that'll be end of break. And, with the balls now nicely set, he'll need to find a decent safety.

Trump 12-7 Gilbert

As Judd completes the formalities, Dominic, in co-commentary, notes that he's not been that devastating so far this tournament. I'd actually take it back further - he's not playing as well now as he was a few months ago. Seventy percent of him is still good enough to beat pretty much anyone, but there are various others playing well enough to beat 70 percent of him - and the bottom half of the draw is absolutely brutal. Meanwhile on table one, Bingham needs two more red-colours to see off Jones.

Trump 11-7 Gilbert (54-0)

A poor break-off from Dave, the white catching the blue and leaving a stray red, which Judd rolls home gently to hold for the black; good shot. Very quickly, he's disappearing balls, which will infuriate his opponent: all that work to just toss it out of carelessness. Judd digs into the pack, the split goes well enough, and surely he won't mess this one up too.

Trump 11-7 Gilbert

This time it's 79 and the frame, and do we got ourselves a ball-game? On table one we appear not to, because Bingham has quickly made it 12-6 and needs just one more for victory; by the look on kipper, Jones knows the jig's up.

Trump 11-6 Gilbert (45-68)

Eeesh! A poor positional shot from Dave means he has to bridge awkwardly over the pink to keep the break going ... but he cuts home well enough, using all of the pocket in the process. He then chases the next two shots, but does it well, and this is another one back!

Trump 11-6 Gilbert (45-37)

Following a bit of safety, Judd leaves one and Dave absolutely thunders it home, dead straight and right into the heart of the pocket - he cued that beautifully. And the balls are pretty nicely set too - you'd expect him to pot as many as he needs for the frame from here.

Trump 11-6 Gilbert (45-0)

Judd gets in first but a kick means the blue is a difficult pot ... which he sinks. Of course he does. He's Judd Trump! As it did in the previous frame, the black went safe off the break, but it's not long before Judd has it disappearing into both corners. Of course it isn't. But playing a cannon off a red, he doesn't get into it enough and doesn't get the backspin he was after, so winds up in amongst the balls but with none of them pottable. Still, 45 is a decent contribution, especially when your safety is as goods as Judd's is.

Trump 11-6 Gilbert

Fifty-eight and the frame. Well done Dave Gilbert. Meanwhile, on table one, Bingham is about to make it 11-6.

Trump 11-5 Gilbert (3-52)

Dave's made decent starts to both sessions of this match - he led 3-1 remember - and this looks a lot like another. Even the longest journey starts with a small step.

Trump 11-5 Gilbert (3-24)

Oh, Dave. A brilliant break-off leaves Judd struggling, close to the green with no apparent path to the pack. He finds one though ... only to go in-off and give Dave a chance; Dave sees away a starter only to miss a difficult blue to left corner. Ach. But then after a red-yellow starter, it's Judd's turn to miss a ball you assume is going down - a much easier one as it goes but perhaps with the aid of a kick - and Dave needs to do something here. Problem is that the black's tied up, so it's all a bit finickity.

Off we go

The boyz are baizeing!

Tell you what

I'm really looking forward to Selby 9-6 Allen later on. Allen is good enough to win here, but it's not quite worked out for him so far.

We'll be focusing on

Trump 11-5 Gilbert. I don't think it'll keep us long, but we'll be updating from Bingham 10-6 Jones.

How did we all cope

With no morning snook? Absolute dizgraze if you ask me.


And welcome to another brilliant day at the Cruce!


Good morning and welcome to our live text updates from Monday's action at the World Snooker Championship.
Ronnie O'Sullivan may be out of the World Snooker Championship already, but today we have former champions Judd Trump, Mark Selby and Stuart Bingham in action.
This is the exciting schedule we have coming up today.
  • Stuart Bingham v Jamie Jones
  • David Gilbert v Judd Trump
  • Mark Allen v Mark Selby
  • Shaun Murphy v Yan Bingtao

Recap: Trump and Bingham in charge

So despite David Gilbert's admirable display of sportsmanship he still has work to do with the world number one just two frames away from victory. On the other table things aren't looking much better for Jamie Jones as he has to content with 2015 world champion Stuart Bingham who only needs three frames for victory. That is the same as another former world champion, Shaun Murphy, who is in action later on. Three-time Crucible champion Mark Selby is also playing in the evening session and is in the tightest battle of the day as he holds a three-frame lead over Mark Allen.

'One of the most sporting things I’ve ever seen' - Gilbert's honest act earns plaudits

Snooker players are famed for being extremely sporting, and David Gilbert took it to new levels during his clash with Judd Trump at the World Championship.
Trump was in trouble after being put in a snooker by his opponent. He failed to make contact with the object ball, and as the white ball careered around the table, Gilbert told referee Paul Collier to put it back - by which the Angry Farmer wanted his opponent to replay the shot.
However, the white ball dropped into a pocket and it would have left Gilbert with an easy red - with cue ball in hand in the D, as you can see in the video below.
Gilbert was within his rights to change his mind and play from the D, but he told Collier that his initial decision should stand.
"Well how about that for sportsmanship," said Phil Yates on Eurosport commentary. "He wanted the cue ball in the D, of course he did. Great sportsmanship."
The decision kept Trump in the frame and he took full advantage as he got the snookers he required and went on to win on the black.
“That is next level sportsmanship," added Eurosport co-commentator Anthony Hamilton. "That is the most sporting thing I’ve ever seen in snooker."

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