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Join us from 9.45am tomorrow for the conclusion of the semi-finals of the 2021 World Snooker Championship. Take care out there until then, night all.

Your line-up tomorrow

British Open
'I will enjoy the challenge' – Williams set to test skills on pool table
15/09/2022 AT 10:34
10.00am - Kyren Wilson vs. Shaun Murphy (10-6)
2.30pm - Mark Selby vs. Stuart Bingham (13-11)
7.00pm - Kyren Wilson vs. Shaun Murphy (10-6)

Stuart Bingham edges ahead of Mark Selby

Well, that lasted eh? A draining session of snooker went the way of Stuart Bingham, who played superbly to take the evening 6-2 and establish a 13-11 lead in this semi-final. Don't bet against an equally testing finale when the two players meet to resolve this at 2.30pm tomorrow; Bingham's ahead, but as Selby showed tonight he will fight tooth and nail to hang in there. Of the four semi-finals he's won at the Crucible three were 17-15 and the other went to a decider, plus Ronnie pipped him in a final frame just last year. Bring a strong coffee and some biscuits.

Selby 11-13 Bingham

We're done! Bingham cuts in the final red with the rest, and Selby immediately concedes.

Selby 11-12 Bingham (22-73)

Bingham accidentally pots the yellow when sending a red into it, so it's a mere four snookers to win the frame name. Selby pots a red and a black, before leaving a red on to the green pocket when he shorts a safety. Bingham can't convert it though, and Selby pots red-blue to leave himself 51 behind with 35 left out there.

Selby 11-12 Bingham (4-73)

Now then, movement! A deadweight safety escape from Bingham nudges the red over the black slightly out of the way. That leaves Selby a difficult escape, and he comes off the red and sends the white into the blue. That's left a cut on a red down the left rail and in-off on the black, which is making it a big pocket...and it goes in to a huge roar! Bingham then plugs the black to green pocket, meaning Selby can only tie, and then he gets a two for one deal by clattering in two reds in one shot! Bingham misses the pink, but still Selby comes back; he needs five snookers now.

Selby 11-12 Bingham (4-63)

Bingham almost sends the black in after sending a red into it from a safety, but it just about stays out. Said red is now covering the black, and won't pass it to go into the pocket. In essence, the situation is worse in terms of finding a winner in this frame. It's been a long time since the last pot, although Selby gets four on the board when Bingham shorts a deadweight safety to a line of four reds on the left rail. You want my advice? Brew up and get comfy.

Selby 11-12 Bingham (0-63)

We could be here for time and a word, folks; the position of the black is dictating the safety here, and it's hard to see a chance any time soon with all the reds stacked on the left side of the table. Bingham also needs a quick break to go to the toilet, which is indicative of how long these players have been out there.

Selby 11-12 Bingham (0-63)

Bingham gets the split, but it's clunky; it leaves a tight cut on black to bottom left, but he doesn't get through the shot enough and leaves it hanging in the jaws. That's end of break on 63, and there's still 75 out there.

Selby 11-12 Bingham (0-54)

It's yet another half-century for Bingham, what a session he's had tonight. One decent split on a cluster of four above and to the left of the black will be needed to sort this in one hit, but he's looking good here.

Selby 11-12 Bingham (0-30)

It's a mistake from Selby at the start of the final frame of the evening, catching the pack to thin from a safety and leaving a mid-ranger to the bottom right for Bingham. This is a great chance to establish an overnight lead.He's been out of his rhythm for a couple of frames, but looks back in it now; 30 and counting already.

Selby 11-12 Bingham

Selby gets another look, and adds a further 21 to secure the frame. We've got a huge one incoming.

Selby 10-12 Bingham (67-4)

Selby splits three reds below the pink spot when potting the black. That leaves a cut on frame ball red to the right middle, and in it goes. He then tucks Bingham in behind the blue to end the break on 51; Bingham needs all 59 and a snooker to tie.

Selby 10-12 Bingham (45-4)

Selby's in gear now, as a nice stun off a blue to right middle sees the white develop the reds below the pink spot. He's got one to the bottom right, and a good chance to mop up the frame at this visit.

Selby 10-12 Bingham (16-4)

Now he's cooking! Selby drains a long red at the start of the 23rd frame, rolling it in deadweight to land on the black. He can still get out of tonight level on frames. He takes two reds and two blacks, but in driving in a third red and opening the pack the white flies off the side rail and into the left middle. Bingham can't convert a long red from the D though, and he's served up a second go for Selby.

Selby 10-12 Bingham

Bingham gets a red down, misses the black that follows and turns it in. Selby's won his first frame of the night!

Selby 9-12 Bingham (71-0)

A black takes Selby's break to 54. Thereafter he clips in a red with the rest, using all of the pocket to do so, before negotiating a delicate cut on frame ball black into the bottom right. He misses the red that follows, and Bingham needs all 67 available plus a four point snooker to tie.

Selby 9-12 Bingham (29-0)

Bingham goes in-off, and from the D Selby drills in a long red but slides by the baulk colours on his way back up the table. Bingham then gives away another four after missing a thin contact safety. A tense safety exchange follows, from which Bingham serves up a chance to the bottom left. Selby almost goes in-off when potting the red, but soon gets the break under control. A good split on some reds below the pink has opened it right up, and he's in business.

Selby 9-12 Bingham

Once more, with feeling. Both players miss their opening few efforts at reds, before Selby swerves around the black to clip a red into the green pocket off one cushion. He could do with a visit here, but gets just seven before having to play a safety. Again, both players are soon trapped in a short-nudge-around-the-pack scenario, and agree another re-rack. Take three!

Selby 9-12 Bingham

Bingham's away first in frame 22, picking out a four ball plant from the pack into the bottom right, but he misses the yellow to follow. A few shots later, he sends four Selby's way when he shorts a nudged safety to the pack. A nudgeathon is incoming, so both players agree to a re-rack.

‘A head-scrambler of a frame' – Bingham flukes ‘unbelievable' pink on way to winning mammoth frame

Selby 9-12 Bingham

A superb long yellow into the bottom right puts the tin lid on this one. Bingham clears up to the pink and extends his lead to three frames; he's won the nap hand of all five so far tonight.

Selby 9-11 Bingham (32-69)

Selby, eventually, cracks first. He leaves Bingham a long red to the green pocket, and in it goes. Bingham can't convert the black afterwards though, leaving it hanging in the jaws of the bottom right; Selby needs three snookers now, and will have a shy at it.

Selby 9-11 Bingham (32-68)

We've been in a ten minute battle - at least - on this final red, and neither player is giving an inch. This is another nerve-jangler of a frame, and if Selby can blag a snooker then it's Shredsville. He nearly pots the red in the bottom left, but it stays out and he doesn't leave it; on we go.

Selby 9-11 Bingham (32-68)

Now then Mark; after a few safety shots, Selby clips a red into the left middle and he's on the black. He quickly takes the maximum haul of 32 before looking for a snooker on the final red. He doesn't quite get it, but we've still got a live one here.

Selby 9-11 Bingham (0-68)

Bingham finishes awkwardly on frame ball black, but bridges over a red and tucks it in to reach 68 with just 67 left on. He tries a double on a red but misses; Selby returns to the table with plenty to do here.

Selby 9-11 Bingham (0-52)

There'll be no maxi attempt here as Bingham goes up for the blue, but he splits the reds invitingly as he does so. He's got the white on a string tonight, and soon clears the half-century mark again.

Selby 9-11 Bingham (0-24)

We're back, and Selby misses a long, straight red and it ricochets over the bottom left for Bingham to tidy up. He's in such good touch tonight, and get this; it's three reds with blacks so far.

Watch bizarre moment rest malfunction interrupts Bingham’s maximum attempt

Selby 9-11 Bingham

With a break of 78 Bingham takes the frame, and establishes a two frame lead.
That's the mid-session interval, see you in 15 minutes.

Selby 9-10 Bingham (0-77)

It's red-blue-red, and Bingham adds the black to make sure. He's on his next red too; this is brilliant stuff and he's going to sweep this mini-session.

Selby 9-10 Bingham (0-63)

Bingham cracks in a half-century with a black to the bottom right, and he's on his next red. Two more with a high value colour will bank a fourth frame in a row for him.

Selby 9-10 Bingham (0-29)

I think Line of Duty's on in a minute. The players rightly take a break to compose themselves for the final frame before the mid-session interval. It's Bingham that's away first in this one, picking up six from a foul off a one cushion safety from Selby that leaves him on an easy starter. His break looks like ending on 22, until he pulls out a brilliant recovery pot on a red to left middle to land on the yellow. He has been superb so far tonight.

Selby 9-10 Bingham

Selby's played a number of poor safety shots on the colours, and there's another on here - he's left a thin cut on the black to the yellow pocket. Bingham lines it up...and it's in! He's won a frame that took an hour and three minutes, and he's in the lead!

Selby 9-9 Bingham (52-55)

We're over the hour mark now, as Selby leaves Bingham a go at the pink to the yellow pocket. Bingham misses it wildly, and it goes off five - you count 'em, five - cushions before dropping gently into the green pocket! For an extra giggle, he's not on the black either! Bingham chuckles, Selby doesn't; black ball game.

Selby 9-9 Bingham (52-49)

This frame is extraordinary. Bingham traps the white in behind the black near the bottom cushion, but as it settles there the blue goes around the table and into the yellow pocket. Bingham's now snookered full ball on the pink! He has a bash, escapes off one cushion and the pink runs safe. We might all need a lie down after this one. Selby then misses the pink completely when playing for a thin contact, and it's six away. Whoever loses this one, my it's going to sting.

Selby 9-9 Bingham (52-38)

Bingham loses position on the brown slightly, but glides it in superbly with the rest and he's just about on the blue. It's another big shot...and he's missed it! Not only that, but he's left it over the green pocket. This is frame ball for Selby...and he's missed it too and it rolls safe! My word, what a frame this is.

Selby 9-9 Bingham (52-29)

A chance for Bingham as Selby leaves a cut on the red to the right middle. In it goes, followed by a superbly cued green, and Bingham can win it here. Blue to pink is difficult though; the colours for the frame.

Selby 9-9 Bingham (52-25)

Selby pots the pink to get to 49, trying to hold the spot to stay on one of the last two reds but failing. He's so close to them both that a safety looks his only option, but he pulls out the cue extension and the extended rest to time a short cut into the bottom left and land on the yellow. That goes, so the final red is frame ball and a tough cut to the right middle. Selby turns it down and plays safe instead; it's now 45 minutes and counting in this frame.

Selby 9-9 Bingham (33-25)

Selby hits the front in this frame, with no visible rust after being frozen out for so long. He looked focused enough during the safety exchange, and the balls are well set to go here.

Selby 9-9 Bingham (0-25)

After Selby mulls over a safety for almost three minutes, referee Ben Williams has a word to tell him to get a shift on. Then, finally, Bingham breaks the deadlock with a long red into the green pocket! Pot Ahoy! There's a handy spread on here too, and potentially a frame-winning visit in the offing. Selby hasn't potted a ball for almost an hour here. On 17 though Bingham misses a cut on a blue to the left middle, and Selby's in.

Selby 9-9 Bingham (0-8)

What a contrast to the first two frames. This is a proper war of attrition; we've got 14 reds still out there, with only two in baulk and the rest in little clusters below the pink spot. We've had a few yahoos at a pot, but it's delicate, tense safety otherwise. It's now been 21 minutes without a pot, and so far neither player has inquisitively uttered the word re-rack.

Selby 9-9 Bingham (0-8)

Bingham gets red-black down again at the start of the 19th frame, but there'll be no maxi attempt as he loses position on his next red and misses a double. A prolonged safety exchange follows, and we're still mired in it; we haven't had a pot for about ten minutes.

Selby 9-9 Bingham

With the drama over, the facts remain; it's two on the spin for Bingham, and he's levelled up the match.

Selby 9-8 Bingham (0-96)

Bingham plays in behind the red on the left rail, and needs to take it with the rest. He tries to add an implement to the rest, a short cover to go over one of its spikes, but it's not working so he plays it without. He could've done without the break in concentration there. He drops it in though, and then another black...but he's missed the 13th red to the right middle! Gah!

Selby 9-8 Bingham (0-80)

We're officially in get excited territory as the frame has gone, as have ten reds and ten blacks. The two problem balls haven't moved yet. Come on, Ball Run!

Selby 9-8 Bingham (0-50)

It's on, this. The seventh red goes, with the black as a chaser, and then a red to the left middle for the half-ton. Bingham has bigger fish to fry though. He's got one red up in baulk, but it's over the yellow pocket, and a difficult red near the left rail to negotiate yet.

Selby 9-8 Bingham (0-32)

Selby misses a long red to the yellow pocket, and he's left a cut on a red to the bottom left. In it goes, and Bingham's off again. The man who has made four 147's in the last four seasons has taken four reds and four blacks so far. Just putting that out there.

Selby 9-8 Bingham

Bingham turns it into a ton; a superb clearance of 131 takes the first frame of the night.

Selby 9-7 Bingham (8-69)

Bingham furiously wobbles a red in the jaws of the right middle. It eventually drops, and the brown follows to leave a testing frame ball red. It needs a thin cut past the pack, and Bingham rolls it into the right middle at milk float pace. It drops in, and he's on the black.

Selby 9-7 Bingham (8-54)

There's a cracking pace to this break, and the evening in general. A black to the bottom left registers Bingham's half-ton, but there's still a bit of work left to do to win the frame.

Selby 9-7 Bingham (8-14)

Shot! From Bingham's break off Selby drains the only red he can see, straight into the bottom right to land on the black. He can only make eight before playing safe though, and Bingham fires back with a nice long red of his own to come back down for the blue. He's away, it's a cracking start and the crowd sound right up for this. What a sheer joy it's been to have the spectators back.

Boys baized

Rob Walker has done his bit, and we're ready to go. Eight frames tonight then, with a mid-session interval after four. Let's get to it.

For your ears only

No less a player than Jimmy White is tipping Kyren Wilson to cash in his semi-final lead over Shaun Murphy and go on to lift the title on Monday. Check out the thoughts of the Wind on the latest episode of The Break podcast:

A quick catch-up

There’s really not much between these two so far. They split the first session yesterday, while Selby edged it this morning to lead 9-7 going into tonight.

Good evening!

Welcome to live coverage of the evening session of the day 14 of the 2021 World Snooker Championship. We’re right in the meat of the semi-finals now, with Mark Selby and Stuart Bingham due back on the baize shortly to resume their match.


See you at 19:00 BST

That’s it for the afternoon. We’ll be back later this evening for the third session of the match between Mark Selby and Stuart Bingham.

Wilson 10-6 Murphy

Wonderful stuff from Murphy. Under huge pressure, he produces a brilliant clearance to take the frame and share the session.The yellow with the rest to effectively seal the frame was a thing of beauty. He’s been completely outplayed but will go in overnight four frames adrift. We could be in for a cracker tomorrow.

Wilson 10-5 Murphy

Wilson leaves Murphy a tempter and he goes all-in. The red into the bottom-left bag finds its target and Murphy has a chance to counter. The reds are not well placed, but’s a chance he wasn’t expecting.

Wilson 10-5 Murphy

Wilson breaks down when failing to get on a red from the blue, but he has a 46-point lead.

Wilson 10-5 Murphy

A poor safety from Murphy hands Wilson the first chance of the final frame of the session. There are a few open reds so he has a chance to open up a decent advantage.

Wilson 10-5 Murphy

Wilson’s turn to miss. He is human, after all. Murphy steps in to pot frame ball to cut the deficit to five. A BIG final frame of the session coming up.

Wilson 10-4 Murphy

Murphy escapes the snooker and fashions a chance for himself. Having been kept pretty much cold for a couple of frames, Murphy does extremely well to craft a break of 59 but breaks down on frame ball. He’s well ahead, but the balls are on for Wilson.

Wilson 10-4 Murphy

Murphy is decked out in a lovely, crisp white shirt. I wouldn't forgive him if he took it off and turned it into a white flag and started waving it as Wilson runs out of position but plays a stunning shot to feather up behind the green.

Wilson 10-4 Murphy

Wilson is in beast mode right now. A superb long red secures him another chance to pile more misery on Murphy.
“Kyren is in a cocoon of concentration,” Dominic Dale moving into poetry mode right now.

Wilson 10-4 Murphy

Wilson is utterly relentless right now. A gorgeous total clearance of 131 - his fourth ton of the match - takes him six frames clear at 10-4. It was so good and so composed, it just seemed run of the mill for Wilson. Murphy is a bit like a man swimming against the tide right now.

Wilson (35) 9-4 Murphy

A gorgeous split of the reds for Wilson, who earned that with an excellent red into the bottom-right pocket, and he is well set to move to double figures in frames.

Wilson 9-4 Murphy

Wilson is in the balls again. He knocks in a good black to get good position on a red and he has a chance to inflict more pain on his opponent. Those players who have designs on being champions know the importance of piling pressure on your opponent when he is down.

Wilson 9-4 Murphy

Murphy goes all-out for a tough red but it wriggles in the jaws and falls over the pocket for Wilson who completes the job to move 9-4 ahead. Wilson is now guaranteed a lead heading into tomorrow. The only question is how big it will be; on this evidence it could be sizeable.

Wilson 8-4 Murphy

AMBER WARNING! A miss from Wilson. He misses a red with his break on 38. He is firm favourite to take the frame, with a 51-point lead, but he has given Murphy a lifeline in the frame. A good safety aides Murphy’s cause.

Wilson 8-4 Murphy

Wilson breaks down on 21 but does not pay a heavy price as Murphy misses a blue into the bottom-left on the thick side and Wilson is back at the table once again. Wilson’s level is a step below what it was last night, it would be hard to be as good, but he is getting chances once again.

Wilson 8-4 Murphy

Arrow-straight opening red from Wilson. That really was fantastic cueing. He has a chance to strike back.

Players are back

We're back from the interval and it's on Murphy to keep piling pressure on Wilson.

Wilson 8-4 Murphy

Murphy knocks in his highest break of the match,88, to get back to within four frames. Murphy needs more of this after the interval. And if he can do it, we could have a classic on our hands.
The players will be back in 15 minutes.

Wilson 8-3 (38) Murphy

Murphy inadvertently flicks the pink and runs out of position, which has been the story of his match so far, but he knocks in a brilliant blue to get back in prime position. This is a chance he must take.

Wilson 8-3 Murphy

Wilson misses a tough red and with the pack split, it offers a chance for Murphy. He knocks in a black and is now in decent position.

Wilson 8-3 Murphy

Wilson gets the red he needs to steady the ship and move back into a five-frame advantage. He now cannot be behind at the end of the session, so the pressure eases somewhat and the onus is now on Murphy to produce a response.

Wilson 7-3 Murphy

It’s Wilson’s turn to lay an evil snooker, with Murphy tight behind the green. The escape is excellent and importantly, he does not leave an easy pot for his opponent. This frame is not done yet, albeit Wilson is hot favourite.

Wilson 7-3 Murphy

Wilson breaks down on 52 and the frame is not yet safe, but reds are welded to cushions and he is a strong favourite to take it.

Wilson 7-3 Murphy

A stunning pot from Wilson who had found himself in trouble but potted his way out of danger and is now in the balls. This would be the perfect answer to the shenanigans of the previous frame.

Wilson 7-3 Murphy

Shouts of “come on Shaun” reverberate around the Crucible after Wilson leaves a red in the jaws of the green pocket. Is there a shift in momentum happening?

Wilson 7-3 Murphy

No hangover from the previous frame for Wilson who strokes in a glorious red and plays an extremely attacking safety, splitting the pack with the yellow. It will be interesting to see how the next couple of frames play out as Murphy has brought the crowd into it, making them laugh with his snookers behind the blue. Wilson, meanwhile, is all business.

Wilson 7-3 Murphy

“Points make prizes,” according the Bruce Forsyth. Anyone under the age of 50 has no idea what that is referring to. Points came Murphy’s way, 53 of them to be precise in fouls, following a devilish snooker. This frame is in Murphy’s grasp, with Wilson now requiring snookers. Murphy and the referee share a joke. Wilson has a face like thunder. For good measure, Murphy drops the cue ball behinf the blue that earned him the 53 points in fouls and heads back to his chair like the cat that got the cream. Wilson concedes.

Wilson 7-2 Murphy

A chance for Murphy who sees a red with the rest wriggle in the bottom-right pocket, wipe its feet and drop in. But for what seems like the umpteenth time, he runs out of position and has to retreat for the safety of baulk.

Wilson 7-2 Murphy

As well as being good, luck is also a welcome addition for players. Wilson got a massive chunk of fortune when missing a black as he left a red on only for the black to come to his rescue and block the bottom-right pocket.

Wilson 7-2 Murphy

A shocking and unexpected mistake from Wilson who leaves his escape from a snooker a good foot short of its intended target to hand a chance to Murphy. But once again he runs out of position and this is a great table that Wilson has inherited.
“This match could get away from Shaun very quickly,” Dominic Dale summed it up after Murphy’s miss.

Wilson 7-2 Murphy

Murphy’s long potting has always been a thing of beauty and a huge roar from the crowd greets a stunning red into the bottom-right corner to fashion a chance. Judging on yesterday evening, the majority of the crowd is on Wilson’s side but you get the feeling the Crucible wants to see a contest. Sadly for Murphy - and it was a similar story last night and in the first frame today - he ran out of position and had to run for cover in baulk.

Wilson 7-2 Murphy

In the blink of an eye the first frame of the session goes to Wilson with a break of 69. It’s as if the overnight break did not happen. Murphy sat glumly in his chair with his arms folded is a telling picture.

Wilson (33) 6-2 Murphy

Wilson’s timing is on point at the third time of asking, with an excellent long red crafting an opening. These are worrying times for Murphy as Wilson races into a 30-point head and splits the reds.

Wilson 6-2 Murphy

Wilson misses two bites at long reds and goes in-off to hand Murphy a chance. The Magician knocks in a beauty and gets on the blue. It’s an early chance, but he runs out of position and fouls the black in attempting to rectify. A bad start for Murphy, but no damage done other than to his confidence.

Wilson 6-2 Murphy

A cagey start and Eurosport’s Dominic Dale feels Murphy has a target in mind.
"He (Wilson) put together five fantastic frames. I think Shaun Murphy has probably set himself a target. Winning this session 5-3 is probably achievable. Anything better could be fantasy, given how well Kyren Wilson has been playing."

Hee we go!

The players are at the table and it's time for some snooker! Murphy breaks off.

Time for some fire

Ronnie’s view on the second session: "I want to see some more fire from him (Murphy), to stamp his authority. Kyren did that to him last night.”

Advantage Selby in the other semi

Looking back to this morning’s clash between Mark Selby and Stuart Bingham, with the former leading 9-7, Ronnie O’Sullivan said the final four frames were what he was expecting with good scoring.
“It seemed like in the second half the four frames they both got going, good scoring,” O’Sullivan said.
“It is advantage the Jester from Leicester,” Jimmy White added.

Story so far

Wilson had the look of a runaway freight train on Thursday evening. After losing the first frame, he completely dominated Murphy with some brilliant break building and intelligent snooker.
There's a long way to go, but Murphy will need to up his game and hope Wilson falls back a shade. The 2005 champion cannot afford to lose this session.

Good afternoon

Welcome to LIVE updates from the second session of the World Championship semi-final between last year's beaten finalist Kyren Wilson and 2005 winner Shaun Murphy.

See you at 14:30 BST

Join us again shortly for the second slice of today’s snooker action. Kyren Wilson resumes his semi-final showdown with Shaun Murphy leading by a 6-2 scoreline.


Bingham eats into Selby’s lead but comes up a fraction short with a break of 51 as a tough long red to the bottom left flank just won’t go down. Selby jumps to his feet and rubs salt in his opponent’s wounds with his own long pot to the yellow pocket. The three-time champion is faced with a tricky pink to the bottom left to claim the frame and duly sizzles it into the pocket to clinch a lead at the end of Session 2.

SELBY 8-7 BINGHAM (44-0)

Stuart mutters to himself, then sighs and raises his eyes to the heavens. No prizes for guessing what he thinks of his attempt as he misses a long red to the left corner and opens the door for Selby to have the first nibble at taking the final frame of this session. The world No.4 seizes upon the opportunity but after gliding a delicious black to the middle right he fluffs his lines on a similar red to the opposite flank.


That’s the perfect riposte from ‘Ball-run’ Bingham. Unfortunately for him he’d had the best seat in the house as Selby’s flying form since the restart saw him go 45 minutes without a single pot. He shows he’s not going away without a real fight though with a sensational 127 clearance of his own. After some strange moments in the earlier frames, this match is now warming towards being a truly top-class encounter.


Bingham is dismayed to see the cue ball drop in-off a long, straight red to the right corner. He finds his back further up against the wall as Selby looks to bewitch him with some astute safety play. Bingham hangs in with some fine judgement of his own and flips the tables on the Jester from Leicester, who is warned by the referee after failing to connect on two approaches from baulk. He’s forced to go for a shot he'd rather avoid and suddenly it’s the world number 18 who has an opening.


Real danger for Bingham now. Selby has got his Mojo on. A fantastic black to the right corner via the rest sees the cue ball fizz off the bottom cushion and split the pack. It’s more proof Selby is growing as a force in this contest. He charges on with an almost effortless, fluid cue action to complete back-to-back centuries with another wonderful 134 clearance.


That’s more like it from Mark Selby. A beauty of a safety that tucks the cue ball right behind the yellow suggests he could be about to find something closer to his A-game. What follows is further evidence he may be moving up a notch as he eases into his potting groove with a quite brilliant 134 clearance.


Bingham misses a long red to the bottom left by some distance and his demeanour suggests he knows that’ll probably be his last chance for a 7-5 lead. He's right too. Selby gets in down that same flank and a break of 38 secures parity at the mid-session interval.

SELBY 5-6 BINGHAM (49-9)

Bingham bullets what is certainly a miss-able red to the right corner pocket but he immediately runs out of position on a break of 9 and is forced to play a safety to baulk via the green.

SELBY 5-6 BINGHAM (49-0)

Bingham can’t make any impression on this occasion and Selby is right back in to produce one of his best shots of the match so far. He screws back with reverse side to pot a tough red on the bottom cushion and bring the cue ball within range of the black. An attempt to split the pack goes wrong soon after and he boldly attempts a three-ball plant, but the red won’t quite agree to roll into the bottom left corner.

SELBY 5-6 BINGHAM (30-0)

Selby just isn’t quite feeling it out there at the moment. He appears to be building a strong break at 30 but inexplicably misses a routine red to the bottom right pocket. His expression doesn’t give much away but he won’t be at all happy with that.


It’s quite delightful work from Bingham after a safety error from Selby left his opponent with a red to the centre right. It’s feather-touch stuff at times as he has to tease the pink to the middle and use the bridge to despatch an awkward red before a solid long blue provides the platform for a superb break of 83 that nudges him ahead once more.


Bingham can’t quite glide in a long red to the green pocket and Selby doesn’t look back. The three-time champion is able to gobble up the reds near the black this time around and a break of 46 sees him draw level despite once again appearing far from his best.

SELBY 4-5 BINGHAM (38-0)

It’s almost a case of: “After you… no, after you…” to begin with. Neither player is afraid to grasp the mettle but it gets a bit scrappy with a succession of long but make-able misses. Eventually Selby finds a bit of rhythm preying on the blue but comes up short at a break of 38 when he can’t quite cut a slow black beyond the bottom left pocket’s near jaw.


That’s a surprise. Bingham loses position immediately but Selby blows another chance to seal the frame. He misses a long red hovering near to the bottom left pocket by some way and this time his opponent does see a potential route back in. He jabs a tough red close to the right cushion into the bottom right pocket and digs himself out of a positional hole with a delightful cut on a red to the middle right. It enables him to motor through a super 62 clearance.

SELBY 4-4 BINGHAM (52-0)

Selby gets off to a flyer but can’t get the job done on a first visit. The memories of the disjointed nature of his time at the table yesterday evaporate with an immediate long red that flashes right down the throat of the bottom right pocket. He has to work for the position with the black loitering in a central area near the blue, but he does it with the type of composed cueing that has been the basis of his charge through the draw so far. An attempt to spread the remaining pack of reds goes wrong, however, and he can’t continue his first half century of the semi final when a tricky long blue to the green pocket fails to go down.

Here we go!

The players are at the table and it's time for some snooker! Bingham breaks off.

Why Bingham's one of the greats

As we count down the minutes until session 2 of this tussle, why not spend a few of them perusing Desmond Kane's excellent article on Stuart Bingham. It's a must-read for snooker fans.

O'Sullivan explains key to winning world titles in Crucible finals

Good morning!

Welcome to LIVE updates from the second session of the World Championship semi final between three-time champion Mark Selby and 2015 winner, Stuart Bingham.

Story so far

One semi-final has certainly been tighter than the other so far and that is the one we kick things off with today, as former champions Mark Selby and Stuart Bingham are locked in at 4-4.
There were errors from both players, with Bingham looking more assured
The 2015 champion is aiming to become just the fourth qualifier to make it all the way to the final.

Semi-final schedule

One day down, two to go! Here's how the next couple of days of semi-final action will unfold featuring Stuart Bingham, Mark Selby, Kyren Wilson and Shaun Murphy.

Friday, 30 April

  • Stuart Bingham v Mark Selby
  • Kyren Wilson v Shaun Murphy
  • Stuart Bingham v Mark Selby

Saturday, 01 May

  • Kyren Wilson v Shaun Murphy
  • Stuart Bingham v Mark Selby
  • Kyren Wilson v Shaun Murphy
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