Snooker coach Chris Henry, who has been tutoring both Shaun Murphy and Mark Selby en route to the final, has advised Murphy to change his gameplan slightly now that he is trailing to Selby.
Henry is in the unusual position of coaching both players who have triumphed in reaching the World Snooker Championship final at the Crucible.
Although he could not give too much away, Henry believes Murphy will adapt his gameplan to get back into the match against 'The Jester From Leicester'.
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And he admitted that his role is a strange one on a day like this - with it being the first time in history that a coach has worked with both finalists.
"It's unusual, to say the least," Henry told Rachel Casey. "Having to spend time in both changing rooms, advising both players.
"It is a difficult one but I have absolutely assured both of them that we are not talking about them in the other changing rooms."
"My role is to help these players perform at their best and that is exactly what we're focusing on," he added.
"We're not focusing on the other player. It's me being in there reminding them of the few little keys that they have to implement to perform at their best.
"Shaun is very clever. He will have looked back at that first day and analysed what he did and he's probably going to change his approach a bit.
I want to advise him on one or two different things that would change the strategy for him that would suit his play. He has to play the game that helps him to perfom at his best. He's playing more of his opponent's game who is brilliant in all areas.
Henry says Selby will likely stick to the plan that has got him in front.
"Mark is on a good track," he added. "He's going to be focusing on doing very similar things."
On Sunday night Ronnie O'Sullivan urged Murphy to play the match on his own terms after going down 10-7 at the halfway point of a compelling final.
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