Kyren Wilson surrendered 57 penalty points in a single frame during his World Championship semi-final with Shaun Murphy – including 53 from one snooker.
An extraordinary spell started when Murphy rolled up behind the blue near the yellow pocket, leaving Wilson in an unenviable position with the remaining reds lurking at the other end of the table.
Wilson’s nightmare began when he misjudged a three-cushion escape, striking the black perched ominously close to the target red. Seven more points for Murphy, adding to four he had received for an earlier penalty.
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Wilson tried again with no success. And again.
“It’s amazing when you play those snooker escapes, that black probably seems like a football,” mused Dominic Dale on Eurosport commentary.
At the fourth attempt, Wilson finally missed the black. Unfortunately, he also missed the reds and so four more points were added to Murphy’s tally – the score 15-60 despite so many balls left on the table.
The crowd were starting to find it amusing, giggling each time the referee trundled back to the starting point with cue ball in hand.
Wilson next opted for a two-cushion escape to no avail. He went back to three cushions for attempt six, but he hit the black again. Six attempts, six penalties – including five seven-pointers for hitting the black.
“This is just horrendous for Wilson,” continued David Hendon. “That’s 39 points he’s given away now.” Plus the four at the start of the frame and it was an even graver situation. And the drama wasn’t over.

'Go on say it, say it...'

“He’s never going to hit the black again… he is,” said a stunned Dale as Wilson failed with his seventh attempt.
It came down to the eighth attempt. Even with five reds and the colours still left on the table, Wilson had to hit a red or would be in snookers required territory. You can probably guess what happened next.
“That is unbelievable,” said Hendon, as his attempt brushed the black again.
There was one small consolation for Wilson. As he had moved into the snookers required stage, it could no longer be called as a miss. Not that Murphy could resist a little goading.
“Go on say it, say it, say it…” encouraged Murphy of the smiling referee, who refused and ordered a free ball.
By this stage, everyone inside the Crucible was loving it. Well, everyone except one man, with Wilson having a face like thunder. Hendon remarked:
The audience are finding it amusing. There’s one man in the Crucible who’s not laughing.
Dale added: “I assure you, I would not be smiling either. I would be furious.”
The episode had seen Wilson leak an astonishing 53 points without success, with his total of 57 penalty points one of the highest in Crucible history.
Murphy quickly got Wilson back in another spot of bother and finished the frame by rolling up behind the blue again. This time, Wilson stayed in his seat and conceded. Wise move.

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