Snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan has treated Eurosport viewers to his thoughts during what ended up being a record-breaking 147 at the World Championship in 1997.
As he made clear many times during the 25th anniversary special feature, the Rocket is a "different break-builder now", but the speed and the style with which he executed the fastest-ever maximum made it all the more remarkable.
O'Sullivan made history in the first round of the tournament in Sheffield that year as he raced through the 147 in a staggering time of just five minutes and 20 seconds. That, all despite him saying he was not impressed looking back at his technique and approach.
World Championship
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Watch the full video feature above for his full explanations of his mindset and thoughts as he progressed through the break, but here are a few of the quotes from the great man as he recalled the incredible experience from his perspective.
"I remember it quite clearly, it feels like it was yesterday," O'Sullivan told Eurosport as he watched the footage back.
"Today, I would be thinking it was a good chance for a maxi, but then I think I was just on auto-pilot and looking to win the frame.
"I would never do some of this now. I would never leave my white in that position - the white is a bit loose. I'm a different break-builder now to what I was then, but nevertheless, I still got the maxi.
"I was technically very good as a kid and then I kind of got into some bad habits. I just think I ended up messing around so much with the technique that I lost my way a little bit. I deconstructed my game around 2000 and started to slow it down and have smoother feathers.
"I didn't have the record on my mind at the time. I thought there was a maxi on.

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"It probably couldn't be done today because the refs do a bit too much walking maybe. What a referee [Len Ganley] - the referees today could learn a thing or two. He just stayed in the same position. It's like a good footballer, he doesn't move around too much. He knows what he is doing and gets the job done.
"That [the speed, 8.5 seconds-a-shot] was ridiculous, really. If I am on 16 seconds-a-shot now I am thinking that is as quick as I would want to be. I don't want to be any quicker than that.
"I was just a different player then. You see my left knee, it was really bent, behind me. I just fell into the shot, there is a bit of movement. It was all off instinct!
"I have always been an instinctive player, but I think I have developed and become a bit more of a robotic player.

Ronnie O'Sullivan earned £147,000 for his world-record 147 in 1997.

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"All sorts can go wrong. There was plenty of money on the line there! It was £167,000, and I knew that as well!
"I was petrified and I was in bits! But once I got on the blue I was thinking 'this is it, this is actually on now' and the chalk goes under the table. I thought I had no time to collect that because if I get the chalk I would probably miss.
"The method in the madness was to go as fast as I could and override the thoughts in the brain - and hence why it was such a fast break.
"I was buzzing; it was mental! It was an amazing feeling."
You can watch the astonishing break in full below...

#OnThisDay: Ronnie O’Sullivan’s record 147 from 1997

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