After the conclusion of another extraordinary snooker season, we pick 10 of our favourite shots from the 2021/22 campaign as captured by the Eurosport cameras. You can vote for your personal favourite when we reveal our final list of contenders this month.

No. 10 – O'Sullivan produces stunning exhibition shot in world final

It was both momentous and momentum-shifting.
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Ronnie O'Sullivan's 18-13 victory over Judd Trump in the 46th World Championship final at the Crucible in May provided an already epic narrative, but it would be right to say the snooker GOAT's magical charge to a record-equalling seventh title would not have been possible without his sixth sense.
Having lost the first frame to a break of 72, O'Sullivan rolled in a 120 – his 200th century in 30 years competing at the sport's biggest event – and a 68 to establish a 2-1 advantage.
The fourth frame provided a platform for O'Sullivan to begin the long gallop for home.
Having witnessed his fellow Englishman make a 52 at the outset of the frame, O'Sullivan recovered from chasing a snooker only to see the white drop when inadvertently doubling the final green following a safety attempt.
Leading by 25 with 25 left, Trump surprisingly missed the green to the centre pocket with O'Sullivan expertly mopping up to force the re-spotted black.
The battle for the black ball did not last long. Having lost the toss, Trump left the object ball on the side cushion with O'Sullivan wasting little time in unearthing some trademark opportunism.
The percentage shot suggested swinging the black around the angles with a tactical response, but O'Sullivan had other plans as an exhibition shot – known in popular parlance as the old 'cocked hat double' – was executed to perfection.
The black came off three cushions before disappearing down the middle pocket with some haste.

'Cocked hat double!' - O'Sullivan hits remarkable shot to win frame

Staring 2-2 in the face, one remarkable shot provided O'Sullivan with a 3-1 lead. He would win the session 5-3 and would go on to lead the final from start to finish, ultimately drawing level with Stephen Hendry as the most prolific world champion of the modern era.
Seizing the initiative has always been a key part of O'Sullivan's armoury. Particularly at the Crucible when he is playing against history as much as his opponents.
"It was a great shot to see," said six-time world finalist Jimmy 'Whirlwind' White. "You don't often see it played. If he misses the middle pocket, it goes to the baulk end, but that 'cocked hat' is always on.
"This is an old snooker club shot. It is a golf shot you play on the snooker table. He got the cocked hat and it is a big advantage. It was 2-2 all day long for Trump, but that is self-inflicted I'm afraid."

‘Great shot to see’ – White salutes O’Sullivan’s ‘cocked hat double’

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