Mark Williams has arguably played snooker on a par with anyone at this year’s World Championship, and he dazzled the crowd with a piece of shot-making brilliance in the 19th frame of his quarter-final match with Yan Bingtao.
The Welshman had his worst session of the tournament on Tuesday evening, as Yan largely shut him out.
Yan continued the assault by taking the first two frames of Wednesday’s concluding session.
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Williams required a response, and he produced one with a brilliant total clearance of 135 in the 19th frame.
The break in itself was noteworthy, but the shot to create the final red was top-drawer.
The red was welded to the left-hand rail near the middle pocket, and to create it Williams had to play the blue and come off three cushions. It needed the precision of a surgeon, but he pulled it off and left it sat perfectly over the left middle to allow him to clear the table.
Neal Foulds in the Eurosport commentary box was deeply impressed.
“What about that, that is a fabulous shot,” Foulds said. “Unbelievably good.
"The most delicate of touches. Superb.”
Williams is not one to go overboard with the theatrics, but the way he saluted the Crucible crowd after pulling off the shot gave the impression that he was impressed with the effort.
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