That'll do us

Mink and Neil's improbable victory brings to a close the 2022 World Mixed Doubles. We'll be back with you soon for more snooker on Eurosport - tomorrow in fact, when we get the British Open happening. See you then folks, night night.

The trophies

Scottish Open
'I don’t expect to carry on at this rate' – Trump plays down breaking O'Sullivan's maximum record
Neil and Mink get one each, and hold them proudly aloft to a hearty round of applause. Mink looks utterly thrilled, and what a year for her. She's the incumbent women's world champion, has qualified for the Champion of Champions and the Northern Ireland Open and now played a huge part in her team winning the title. This afternoon she cleared up a superb 74 to steal a frame from Judd and On Yee, the highest scoring visit from either her or Neil in the whole tournament. Chapeau.

Player talk

This tournament has been played in a great spirit, and everyone seems thrilled with how it's gone. Everyone acknowledges how important this event is for the development of the women's game; Mink banked £6,000 for winning the world title this year, with virtually no exposure; tonight she's earned five times that amount and won a tournament live on national television. You can't be something until you see it, and for the future of the women's game these moments are so important.

Neil Robertson and Mink Nutcharut are champions

What a day that was! Neil and Mink looked doomed this morning, needing to win all four frames against Judd and On Yee and even then relying on other results to advance. They duly did win all four frames, and in the final this evening outplayed the form team of Rebecca and Mark to take the trophy. It's a great story to end an excellent tournament; surely the World Snooker Tour has to now nail this tournament into the calendar for the future.

Selby/Kenna 2-4 Robertson/Mink

Rebecca escapes, but leaves a red on to the bottom left and this is done. Neil does the necessary, including outrageous flukes on the yellow and green as he empties the table for 47 and the title!

Selby/Kenna 2-3 Robertson/Mink (6-58)

Neil picks off frame ball red, but can't dispatch the pink that would put it out of reach. Mark returns to the table with he and Rebecca needing one snooker. Mink has a look at championship ball but can't convert the red from distance; it's played as a shot to nothing though and it's a beauty, trapping Rebecca behind the brown.

Selby/Kenna 2-3 Robertson/Mink (6-51)

Rebecca is forced into a thin red to the bottom right, but it misses and she's left Neil a red to the right middle. It's a good chance, and he's being very deliberate about this. The black is out of action but blue and pink are on their spots, with a load of reds in the open. Neil's added 20 and counting already, and it looks regulation from here.

Selby/Kenna 2-3 Robertson/Mink (6-31)

A poor safety from Mark leaves the white in the middle of the table, and Mink picks off a red with the rest. A brown and another red follow before position deserts her, and she plays safe to baulk. It's getting tense out there now. Rebecca tries a long red and misses, and leaves a cut on to the bottom left. It's a big chance for Neil, but he pots the red and lands welded to the brown in baulk. Anywhere else and that could have been curtains.

Selby/Kenna 2-3 Robertson/Mink (6-24)

What a pot from Mink! She hoses down a red into the bottom left and hold for the black, and it's a scoring chance. Mink picks off three reds and blacks in total, but then misses a tough red across the table to the bottom right and Rebecca now gets a look. She picks off a red with the rest, but in potting the blue thereafter the white clangs into the brown on its way through baulk and it's end of break.

Selby/Kenna 2-3 Robertson/Mink

A total of 42 sorts the frame; can Mark and Rebecca force a one-frame shoot out for the title?

Selby/Kenna 1-3 Robertson/Mink (73-0)

Mink takes on a red to the right middle, but it rolls out off the jaws. That's left Mark right in here, and with a chance to put the frame away. It's all reds and blacks again, as Mark adds four of each before going up for frame ball red just below the baulk line. He drops it into the left middle, and the gap in frames is about to be narrowed.

Selby/Kenna 1-3 Robertson/Mink (40-0)

What a shot this is! Mark cues a long, straight red to the bottom left perfectly, and the white sticks to the point of contact to hold for the black. For a doubles match this has been a heavy-scoring final, and we could have another big visit here; Mark has taken five reds and blacks so far, but in trying to open the pack off the fifth black he skids off the side of it, making a faint contact only. A safety follows, and he'll be frustrated not to have developed that chance.

Selby/Kenna 1-3 Robertson/Mink

An eye-popping miss from Neil here, as he fails to drain the final red into the bottom left with said ball stationed in the jaws. That's a shocker! He picks it off at a later juncture though, and a few shots later we're done in this one. This morning, Mink and Neil had their bags packed by the exit door of this tournament; now, they're one frame away from winning the tournament!

Selby/Kenna 1-2 Robertson/Mink (25-67)

Mark tidies up three reds and blacks, before taking a red on long to the green pocket. He cuts it in, but he's not on that black and that's a problem; he tries to play the white off one cushion and nudge the black into the bottom right to solve it. The black goes so close, but stays out and his team now require two snookers.

Selby/Kenna 1-2 Robertson/Mink (0-67)

A blue wipes its feet in the left middle now too, putting Neil's team 67 ahead with 67 remaining. He's left a long frame ball red to the bottom right...and he's missed it! The ball rattles out and Mark comes to the table with an almighty task ahead of him.

Selby/Kenna 1-2 Robertson/Mink (0-55)

A red really wipes it's feet before going in as Neil reaches 41, but he looks thoroughly tuned in now as the half-century arrives. On his way to it, a deft shot on a red to open a cluster adjacent to the pink has made this frame look a formality. It'll be three on the spin for Mink and Neil if this chance is converted.

Selby/Kenna 1-2 Robertson/Mink (0-24)

We're back, and Neil's in first with a decent scattering of reds to go at. The black is on to both corners, and this could be a crucial visit in the context of this final. Neil's break is on 24 and counting, and there's a load on here.

Selby/Kenna 1-2 Robertson/Mink

It's not; Neil drops in a superb red long into the yellow pocket, and that's end of frame. We'll have a quick interval now, with Neil and Mink in charge here.

Selby/Kenna 1-1 Robertson/Mink (23-60)

Mink takes a red and black, meaning two snookers are now required for Mark and Rebecca, but she can't convert the final red to put this one away. It's a big ask, but Mark and Rebecca stick at it and a canny snooker from Rebecca secures one of the four pointers needed. Could this be on?

Selby/Kenna 1-1 Robertson/Mink (19-52)

Neil stuns in the blue to bring the break to 40, and in doing so moves the final two reds off the bottom cushion. Either one will be frame ball but they're both tough, and Neil takes one to the right middle but leaves it high on the knuckle. Rebecca and Mark are still in this, but without a line to the red over the bottom right, Rebecca has to shift it and hope for the best. She does indeed shift it, but it sights up over the right middle and Mink has a chance to finish this one.

Selby/Kenna 1-1 Robertson/Mink (19-32)

Well, it seems to have paid off; Rebecca gets in at her next visit with a long red, and puts 19 together to give her and Mark the lead in the frame before sending the white to baulk. Safety ensues, and the reds are a bunched mess near the bottom cushion until Neil clips in a stray one and opens the bunch up with the white. That's an excellent shot, and he's on the green which is over its own pocket. Neil then finds a great recovery shot on a red across the table with the white welded to the left rail, and he's on the black.

Selby/Kenna 1-1 Robertson/Mink (0-12)

Rebecca tries a long red to the bottom left to get things going in the third, but where she made it with the first shot of the match it rattles out here and it's on for Mink, who pots the red but then has to play safe. It's Neil that gets the first proper chance of the frame, clipping in a long red to come back up for the brown. On 11 though he misses a tricky black along the rail to the bottom left, and it's a chance for Rebecca. Surprisingly, she turns down a gimme starter to play safe back to baulk. Are her team overthinking the match play tactics a bit here?

Selby/Kenna 1-1 Robertson/Mink

No ton, but a break of 69 does the necessary.

Selby/Kenna 1-0 Robertson/Mink (0-64)

It's rapid fire stuff so far. Neil brings up a half-century with a black to the bottom left. The next red is frame ball, and with the four remaining ones all scattered around the pink we could have back-to-back centuries if Neil can negotiate the yellow that is on the upper right rail.

Selby/Kenna 1-0 Robertson/Mink (0-27)

Mink fires back for her team in frame two, draining a deadweight long red to hold for the black. She makes nine before having to play back to baulk, and a long safety exchange follows. Rebecca takes on a red to the green pocket, which is closes but doesn't drop and stays there; that presents a chance for Neil, who is quickly back down the other end of the table and opening up the pack. The black is on to both corner pockets, and this is a chance.

Selby/Kenna 1-0 Robertson/Mink

Frame ball red goes, and Mark soon works the two tied up reds into potting positions too. This is wonderful, rhythmic stuff from the Jester. The only question now is whether he can complete a century, but with the colours on their spots he walks it in for a 107 that takes the frame. What a start to this final!

Selby/Kenna 0-0 Robertson/Mink (41-8)

Mark is purring here, with an elegant 40 in the books so far and the cue ball on a string. There are four open reds to go for still and he looks absolutely nailed on to wipe out the frame at this visit. Neil and Mink are going to have to find a way to keep his hand off the table tonight.

Selby/Kenna 0-0 Robertson/Mink (18-8)

Rebecca drains a long red to get things going, but rattles the black thereafter in the jaws of the bottom right and leaves it there. Mink responds with a red-black, and goes for a long red to the green pocket that jaws out and sits up over the yellow pocket. That gives Mark the chance to step in; he's been the standout player so far, and he's straight into it here. In reaching 17 with the black he opens up the pack with a delayed screw shot, and they've opened up very nicely.

Here we go

Our MC Tahir Hajat brings the players out into the arena for the final. Let's get it happening.

Who do you fancy?

Mark and Rebecca have dominated the tournament so far, having won all of their matches 3-1. Be wary of the form horse though. Mink and Neil needed to sweep all four frames to have a chance at reaching the final tonight; they did just that, and here they are.

Good evening!

Welcome to live coverage of the final of the World Mixed Doubles. Within the next few hours, we’ll have our first champions in this event since Steve Davis and Allison Fisher in 1991. Our two sets of players will be on the baize shortly, with the winning team set to divide up a cool sixty grand at the end of the evening.
There’s a change in format tonight from the group stages, as it’s a straight best-of-seven to decide the winner. Eyes down then, we’ll get going shortly.


Tonight, tonight

We'll be back at 6.45pm BST for the final, where Rebecca Kenna and Mark Selby will face Neil Robertson and Mink Nutcharut in the World Mixed Doubles final. Join us then!

Final table

Selby/Kenna - 9 pts
Robertson/Mink - 6pts
O'Sullivan/Evans - 5pts
Trump/On Yee - 4pts

The grand finale

Rebecca and Mark advance to tonight's best-of-seven final with another clinical victory. A poor start yesterday eventually cost the tournament favourites Ronnie and Reanne, who couldn't split the session here to renew the argument this evening. Instead, it's Neil and Minkyung that will get a shot at the title and the £60,000 prize. Who would've thought that when we kicked off play today?

O’Sullivan/Evans 1-3 Selby/Kenna

Frame ball black goes, and a red thereafter ends the argument. Mark makes 78 in total to secure another 3-1 win for his team.

O’Sullivan/Evans 1-2 Selby/Kenna (0-57)

This is looking ominous very quickly for Reanne and Ronnie. It's a round half-ton for Mark already, and with only 83 left on the table they're only a few more pots away from being knocked out of the tournament. Everything Mark needs to ensure that is in the wide open, and he doesn't look like missing.

O’Sullivan/Evans 1-2 Selby/Kenna (0-22)

Mark gets a red and a blue to start the final frame, and Reanne goes in-off soon after.The second main chance falls to Mark too, and this could be a more defining one; he's got his hand on the table at the south end of it, with plenty of reds to go it.

O’Sullivan/Evans 1-2 Selby/Kenna

A total break of 67 from Mark sets up a crucial final frame.

O’Sullivan/Evans 1-1 Selby/Kenna (0-67)

Mark rather fortuitously finds position on a red up near the left rail. He pots it across the table into the green pocket, followed by the blue and then frame ball red for good measure. We're done here, and Ronnie and Reanne have to win the next frame to make the final tonight.

O’Sullivan/Evans 1-1 Selby/Kenna (0-54)

A long safety battle ends when Reanne gets a double kiss on a red when trying to get back to baulk, and leaves Mark an easy starter. It's a good spread, and he starts filling his boots; he's put 41 on already, though with five reds near cushions it's going to take a bit more work to sort this out in one visit.

O’Sullivan/Evans 1-1 Selby/Kenna (0-13)

A very cage bout of safety opens frame three, with one red over the bottom left but slightly obscured by another. Eventually Ronnie gambles and tries to swerve the white and drop the red in, but he misses and leaves the white in the middle of the table. Rebecca adds 13 before running out of position and more safety follows.

O’Sullivan/Evans 1-1 Selby/Kenna

Ronnie goes through the gears, taking his break to 36 with frame ball black and with the reds set as they are, this one's done. If they can nick one of the last two, this fixture will be replicated as the final this evening. Sure enough Ronnie adds more than enough to put it out of reach, and we're all square.

O’Sullivan/Evans 0-1 Selby/Kenna (42-0)

A solitary red goes on the board from Reanne, before a mistake from Rebecca gives Ronnie another chance. Pink and black are tied up but not for long, as a deft stun shot when potting the blue by Ronnie frees them up and lands him nicely on his next red. Delicate cueing is required here, but given who we're talking about that makes this a decent chance.

O’Sullivan/Evans 0-1 Selby/Kenna (19-0)

Reanne gets in early in frame two, cobbling together 15 before being forced back to baulk. The ante is then upped as a red goes into the jaws of the bottom left, trapped right behind the black; this could extend the frame time considerably. It’s set up for a plant though, and it’s Ronnie who finds it, but he can only add a yellow and another red before losing position.

O'Sullivan/Evans 0-1 Selby/Kenna

Mark takes out the brown, and then leaves the blue in a position where Ronnie has no other real option than to pot it. Ronnie plays on for the snooker he needs, but Mark soon dispatches the pink to settle this one.

O'Sullivan/Evans 0-0 Selby/Kenna (37-56)

Reanne takes red and blue, and will need all the colours for the frame. On the brown she has a nightmare though, and jumps straight out of the shot to suggest she got a kick. The pot goes offline, and the brown hangs over the yellow pocket to gift the frame to Rebecca and Mark.

O'Sullivan/Evans 0-0 Selby/Kenna (26-56)

Mark misses a red across the table to the bottom left to end his break on 37. Ronnie opens the pack up with an aggressive safety, which pays off when Reanne plugs a red from distance to get in a few shots later. She makes a useful 26 before running out of position; Mark then gets back in, and off the pink plays a superb round-the-angles shot to get on the second to last red. A snooker soon after forces a four-point foul from Ronnie, and Rebecca comes to the table needing with the final red representing frame ball. She can't convert it though, and leaves a chance for Reanne.

O'Sullivan/Evans 0-0 Selby/Kenna (0-32)

Yesterday's victors have started well here. Rebecca pots a nice red-blue-red from her visit, before Mark gets in with an easy starter after Reanne misses a long red. He's up to 25 and counting in no time, and these two are flying already.

Here we go

Our MC Tahir Hajat welcomes Mark, Rebecca, Reanne and Ronnie to the arena. Mark and Rebecca are guaranteed a place in the final, while Ronnie and Reanne need to win at least two frames here to join them. Let's get at it.

The table

As things stand:
Selby/Kenna - 6 pts
Robertson/Mink - 6pts
O'Sullivan/Evans - 4pts
Trump/On Yee - 4pts

Neil and Mink give themselves a chance

They had to win all four, and did win all four. That was a superb effort from Neil and Mink after losing both matches yesterday, and they're now in with a shout of reaching the final. On Yee and Judd, who started the tournament so well, are out; we've got a match incoming in 15 minutes between Ronnie/Reanne and Mark/Rebecca that will sort out the identity of the finalists.

Trump/On Yee 0-4 Robertson/Mink

This could be definitive; Neil drops in a long red as a shot to nothing, and he's on the brown. That goes, and so does the next red which is frame ball. What a performance he and Mink have turned in here. Neil's mini-break ends with a push shot, but the frame is in the bag and they've banked the clean sweep they needed!

Trump/On Yee 0-3 Robertson/Mink (0-53)

On Yee chucks everything at a long red to the bottom left. It's close, but it rattles out and sits up over the right middle for Mink. It's a chance to score, and with the confidence from the previous frame coursing through her veins she adds stitches a nice few pots together before missing the black to the bottom right. Judd can't convert a cut on a red in response though, and team Mink and Neil are inching closer to the clean sweep.

Trump/On Yee 0-3 Robertson/Mink (0-41)

It's a game of millimetres. The mildest flick on a red after potting the black sends Neil out of position, and after his attempted double on a red to stay on the black fails, his break is cooked on 35. On Yee then goes in-off immediately, and from the D Mink bullets in a red as a shot to nothing. Some safety follows, before Neil slashes in a superb cut on a red to bottom left. He can't add the yellow to follow, but he and Mink are really in control here.

Trump/On Yee 0-3 Robertson/Mink (0-20)

That break by Mink was the best for her team in this tournament, but as things stand it would not win them a tie-break scenario against any of the other combinations. If Mink and Neil can take this frame as well though, they've got a yahoo at making the final. Neil goes for it; he drives in a long red from the D and he's back up for the blue. This is a more than decent chance, and he's piled on 20 already.

Trump/On Yee 0-3 Robertson/Mink

The final red disappears, followed by a nerveless black as Mink goes up for the yellow. If she can mop to the blue here, she'll take out this frame in one hit. The half-ton is secured with the green, and the brown then follows. It's blue for another frame...and she drops it in with the rest into the left middle! Mink ain't done either; she empties the table for a superb 74, and her team have won all three frames so far.

Trump/On Yee 0-2 Robertson/Mink (39-40)

Break over; Judd was coasting there, but misses a cut on a red to bottom left. The frame was there for the taking, but Mink steps in now and starts firing back for her team. It's a fine break, and her break reaches 39 as her team retake the lead.

Trump/On Yee 0-2 Robertson/Mink (26-1)

Judd pots a tricky red followed by a yellow to the left middle, and this is a good look. He quickly gets black and pink back on their spots too, and from nowhere he's developed a frame-winning opportunity. The break is at 25 and counting so far.

Trump/On Yee 0-2 Robertson/Mink (1-1)

Neil breaks in frame three, and Judd chucks everything at a long red to the bottom left. It rattles out, and he's left a chance for Mink. That goes, but Mink can't follow up with the blue. On Yee then strokes in a nice long red, but can't add to it either. Judd then misses a long red to the green pocket, and neither team can get going so far in this frame.

Trump/On Yee 0-2 Robertson/Mink

Judd's played a shocker here, underhitting a safety and leaving a gimme red over the right middle for Neil. That's frame over, as Neil takes red-brown-red to end the frame. That's half of the job done for Neil and Mink, who are making a real go of this task.

Trump/On Yee 0-1 Robertson/Mink (21-59)

On Yee gets a solitary red down, but no more. A snooker from Mink then draws a four-point foul, before we get bogged down in safety on the final three reds. It's a tricky situation, with a red behind the blue in the jaws of the bottom right, but Mink resolves it by planting another red onto them. After potting the brown though she manages to snooker herself on the next red, which is frame ball. Mink does well to escape her own snooker and not leave anything.

Trump/On Yee 0-1 Robertson/Mink (20-50)

Neil has come out firing today. In a heartbeat the lead of Judd and On Yee evaporates, and he's up to a half-ton already. The remaining four reds are all near cushions though, so there's a lot to do still to finish this in one visit. As I type that, he misses a routine blue to the right middle, and he's left On Yee on a red.

Trump/On Yee 0-1 Robertson/Mink (20-0)

It's an early look for Judd in frame two, as he's been handed an easy starter with the black also in the jaws of the bottom right. It's a big chance already given the placement of the reds, but in giving the pack another wallop when trying to drive a red into the bottom right he misses the pot, and has chucked a golden chance into the lap of Neil here.

Trump/On Yee 0-1 Robertson/Mink

Judd pots red-black-red-pink, before trying to lay a snooker on the final red. He's left it on to the bottom right though; Neil drills it in, and although he misses the black to follow that's enough for the frame.

Trump/On Yee 0-0 Robertson/Mink (5-58)

On 55 Neil lands the white awkwardly, forcing him to overcut the blue to the right middle and miss it. There's still 59 left on the table, so Judd and On Yee are still in this. Not any more though - Neil cuts a sensational long red into the green pocket! The yellow follows and that might do it; he misses the red that follows but On Yee returns to the table needing a snooker.

Trump/On Yee 0-0 Robertson/Mink (5-42)

With the spread here these should really go in one visit. Neil loses position slightly and has to swerve one red to pot another, but manages to lasso perfect position again with a nice cut on black to bottom left. He's up to 42 already and there's still a load on.

Trump/On Yee 0-0 Robertson/Mink (5-6)

Judd gets it popping, as he jabs a long, slow red into the green pocket but can't add to it. A bout of up-table safety follows, in which Mink inadvertently pots the brown to give away four. It's becoming an increasingly dangerous table, and Neil gambles everything on a red to left middle deadweight but can't convert it. On Yee and Mink can't get a red down thereafter, and then Judd misses a straight red to the left middle. Can Neil cash this in? He cuts a red in to the yellow pocket, and the blue follows; this is a big chance.

Let's get about it

Our MC Tahir Hajat announces the players into the arena, and we'll be underway shortly.


Neil and Mink are going to need something pretty special here if they're going to make the final. A 3-1 win over Judd and On Yee won't be enough, they've got to sweep all four this afternoon. A big ask, but in this short haul format it's certainly possible.

Hello, Hello

Welcome back to live coverage of the World Snooker Mixed Doubles, live from the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.
We’ll be baize-adjacent shortly, and with you right through to the denouement later this evening. First up this afternoon though, we’ll be sorting out the group phase and the identity of the finalists.


Hello and welcome back to Eurosport's live coverage of the 2022 World Mixed Doubles.
We begin with Judd Trump and Ng On-Yee up against Neil Robertson and Mink Nutcharut before Ronnie O'Sullivan and Reanne Evans face Mark Selby and Rebecca Kenna. The final will come later today.

'We tried to keep him quiet' – Trump reveals how he kept O'Sullivan out at World Mixed Doubles

Judd Trump revealed how he and playing partner Ng On-Yee planned out their 3-1 win over Ronnie O'Sullivan and Reanne Evans at the World Mixed Doubles on Saturday.
The 2019 world champion admitted he spoke to the three-time women's world champion before the opening match of the tournament in Milton Keynes, with order of shot vital to their success.
Trump's decision to go before O'Sullivan paid off as a break of 75 in the second frame helped his team move 2-0 up before On-Yee cleared up from the final red to seal the third frame.
Read the full story here.
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