Ronnie O'Sullivan could hardly contain his amusement at the 2021 WST Pro Series as he produced a comical display at the unusual event.
The 45-year-old struggled to take his match against Tom Ford on Monday at all seriously, which he lost 2-0 in surreal fashion, as he came up with a range of antics.
O'Sullivan could not get to grips with the random nature of the best-of-three fixtures as he finished bottom of Group I on frame difference, but still found ways to make the evening memorable.
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After joking away with Ford prior to the match getting underway, the Rocket proceeded to strike the pink with his break-off to gift his opponent an immediate six-point lead via the foul.
He was presented another opportunity to get into the frame, but then decided to take on a wild one-handed shot which, unsurprisingly, did not result in a pot.
Ford was able to produce a break of 72 to take the opening frame as O'Sullivan watched on. The match was not being played on the main table with both players having already been eliminated from contention.
Further antics were to follow in the second frame as O'Sullivan farted loudly while coming up from his crouched stance after he drained a black to the corner pocket.
He then could not stop laughing as he continued his break and, without stopping to compose himself, got to 50 before Ford was able to score 84 to close out the bizarre match.
O'Sullivan, whose average shot time in the match was a ridiculous 11.1 seconds, could be heard saying to his opponent as he played on: "Oh dear!"
It was a day full of strange matches featuring O'Sullivan, who earlier produced a magnificent break of 141 before still losing against Ben Hancorn in the unusual format.
He then didn’t appear to do himself any favours when he arrived late for his match against Mark Joyce. The reason for his delayed appearance has not been revealed, but the punishment was for the Rocket to be docked the opening frame.
While his arrival may have been sluggish, O’Sullivan then raced through the match as he sealed a 2-1 victory in just 14 minutes. But he clearly did not hold the quirky event in high regard at all, and his participation is now over.

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The first group stage concludes on Tuesday with world number one Judd Trump and six-time world finalist Jimmy White featured in Group O.
The second group stage begins on Wednesday with 32 qualifiers from 16 groups making up four more groups of eight. The final group will be contested between the top two from each group on Sunday 21 March.
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