World titles for Sablikova and Bloemen at Salt Lake City

World titles for Sablikova and Bloemen at Salt Lake City
By Sportsbeat

14/02/2020 at 00:23

Martina Sablikova claimed a sixth globe 3,000-metre title as she picked up gold at the ISU World Single Distance Championships at Salt Lake City.

The Czech speed skater proved too strong, beating Netherland's Carlijn Achtereekte by 0.67 seconds to win the first final of the competition.

Achtereekte's personal best time wasn't enough to take gold but she finished second ahead of Russia's Natalia Voronina.

Following Sablikova's success, fellow world record holder Ted-Jan Bloemen won the 5,000-metre race.

The Canadian beat Netherland's Sven Kramer by 0.54 seconds while Graeme Fish produced a PB to get third spot and secure another medal for Canada.

After coming up short in the individual events, Netherlands were victorious in the ladies team sprint.

Ireen Wust, Letitia de Jong, Jutta Leerdam and Femke Kok saw off the Russian quartet of Angelina Golikova, Olga Fatkulina, Daria Kachanova and Yekaterina Shikhova by 0.48 seconds.

The Polish team of Andzelika Wojcik, Kaja Ziomek, Natalia Czerwonka and Karolina Bosiek got the final spot on the podium.

Canada then wrapped up the opening day by winning the men's team sprint thanks to the efforts of Gilmore Junio, Laurent Dubreuil, Antoine Gelinas-Beaulieu.

Netherland clinched another medal as they finished second with China in third.

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