Three-time Speedway GP world champion Tai Woffinden has told Eurosport that he cannot wait to get going in the Warsaw GP on Saturday.
Speaking after qualifying on Friday, Woffinden said that the team has made changes to the bike and that he feels like it is doing what he wants it to do.
He added that he thinks given the compact nature of the track the race is going to be a fantastic spectacle.
Speedway GP
'You can carry a lot of speed' - Woffinden talks up Prague track ahead of Czech Republic SGP
“For sure we’ve made a lot of changes since that weekend,” Woffinden said in the pits.

'He doesn't disappoint!' - Zmarzlik goes top with 'smashing lap'

“I feel good enjoying being on the bike and it’s doing what I want it to do, so it’s easy,” he added with a smile.
Woffinden was then asked about what sort of race he expects and he replied: “Ah for sure, it’ll be close, bar to bar action on a small tight track like this.
I can’t wait, let’s go.
“I probably have just as big a fan base here in Poland as I do in the UK so you’ll hear tomorrow when they call my name it’ll be a good cheer.”
Eurosport also spoke to championship leader Bartosz Zmarzlik, who topped the qualifying session.
Zmarzlik said: “I’m happy after the feelings on the track today but tomorrow is a new day, so new ideas,” adding that he felt prepared on the track.
It’s a great chance for Zmarzlik and the rest of the Polish riders to compete in front of their home fans in what should be a raucous stadium.
"This is amazing," said Zmarzlik. "I want to feel it now but I must wait for tomorrow [Saturday].”

'This is amazing!' - Zmarzlik can't wait to race in front of home fans

The two key factors for greatness – Speedway Unlocked

In the latest episode of Speedway Unlocked we hear from six-time world champion Tony Rickardsson.
The legendary Swedish rider explains: “Speedway certainly looks like a simple and raw motorsport but there’s a lot that needs to happen in order to win a speedway heat
“You need to be a great rider to meet the unique demands of the sport.
“In order to be a great rider there are two really important factors. Balance, and the ability to adapt.

Speedway Unlocked: Rickardsson explains two key factors to master the sport

“Balance, because you are riding a machine that has NO brakes, and that quickly accelerates to speeds of up to 120 km/h.
“It is actually faster than a Formula 1 car!
“During the bends you are constantly sliding, but you are not doing this for fun. In fact you are actually trying to slide as little as possible through the corner.”

'I can't wait!' - F1 driver Kubica thrilled to watch Speedway in Warsaw

And when it comes to adapting he says, “Oftentimes those who watch the sport think the race tracks are always the same. That is DEFINITELY not the case.
“The racetrack changes from one race to another. Speedway tracks are different in length.”
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Speedway GP
'I don't mind a challenge' - Woffinden happy to chase than be chased in SGP world title fight
Speedway GP
'You can carry a lot of speed' - Woffinden talks up Prague track ahead of Czech SGP