Jack Holder made sure he was the man in prime position for tonight’s FIM Speedway Grand Prix in Malilla after setting the fastest lap during today’s qualifying session.
The young Australian rider was out on track when it was in optimal conditions and he thoroughly made use of that, setting a time of 13.959. He had no shadow of a doubt when he chose option 13 in the gate draw.
Bartosz Zmarzlik looks in a good position to take the championship tonight but couldn’t break the top three fastest times. He had to settle for fourth, choosing option eight in the gate draw.
Speedway GP
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His nearest competitor, Leon Madsen, had a qualifying session to forget. He was only able to get 10th fastest, leaving him pondering in the gate draw. He ultimately chose option one, which still gives him two inside gates.

Watch: Top riders make their lane selections after qualifying at the Speedway GP in Malilla

Maciej Janowski had a better session, coming second overall with Tai Woffinden in third. Coming off his second-place finish in Vojens, Robert Lambert was the sixth fastest man and Dan Bewley was down in eighth.
Wild card Oliver Berntzon was 14th overall but was unfortunately the last man to pick when he didn’t make it to the draw in time, leaving him with option three.
Mads Hansen has been brought in for the weekend, replacing the injured Mikkel Michelsen. He wasn’t able to make a big impact, with only Andzejs Lebedevs being slower than him.

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Final standings and Gate pick

• 1 - Jack Holder (Australia) - 13
• 2 - Maciej Janowski (Poland) - 5
• 3 - Tai Woffinden (United Kingdom) - 9
• 4 - Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland) - 8
• 5 - Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) - 14
• 6 - Robert Lambert (United Kingdom) - 12
• 7 - Patryk Dudek (Poland) - 6
• 8 - Dan Bewley (United Kingdom) - 4
• 9 - Pawel Przedpelski (Poland) - 11
• 10 - Leon Madsen (Denmark) - 1
• 11 - Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) - 10
• 12 - Max Fricke (Australia) - 2
• 13 - Jason Doyle (Australia) - 15
• 14 - Oliver Bernzton (Sweden) - 3
• 15 - Mads Hansen (Denmark) - 16
• 16 - Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia) - 7
Speedway GP
High-speed crash between Doyle and Dudek in Heat 17
Speedway GP
Confusion as Lindgren exclusion is reversed before Woffinden is excluded