Bartosz Zmarzlik was involved in what was termed as some “argy-bargy” during Heat 2 of the Speedway Grand Prix in Gorzow.
The 27-year-old was racing at his hometown Grand Prix on Saturday night, and, while he was unable to win, a third-place finish was enough for Zmarzlik to extend his championship lead over Maciej Janowski to 18 points.
It was another remarkable performance from the Polish superstar – though the most remarkable moment of his night came in Heat 2 when he clashed with Szymon Wozniak but somehow managed to stay upright.
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“There some argy-bargy going on out the back,” noted Kelvin Tatum as Zmarzlik attempted a pass.
However, Wozniak fended it off but, unperturbed, Zmarzlik went again, and this time, nearly came off.
“Oh, Zmarzlik is all over the place out the back with Wozniak,” added Tatum.
“How on earth did he stay up? That really was quite dramatic. Now he dive bombs again going into turn 3!”
Chris Louie – on co-comms – added that Zmarzlik had forced the opening to get the pass whether there was a gap or not.
“Zmarzlik was absolutely determined that he was coming through there – gap or no gap! I think he made the gap in the end.”
Zmarzlik would finish the heat in third – the same position he would take in the final with Anders Thomsen first, Martin Vaculik second and Patryk Dudek in fourth.
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