Martin Vaculik kickstarted his Speedway Grand Prix season with a stunning victory in the third race of the season in Prague.
The Slovak rider was in fine form throughout the heats and won both his semi-final and the final, streaking ahead from the start of the latter.
British rider Tai Woffinden finished second after a much improved performance on the night with Jason Doyle making up the podium in third.
Speedway GP
'I tip my hat to him' - Top Rider Thomsen dazzles en route to SGP win in Gorzow
Going into the evening’s racing, Bartosz Zmarzlik looked the favourite after a near perfect qualifying session, but nothing could take this win away from Vaculik.
Over the 20 Heats, Tai Woffinden had put on a strong evening, winning four out of his five heats and propelling himself to the top of the standings on 13 points. However, Vaculik was lurking close by, sitting just one point behind Woffinden.
Vaculik picked Gate 2 going into his semi-final, a gate that had proved to be highly successful throughout the night.
He set off flying in the semi-final, however, it looked as if it would be marred after Anders Thomsen came off his bike. Luckily, Thomsen was able to get his bike off track and racing could resume, leaving Vaculik the victor and through to the final.
The final between Vaculik, Woffinden, Maciej Janowski and Jason Doyle didn’t come without its issues. Janowski was excluded before the Heat could properly start for touching the tapes, leaving just the three in the final showdown.
Just like he had been doing all night, Vaculik jumped out of the gate on the restart and the night was his to lose. Woffinden come second overall, a result he would be pleased with after his performances in the first two rounds. Doyle claimed the final podium spot in third.
Elsewhere, Zmarzlik saw himself miss out on the final after yet another mistake during his semi-final, like the last meeting in Poland.
Mikkel Michelsen also had a disappointing night. The Dane had made it through to the past two finals but couldn’t get into the top eight tonight. One to forget for him.
The riders don’t have long till they compete again. The next round of the FIM Speedway Grand Prix is to be held on 4 June in Germany.

'I've dreamed of winning here' - Vaculik thrilled after SGP win in Prague


1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland) 44pts
2 - Maciej Janowski (Poland) 43pts
3 – Leon Madsen (Denmark) 40pts
4 – Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) 33pts
5 – Tai Woffinden (United Kingdom) 32pts
6 – Max Fricke (Australia) 31pts
7 – Jason Doyle (Australia) 31pts
8 – Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) 31pts
9 – Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) 29pts
10 – Anders Thomsen (Denmark) 24pts
11 – Robert Lambert (United Kingdom) 22pts
12 – Dan Bewley (United Kingdom) 20pts
13 – Jack Holder (Australia) 16pts
14 – Patryk Dudek (Poland) 15pts
15 – Pawel Przedpelski (Poland) 12pts
16 – Matej Zagar (Slovakia) 11pts
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The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix will be available live and ad-free on discovery+ with live race action also on Eurosport 2.
Speedway GP
'I need to crash again!' - Thomsen jokes after SGP Gorzow win
Speedway GP
‘People said he shouldn’t be riding!’ – Thomsen powers to SGP win in Gorzow