FIM Speedway Grand Prix



Championship after two rounds

Despite not getting through to the final, Zmarzlik still sits on top on 32 points. Madsen and Michelsen aren't too far behind on 30 points in second and thrid respectively.
Speedway GP
Woffinden: We did the job we needed to do
  • 1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik 32pts
  • 2 - Leon Madsen 30pts
  • 3 - Mikkel Michelsen 30pts
  • 4 - Maciej Janowski 29pts
  • 5 - Fredrik Lindgren 24pts
  • 6 - Max Fricke 22pts
  • 7 - Robert Lambert 18pts
  • 8 - Jason Doyle 15pts
  • 9 - Anders Thomsen 15pts
  • 10 - Tai Woffinden 10pts
  • 11 - Matej Zagar 11pts
  • 12 - Pawel Przedpelski 10pts
  • 13 - Jack Holder 10pts
  • 14 - Patryk Dudek 10pts
  • 15 - Martin Vaculik 9pts
  • 16 - Dan Bewley 9pts


The Aussie has cruised ahead to be the winner of the night. Madsen coming in second with Lindgren in third.

FINAL - Michelsen, Madsen, Lindgren, Fricke

So, who is going to take the win?
Well, it won't be Michelsen after colliding with Madsen and crashing out. It was a tight call on who to exclude but ultimately, Michelsen was found at fault. However, it looks as if Michelsen wouldn't have been able to continue, needing medical care.
The three continue on, battling for the win.

Final Draw

Fricke goes with gate 4, Michelsen takes his time but goes with gate 1, Madsen goes with gate 2 and Lindgren is left with gate 3.

Second Semi Final - Janowski, Madsen, Michelsen, Woffinden

Michelsen and Madsen are the next duo through, meaning there will be no Polish rider in the final. Disappointing end to a strong night from Madsen. Woffinden also missed out on the final coming last.

First Semi final - Zmarzlik, Przedpelski, Lindgren, Fricke

An early mistake from Zmarzlik lets Fricke slip through out in front. And further heartbreak when another mistake from Zmarzlik allows Lindgren through. Przedpelski and Zmarzlik out of the final in front of their 50,000 home crowd.

Semi final 2 draw

Janowski with gate 1, Madsen with gate 2, Woffinden with gate 4 and Michelsen gate 3.

Semi final 1 draw

Gate 1 for Zmarzlik, Fricke chose gate 4, Przedpelski with gate 2 and finally Lindgren with gate 3.

A short break

There's a short break before the semi-final draws happen. With Zmarzlik on top, will anyone beat him tonight?

Your top eight

  • 1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik 12 pts
  • 2 - Maciej Janowski 10pts
  • 3 - Leon Madsen 10pts
  • 4 - Max Fricke 10pts
  • 5 - Tai Woffinden 9pts
  • 6 - Pawel Przedpelski 9pts
  • 7 - Fredrik Lindgren 8pts
  • 8 - Mikkel Michelsen 8pts

Final result after 20 heats

  • 1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik 12 pts
  • 2 - Maciej Janowski 10pts
  • 3 - Leon Madsen 10pts
  • 4 - Max Fricke 10pts
  • 5 - Tai Woffinden 9pts
  • 6 - Pawel Przedpelski 9pts
  • 7 - Fredrik Lindgren 8pts
  • 8 - Mikkel Michelsen 8pts
  • 9 - Robert Lambert 8pts
  • 10 - Jack Holder 7pts
  • 11 - Jason Doyle 6pts
  • 12 - Patryk Dudek 6pts
  • 13 - Maksym Drabik 5pts
  • 14 - Dan Bewley 5pts
  • 15 - Martin Vaculik 4pts
  • 16 - Anders Thomsen 2pts

HEAT 20 - Lambert, Drabik, Fricke, Zmarzlik

A tight end to the 20 Heats! It’s a picture finish with Fricke and Zmarzlik, with Fricke being the victor. Lambert took the final point with Drabik last.

HEAT 19 - Holder, Madsen, Janowski, Michelsen

What a heat! Janowski went from dead last to the victor. Holder tried to hold first but had to settle for second. Madsen takes the last point with Michelsen finishing pointless.

HEAT 18 - Thomsen, Lindgren, Przedpelski, Woffinden

Woffinden and Przedpelski battled for the win, both needing a strong end. However, it was Woffinden that was the victor. Thomson claimed third. Lindgren clipped a rut going into the final corner, sending him flying off his bike and finishing on no points.

HEAT 17 - Dudek, Doyle, Bewley, Vaculik

Doyle is excluded for clipping the back of Vaculik, ending his night early. On the restart, Dudek flew out of the tapes and stormed to the win, his first of the night. Vaculik took second with Bewley in third.

How does the top eight look?

  • 1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik 10pts
  • 2 - Leon Madsen 9pts
  • 3 - Fredrik Lindgren 8pts
  • 4 - Mikkel Michelsen 8pts
  • 5 - Maciej Janowski 7pts
  • 6 - Max Fricke 7pts
  • 7 - Pawel Przedpelski 7pts
  • 8 - Robert Lambert 7pts
Woffinden and Doyle are sitting just outside the top eight on six points. Its all to play for in the last four heats.

HEAT 16 - Doyle, Lambert, Holder, Woffinden

It’s the battle of the Aussies and the Brits. Woffinden made a great start up front and stayed there. Brit Lambert followed him in second. Doyle took the last point with Holder in last.

HEAT 15 - Zmarzlik, Dudek, Michelsen, Thomsen

Zmarzlik went back to winning ways in front of this 50,000 fan crowd. Michelsen claimed second with Dudek in third. No points for Thomsen.

HEAT 14 - Drabik, Bewley, Madsen, Przedpelski

Madsen had Drabik on his case all Heat but didn’t fall to hit pressure. Przedpelski picks up the final point, despite a battle with Bewley.

HEAT 13 - Vaculik, Fricke, Janowski, Lindgren

Lindgren storms to victory, his second of the night. Vaculik took a surprising second with Fricke taking the last point. Heat to forget for Janowski.

How do we stand?

Janowski and Zmarzlik are on top with seven points. It's very tight next with four riders on six points, Madsen, Fricke, Michelsen and Doyle. The top eight is rounded out by Holder and Lindgren on five points Lambert is also on five but sits just outside the top eight in ninth.
  • 1 - Maciej Janowski 7pts
  • 2 - Bartosz Zmarzlik 7pts
  • 3 - Leon Madsen 6pts
  • 4 - Max Fricke 6pts
  • 5 - Mikkel Michelsen 6pts
  • 6 - Jason Doyle 6pts
  • 7 - Jack Holder 5pts
  • 8 - Fredrik Lindgren 5pts

HEAT 12 - Lindgren, Dudek, Lambert, Madsen

Lambert made it tough work for Lindgren, but he battled it off for the win. Madsen had a poor start, leaving him with no points from this heat. Dudek took the final point.

HEAT 11 - Fricke, Michelsen, Woffinden, Bewley

Fricke takes a dominating win with Bewley in second. Woffinden lost points again coming in last with Michelsen taking the final point.

HEAT 10 - Przedpelski, Doyle, Zmarzlik, Janowski

Doyle is down after small contact with Zmarzlik. However, all-four restart. Przedpelski held off Zmarzlik for a win. Janowski took third with Doyle fourth.

HEAT 9 - Drabik, Vaculik, Thomsen, Holder

Holder manages to hold off Drabik in the dying stages to claim the win Thomson gains his first point in third but will be disappointed. Vaculik took fourth.

Who's leading the way?

Both Janowski and Madsen have won both their heats, putting them joint top. Michelsen, Zmarzlik and Doyle are next in line on five points.

HEAT 8 - Thomsen, Janowski, Bewley, Lambert

Janowski seems to be a fan favourite in this massive 50,000 crowd and he’s definitely pleasing them. Taking the win from second placed Lambert. It was a picture finish from Bewley and Thomsen, but it was Bewley that stole the last point in third. It's been another bad start from Thomsen.

HEAT 7 - Michelsen, Lindgren, Doyle, Drabik

Doyle claimed his first win. Lindgren was in second but hit a rut towards the end of the race. Michelsen claimed second with Drabik in third and Lindgren last, running his bike to the finish line with his bike chain off.

HEAT 6 - Przedpelski, Holder, Dudek, Fricke

Just the three left with Dudek excluded. Fricke took a great start in the first attempt and was able to repeat his luck for a win in the re-race. Holder was able to continue to take second with Przedpelski in third.

Break in racing

During Heat 6, Dudek and Holder collided due to Dudek hitting a rut in the track. Luckily, both riders are ok but there is a break while the track is looked at.

HEAT 5 - Madsen, Vaculik, Zmarzlik, Woffinden

Madsen stormed to take his second win in the row. Woffinden made a small mistake early on and had to settle for third. Zmarzlik claimed second with Vaculik last.

Mini break

There's a break in the proceedings to do some track grading. For those that may have missed it, Poland put on a wonderful display before this evenings racing started.

Tifo during Poland national anthem at Warsaw SGP in solidarity with Ukraine

HEAT 4 - Madsen, Thomsen, Fricke, Doyle

Yet again, Thomsen has touched the tapes for the second week running. Jakub Miskowiak comes in to take his place. Doyle took the lead, but it was quickly stolen by Madsen to take the win. Miskowiak took third with Fricke coming through last.

HEAT 3 – Woffinden, Dudek, Drabik, Janowski

Janowski was able to cruise to second, another Polish winner. Woffinden had to scrap for second after falling to the back on the first corner. Dudek tested Woffinden but could only get third with Drabik in fourth.

HEAT 2 – Zmarzlik, Holder, Lindgren, Bewley

Zmarzlik flew out of the gate and never looked back to cruise to his first win of the night, much to the crowd’s delight. Lindgren had a poor start but was able to claim second. Bewley took third with Holder in fourth.

HEAT 1 – Vaculik, Przedpelski, Michelsen, Lambert

Michelsen didn’t put a wheel wrong and takes the first heat win. Przedpelski took some pressure from Lambert but was able to home in second. Lambert in third with Vaculik in fourth after a promising start.

Off we go

The first set of riders are getting ready for the first Heat action.

A show is unfolding

The fans in the stadium are definitely in for a treat as the pre-race show starts.

Home Soil

A Polish rider hasn't won at Warsaw in a Speedway Grand Prix. However, with Zmarzlik on top and an additional four other Polish riders out on track tonight, the odds are in favour of a home crowd win. An what a crowd to do it in front of.

Championship table after the first race

Zmarzlik is leading the way on the top of the Championship. Can anyone dethrone him tonight?
  • 1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik 20pts
  • 2 – Maciej Janowski 18pts
  • 3 – Mikkel Michelsen 16 pts
  • 4 – Anders Thomsen 14pts
  • 5 – Leon Madsen 12pts
  • 6 – Matej Zagar 11pts
  • 7 – Robert Lambert 10pts
  • 8 – Jason Doyle 9pts
  • 9 – Fredrik Lindgren 8pts
  • 10 – Martin Vaculik 7pts
  • 11 – Dan Bewley 6pts
  • 12 – Patryk Dudek 5pts
  • 13 – Tai Woffinden 4pts
  • 14 – Jack Holder 3pts
  • 15 - Max Fricke 2pts
  • 16 – Pawel Przedpelski 1pt

Strong following

A massive 50,000 fans have gathered at the stadium tonight, waiting for all the action to unfold.

Hello and Welcome

The second round of the FIM Speedway Grand prix is ready for action. This time around, we head to Warsaw, Poland, where Bartosz Zmarzlik will be looking to steal a second win of the season in front of his home crowd.

Zmarzlik edges Madsen in thrilling qualifying session in Warsaw

Championship leader Bartosz Zmarzlik put in a stellar performance to top qualification in Warsaw on Friday night, narrowly edging out Leon Madsen.
Unlike last time out in Gorican the lead in Warsaw kept on changing at regular intervals as riders watched each other take different paths and set-ups to get used to the track and made their own adjustments.
Madsen was one of those who initially had the lead but then lost it, only to get it back with a blistering 13.181, the first rider to go sub-13.2.
However in the final sessions Zmarzlik gave the home fans something to smile about as he put in a 13.107.
Read the full report here.

‘Polish fans will make it very special’ – F1 driver Kubica excited for Warsaw GP

F1 driver Robert Kubica cannot wait until the Speedway GP in Warsaw, Poland and hopes local favourite Patryk Dudek will claim victory in front of a 50,000-strong passionate crowd.
Bartosz Zmarzlik began the season in style with a stunning win at the Croatia Grand Prix, and Kubica is looking forward to another thrilling race on Saturday after watching qualifying on Friday. .
“It's a great event, not only for Polish riders, but also for myself being part of such a big event,” he told Eurosport Poland in an exclusive interview.
“I assume that it has been really difficult from organisational points of view, especially after what happened with Covid-19.
“I cannot wait for those grandstands to be full. Polish fans will make it very special, not only for riders, but for everyone attending the Grand Prix. I'm looking forward to such a nice experience.
Read the full story here


  • Each round will feature 16 riders racing against each other in 20 heats, every heat consisting of four riders completing four laps of the track.
  • The winning rider in each heat will be awarded four points, two points for second, one for third and zero for fourth.
  • The eight riders with the most points at the end of the heats stage then move on to two semi-finals, with the top two from each of these semis then facing off in the final.
The 2022 Speedway Grand Prix will be available live and ad-free on discovery+. with live race action also on Eurosport 2.
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