Tai Woffinden described his performance at the Speedway Grand Prix in Gorican as 'garbage' after struggles with his bike throughout the day.
The three-time world champion could only manage 14th place in qualifying earlier in the day and things didn't improve in the heats later on.
Woffinden only managed to pick up four points, leaving him in 13th place and some distance from troubling the semi-finals.
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Speaking to Scott Nicholls afterwards, the Brit admitted he had to bite his tongue over his feelings of the day.
"Garbage. We tried a lot of things and everything we did, we couldn't get the bike to go forward," he said.
"I tried everything I could to stop it but we went one sprocket down, higher jet, lower jet, high ignition, low ignition, just couldn't stop it at all.
"To have four points from four rides is garbage.
"I'm struggling for words that I'm allowed to say on TV."
Woffinden also revealed that his troubles were not solely confined to the track after his van broke down and he lost his passport before getting to Croatia.
"It's always a long season and I guess it's nice to get this one out of the way.
"After the weekend I've had, the van breaking down and forgetting my passport, it's been a nightmare."
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