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Speedway Grand Prix 2023 schedule revealed as World Cup returns
07/11/2022 AT 12:04
We will have plenty more reaction coming up here at Eurosport. If you want to see how the night unfolded, take a look at our report here.
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Final Standings – 2022 Speedway Grand Prix

1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland) 166pts (Champion)
2 - Leon Madsen (Denmark) 133pts
3 - Maciej Janowski (Poland) 106pts
4 - Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) 103pts
5 - Robert Lambert (United Kingdom) 103pts
6 - Dan Bewley (United Kingdom) 102pts
7 - Patryk Dudek (Poland) 102pts
8 - Tai Woffinden (United Kingdom) 93pts
9 - Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) 91pts
10 - Jason Doyle (Australia) 83pts
11 - Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) 82pts
12 - Jack Holder (Australia) 67pts
13 - Max Fricke (Australia) 52pts
14 - Anders Thomsen (Denmark) 51pts
15 - Pawel Przedpelski (Poland) 29pts
16 - Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia) 26pts

Final – Zmarzlik, Vaculik, Janowski, Madsen

He’s been on fire all night and it’s Vaculik who leads the final from start to finish to win the last event of the year! Zmarzlik tries his best to close the Slovakian down but can’t do anything about it. Janowski holds off Madsen to take the final step of the podium.

Final draw – Vaculik, Zmarzlik, Janowski, Madsen

Vaculik chooses Gate 2, with Zmarzlik going for Gate 1, Janowski with Gate 3 which leaves Madsen on the outside. Madsen will have to do work miracles given Gate 4 has not won a single race tonight. This should be good!

Semi-final 2 - Zmarzlik, Janowski, Michelsen, Bewley

Zmarzlik controls the second semi-final as Janowski does up the inside of Michelsen on the last lap to make it a Polish 1-2 to the delight of the home crowd in Torun. Michelsen held second place for the majority of the race but is eliminated along with Bewley.

Semi-final 1 – Madsen, Vaculik, Lebedevs, Lindgren

Vaculik fires into the lead as the battle for second sees Lindgren and Madsen get very close. The Swede can’t do it though so it’s Vaculik and Madsen who go through with Lindgren and Lebedevs out.

SEMI-FINAL DRAW PICK 2 – Zmarzlik, Janowski, Michelsen, Bewley

Zmarzlik goes with Gate 1 followed by Janowski who chooses Gate 2. Michelsen opts for Gate 3 which leaves Bewley on the outside.

SEMI-FINAL DRAW PICK 1 – Vaculik, Madsen, Lebedevs, Lindgren

Vaculik goes with Gate 2, Madsen picks Gate 1. Lebedevs chooses Gate 3 which leaves Lindgren on the outside

Semi-finalists confirmed

1. Martin Vaculik
2. Bartosz Zmarzlik
3. Maciej Janowski
4. Leon Madsen
5. Mikkel Michelsen
6. Andzejs Labedevs
7. Fredrik Lindgren
8. Dan Bewley

Heat 20 – Vaculik, Janowski, Przedpelski, Lambert

Janowski dominates Heat 20 from start to finish with Vaculik taking second from Lambert. Przedpelsk’s night is done as he finishes last on home soil.

Heat 19 – Holder, Zmarzlik , Bewley, Lindgren

Holder forces his way by Zmarzlik with Bewley left to battle Lindgren. Zmarzlik dives down the inside on Lap 2 to take the lead as Holder tries to get back. The champion hangs on with Bewley down in fourth behind Lindgren.

Heat 18 – Woffinden, Michelsen, Miskowiak, Lebedevs

Michelsen gets a terrific start to take the lead with Woffinden tucking in behind. Woffinden, knowing he had to win to definitely make the semi-finals, tries his best to get close but can’t get there. Lebedevs finishes third ahead of Miskowiak.

Heat 17 – Madsen, Dudek, Woryna

Madsen gets the holeshot and manages to hold off Dudek with Woryna left trailing at the back.

Heat 17 – Big crash between Dudek and Doyle

Dudek and Doyle collide at the start of the backstraight at high speed. Thankfully both riders are up and ok. Doyle is excluded from the heat for his part in the incident.

High-speed crash between Doyle and Dudek in Heat 17

Standings after Heat 16

1. Martin Vaculik – 11pts
2. Bartosz Zmarzlik – 9pts
3. Andzejs Lebedevs – 8pts
4. Maciej Janowski – 8pts
5. Dan Belwey – 7pts
6. Fredrik Lindgren – 7pts
7. Jason Doyle – 7pts
8. Leon Madsen – 6pts
9. Mikkel Michelsen – 6pts
10. Kacper Woryna – 6pts
11. Robet Lambert – 6pts
12. Tai Woffinden – 5pts
(Top-eight qualify for semi-finals)

Heat 16 – Affelt, Lindgren, Lambert, Doyle

Lindgren charges off the start line as Doyle forces his way past Lambert for second place. Doyle goes for it on the last lap, taking the outside line, but can’t quite get there. Reserve rider Mateusz Affelt finishes last.

Heat 16 – Woffinden excluded

Woffinden twitches which causes Lindgren to move as well. Lindgren touches the tape and is excluded. However, there is some confusion as Lindgren is then brought back to the restart and Woffinden is excluded instead!

Confusion as Lindgren exclusion is reversed before Woffinden is excluded

Heat 15 – Lebedevs, Holder, Woryna, Vaculik

Unbelievable racing as Vaculik, Holder and Woryna have an incredible battle in the first half of the race, ducking and diving underneath each other, with Vaculik coming through to take second. How nobody came down I do not know. Up front, Lebedevs avoids the drama to take another win. Woryna beats Holder to third.

Heat 14 – Michelsen, Bewley, Dudek, Przedpelski

Michelsen slams the door shut on Bewley at the end of Lap 1 as the pair go head-to-head for first place. They nearly come together again on the final lap as Bewley momentarily loses control. Dudek and Przedpelski have their own battle at the back with the former taking third.

Heat 13 – Miskowiak, Zmarzlik, Janowski, Madsen

Zmarzlik makes a brilliant move down the inside of Miskowiak to win his first race of the night. Janowski and Madsen finish where they started.

Standings after Heat 12

1. Martin Vaculik – 9pts
2. Maciej Janowski – 7pts
3. Leon Madsen – 6pts
4. Bartosz Zmarzlik – 6pts
5. Andzejs Lebedevs – 5pts
6. Dan Belwey – 5pts
7. Kacper Woryna – 5pts
8. Robert Lambert - 5pts

Heat 12 – Bewley, Lewandowski, Woryna, Miskowiak

Bewley holds off the three Polish riders including reserve rider Krzysztof Lewandowski, who has a nice battle with Woryna. Miskowiak fails to add to his tally.

Heat 12 – Lambert excluded!

Disaster for Robert Lambert as he goes too early and touches the tapes. That will be hugely frustrating for him.

Heat 11 – Dudek, Woffinden, Holder, Janowski

Woffinden comes flying off the start to dominate Heat 11, whilst Dudek goes backwards when overtaken by Janowski and Holder. Dudek has just one point so far so his current bronze medal in the championship looks set to slip away.

Heat 10 – Zmarzlik, Vaculik, Doyle, Michelsen

Vaculik chops off Zmarzlik, who is overtaken by Doyle. But, Zmarzlik gets him back to take second behind a flying Vaculik. That’s three from three for him. Michelsen finishes fourth.

Heat 9 – Lindgren, Lebedevs, Madsen, Przedpelski

Lebedevs dives up the inside of Lindgren at the end of Lap 1, which gives the opportunity for Madsen to get up the inside of the pair of them to take the win. That win guarantees Madsen a silver medal in the overall championship standings.

Who is leading after Heat 8?

Martin Vaculik is the only rider to win two heats so sits at the top of the standings on six pints, with Maciej Janowski and Robert Lambert on five points. Then come Jason Doyle and Bartosz Zmarzlik in four points. Remember, the top eight qualify for the semi-finals, so there’s a long way to go yet.

Heat 8 – Lambert, Zmarzlik, Dudek, Lebedevs

Zmarzlik slices his way past Dudek to slot into second as Lambert romps away. There’s nothing the three-time world champion can do about him.

Heat 7 – Przedpelski, Doyle, Miskowiak Holder

Doyle cuts off Przedpelski who drops to the back as Mikowiak and Holder get by. Holder pipped Przedpelski on the line by blasting around the outside to get third and take a potentially vital point. The rain is easing off now.

Heat 6 – Janowski, Michelsen, Woryna, Lindgren

Things get very tight between all the riders down the back straight on the opening lap, before Janowski dominates the race. Michelsen puts on a show with two brave moves on Woryna and Lindgren to finish in second. Lindgren and Woryna are third and fourth.

Heat 5 – Bewley, Vaculik, Madsen, Woffinden

Vaculik nails the start which sets him up for a second heat win tonight as the two Brits Bewley and Woffinden battle for second place. Woffinden looks to the inside and outside but is unable to find a way through. Madsen was a distant last following his fall on the original start.

Heat 5 restarted

Madsen is clipped accidentally by Bewley into Turn 1, so goes down but manages to get back up. All four riders will be back for the restart.

Heat winners so far

After the first block of heats, Madsen, Vaculik, Woryna and Lebedevs have taken a win each.

Heat 4 – Doyle, Lebedevs, Janowski, Bewley

Andzejs Lebedevs, Jason Doyle and Maciej Janoswki go three-wide at the start of Lap 2 with the former coming out on top to hold on and take the win. They spread out as Dan Bewley struggles at the back. The rain is also coming down hard now in Torun which will give the teams a headache in terms of setup.

‘Three abreast!’ – more ‘superb speedway’ in Heat 4

Heat 3 –Woryna, Woffinden, Przedpelski, Zmarzlik

There’s a long hold at the start before Bartosz Zmarzlik is sandwiched on the first lap. Kacper Woryna makes a fantastic move around Tai Woffinden on Lap 2, with Zmarazlik diving up the inside to get past the Brit on the final lap. He nearly overtakes Woryna too into the final corner. This is brilliant stuff so far just three races in!

Heat 2 – Vaculik, Miskowiak, Lindgren, Dudek

Fredrik Lindgren goes flying around the outside to go from the back to second and nearly gets by Martin Vaculik. But, the Slovakian holds him off with some brilliant defending. Great Speedway! Jakub Miskowiak and Patryk Dudek finish third and fourth. The inside gate has won the first two races.

Heat 1 – Madsen, Michelsen, Holder, Lambert

Robert Lambert charges up the inside of Mikkel Michelsen at the end Lap 1 for second place, then nearly repeats the same move on Leon Madsen a lap later but comes up short. Jack Holder was out of the back from the start and fails to score a point in fourth.

Zmarzlik reveals secrets about his bike

SGP 2022 Champion Zmarzlik reveals secrets behind bike setups

The top-six battle

For those who are new to Speedway, finishing in the top six in the championship is crucial because it guarantees a place in next year’s field. From Dudek in third on 100 points, the next five riders are separated by 12 points down to Tai Woffinden on 88 points.
Here’s the form guide ahead of tonight’s action.

Bewley ready to ‘have some fun’

Dan Bewley topped qualifying earlier today from Martin Vacuilk and Leon Madsen. Bewley is among several riders who are in the hunt for a championship medal as he is just seven points behind Patryk Dudek. The British rider has been speaking exclusively to Eurosport ahead of the final round in Torun.
Read the full story here.

‘Anything can happen’ – Riders preview Torun Speedway GP finale

Hello and welcome

This is it, it’s time for the 10th and final round of the 2022 FIM Speedway Grand Prix. The championship may have already been won by Bartosz Zmarzlik last time out, but there is still plenty on the line including the all-important battle to be in the top six of the overall standings to ensure a place on next year’s grid. We’re in for a cracking final night of action in Torun.

How to watch?

Discovery+ will provide live, ad-free coverage of every race as well as interactive services. Race action will also be live on Eurosport 2, with highlights and reaction on the Eurosport website.


  • Each round will feature 16 riders racing against each other in 20 heats, every heat consisting of four riders completing four laps of the track.
  • The winning rider in each heat will be awarded four points, two points for second, one for third and zero for fourth.
  • The eight riders with the most points at the end of the heats stage then move on to two semi-finals, with the top two from each of these semis then facing off in the final.
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Watch the 2022 Speedway Grand Prix live and ad-free on discovery+ with live race action also on Eurosport 2.
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