FIM Speedway Grand Prix



Standings after nine rounds

  • 1 - Bartosz Zmarzlik (Poland) 148pts (Champion)
  • 2 - Leon Madsen (Denmark) 118pts
  • 3 - Patryk Dudek (Poland) 99pts
  • 4 - Robert Lambert (United Kingdom) 97pts
  • 5 - Dan Bewley (United Kingdom) 93pts
  • 6 - Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden) 92pts
  • 7 - Maciej Janowski (Poland) 92pts
  • 8 - Tai Woffinden (United Kingdom) 88pts
  • 9 - Jason Doyle (Australia) 76pts
  • 10 - Martin Vaculik (Slovakia) 71pts
  • 11 - Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) 70pts
  • 12 - Jack Holder (Australia) 64pts
  • 13 - Max Fricke (Australia) 52pts
  • 14 - Anders Thomsen (Denmark) 51pts
  • 15 - Pawel Przedpelski (Poland) 29pts
  • 16 - Andzejs Lebedevs (Latvia) 16pts
Speedway GP
Vaculik wins action-packed 2022 Speedway GP finale in Torun


He takes back-to-back wins, what a way to celebrate.

Final Heat - Woffinden, Zmarzlik, Lindgren, Janowski

It wasn't going to be anyone else, was it? Zmarzlik storms to the with Lindgren in Second and Janowski finishing third. Woffinden misses out on the podium in fourth.

Final Draw - Zmarzlik, Woffinden, Janowski, Lindgren

Zmarzlik goes with gate 2, Woffinden choses the inside. Janowski goes with the outside and finally, we have Lindgren in gate 3.

Semi-final 2 - Dudek, Zmarzlik, Lambert, Janowski

And in Semi-final number two, we have the new World Champion and Janowski through to the final. Lambert was second but Janowski was just too much for him.


That retirement from Madsen means Zmarzlik can't be beaten, a worthy champion!

Semi-final 1 - Woffinden, Vaculik, Madsen, Lindgren

Madsen is out and he's virtually handed the championship to Zmarzlik! Woffinden takes the win with Lindgren following him to the final. Heartbreak for Vaculik and Madsen.

Semi-final draw pick 2 - Zmarzlik, Janowski, Lambert, Dudek

Zmarzlik goes with gate 2 followed by Janowski on the outside. Lambert goes for gate 3 leaving Dudek on the inside.

Semi-final draw pick 1 - Vaculik, Madsen, Lingren, Woffinden

Vaculik goes with gate 2, Madsen picks gate 3. Lingren pick the outside with Woffinden on the inside.

Top Eight

  • Martin Vaculik
  • Bartosz Zmarzlik
  • Maciej Janowski
  • Leon Madsen
  • Robert Lambert
  • Fredrik Lindgren
  • Tai Woffinden
  • Patryk Dudek

HEAT 20 - Janowski, Vaculik, Karlsson, Bewley

On the last qualifier heat, it was Vaculik on top! Janowski took second with Bewley, having a night to forget, coming in third. Karlsson crossed the line last.

HEAT 19 - Berntzon, Lambert, Holder, Dudek

Gate two has been the one tonight. Lambert took another win with Holder following him in second. Dudek takes just the one point with Berntzon coming last.

HEAT 18 - Woffinden, Palovaara, Lebedevs, Hansen

Hansen takes his first win on his last heat of the night. Woffinden was one lucky man. Looking like he'd get no points, Lebedevs' bike failed at the end and an overtake on Palovaara means he took second. He's on the cusp of the semi's.

HEAT 17 - Madsen, Zmarzlik, Doyle, Lindgren

In the battle between the two championship leaders, it was Zmarzlik who came out on top. Doyle came second with Lindgren in third. Shockingly, Madsen walked away with nothing.


After their crash, both Przedpelski and Fricke have pulled out of tonight. We wish them a smooth recovery.

TOP eight with four heats left

Vaculik, Zmarzlik and Madsen are all on 10 points. Janowski is sitting fourth with nine points and Lindgren fifth with eight. Lambert occupies sixth with seven points and both Woffinden and Dudek are on six, completing the current top eight.

HEAT 16 - Bewley, Woffinden, Dudek, Doyle

Woffinden stormed out in front with Dudek following him in second. Bewley gets a point but looks to miss out on the semi-finals tonight. Doyle takes nothing.

HEAT 15 - Hansen, Berntzon, Lindgren, Janowski

Janowski is on one tonight! He takes another win with Lindgren in second, having to battle off Berntzon. Hansen takes nothing from this heat.

HEAT 14 - Fricke, Holder, Zmarzlik, Przedpelski

Zmarzlik goes to the outside on the first lap that helps him climb up to the front but there's a crash on lap 2 between fricke and Przedpelski!
Przedpelski is excluded from this heat, being deemed at fault for that incident. We currently don't know if Fricke is ok but Przedpelski is about, albeit, looking a bit hurt.
Fricke is at tapes, a great sight to see. We have three returning and despite a great two laps from Holder, Zmarzlik powered to the front. Fricke claimed the last point in third.

HEAT 13 - Lebedevs, Lambert, Vaculik, Madsen

Another great heat from Vaculik. He falls back but climbs up to the win. Madsen follows him in second with Lebedevs in third. A weak heat from Lambert see's him finish with no points.

Madsen on top

After 12 heats, Madsen is now clear on top with eight points. Next is Vaculik, Zmarzlik and Lambert on seven. Completing the top eight is Janowski, Lindgren, Doyle and Dudek.

HEAT 12 - Holder, Bewley, Lindgren, Lebedevs

Lindgren took a stunning win, he's clearly been watching the other heats. Holder has on Lindgren's tail for the last lap but was left sleeping on the last corner and Lebedevs snuck through to take second with Holder in third. No point for Bewley on a night to forget for him.

HEAT 11 - Zmarzlik, Woffinden, Berntzon, Vaculik

Vaculik was able to sneak out up front but all eyes were on Zmarzlik and Woffinden as they battled for second. After a few position changes, Zmarzlik took second with Woffinden in third. The pair shared a nice moment post-race, apologising for getting their elbows out on the first corner. Bernzton avoided all action in fourth.

HEAT 10 - Lambert, Janowski, Doyle, Fricke

Janowski takes a second win of the night and is swiftly followed by Lambert. Doyle and Fricke just couldn't compete with the pair coming third and fourth respectively.

HEAT 9 - Dudek, Hansen, Madsen, Przedpelski

This heat was all about Madsen. He hugged the outside line after falling to the back and was eventually about to come on in front on lap 2. He's doing his best to battle Zmarzlik. Hansen cam second after a good start from gate 2. Dudek took the final point with nothing for Przedpelski.

Who is leading after eight heats?

We have three men on top with five points, Zmarzlik, Madsen and Lambert. Closely following them on four is Vaculik, Berntzon and Doyle. Completing those occupying the top eight is Janowski and Dudek on three points.

HEAT 8 - Bewley, Zmarzlik, Lambert, Hansen

Zmarzlik powered out of gate 2 but had one small surprise from Lambert. However, the championship leader was able to battle back and take the win. Lambert second with Bewley getting just the one point. Hansen missed out on any points.

HEAT 7 - Przedpelski, Doyle, Lebedevs, Berntzon

The home crowd liked that one! It looked as if Doyle would be the man out front after the first corner but Berntzon charged round to take first and the win. Lebedevs claimed third with Przedpelski in fourth.

HEAT 6 - Vaculik, Lindgren, Fricke, Dudek

Dudek fly's out of the outside gate and storms past everyone to the win. Lindgren done well to hold of Vaculik in third and Fricke at the bak.

HEAT 5 - Holder, Madsen, Janowski, Woffinden

Madsen takes his first win of the night with Woffinden jumping from the back to second with a great inside move on the first lap. Holder claims a point but Janowski leaves the heat empty-handed.


After the first block of heats, Janowski, Fricke, Lambert and Vaculik have taken a win each.

HEAT 4 - Doyle, Vaculik, Hansen, Holder

Martin Vaculik powered out of the gates to take the win. Jason Doyle come in second. The main battle was for third, Mads Hansen had Jack Holder breathing down his neck but the Aussie had to settle for fourth and pointless.

HEAT 3 - Lindgren, Przedpelski, Woffinden, Lambert

Robert Lambert battled with Fredrik Lindgren on lap one and disappeared ahead for the final three laps to take his first win of the night. It was close between the other three with Pawel Przedpelski in second, Lindgren in third with Tai Wofffinden the man missing out on points.

HEAT 2 - Janowski, Lebedevs, Dudek, Zmarzlik

Maciej Janowski hugged the inside across all four laps to take the win. Bartosz Zmarzlik jumped out of the inside gate to slot himself into second with Andzejs Lebedevs in third. Patryk Dudek took his bike too wide on the first lap, leaving him in fourth.

HEAT 1 - Madsen, Fricke, Berntzon, Bewley

Max Fricke was able to take advantage of a poor start from Leon Madsen to take the win in the first heat. Oliver Berntzon claimed third with Dan Bewley out back.

Lingren gives us the lowdown on Malilla track

'Plenty of room for overtaking!' - Lindgren gives us lowdown on Malilla track


Berntzon will be looking to 'race hard' in front of his home fans in Malilla.
Catch the full interview with him here.


Mikkel Michelsen has been ruled out of his weekends action due to an ongoing ankle injury. Countryman Mads Hansen has been subbed in.
Read the full story here.

Hello and Welcome

We're all the penultimate round of this years FIM Speedway Grand Prix. Bartosz Zmarzlik is in prime position to take the championship tonight, unless Leon Madsen can best his result. We're in for a cracking night of action in Malilla, Sweden.


Jack ack Holder made sure he was the man in prime position for tonight’s FIM Speedway Grand Prix in Malilla after setting the fastest lap during today’s qualifying session.
Catch up with all the qualifying action here.

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  • Each round will feature 16 riders racing against each other in 20 heats, every heat consisting of four riders completing four laps of the track.
  • The winning rider in each heat will be awarded four points, two points for second, one for third and zero for fourth.
  • The eight riders with the most points at the end of the heats stage then move on to two semi-finals, with the top two from each of these semis then facing off in the final.
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Speedway GP
High-speed crash between Doyle and Dudek in Heat 17
Speedway GP
Confusion as Lindgren exclusion is reversed before Woffinden is excluded