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Thank you and Goodnight

That is all for out live coverage of the first semi-final of the Speedway of Nations. Join us again tomorrow night for the second semi where we'll see seven more nations in action.
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Final Qualifier heat - Zmarzlik, Huckenbeck, Dudek, Blodorn

And it is Poland who will be joining Australia, Finland and Denmark on Saturday night. Germany just couldn't pull it out of the bag with Dudek taking the win and Zmarzlik in second. Huckenbeck takes third with Blodorn last.

Gate choice for Final Qualifier

Zmarzlik will start from the red gate with Dudek out of the blue. White for Huckenbeck and Blodorn from the yellow.

Standings after all 21 heats

Australia and Finland are automatically through to the final. Surprisingly, the favourites Poland are in the qualifier with Germany.
  • 1 - Australia 35 pts
  • 2 - Finland 34 pts
  • 3 - Poland 31 pts
  • 4 - Germany 30 pts
  • 5 - USA 25 pts
  • 6 - Ukraine 18 pts
  • 7 - Latvia 16 pts

Heat 21 - Holder, Gusts, Fricke, Kostigovs

And Australia are through to the final and sit on top of the group. Fricke and Holder claims seven points, what an end for the team that looked down and out early on. Kostigovs takes the two points.
One last Heat and it's a battle between Germany and Poland for the final spot.

Heat 20 - Lahti, Becker, Salonen, Ruml

Becker has another sensational Heat, flying to another win. Finland come second and third to take five points making them the first team through to the final. Who will be joining them?

Heat 19 - Zmarzlik, Levishyn, Dudek, Lysak

Levishyn ruins Poland's party and takes the win, what a night for him. Zmarzlik was giving it his all but could only get second. A small mistake from Dudek left him in third, unable to compete with those ahead of him. Poland goes to the top but Australia and Finland still need to ride again.

Heat 18 - Milailovs, Huckenbeck, Kostigovs, Blodorn

Germany head back to their winning ways with Huckenbeck the victor and Blodorn following him in second giving Germany seven points. Latvia walk away with just the two and haven't made it to the top four.

Heat 17 - Becker, Levishyn, Nicol, Melnychuk

What a Heat for Becker. He takes the win with Nicol in third giving USA six points. Ukraine grab three with Levishyn in third and Melnychuk pointless.

After 16 heats

  • 1 - Finland 29pts
  • 2 - Australia 28pts
  • 3 - Poland 26pts
  • 4 - Germany 23pts
  • 5 - USA 15pts
  • 6 - Latvia 12pts
  • 7 - Ukraine 11pts

Heat 16 - Holder, Zmarzlik, Fricke, Dudek

Zmarzlik wanted the win but Fricke slammed the door shut to take the win for Australia. Holder took third with Dudek pointless leaving Poland out of the top two now.

Heat 15 - Huckenbeck, Lahti, Blodorn, Salonen

The red lights are on early with Salonen going down on the first corner after a small tangle with Huckenbeck. All four riders were allowed to continue. Lahti got the jump on the group for a second time to take home a win for Finland. Blodorn was the only point scorer for Germany in second with Salonen in third. Huckenbeck had a disappointing Heat in last.

Heat 14 - Levishyn, Gusts, Lysak, Kostigovs

Levishyn fired himself to the win with no-one able to get close to the Ukrainian. Kostigovs took second with Gusts in third giving Latvia five points. Lysak took home nothing.

Heat 13 - Becker, Doyle, Ruml, Holder

Becker stormed out of the gates to take a win for USA. Holder contested over the four laps but had to settle for second with Doyle coming in third to pick up five points for Australia. Ruml is the pointless man.

After 12 heats

Finalnd and Poland are joint on top with 23 points. Germany's not so far behind with 20 points.
  • 1 - Finalnd 23pts
  • 2 - Poland 23pts
  • 3 - Germany 20pts
  • 4 - Australia 17pts
  • 5 - USA 11pts
  • 6 - Latvia - 7pts
  • 7 - Ukraine 7pts

Heat 12 - Dudek, Lahti, Janowski, Salonen

Finland were a thorn in Poland's side. Dudek takes his second win of the night but Lahti and Salonen take second and third to leave Janowski pointless. Finland are now joint on top with Poland.

Heat 11 - Doyle, Huckenbeck, Fricke, Blodorn

Doyle and Fricke burst Germany's bubble to take their first full seven points of the night. Huckenbeck's perfect start has fallen on his fourth outing, claiming third and the final two points with Blodorn last.

Heat 10 - Lahti, Levishyn, Salonen, Melnychuk

Lahti takes his first win of the night for Finland. Salonen and Levishyn had a tight battle for second with Salonen coming out on top to give Finland seven points. Levishyn will be disappointed with third ad Melnychuk riding away with nothing.
Replays show that Salonen and Lvishyn did collied at one point but were both fortunate enough to continue. Heat 11 is slightly delayed due to an issue with the track wall.

Heat 9 - Mihailovs, Zmarzlik, Kostigovs, Dudek

Dudek wins on his first outing of the night. Zmarzlik comes in second to take maximum points for Poland. Kostigovs takes two points for Latvia.

Results after eight Heats

So far, the night belongs to Germany, especially Kai Huckenbeck who has won every Heat he's competed in. The Germans are flying but have raced in one extra Heat.
  • 1 - Germany 18pts
  • 2 - Poland 12pts
  • 3 - USA 11pts
  • 4 - Finland 11pts
  • 5 - Australia 10pts
  • 6 - Latvia 5pts
  • 7 - Ukraine 5pts

Heat 8 - Huckenbeck, Becker, Blodorn, Nicol

Hucknbeck is on fire tonight, taking a third win for Germany. Blodorn follows him in second with Becker in third. Nicol came into an issue and was unable to complete the Heat.

Heat 7 - Levishyn, Holder, Fricke, Lysak

Levishyn tried his hardest but Fricke was the one that was victorious for Australia. Holder took the final two points in third with Lysak pointless.

Heat 6 - Gusts, Mihailovs, Lahti, Salonen

Salonen takes the win for Finland with Lahti stealing third on the line. Mihailovs comes second with Gusts in fourth to take two pints for Latvia.

Heat 5 - Zmarzlik, Becker, Janowski, Nicol

The race is suspended after Zmarzlik jumps just a bit too early but Becker is the one that gets a warning for going just before the tapes. On the second running, Poland takes maximum points with Zmarzlik crossing the line first and Janowski following him over. Becker comes third to give USA two points from this heat.

After 4 heats

Germany currently leads the way on 11 points but are the only team to have competed twice. USA sits second on seven points with Poland and Finland neck and neck with five points.
  • 1 - Germany 11pts
  • 2 - USA 7pts
  • 3 - Poland 5pts
  • 4 - Finland 5pts
  • 5 - Australia 4pts
  • 6 - Latvia 2pts
  • 7 - Ukraine 2pts

Heat 4 - Levishyn, Huckenbeck, Melnychuk, Blodorn

Huckenbeck has come out strong tonight with a second win for Germany, followed by Blodorn to take seven points. Ukraine couldn't compete with Marko Levishyn coming in third and Stanislav Melnychuk riding away pointless.

Heat 3 - Lahti, Doyle, Salonen, Holder

Jack Holder takes Australias first win but Jason Doyle struggled in fourth. Timi Salonen and Timo Lahti take five points for Finland.

Heat 2 - Becker, Gusts, Nicol, Mihailovs

Broc Nicol and Luke Becker take seven points for the USA and put on a impressive display. Olegs Mihailovs and Francis Gusts bring home two points in third and fourth.

Heat 1 - Huckenbeck, Zmarzlik, Blodorn, Janowski

A fantastic start from Kai Huckenbeck propels Germany to the first win of the night. Maciej Janowski and Bartosz Zmarzlik come second and third respectively to take five points for Poland.Norick Blodorn rides away empty handed.

Ready for action

The teams have been showcased and the first Heat is just a few minutes away.

Down under to come out on top?

The Aussie trio of Jason Doyle, Max Fricke and Jack Holder will be hoping they're one of the three through tonight. Each rider has been competitive in the SGP and has the firepower to come out on top.

Poland on show

Poland head into the four-day event as red hot favourites with a strong line-up of Bartosz Zmarzlik, Maciej Janowski and Patryk Dudek. Zmarzlik currently sits on top in the Speedway Grand Prix standings so he'll be the man to watch tonight.


Stanislav Melnychuk is hoping Ukraine’s participation at the Speedway of Nations will help put a "smile on the faces" of his fellow countrymen amidst the challenging situation in the country.
Ukraine is currently engaged in military conflict with Russia following the latter’s invasion of its neighbour in February.
Read the full story here.

Who is in action

In the first semi-final, we have Poland, Latvia, Australia, Germany, USA, Finland and Ukraine battling it out. However, only three of them can join Denmark in Saturday nights final.

Hello and Welcome

The Speedway of Nations has returned for 2022 and we're sure in for an exciting four nights of action in Denmark.

How the Speedway of Nations 2022 works

Eminating from the Vojens Speedway Centre in Denmark, 15 nations will battle it out for the Speedway of Nations title.
Seven nations will compete in each semi-final, each one taking on another across a total of 21 heats.
Each heat will feature two nations going head-to-head with two riders from each team allocated to either gates one and three or two and four.
Scoring will see first place take four points, second place three points, third place two and zero points for last place.
Failure to finish or being disqualified will also result in no points.
The two countries with the most points at the end of the 21 semi-final heats in each qualify for the final.
The third and fourth place teams then go into a final qualifier to determine who else goes into the final.
The three teams from each semi-final then progress to the final where they are joined by hosts Denmark.
Again after 21 heats, the highest-scoring nation advances to the Grand Final where they will be joined by either the second or third place side - who face off in a Grand Final qualifier - to determine this year’s world champions.
Full line up:
Denmark, Great Britain, Poland, Australia, France, Latvia, Sweden, USA, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovenia, Italy.
Semi-final 1: Wednesday 27 July – Poland, Latvia, Australia, Germany, USA, Finland, Ukraine.
Semi-final 2: Thursday 28 July – Great Britain, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Norway.
Final: Saturday 30 July – Denmark, plus top three from each semi-final.
- - -
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